Tweens are alive to about pores and skincare – but is it appropriate for childhood?


Tweens are alive to about pores and skincare – but is it appropriate for childhood?

So I'm going to start off by using the daily face cleanser this holiday season pricey skincare products topped many wish lists but it's not just adults that were hoping to find them in their stockings but increasingly young people too there's obviously face wash and then there's moisturizers and then there's like kind of like a redness.

Reducer kind of thing 12-year-old Julia panuto is part of the beauty industry's newest consumer group generation Al children born in 2010 and Beyond and these skincare kids are obsessed whose skincare routine is more expensive oh my daughters yes many of the tweenagers drawing inspiration from get ready with me videos on social media.

Showing off lengthy and expensive routines let's do my 10 step skincare routine this video of Kim Kardashian's 10-year-old daughter North racking up millions of views J Alpha was literally born with a smartphone in their hand and so the access to watching influencers on platforms like Tik Tok and YouTube where they're seeing these influencers annual.

Skincare sales exploded from 7.8 to 9.2 billion doar over the last few years but some adult Shoppers are not pleased by overcrowded stores why are we letting our kids walk around like the 30 years old and employees literally like um it's actually retinol like you actually don't need that Ulta beauty telling NBC News in a statement it does not proactively.

Promote skincare to gen Alpha adding as guests are shopping for younger skin types education around ingredients and products focused on specific skincare needs is more important than ever many dermatologists applaud a good skincare routine at any age but say young people should stick to the basics like cleansers and sunscreen to avoid.

Irritating their skin Laura panunto says she reads the skincare labels for her daughter closely I think if if she can learn to take care of it in a good healthy way then then I'm okay with it consumers of all ages have leaned into skincare more something researchers say started during the pandemic when people stopped wearing makeup as often.

And focused more on self-care some estimates suggest the global skincare Market could reach1 167 billion dollar by 2030 wow Emily that sets us up nicely for board certified dermatologist Dr Marne nespon hi so we were just talking you have an 8-year-old I have a 9-year-old this is something that we're all seeing and look I mean we all used.

To like have Bonnie bellack it's fun as a tween to kind of experiment with growing up but there are some real serious ingredients in some of these products there really is and it's interesting this is the first generation that's really grown up in this digital age where Tik Tok and YouTube is not it's replaced linear TV so they're.

Getting all this information because media agencies can Target them easy so they want to feel like they know what they're doing they want to emulate those videos that they're seeing the problem is they're being marketed products that are not right for their skin well let's talk about some of those products because they can do harm these kids have.

Things that have um I don't know acids in Al hydroxy all that stuff what could it do this is beautiful beautiful skin so this skin especially pre-teens age 9 to 12 really is about it's gentle it needs gentle skincare keep it basic what's happening is they're using products that break down the Skin Barrier and cause rashes irritation AC.

Even where they never had a problem but really redness um and infection and swelling and it's really you know having a negative impact not only on everyone's wallet but on their psyche as a child yeah so Dr n what do you allow in in your house I have a couple RS um my little girl and her friends don't like me um I say keep it simple being in a.

Skincare routine is great it have good habits but cleanser oil-free moisturizer lip balm and SPF that's all they need sunscream sun screen exactly that is all they need and really if they want to do anything fun with other frivolous things like Bonnie but lip smackers and whatever that is now about the mask the girls all like the mask they I say.

Anything with hydration no avoid anything with acids Alpha hydroxy acid salicylic acid only if they're going through with acne no retinols no exfoliation have you seen patients come in young kid every day more and more patients with their mothers come in and the mom's like please tell them to stop using these products because they're.

Having exactly now there are products that are appr for their skin but you really have to do your research I could stop buying the products for them too Dr nus bomb thank you so much we want to mention you can find a lot more on this topic it's a hot one on our website and now for another check of the weather Mr Roker for those of us.

With boys it's just too much ax body sprays wow anyway hey thanks for watching don't miss the Today's Show every weekday at 11:00 a.m. eastern 8 Pacific on our streaming Channel today all day to watch head to allay or click the link right here

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