Tricks for sustaining healthy habits for the length of the holidays


Tricks for sustaining healthy habits for the length of the holidays

To the holiday edition of today's checklist with lots of gatherings coming up we're surrounded by food and sweets and alcohol so this morning we are learning how we can maintain healthy habits and stay mindful of our nutrition registered dietician and co-founder of kulina Health Vanessa Rosetto is here to help us out this morning good morning.

Happy holidays yeah you too so first things first we have all the invites coming in and you say it's okay to not do everything yeah you can say no like you just you literally just don't have to go so if you got invited to seven parties this week and maybe weight loss or maintenance is your goal you might not want to say yes to every single one.

Of them it's very freeing everyone should try it I that's that's how's motto always start with no um okay so we're going to one of the couple of holidays we CH parties we chose to go to you say eating beforehand helps yes everyone does this they want to like save up their calories and what happens is you get to the party and you cannot.

Keep yourself in control and then you just eat whatever is in front of you so the way to mitigate that is you want to have protein fat and some Fiber that's going to help slow down digestion keep you full and it's going to keep you focused on what your goals are so you say this is a good snack to have before a party 100% so non-fat Greek yogurt is.

About 19 grams of protein it's pretty high serving of protein if you think 4 ounces of chicken is 31 gram so that's going to really do the trick and then you have you know a cup of raspberries is eight grams of fiber pretty low in calories and then also 15 gram 15 almonds is is a good serving of fat and also like low calories so that all.

Together is going to help to meet that little that's perfect then you're not going to the party and like that's right how do you eat it a party was like every time they walk by would you like to try this you're like but because you've had this you're going to say no thank you so foress when we do get to the party and the food is so tempting it looks so.

Delicious how should we portion out our plates yeah so everyone is pretty forward on vegetables these days so we want to have half the plate having veggies that is going to again slow down digestion help keep you full and the rest of the plate is going to have protein and then if you you like a starch okay so half veggies half veggies.

And there's there's our proteins that's a fun little animation six to eight ounces yeah but 6 to8 ounces that is sort of recommended you know for someone maybe your size so A good rule of thumb is let's look at the palm of my hand minus my fingers and that is going to be an appropriate serving of protein oh that's I've never heard that yeah so.

That's 3 o That's 3 o so for Craig is's going to need six to eight so he's going to have two Palms of his hands minus the fingers and what do we have here Seltzer okay is the savior and why why because everyone goes to the parties and over oh that's for me bring that little petal over me I thought I was supposed to talk about.

Alcohol yeah we're talking about alcohol well because here's the thing listen there are people who have chosen to go dry and I think if you go in with the intention to not drink it's a little easier but if you go in without that intention and you just want to have a good time that's where it starts to kind of creep up on you right so you have to.

Eat before you got there y so you're full you got something and then for every alcoholic drink you have you should have a Seltzer it's going to help you be hydrated and also full also I do a couple of things like if I get to the party maybe I'm not going to start drinking till 8 if the party started at so wait a second wait a second get there.

You know you get there go to the cocktail that's another thing you pre party pre different story that's it so you you want to really say to yourself okay I'm going to set limits also maybe a drink that isn't your favorite so I think this is really interesting it's something that you like but then you're just kind of sipping on it and you're.

Not going nuts so you're not going nuts so you know maybe you don't like whiskey that much so you put ice in it and you're kind and you have it's not horrible but just want something where you're just going to that's right cuz the wine can just go okay so Vanessa let's just assume we haven't paid any attention we.

Kind of blew through everything had a platter of pigs in a blanket you're stuffed it's done what do you do now okay so if you feel kind of not so great the next day and you feel pretty bloated you can have dandelion tea that is natural diuretic you can also just have dandelion greens they're pretty bitter but it does workit is This Bitter no.

It's not bitter tastes good put some lemon juice in it that'll be okay you can also do cucumbers you could do lemon you could do celery those are all natural diuretics tast like soap but it's good it tastes like just put a little bit of Honey like green tea that's right that's right yeah and so these are ways asparagus these are just.

Ways for you to feel to deep loat feel better and just go on about your and then what about getting back on your on track because a lot of times this happens and you say oh what the heck I've blown it I may as well just go hot so think about your everything in an aggregate so you have 35 chances a week to meet your goals and so every meal is.

A new chance okay so just forget about it you had a good time it was the holidays you enjoyed with your friends and your family not All Is Lost great very good tip very helpful for more holiday nutrition tips head to I'm over here trying to drink all the dandelion hey thanks for watching don't.

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