The Therapeutic Magic of Decluttering – motivation to declutter emotional litter & heal the previous


The Therapeutic Magic of Decluttering - motivation to declutter emotional litter & heal the previous

Today we're talking all about decluttering ourhome and how this seemingly mundane process can transform into a profound healing Journey that canreduce anxiety and feelings of hopelessness and really lead to a happier and much more fulfillinglife now if you're new here my name is Nena I help people declutter their minds and their homesusing practical applications of psychology and clutter is something that I struggled withmonumentally for years and when I finally began to address this issue I found the process to bereally powerful and healing in ways that I never could have expected in fact I have a whole videoabout my decluttering journey and everything that I learned along the way that I will go ahead andLink down below but today I want to focus on you and how you can use this process to transform yourown life and why I really think that you should.

Now to even begin to talk about this we have tostart with the reality that clutter is more than just a physical mess it's a reflection of ourinner State the accumulation of our unprocessed emotions anxieties and past experiences somany of us hold on to objects out of guilt and obligation or the very real fear of LettingGo and moving on and when we do this it creates this chaotic environment that really mirrors allthe turmoil that we are experiencing within even when we don't have conscious awareness that that'swhat's happening so in order to view decluttering as a form of self-healing we really do need tomake this connection and one way we can do this is to simply walk around our home and see how ourclutter is making us feel and notice if there are any objects that are triggering negative emotionsmaybe something that bothers us from our childhood.

Or a different phase in our life or a gift froma past relationship or unfinished projects or an unused item that in our mind is representingour past failures and our our unrealized dreams and I know these objects can seem Innocent butthey really do trap us in the past because they are constant reminders of these situations andexperiences we have to remember that we are no longer the person we were when these objects cameinto our life so when we cling on to them and they no longer Inspire something positive within usthey really can significantly hinder our ability to move forward this can even happen sometimeswhen we surround ourselves with artifacts from the past that don't seem to have negativeassociations and this is because clutter in general can be a manifestation of our anxietiesand fears and when this is the case we'll hold.

On to things for a sense of security even whenthey no longer serve us or really have any use and unfortunately this tendency really makes usfocus a lot more on the past than the present even though in reality the now is the only placewe are are ever going to find happiness and what so many of us don't realize is that declutteringisn't just about getting rid of stuff it's about creating the space we need both physically andemotionally for growth and healing by getting rid of the old and the things that are associatedwith an outdated version of ourselves that lived a completely different life we make room forthe new and for the things that bring us joy and fulfillment in the now not for the person wewere 5 10 or even 20 years ago the person we are at this moment and the person we are working tobecome just imagine for a second what it would be.

Like to have a space that was free of clutter aplace where you could actually relax and reflect and recharge instead of constantly being bargedby negative emotions all the time think of how powerfully that could change your life thatis the power of decluttering it is not about cleaning that's just the surface it is a journeytowards peace and a more mindful way of living and a journey away from all the things that keepus stuck and keep us from living our best life so how do we embark on this decluttering journey wellto start I do have a huge playlist on this topic designed to support you 100% of the way that Iwill go ahead and Link down below so you will have that resource but the key really is to just startBox by box shelf by shelf and most people find it easiest to start small especially if declutteringis something that tends to make us anxious so.

Instead of trying to tackle everything at oncejust start by setting a timer for like 10 or 15 minutes a day and see what you can accomplishnow when I started my own decluttering Journey that's about all I could take I really found theprocess very difficult at first I did not want to part with anything but after a few days it'slike something kind of clicked all of a sudden I saw the value in it and and I think I startedto notice that I was feeling better and at that time I could declutter for hours I could feelbox after box after box and it really felt kind of exciting but please remember that everyone isdifferent and everyone's going to have a different experience it may take you more time a lot moretime and that is fine just be self-compassionate and honor your own needs please know also that notonly can we go at our own pace but that we don't.

Need to get rid of everything and we shouldn'tpressure ourselves to do so not everything is clutter and not everything holds us back evenwhen we're holding on to something because of a memory sometimes that memory is positive and isactually helpful to us in our life what we don't want however is to continue to live in a museumof the past or a cluttered home that constantly makes us feel anxious depressed and overwhelmedso when we are going through every everything know that keeping some things from the past isgoing to be just fine but when we're trying to hold on to a room full or a house full it is goingto have a significant and very negative impact on our life so that is the balance that we want totry to achieve also please remember to be kind to yourself never judge yourself for past choices andalways remember to celebrate your progress even if.

It seems really small because every single boxyou fill is a win and if letting go of something is making you feel emotional have a moment withthat item and understand what it represents to you even if it's painful and then feel empowered thatyou are allowing yourself to move on and as you continue to declutter you will notice this shiftinside of you and that's because the physical act of Letting Go really is a powerful metaphor forreleasing emotional baggage and negative thought patterns and really decluttering is a journey andnot a destination it's a continuous process of re-evaluating and letting go and as someone who'snow on the other end of this I can assure you that it is one of the most significant things that wecan do to improve our life so I truly wish you so much luck and love in this journey I believe inyou 100% please know it is possible I'm living.

Proof of that and if you would please keep meposted on your progress in the comments down below it also helps to inspire other peoplepeople who are also on a decluttering journey I want to thank you so much for watchingtoday and I hope the rest of your day is extraordinary

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