The Secret Habit of Used Eastern to Place Your Needs Attain Loyal!


The Secret Habit of Used Eastern to Place Your Needs Attain Loyal!

Today, after watching this 10-minute video,you will achieve your dreams for the year. Because I'm going to teach you thespecial habits to make your dreams come true that ancient Japanese would do.It’s “Yoshuku,” which means “pre-celebration.” The secret of Hanami (a cherry blossom party) Do you know “hanami” (a cherry blossom party) Today, hanami is a time to enjoy thebeauty of cherry blossoms, but in the past, it was held as a Yoshuku. Let me explain. Back in time, a big crop of ricewas what people wished for the most.

So, they would celebrate togetherin spring, envisioning the fully blooming cherry blossoms as the autumn ricespikes, symbolizing prosperity and abundance. The ancient Japanese thought thatthey could attract their dreams by first being happy and celebrating. That’s Yoshuku, pre-celebration. Using the ideas in this book about the”Pre-celebration Rules” as a guide, I’ll share five ways to fulfill your dreams throughthe ancient Japanese practice of pre-celebration. ‘Pre-celebration’ that athletes often practice. According to this book, it refers to the ideathat ‘if you celebrate and feel the joy now,.

The joy will come to you in the future too.’ Yes, it's kind of like visualizationtraining that a lot of athletes practice. For example, they might imaginethemselves winning a gold medal. They unconsciously feel thegood emotions of a futuresuccess in the moment, hoping to make it happen. In a way, they are practicingpre-celebration without realizing it. Yuzuru Hanyu, a figure skater,for example, was crying on theplain on the way to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Why? In his thoughts, he saw himself giving aperfect performance and winning the gold medal.

He said later, after he had won the gold medal, “I was so into the visualization on the plane thatI felt more moved there than the actual moment.” In fact, he was living by the idea that‘if you celebrate and feel joy now, joy will come to you later’, right there on the plane. It also worked for me! The powerof 'celebrating the present'. A big part of the reason I started this YouTubechannel was to make my elementary students happy. Because at that time, the pandemic wasstopping a lot of kid-friendly events. Then I thought it would be fun and encouragingfor them if I became famous on YouTube. And this is what I saw in my mind:.

I'm in the gym backstage and there are about20 kids sitting together in front of the stage. I put on a kimono and came out asSamurai Matcha in front of the kids. They yell something like “SamuraiMacho!”, but despite their jokes, I give a presentation and take out a box. The kids figure it out andyell, “A YouTube silver plaque!” After that, we all open itand find the silver plaque. As the kids crowded around,smiles lit up their faces.  The kids get even happierand say, “Wow, it's real!” I had a clear, lively picture in my mind.

In a way, I was celebrating andfelt so happy as I thought about it. After a year, the channel hadmore than 100,000 subscribers, and I got the real silver plaque in my hands. Just as I’d planned, I was able to show thekids the silver plaque at a summer event. It turned out just the way I had imagined. The pre-celebration is amazing! It worked. But apparently there was onething that I didn’t expect. The kids were touching the silver plaque somuch, and their fingerprints were all over it. Anyway, I learned thatenjoying the present moment,.

Imagining the future reallydoes make the future happy. How to Use Pre-Celebration for Business Success A story about a certain Japanese pub(izakaya) in this book is another easy-to-understand example of pre-celebration. Before taking part in the pre-celebration,this izakaya almost went out of business. The workers, who were all in their mid-20s,got a sudden call from their owner one day. He said that the izakaya will beclosed because they’re in the “red.” The staff loved the izakaya and wanted to dosomething about it, even though things were bad. As a result, the five employees took a trip to ahot spring and began playing agame at the ryokan-style inn.

