The strangest habits in old world #documentary #fypシ #fyp #shorts


The strangest habits in old world #documentary  #fypシ #fyp #shorts

The ancient Egyptians utilized crocodile dungas a form of contraception due to its believed effect on reducing the sperm's ability to surviveand they succeeded in this method in the ottoman Empire the prevention of succcess Wars wasenforced through a cruel method where the new caliph had the legal right to kill all his malesiblings after assum power in ancient Rome women would purchase containers filled with a sweat fromwrestlers and use it as a face cream to improve the tone and texture of their skin the Vikingshad brutal rituals where a slave would be chosen to accompany their Master into the Afterlifeand they would be required to engage in sexual rituals with men from various households beforeultimately being sacrificed by The Village leader

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