Wholesome Habits for Busy Folks: The manner to Incorporate Wholesome Habits into Your Busy Lifestyles πŸŽ™ Episode 240


Wholesome Habits for Busy Folks: The manner to Incorporate Wholesome Habits into Your Busy Lifestyles πŸŽ™ Episode 240

Let's start with some water. Shall we? The irony of this episode title whenthis podcast episode is coming out. Considerably late. Becauselife just got hella busy and. It's a lot. It's a lot. I'm having abit of A test of my patients today. Nevertheless, I do have some verygreat tips and tools for you in this episode. And since. You're a busybee like me. I'm going to aim to keep this one short and sweet so that you canuse your precious time on taking action. Welcome back to the women's empowerment podcast.Thank you so much for choosing the show. It means a lot to me. These days, it feels like lifeis coming at me hard and fast. It was full.

Transparency. It has not been easy. What Ican vouch for is that there are certain habits and routines that really keep me grounded duringthese busy times, as well as specific priorities. Cause when really I was putting thisepisode together, I recognize that like, oh, it's the priorities of certain thingsthat help me or allow me. To juggle more without actually affecting my health or. Thequality of the work that I'm putting out, even if this is a little bit late. Oops.One of my personal values is health and wellness. And when life gets busy,this becomes my number one priority. Why? Because without optimal health, Iam useless. I'm useless to the people around me. I'm not completing tasks or I'mrushing, which leads to more mistakes. And.

Then we're just doing twice the work withhalf the energy. I prioritize my health and wellbeing through different habits,habits, like a consistent sleep schedule. I know that for me personally, I need seven toeight hours of quality sleep every single night. One of the key ways to get quality sleep is to goto bed and wake up around the same time every day. I am to go to bed between nine 30 and 10 30every night. Hopefully on the earlier side, if I can. And I actually wake up feeling morerested. When I have a consistent sleep schedule and that can really set the tone as wellas the energy for the day. So this is huge. The other habit that is part of thispriority or this routine that I prioritize is eating whole foods. I started eatingbreakfast again in the last couple of years. And.

While, breakfast looks a little differenteach day or even each week. I start the day with whole foods and a balanced meal. Ideallysomething high in protein. Throughout the day I choose snacks and meals that includegreens and veggies and more protein and foods that aren't in packages with a longlist of ingredients as often as possible. The other thing I really try to dois stay hydrated currently sipping on some ice water. I'm usually more of aroom temperature kind of gal. But lately, all I want is ice, ice baby. And maybethat's because it's summer. I don't know. But if you're an avid listener to the show,you will know that I am obsessed with my hydrate spark water bottle because it has ablue tooth scale. So I'm going to show you.

In this video here. It has this Bluetoothscale in it that lights up when I'm supposed to drink water. And I can just charge it whenI need to. I've had this bottle for so long and it's the only thing that actually helpsme drink water. Now the bottle is a little more on the expensive side because peopleare like, you paid what for a water bottle. But honestly, If you think about how manywater bottles you've bought over the last year, you've probably paid the same or morefor multiple bottles that have probably gone to landfills or maybe your recyclingbin, maybe not. But this one I've had for probably. Two years now at minimum oneyear minimum, like over a year for sure. The other part of health that I tryto incorporate every single day is.

Intentional movement. This is one habit thatI could definitely improve currently. However, there are a few extenuating circumstances atthis time. That being said, I do like to mix in different forms of movement through theweek. So this is anything from reformer, Pilates to strength, training, towalking, to swimming, to rollerblading. And all the other things. So making movement apriority really helps energy move through the body. And I am more alert, more focused,more creative, and more able to do. The habit consistently. And. What it's funny.It's like, if you do workouts consistently, you have consistent energy and it's almostlike you need the energy to do the habit. I promise, just get started with a workout withsomething 20 minutes. 10 minutes. If that's all.

