These Health Habits Will Exchange Your Lifestyles


These Health Habits Will Exchange Your Lifestyles

Hi friends so I've always been a little bit of ahealth freak you know some people might think I'd rather live a short and fun life but I personallythink that you can have a very long life and still have fun and have a very good quality of life Ihave met people who are running marathons that are hundreds or even traveling around the world atthat age and so today I thought I'd share with you a few habits that have significantly improvedmy well-being I used to be stuck in a cycle of stress and feeling very sluggish physicallybut then I made a conscious decision to actually prioritize my health and well-being and these arehow these habits came about and really the moment I started focusing on myself and my well-beingeverything changed and the first thing that truly revolutionized my health is prioritizing my sleepI was never a party person at all and personally.

I'm very introverted and I like to spend mytime at home but that doesn't necessarily mean I sleep early I used to think that sleepingearly was just wasting your day because you would have lost a huge chunk of it so just spend mytime watching TV or watching movies but then I realized that not just having a lack of sleep butthen a difference in your sleep cycle throughout the week can really affect your well-being andyour health and I've made videos in the past about sleep but having a lack of sleep can leadto health problems like diabetes blood pressure and even cancer and Alzheimer's but also the hoursbetween 10 pm and 2 A.M are the most regenerative for the body so ever since creating a consistentsleep cycle and a sleep routine I have seen so many benefits including improved mood improvedconcentration and improved productivity as just.

A few things and the second thing that's reallychanged my life is eliminating plastic not only is plastic bad for the environment and ouranimals and our planet but it's also bad for our health scientifically proven effects includethings like cancer as well as changing hormone activity also known as endocrine disruptionwhich can lead to reproductive growth and cognitive impairment so whether it's bottlespacking my own lunch or even using chopping boards I make sure that I eliminate plasticout of my life as much as possible and then thirdly not taking myself so seriously life'sso short to be so serious all the time right I used to put so much pressure on myself trying tobe perfect and trying to do everything perfectly I was just stressing over every little thingbut then I realized that just being playful.

Embracing my flaws embracing how we're all justnot perfect and it's actually funny and it can be a funny thing really helps lift up a lotof weight off my shoulders so world and life is just so much more fun when you can enjoyit and be free and have a lot of fun rather than stressing over the mining details thatreally don't actually matter and really when you're stressed when you're mentally just notgreat your physical body won't respond either and health isn't just about the physicalside it's also about how you are mentally so really letting go of self-judgment andjust finding the humor in everything that I do and other people do and in this world hasreally changed my outlook on life and how I deal with it and the next thing I want to talkabout is having meaningful relationships I've.

Heard somewhere in the past that the qualityof your life is down to the quality of your ships so whether it's your loved ones your friendsor the people you choose to hang around with those people in those relationships are the weavesof the fabric of your life gone are the days where I look for connection and rather connectionI now strive for relationships and I want quality relationships people who are for me and I can befor them as well and I would consciously choose to invest time and energy in cultivating a meaningfulrelationship then just for a quick connection and really I only need a few people who I can counton and be there for me when I need them as well as the other way around so surrounding myselfwith supportive and positive people has not only improved and created a strong support system formyself it's also enriched my lives in ways that I.

Would have never imagined the final habit that'schanged my life is quality over quantity shifting my focus from quantity to Quality has really beena transformative shift for me whether it's the food I eat the things I own all the experiencesthat I pursue focusing on the quality has allowed me to just savor every single moment each timewhich allows me to then appreciate appreciate the true value of what I have So Gone are the dayswhere I would just go for a shopping spree because I felt like it and now when I ever pick somethingup or I want to buy something I truly just ask myself well this actually made me happy am I justbuying for the sake of buying or eating for the sake of eating or going for the sake of goingwhere actually I would probably be far better off if I didn't do these things and actuallylooked at the true quality of an experience.

And so I realized that my general well-beingis much more approved if I consciously chose to eliminate junk that I my life doesn't need andto truly and consciously choose things that would bring quality and joy to my life but yeah theseare the five healthy habits that really changed my life for the better each of these habitshave had a massive and profound impact on my well-being and I hope they inspire you on yourjourney to find a happier and a healthier life so if you found this video helpful do give it alike and a thumbs up I also do a lot of videos on mindset health and finance with those sortsof topics interest you do subscribe and share check out my channel otherwise stay happy stayhealthy and I will see you in the next one bye!

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