Toxic Habits that Damage Your Brain! 🧠🚫


Toxic Habits that Damage Your Brain! 🧠🚫

Toxic habits that damage your brain! In this videoI'll reveal the toxic habits that are most likely having a detrimental effect on your brain andoverall mental health! Welcome to The SCG Show! This video is officially sponsored by BetterHelp!Start your healing now in the description below! We live in a society with information overload…in fact right this moment this video might be one too many of things you have taken in today,especially in a video form! On the internet we are told by some people to “Do this” then by othersto “Do the opposite!” We're told to “Avoid this!” but then told by others to engage in this we're toldto “Practice certain things on a daily basis!” Then we're told to “Avoid other things as well on adaily basis!” The list goes on and on and on and so do the misconceptions and and contradictions…But as I've gotten older and wiser I believe.

That we are engaging without realizing in toxichabits that are having a very adverse effect on our brains and psyche! I will not includethe following here in this video such as= Excessive alcohol consumption, gambling, smoking,a very poor diet and drug use… of course those things will obviously have a dangerous effect onyour brain and life. Instead I will try find out more unique behavioral habits that you mightbe engaging in that could be really damaging your brain without realizing and maybe you shouldconsider putting a halt to them immediately! A lack of physical activity can lead to poor bloodcirculation, reduced neuroplasticity and an increased risk of conditions like anxiety andsevere depression. Since the pandemic people work from home more than ever before, remotework in fact has become almost like the norm.

In many different industries. Also during thelockdowns people got more comfortable living in their own spaces, socializing less, doing lessthanwhat they used to… it had a very adverse effect on me when the pandemic started. I was much moresedentary than any other stage of my entire adult life combined. I was far lazier, way more tired,more depressed and I lacked so much energy. I also developed severe anxiety around that time aswell and I would talk myself out of many different situations! Long story short get out more… evenjust for a walk… see people… do more… get off that sofa, chair, get out of that bed ASAP! Please don'tforget to Subscribe and hit the Bell notification so you never miss any of my videos! Prolongedstress can release hormones like cortisol which can damage the hippocampus, a region of the braincritical for memory and learning. Some people are.

Unknowingly addicted to stress and they invitemore stress into their lives… even when times are good and happy! Martina was addicted to stress allof her life, she created more of it… she chose the most stressful career working in a hospital ,shemarried the wrong person resulting in years of arguments and then an eventual ugly divorce, shehad no boundaries with other people… they would always ask for her help and she would go running…she never managed her finances, she was always falling into to debt…she could never switch offand relax… she aged horribly, she took up smoking as a coping mechanism resulting in more and moresmoking the older she got. Whenever you would speak to Martina it was the same conversation she'd say”I'm stressed out! I've got a lot on my plate! I can never relax! I don't have the time! I've got a lotgoing on! I don't know how much more I can take! I'm.

So overwhelmed!” She never learned anything new inher life and she was too busy dealing with more and more stressful situations that she broughtupon herself, and the more she added into the mix the more problems she had to deal with that nevergot resolved or fixed. And in 30 years she's never read a book, never attended a class, improvedherself nothing… not to mention poor Martina is losing her memory and is becoming forgetful!The chronic stress she's endured and encouraged has strained and damaged her brain which wasalso totally and utterly avoidable by her own decision making all along! If you're getting valuefrom this video please SMASH the like button for the YouTube algorithm and Survive Walking Awaywith my brand new course! Download it now in the description below! An overuse of Technology likespending excessive time on screens and social.

Media can lead to poor attention spans, decreasedface-to-face interactions and can increase anxiety and depression. We can blame the pandemic forthis and I fell victim to this as well! I chose to isolate for a very long time alone. I wasaddicted to my phone, my tablet, my games consoles… they were like “friends” to me… they were my primarydistraction, they were like my life to a certain degree! But I paid the price and it took me a verylong time for me to get out of those addictions and override the damage it had on my brain! I losta lot of attention as a result, due to my overuse of screens technology. Information wasn't going inanymore, I used to be a sponge for knowledge… people would talk to me tell me things it would sink in…I even struggled ironically watching programs and movies as I was more fixated on social media orsomething trivial and shallow. I developed a lot.

