Zivli FAQ [Limited Time Video]


Zivli FAQ [Limited Time Video]

Well hey there Dr. MorganNolte here. I just wanted to hop on and answer a few questions we've been getting asked about our Zivli membership.Enrollment for Zivli closes tomorrow, Tuesday January 16th at 11:59 PM Central Time. There are required materials to completebefore you get access to module 1, which is released on Wednesday the 17th. So if you plan to join, do so now so you havetime to complete this material before then. You can go to www.zivli.com/joinor message us the word, “join” on instagram and I’ll be sure you get tothe right place. Our instagram handle is.

@drmorgannolte. We’ve also left a linkin the description for this episode. Alright, the first question we getabout Zivli is, “What’s included.” Zivli is our online course, community, andcoaching program that helps you learn how to live a low insulin and inflammation lifestylefor long-term weight loss and better health. It consists of 7 core modules thatare released over about 7 weeks, with 1 new module a week to guardyour time, energy, and attention. The modules consist of pre-recorded videosand transcripts to match your learning style. We cover in-depth and evidence-basedinformation about nutrition including macronutrients, micronutrients, and supplements;.

Intermittent fasting including how to lineup your fasting with your menstrual cycle, or how to fast if you’re in perimenopauseor postmenopausal for the best results. We also talk about more advancedfasting strategies including how and when to advance your fasting window. You’ll learn about how poor sleep, chronicstress, and physical inactivity contribute to insulin resistance, and our best strategiesto optimize all three of these areas. In fact, the physical activity lesson is thelongest in the course at 40 minutes. You’ll learn exactly what types of exercise, how often,and how much are recommended for optimal health. We’re also adding resistance trainingexercise videos to the program in Q1 of 2024,.

So you’ll have those to look forward to as well. We’ve been doing this long enoughto know the primary, secondary, and tertiary questions of new, intermediate, and advanced members, so we’ve addressedall of these questions in the course content If you’ve been reading all thebooks, listening to all the podcasts, and getting overwhelmed with all theinformation, we hope that Zivli is your one-stop shop with the best of the bestinformation on insulin resistance streamlined, synthesized, and well-organized foryour learning and implementation. We’ve done the heavy lifting foryou in combing through the books,.

Research, and going first to makeour own mistakes and learn from them. We’ve structured the program verystrategically to help reduce overwhelm. One of our secrets to reduce overwhelm is that we encourage you to not take any actionbesides watching the course material, and coming to the live Q&A calls if you wantto participate in them for the first several weeks.Then we teach you how to implement ourZivli Habit Hierarchy for the best results. Aside from the core modules, you’ll alsoreceive access to advanced masterclasses for common weight loss sticking pointsincluding mastering your habits, end emotional eating, reducingcarb and sugar cravings,.

Breaking through weight loss plateaus,and maintaining your weight loss. New members have their own time forQ&A with myself and Dr. Beth each week so that we can answer any questions youhave about that week’s course material. If you’re not able to join the call liveyou can listen to the replay, or email us your questions. We take customer support veryseriously and are high touch-point coaches. If you reach out, we will be there with ananswer and support, not superficial advice from a coach who doesn’t know what theyare talking about, and not from a chat bot. We are experts in insulin resistanceand sustainable weight loss, and care deeply about your success.

After the first 8 weeks of the course, you’ll continue to have lifetime access to thecourse material, including any future updates, and access to ongoing weekly LiveOffice Hours for ongoing support. In addition to all of this, we have aprivate online community that is off of Facebook for members only to share their wins,post weekly accountability, and ask questions. We also have an entire recipe bank full ofour favorite recipes that we actually use. Okay, the next question is:“I’ve already tried everything, what’s going to be different this time?” Our response to that is if you haven't triedZivli, you haven't tried everything. The.

Reason you haven't been successful inthe past is due to one of two reasons. Either you have mindset blocks and limiting beliefs about your ability tolose weight and keep it off. Or you've had a strategy that is notoptimized for your needs and your body. We cover both inside of Zivliand offer personalized support for members because we trulynever want you to feel stuck. Many other programs are based oninformation transfer. Meaning they tell you what to do and then you try to do it. Ours is not like that. We give you theevidence-based information that you need.

To know and then we also give you a systemin which to implement that information. We give you the specific order in which to implement to get the highestreturn on your investment. There are certain health habits thatare foundational. We teach you how to implement various health habitsincluding changing your mindset, your nutrition, your fasting windowand other lifestyle factors in what we believe is the easiest order.Habits build on each other. If you’re stress and sleep deprived, intermittent fasting is not goingto be your optimal first choice.

If you’re not drinking enoughwater and eating enough protein, you don’t need to exercise more. Moreexercise is not the optimal choice. If you've ever done keto or low carb orintermittent fasting and only saw temporary results, it's likely because you didn't haveother foundational habits in place first. Nothing will work long-term if you arenot consistent. Most other programs do not focus as much on consistency,mindset, and habit change as we do. They are also not set up to support you forthe long-term. They may include some training or education but then you have to pay more fora membership or you lose access to the coach. That's not how we work. We believe thatin order to see success you need long-term.