You have. Okay. While, my physical health is huge,especially during this busy season of my life. My mental and emotional health are also part of mywellbeing and our wellbeing. So for me, those mental and emotional habits look like maintaininga positive attitude and a growth mindset. And while I have you here, I do want tosay that I did not create or form these habits overnight because as I go through thislist, I know sometimes people listen to the podcast and think, oh, well, Val, thisall sounds great, but who has the time? Listen, these are examples of habits that I haveformed over many months and some over many years. And they have evolved over time. Theyhaven't looked the same. Like I said, my breakfast looks different every day. I didn'teven use to eat breakfast when I first started.

This podcast. However, they are actuallyhabitual for me. Now, the things that I'm saying are things that I don't even really haveto think about as often, because they're part of my lifestyle. I saw someone post recently on TikTOK. They said, it's, it's not a healthy girl era. This is a lifestyle. And I was just like, yes.100%. This is. These are lifestyle choices. This is how I choose to live my life, becauseI want to show up as the best version of myself and yeah. Today. I'm feeling not so 100% the bestversion of myself. But I'm still going to show up. Because I did get a good night's sleep. Lastnight. I have been eating whole foods today. And I like this podcast. I actually get so much joy and this really helps. I'm about tocry because I'm feeling emotional today..

This helps me stay positive. This helps remindme. Of what I'm doing and why I'm here. And And that I have a purpose and that's part of. Thatgrowth and everything that I'm sharing with you, not just today, but on this podcast.It's things that I've either worked for myself or I've worked for the peoplethat I've been able to help. And again, they're not formed immediately. Some ofthese took a lot of time. They took patience. And it's not perfect every singleday. And I never want you to think that this is perfect. Here Iam. Holding back some, tears. However, these have all been really incrediblyimpactful to my life, to my business, to my relationships and a positive and growth mindset isone of the mental and emotional health habits that.

I'm constantly working on daily. Especiallytoday. I'm so glad that this is the perfect example of what imperfection looks like. So mymindset is not perfect every day. My patience is tested. I'm feeling frustrated today. And itwasn't actually long ago that my mental health was really suffering. Not, it's not, today'slike little blips, but. I do sometimes feel the effects of those darker times in my life. Andwhile I don't feel like I'm in the thick of it. Today's an example of sometimes I feel negativityor scarcity or things that are not helpful. To that growth that creep up on me now and again,and I'm sure. We all feel that once in a while, And having that growth mindset means you can seethe opportunity. It means that you believe that growth is possible through dedication throughaction, through self care and through love.

And it doesn't mean you don't have down days. LikeI am right now, or sometimes you feel stuck. It doesn't mean that that can't happen because itcan. It means that you pick yourself up and not, you try again, it means that you give yourself thespace to. Be upset to be frustrated, to be angry, to kick a little scream a little, ifyou need to do what you need to do. And know that this is just a moment. Thisis just a moment. This will pass even the good moments. Those are moments too. Theywill pass. And other helpful mental and emotional health habit that I have developed iscreating healthy boundaries. This one is huge. One of our earlier podcast episodes wastitled seven things you must do when creating healthy boundaries. And this mightbe one of the most difficult forms of.

Self care, but also one of the mostimportant, because over the years, I have created boundaries around sleep. Workfamily, my schedule, my friends, my social media and other habits, as well as how I allow peopleto speak to me or to treat me. And again, it's not something that's always perfect. I definitelywork on these things weekly. If not daily. But when it comes to being busy andhaving boundaries around my schedule, This has been huge for my mental and emotionalhealth and with work, I am capped out at a certain amount of hours per week that I canbe teaching. I do not take coaching calls on certain days or certain times of the day. Otherexamples include not teaching split shifts. My phone is always on airplane mode, pretty muchfrom 9:00 PM until about six or 7:00 AM. So. I.

