Work Habits: Be taught the procedure to Steer clear of a Spike in Unplanned Absence


Work Habits: Be taught the procedure to Steer clear of a Spike in Unplanned Absence

Workplace expert and CEO of ukg Chris Todd joins me now to reveal how many people plan to miss work after the big game yeah I'm talking about the Super Bowl so thank you for joining us this is so interesting I see a number on your screen there so tell us 16.1 million are you serious we're serious right this is a.

Survey we run every year and this year over 16 million people told us that they intend not to go to work the day after the Super Bowl within that 16 million 6 million of them are either going to fake being sick or completely ghost their employer that day oh my gosh so should we make this a national holiday then because the fact that you're tracking it.

Year after year it seems like it's just going to be an ongoing thing right we asked that question as well and 37% of the Americans think that it should be a national holiday but it's not um but despite the fact that it's not employers and employees treat it like it's one and so it's it's a real opportunity for managers and companies.

To to have open conversations with their employees about what is going to happen the day after the Super Bowl yeah speaking of the employees and the managers how should they manage this I mean I guess they should plan ahead and plan for this right they should absolutely plan ahead and they they should treat it like.

Any other holiday they should treat it like any other national day off and and have open conversations around whether people intend to come to work or not make sure individuals understand their time off policies their vacation policies the leave policies so that so that everyone's making good decisions knowing you know who's going to come to.

Work and who's not going to come to work that day well what if what if employees are a little nervous to even bring this up to their managers do you have an advice there or what do you seeing right right right good good question the the the the first thing for all employees to know is that managers are football fans too and so we've learned that one in.

Five managers intend either not to come come to work that day or to come to work late um but beyond that it's a great opportunity for employees and employers managers and team members to build trust and build relationships with one another we all have lives outside of the outside of the workplace and Super Bowl Monday is a great idea you know great.

Opportunity for all of us to you know acknowledge what we're all doing together with our neighbors and friends and family on Sunday and have honest conversations around what that means for the workplace on Monday okay so then do you have tips for employees to better manage big cultural moments like the big game right the the best tip for managers.

And employees alike is to be open and transparent in one with one another right raise the issue a couple weeks ahead of time have honest conversations around whether you're going to come to work or not it's a also a great opportunity for employers and managers to be really creative and use this as an opportunity to build culture and.

Enthusiasm in the workplace for instance here at ukg we've acknowledged it for what it is and we've announced to the entire company that the Monday after the Super Bowl that morning is a no meeting morning so no meetings until noon to acknowledge that everyone had a big day on Sunday and give people a couple hours to ease into the workplace I like the.

Sound of that and then how can we use this moment to create a better workplace environment overall right this is a great opportunity to build that culture of trust and transparent that is the Hallmark of all great companies and great companies focus on their culture and companies with great culture perform.

Better and so this is a great opportunity to have those conversations acknowledge this is something that's a little bit different a little bit extraordinary and to use it to build better relationships and culture all right well where can we go for more information on everything right check out The.

Newsroom we have articles and information about how how companies can avoid the Super Bowl flu and how to handle the Super Bowl flu as an employee um and lots of other information about how to build a better culture and by building a better culture build a better company wonderful well thank you so much for joining us today do do you care who.

Wins I don't care who wins right I'm a dis passionate Watcher this year all right me too I'll be looking for those commercials so thanks again for joining us and you at home if you'd like to see this interview again of course you can head to First Coast News Plus on Apple TV Roku or Fire TV

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