Support and so we have structuredour business model accordingly. Zivli is a lifetime membership because webelieve in supporting our members for life. We completely understand that sometimes lifegets in the way of you focusing on your health. If that happens we will still be there foryou when you're ready to come back to it. The next commonly asked question iscan I join Zivli if I am plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free orhave dietary restrictions. The answer is yes. We respectall religious, cultural, ethical, and personal preferencesregarding your food choices. Again we give you the evidence and supportyou in whatever dietary needs you have.

We have ample food examples in ourZivli Fuel Guide, nutrition lessons, and meal planning lesson for how to live a low insulin and inflammation lifestyle even ifyou have or choose to have dietary restrictions. If you’re vegan, it will definitely beharder and you will have to get more creative with your meals than if youwere to include some animal products. The next commonly asked question we get is canyou help someone who is having some hormone issues like Hashimoto's, low thyroid,perimenopause, or is postmenopausal. The answer is yes. Most of our membersare women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. So we are well-versed inthese hormonal issues. Plus,.

Living a low insulin and inflammation lifestylewill actually help with all of these issues. The next question we get is is one-on-one coaching available. We do have limitedroom for one-on-one coaching. We have limited spots for a Zivli+ 1:1coaching package which covers about 6-8 months of planned, structuredcoaching and accountability to help you move through the course curriculum and actually implement and integratethe teachings into your lifestyle. We also have limited al-la-carte1:1 coaching available as well. The next question we get answered is do Ihave to be tech savvy to take this course..

The answer is no. If you can answeryour email, you can take this course. To login to Zivli, you just haveto remember the email and password you use when you checkout to purchase the program. Then you just go to our website and clicklogin and you can access the course material. We also have instructional videos forhow to download the phone app version so that you can listen to the trainings on the go. We're very well-versed in tech issuesso if you have any concerns or questions you can always email us and we'rehappy to walk you through them. The next question is do we requireany specific foods, supplements,.

Or equipment like a continuous glucosemonitor or glucometer? The answer is no. We get asked about supplements a lot, so we’ve included a supplements table in theZivli Fuel guide for your quick reference. We’ve organized this according tosupplement use such as lower blood sugar, lower inflammation, better bonehealth menopause symptoms, etc. We also talk about common micronutrientdeficiencies in the micronutrients lesson and suggest certain people, especially vegans andvegetarians, consider taking certain supplements. But we do not require, nor dowe sell any meal replacements, foods, or supplements. We advocate youeat mostly whole, unprocessed foods.

Regarding glucose monitors, theseare not required either but we are well versed in them and can helpyou interpret your data as needed. The next question is what if I can’tmake the weekly group coaching calls, can I still join? The answer is yes. Wedon’t require attendance at the Q&A calls. We post replays of the calls within 48 hours and you can always email usif you have questions, too. The next question is can I join if I havea history of an eating or exercise disorder such as anorexia, bulimia, binge eating,or exercise bulimia. The answer is yes. We were very careful to create the course content.

With those who have a past history ofan eating or exercise disorder in mind as not to use restrictive language or other wordsthat would activate perfectionistic tendencies. For example, we do not requireyou track your macronutrients or calories. If you’d liketo do that we teach you how. But we were very careful to speak tothose who have a disordered eating history that this may activate themand actually be counterproductive, so we talk about how to use theCarb Manager app as a tool to spot check the protein or fiber in foods versus track. Many people falsely assume thatZivli is a diet and we’re going.

To tell you want to eat. Zivli isso much more than a nutrition plan. Sure we give you nutritional guidelines and teachyou many ways to meet your nutritional needs, but we have a huge emphasis on mental andphysical health, far more than simply weight loss. Now you may still require individual counselingif you have an active eating or exercise disorder, and for that we’d encourage you to keep getting your regular counseling servicesas you go through the program. Again, even for those who have a historyof an eating or exercise disorder, sometimes just increasing your focus onthese areas will activate old patterns, And so we encourage you to reach out to usor another counselor for support if needed.

The next question is “When willZivli be open again for enrollment?” We will open again later in 2024. We want youto be able to dedicate the time, attention, and energy to this program that you deserve. If you don’t feel like now is the righttime due to a certain life stressor, we understand. However, recognize that thetiming will likely never be just right. Something will always come up, or bearound the corner. It’s important to learn how to keep your health a top priorityno matter what else is going on around you. You have lifetime access to theprogram and weekly group coaching so you can come back to the programwhen things slow down if you need to.

If you have other questions aboutZivli I didn’t address in this episode, please email us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you before enrollment closestomorrow at 11:59 PM Central Time. I’ll be back Wednesday where we’llget back to our regular rhythm of guest interviews and educationaltrainings. Talk with you soon!

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