Don't wake up to a lot of notifications. That'sbeen huge as well. And this kind of piggybacks off boundaries with scheduling, but part of thatis with habit of time blocking, I don't typically make to-do lists. I time block. That means thatI have very organized and yes, very color coded. Calendar that has essentially myentire life on it from my coaching calls to my teaching schedule, to thetime block for when I'm driving places, even for when my bills aredue. And when I have certain. Deadlines or certain. Reminders that are important. And. I feel like I'm always looking at my weeklyschedule or my week at a glance so that I can.

See where I'm at. I can see what I'm doing.I know. You know how much energy I need to put where, and anytime I'm creatingmy schedule or adding an appointments, I'm very careful to book certainthings. So not only am I looking at, where am I physically in the day? Like,what town am I in? Am I working from home? So I'm not driving around to all thesedifferent places, but I'm also looking at how my energy is spent. Am I are with a lotof people that day. I don't book the podcast. Cast guest episodes on the same days that I'mteaching a huge block of classes. I try to batch things when I can so that if I'm runningerrands, it's all in the same vicinity and. Really that's part of productivity,.

But it does help me mentally andemotionally. So I'm not stressed out with needing to be somewhere at a certaintime or driving somewhere during rush hour. The last mental and emotional healthyhabit for busy people I want to share is taking guilt free breaks. Letme emphasize that rest is not a reward. Rest is part of the process. Innature and in life, there are cycles. If we don't honor these cycles, especiallyfor women, I find then we risk coming out of alignment in our body, which can be verydamaging to our health. It can create dis-ease, it can affect our projects. ourenergy and so on. Schedule in break, schedule in vacation. Patients schedule and timeoff and not at the end when the projects are done.

Through out, especially in those busytimes, make time for you. Make time for your alone time. If you need it, maketime for the pleasures in your life, make time for your health. Prioritize thethings that keep your. Battery going. Even if that is rest or quiet or whatever theguilt might be there in the beginning. If you're anything like me, you probablyfeel that, but you can learn to let go. When you start to see how powerfultaking frequent breaks can be. I am a much better person when I'm gettingthat sleep. I'm a much better person when I'm firm with my boundaries and I'ma much better person, friend, partner. leader, podcast host. If I were organized in mylife when I am prioritizing these things, when.

I'm taking breaks. I've shared eight incrediblehealthy habits for busy people but how do we incorporate all of these into our lives and theshort answer is you don't but allow me to explain you don't incorporate all of them at once i knowi mentioned this before this isn't an overnight switch However after listening to these eightdifferent habits and routines Notice which ones you are already doing Can you continue these canyou optimize these in any way can you bring maybe more focus and attention To one That you knowSo That you can really do You and you can really honor start there Maybe you have an inclinationto a specific habit that i shared that you aren't already doing Great What is a tiny action thatyou can take today or within the next 24 hours And then Again maybe the next 24 hours afterthat to start incorporating this into your life..

Keep it small and keep it simple and know thatit's going to build know that experimentation is necessary when you're pulling from examplesof what's worked for other people I typically don't like to share lists of the best habits youshould do I am sharing today eight things that I've prioritize that really support me in thesebusy seasons but i'm doing them all the time β€ŠBut I will say it is so much easier tobuild these types of habits in when you're not stressed with the busyness of life andthey support you so much. In those busy times, so don't wait to be busy to add these in. Do thisas soon as you can, and I will say too, It's okay if you start small because really through thisexperimentation, especially when we're pulling from what's worked from other people, youmight need to time block the experiment.

You're, you're most definitely gonnaneed to give yourself grace and give yourself patience through this process.Remember that it is a process. Remember that habit formation looks different forevery person as well as for every habit there is a unique process in forming a habit,just like you are unique and as a healthy habit mentor. I've done the research and I've done alot of experimentation as well for myself as with being able to help other people with their ownlifestyles and schedules and habits and goals. So, If you feel called to work with me, if you feelcalled to get that extra support so that you can save more time and be less frustratedduring your healthy habit transformation, please feel free to comment below or sendme a DM on Instagram @vallavignelife.

I'd love to support you where you're at. Ifyou're watching the video or if you can see the show notes of your of this podcast episode,you can find links of how we can work together.

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