Wellness inclinations to aid you attain your effectively being targets in 2024


Wellness inclinations to aid you attain your effectively being targets in 2024

all right if one of your goals for 2024 is to improve your health we have what you need to stay motivated okay and there's only one person can do that and that's our girl Ali love she's going to show us some healthy habits and hot Wellness Trends to keep us focused and you're all about having fun yes that's.

My 20124 theme we talked about in 2023 having you know feeling good but now we're going to have fun find your fun that's exactly what we're going talk about let's have some sleep hygiene which is not something I've ever even heard the term did you make that up no I didn't make it up it's a thing and it's trending on Tik Tok.

Right now we want to Prior SLE we about it but we don't do it so we priori our sleep and our sleep roue Mak your bed making sure you take a hot bath and it's important because we know one in three folks in the US don't get enough rest my oring said I did 32 naps in 23 I want to do 50 at least 100 naps in 2024 how do you make your room for me in my room I.

Love a humidifier moist air a crisp 68 degrees make sure it's dark I love a mask a silk scarf and I put on a playlist weight list on my Spotify I have a Spotify playlist that Ali love weight list is a song and it just helps you stay wait what yes this is what I listen to every single night to go before you go to bed yeah it puts me to.

Sleep and it stays on the whole time oh you leave it while you sleep all right let's move on down here okay now we're talking about janzing and this is trending on Tik Tok too yes because Beyonce I mean the Renaissance tour made it everything she talked about it in her movie Natural Energy is in we're going to do away with the cans of sugar no.

Judgment sincerely no judgment but not as much of it this year and we're going to introduce some natural energy so she does Jen sing shots before she did her Renaissance tour so cheers are you ready cheers wait is it make it going to make us hyper it is it's going to give you a boost too hype but it's natural right mhm oh that's not bad right no I like.

Jine I don't like it and then I have a little stash I like it but I've never tasted anything like that before this is my little stash Beet Root juice high in antioxidants prevents fatigue no caffeine morning evening afternoon beetroot juice and it's a great pre-workout so if you're not feeling like working out this gives you that.

Boost of energy Natural Energy boosters and everything else what else she got on this table this is all Jens sing variations of all Jing I like that I did too so she did a shot of that before her before Sheed on stage yes I kind of get it I mean you need energy to go full out like yeah totally um okay so alcohol's out and mocktails are wait a minute hold.

On I didn't say that I didn't say alcohol you just said we can be a little drier yes some people are are into dry January and diversifying your alcohol consumption a cocktail great mocktails are in my girl Callie she is all about on social media media making mocktails so we have kind of a orange ginger ginger is good for energy as well orange.

Ginger mocktail and this is kind of a take on a classic spicy jalapeno Paloma so that one is yes and then this is your yum little seat lip on that and then you have organic wines as well like those wines that are more tea based wow and all you have to do when you go out I talk about this often when you go out you said wow what happened it.

Was the spice tell the something's happening in that something in not quite sure you know what I'm going to say something controversial I sort of feel like if you're not drinking drink water is that controversial it's not and I agree with you but the only thing I will say is sometimes you're going out yeah.

Sometimes folks don't want the question of why aren't you drinking and it's like for personal reasons or you just want to keep it to yourself and so this makes you feel like you're not going to ask me why I'm not out you get this if you're staying home and also maybe some people just like flavors maybe they like flavors maybe they want to drink.

Something water I'm addicted to sparkling water there you go by the way she's got an addiction problem well I'm working on it you're working on it every day when you say it's better to be addicted to sparkling water than alcohol I think so thank you I think sobody doub most people okay what's going on with these hats okay this is now either I'm.

Making but in 2024 fuzzy hats are in my friends I walk around I walk around in green only you could wear this but see you look nor I look like Blossom do you remember Blossom I love Blossom to and six so this me my green fuzzy hat I have a purple one that's me and my husband where you I'm at the Nets game and then I wear N I wear this traveling it's like.

My invisibility cloak Ally this isn't fair I think only you and then look at us no I think only people named Ally can wear this no they look great Al Al wait Ali Burger could too like come here Al one second one second think they're cute she yeah cuz you can wear her all the Alle the two alleys can I look look like I'm going.

We're Snoopy we look like we're Snoopy characters okay we got to go oh what about cardio dance okay and then the last thing we will say really quickly what's in right now we know Pilates and bar teach a lot of bar at pelaton but dance cardio come on let's cardio never a little it never left but it we're going to do the Great great you know it.

Look at this a little dance to make you happy in the afternoons the evening from here Dan punch punch clch crunch crunch punch crunch cruncher Dance all right

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