Of weird habits in that time and I'd regularlytalk myself out of going to see people socially “Why bother meeting up when I can call them? Why goout when I can just stay in? Why make the effort when I could just be indoors and they can maybecome to me?” The lack of socializing especially for somebody like myself took a real dangerous effecton my mental health and confidence, and strangely thanks to technology just because I was speakingto people on my phone… it wasn't enough. I clearly needed to see them face to face, being out and noton my phone, on my computer and so on caused me severe anxiety… it filled me with anxiety it wasclearly a withdrawal symptom… I couldn't wait to get back home and to be back using my technology!Honestly that's how much it damaged my brain not to mention my confidence at the same time!Thanks to BetterHelp for sponsoring this video!.

I've personally used BetterHelp and found it tobe so effective for turning my life around for the better! BetterHelp is therapy online whichoffers weekly sessions via phone video and live chat! You get match with the therapist according towhere you are, what you're looking for and what you need help with… if it's not a great fit you canswitch therapists easily! Therapy is a great way to take care of ourselves mentally just likewe try to do so physically through diet and exercise! Online therapy can teach you valuablelife coping skills and support you amazingly when tough times occur! Click the link below orvisit for 10% off your first month of online therapy today! Goahead and start your healing now with BetterHelp! Habitual procrastination can lead toincreased stress, decreased productivity and.

Mental fatigue. This can harm cognitive performanceand your brain over time. Speaking of time have you met father time before? He doesn't lie… he'sunforgiving, he knows what's going to happen, when when it's going to happen… its unavoidable and hecoming regardless! No amount of kicking, screaming and denial and delusion will ever change thefact that tonight will be nighttime and tomorrow morning will come… it's as simple as that andprocrastination, putting things off, delaying things, not doing the work… will damage your lifeand your brain! Colin had a choice to either go all in on his passion, his dream to start a business,a brand about fashion or do nothing, basically procrastinate! He could have dived head first anddone the work built a website, a Channel, created a following… instead he procrastinated… he couldhave made a good income from his work, changed.

His life had an impact on people's lives… insteadhe procrastinated… he could have done work that was meaningful, it would have made him happy,content, increased his confidence… instead he procrastinated… he could have had the inspirationto take his success into other areas, expanded his Horizons and had an truly unbelievable career andlife… instead he procrastinated. So what happened to him? He has more stress working a job that has noprogression with poor pay, he's got mental fatigue for not working on his brain at all, he's depressedand feels unfulfilled… he has anxiety as he worries what he's really doing with his life… that is thedangerous reality of chronic procrastination, not just on your brain but on your life and yourfuture as well! Guys please share your thoughts! Feel free to share your experiences and opinionsin the comment section below! Consistently neglecting.

Self-care like proper hygiene, grooming,or even nutrition can lead to physical health issues which will have a negative impact onyour self-esteem and overall well-being and it will damage your brain! There was a short briefperiod of my time in life where this happened I never bothered to shave, cut my hair, I didn'tcare what I ate… therefore I probably looked the worst I ever looked in my my life… it seriouslygave me a complex. I gained a ton of weight which made me no longer fit into my clothes and made mesluggish, tired, very lazy and lethargic. I hated looking at myself in the mirror. I had littleto no confidence at all. I had no self-esteem, my well-being had been in the toilet, the gutter…I went from being a very fit healthy confident energetic youthful man into a fat anxious lazymess who acted and lived like something of a.

Sloth… a horrible lethargic pathetic person inmy early 30s… by the way that's how dangerous this can be… look after yourself please… its foryour own good and especially for the health growth and development and maintenance ofyour brain… you really do need a healthy brain!

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