“Let's give a speech!” Let's say that our izakayawent from almost going out of business to a veryfamous spot, that a book came out, and that we'renow giving a talk in front of 1,000 people!” And so the talk began. “Why did your izakaya, which was about togo out of business, become so popular?” “Well, we told every customer who traded businesscards with us how much we lovedthis shop in letters of thanks!” They gave the speech with realhappiness, like it had just happened. After this role-play, they put allthe ideas that came up into action. It was surprising that in just one month, their income grew by as much as theywould have made in a whole year.

In the end, the izakaya really took off, and they were even asked to givea speech in front of 5,000 people. This is how the story ended up in a book, showing how the power of pre-celebrationcan inspire great ideas in happy places. Why does pre-celebration make dreams come true? Let's talk about why pre-celebrationmakes dreams come true. To put it simply, your “current feelings” willmatch the frequency of the future where your dreams come true if you feel the happinessof those dreams coming true in the “present.” You can bring that future toyourself with this connection.

Ok, let me explain better. To begin, everything in the world has a frequency. The author of the book “TheSecret,” Rhonda Byrne, says, “The whole universe is a magnetic field, and everything has a frequency,even your thoughts and feelings.” That is, everything around you,including the stones on the ground, the clothes you're wearing, and yourmood, all have frequencies or waves. And there is something called resonancethat happens at these frequencies. Do you know what a tuning fork experiment is?.

So, what it means here is that ifyou hit the right side of a tuning fork with a different frequency,it won't work on the left one. But if their frequencies are the same, the right one will work on the left oneand the left one will start to move. So what I want to say is that your present stateof mind attracts the future that will happen, just like frequencies that aresimilar resonate with each other. To make it simpler, if you setyour feelings to a good frequency, things that make you feel good will come your way. If, on the other hand, youvibrate with a negative frequency,.

You will attract things that make you feel worse. Have you ever noticed that bad thingskeep happening to you when you're upset? It could just be a coincidence, oryour mind frequency could be at play. Within his book “The Shift,” Americanpsychologist Dr. Wayne W. Dyer says, “People don't attract what theywant, but rather what they are.” The point is that if your presentstate of mind is in tune with thehappy frequency of achieving your dreams, you'll bring those dreams into your life. So, “How can you tune into the future frequency of your mind?” Let's look atsome specific ways to prepare.

5 Specific Methods of Pre-Celebration. There are some specific methods ofpre-celebration outlined in the book, and today I'll introduce five ofthem that I think are effective. Smiling. When your dream comes true,what kind of smile do you have? Try smiling that way in real life, andenjoy the feeling that comes with it. Making a signature pose. What pose do you make when your dream comes true? Choose a pose and actually do it.

For example, this is mine. Writing a future diary. Imagine the circumstances when yourwish comes true and write a diary. What are you doing at that moment? How does it feel?Who is happy here? Being conscious of these detailswhile writing is recommended. Having a role-play. This is effective when you do it with friends. Do some role-play by interviewing each other.

“What dream has come true for you?” and “How do you feel now that your dream has come true?” Just likethat, you interview each other. It's not about what is said but aboutdeeply savoring the joyful emotions. The key is to have fun with it. Ok, here comes the last one. Practice a pre-celebration of a year ahead. This is a method to celebrate ahead, asif we jumped at the end of the year 2024. Let's try it together, since we're already here.

Please get a drink, and I'll do the same. “All right, let's go. Let's toastthe best year ever! Kanpai (cheers)!” “Well, let me ask you something. What dreamscame true this year that made it the best ever?” “I'm so happy for you that your dreams came true.” “Huh, me? Well, I had many dreams cometrue this year, but the biggest one was successfully launching my own matcha brand.” Thanks for all of your support. “Okagesama desu.” Thank you so much! Now that we've gone through this, I hopeyou've understood the meaning behind me.

Saying, 'With this video, you’llachieve your dreams for the year.' What is your dream for this year? Ifyou feel comfortable, share it in the comments 🙂 Writing it down might evenincrease the chances of it coming true. By practicing this Japanesesecret of pre-celebration, I would be genuinely happyif your dreams came true. Thank you, everyone! Until next time!

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