VLOG: elevating emotionally salvage kids | 5 fancy languages for kids.


VLOG: elevating emotionally salvage kids | 5 fancy languages for kids.

What do you do when you're angry it all beginsat home charity emotional intelligence self-confidencemannerisms and their freedom to dream like an empty flower pot our children aregiven to us we choose which soil to use the seeds to plant the fertilizer and how we water them Ilove plants but I sucked at looking after them everyone else my mom mom in love sister and helperwould do such a great job at caring for my plants but whenever they were left within my care I wouldalways find a way to kill them this doesn't mean that I didn't love them I was just not adequatelyresourced with enough information to care for them I would give them too much water and sometimes frythem in the sun in the name of loving them with.

The help and advice from my sister and two otherflorists I've managed to keep some plans alive I water them when necessary and Expos them to acertain amount of sunlight they are my new babies these green babies are aiding me to comprehendthe importance of my little efforts intending to my children's emotions and mental well-beingfor now these efforts may look insignificant but I know that they are slowly accumulatinginto emotional intelligence and a good mental health this is how we carefor our boys mental health and emotions we spend as much time with our kids aspossible we want to know them so that it's easy to pick up any abnormalities in their moodsor behavior on certain days this allows us to tend to their emotional and mental needsimmediately instead of waiting until it is.

Too late I understand that this is a privilegethat we have due to having an opportunity to raise our kids ourselves and that is not thecase with everyone I don't take it for granted still0:02:59.760,1193:02:47.295 roing W wo secondly I'm such a huge believer in thefive love languages by Gary Chapman having applied his principles of filling your partner'slove tank through an expression of love that they understand the best in my relationship with myhusband it dawned on me that the same could work for my kids the five languages are ense of touchwords of affirmation quality time gifts and acts.

Of service after studying the kids versionof the five love languages book I come to understand that my eldest receives love throughquality time and words of affirmation he always asks that we play with him and his littlesoul seems to always be yearning for the next well done or that's awesome how did youdo that my youngest on the other hand wants to be caressed and comforted that his sense oftouch while maintaining oure contact with him and that is quality time whenever they act upwe check what they Ying for the most through their frequent requests and complaintsand then we pull into their love tanks.

High five another one another one high 10 still hard to that we need to find this one we being looking for that puzzlewe have he was looking for this piece we've also opened up the freedom toExpress their emotions we're still in the process of learning how to help them through thebig emotions which are more overwhelming even for us as adults educating them how to deal withtheir emotions has helped us a lot we want them to understand that it's okay to feel emotionsbut that they are temporary so no permanent actions and decisions should be based on themschool has helped my son to understand how to use his words and has helped a lot in the areaof self-expression there's plenty of material.

Online to to Enlighten kids about their emotionsin an age appropriate Manner and express them will be very very useful for you emotions are howwe react to the things that happen around us there are many different types of emotions butthey are all equally important because emotions allow us to express and understand what's goingon inside us as well as the people around us happiness when good things happen to us and welive Pleasant moments when do you feel happy I feel sadness when something bad happensto us when was the last time you felt sad I what do you do when you angry breathe in andbreathe out you breathe in and breathe out m I love dancing and it drops off onmy boys they're always happy to join.

My joy strides while making camera worthymemories when we dance the happy hormone serotonin is raised which helps to lowerboth my stress and their stress kids get stressed too I can cater to their mentalhealth when mine is not in check I have a personal list of proactive activitiesthat I take to take care of my own Mental Health

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