The Science of Self-Enchancment And Deepest Enhance.


The Science of Self-Enchancment And Deepest Enhance.

I've gotsomething I really want to share with you. Do you rely on self-control or motivation to reach your goals? Have you tried to stick to a new habitand failed after just a few days? I hear you. You are not alone. I've been looking at behavior changeand I've uncovered some fascinating insightsthat I want to share with you. In fact, there are two mistakesthat many of us, including me in the past, have made. When we're starting New habits.

We forget to think about the willand the way. Now, this isn't just some catchy phrasethat I've made up. This is based on research from theUniversity of Oregon in the United States. If you really want to stickto those new habits, think about the will. Now, that's your why or your deepmotivation for wanting to change. Ask yourself, why do I want to change? Why do I want this change now? Then you need the way. This is your roadmap and the strategiesfor making the change happen.

Without these two steps,you might fall at the first hurdle. And I don't want that for you. I want this year to be your best ever. Let me give you an examplefrom my own life. My habit change is I want to do strengthtraining three times a week. My why is to improvemuscle and bone strength. And my way is that I'll workwith an exercise physiologist so I can lift heavier and heavier weights. Now, to change your behavior,.

You need to find that sweet spotso it's not too easy. Like just one strength sessiona week for me all too hard, telling myselfI'll lift heavy weights every day. That way you are still challenged,but it's achievable. Now, I would love you to tell mein the comments what's the willand the way for your new habit this year? Remember, I'm here to support you. And if no one else has toldyou today, I'm proud of you.

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