The Ideal Fact: The REAL Fee of a Soda Behavior on Your Health


The Ideal Fact: The REAL Fee of a Soda Behavior on Your Health

The real cause of a soda habit do you like soda I wouldn't be surprised a gallopo done in 2022 shows that close to half of all Americans drink at least one glass of soda a day that's 170 million people in the US alone indulging in this daily habit well have you ever imagine what would happen if you only drank soda for an entire month in 2014 a guy named.

George prer did just that he drank 10 cans of soda every day for 30 days come along as we unveil the outstanding results of this dangerous experiment hello once again and welcome back to my YouTube channel Dr Hans MD where we 10ex your success by optimizing your health George PRI from Los Angeles under.

Took a self-imposed challenge to identify the effects of excessive sugar intake on our health to raise awareness he documented his journey on his website and the results were staggering George self-reported that he embarked on the experiment in good health but as the days pass he experienced significant weight gain an alarming increase in.

Blood pressure and intense Cravings by the end of the month the results were in and George shared the shocking results his weight ballooned and he had gain a whopping 23 lbs his blood pressure skyrocketed from 129 over 77 to 145 over 96 he reported feeling very sluggish and uncomfortable in his clothes I know what you're thinking that's never going to.

Happen to me I don't drink 10 cans of soda daily friends a 12 oz can of soda the standard serving we get from stores supermarkets and vending machines contains close to 10 tpoon of sugar do you know what the daily limit of added sugar is for most males it's nine yes that's right nine teaspoons of added sugar a day for females it's even lower.

6 teaspoons of added sugar a day so you see drinking just one can of soda will push you over your daily limit the American Heart Association recommends no more than 36 GS of added sugar per day for most men and no more than 25 G of added sugar per day for most women exceeding these recommendations increases your risk of multiple health.

Problems let's discuss some of them number one heart disease sugar can raise blood pressure and increase chronic inflam both of which are Pathways to heart disease diets high in sugar have been linked to an increased risk of heart disease due to their impact on body weight blood pressure inflammation and.

Fat accumulation in the liver number two type 2 diabetes high sugar consumption can lead to insulin resistance a hmark of type 2 diabetes over time consuming too much sugar can cause the pancreas to become less effective at releasing insulin leading to a higher blood sugar level and increasing the risk of diabetes number three faty liver disease.

Excessive fructose from sugary drinks can lead to an accumulation of fat in the liver this is known as fatty liver disease this condition is often asymptomatic in its initial stages and can progress without noticeable symptoms as it advances it can cause symptoms like fatigue weight loss and abdominal pain and this significantly affects your.

Quality of life fatty liver can also increase your risk of liver curosis and cancer the list of medical issues can go on and on thankfully George pror Stopped after 30 days but what if he didn't what if he continued for a long period which is what a young woman from New Zealand did picture this it is the year 2010 Natasha Harris was raising a brood of.

Eight children with her partner as you all know a family this big is bound to have challenges but Natasha Harris has always had a way to cope and you've guessed it she drank a lot of soda she G down soda all day every day and this had been going on for years on February 25 2010 Natasha wakes up feeling unwell she has a raising heart a headache and a.

Feeling of nausea she tells her partner that she feels like like she is dying and in a few minutes she falls unconscious and she stops breathing he calls for an ambulance and Natasha was pronounced dead she suffered a cardiac arrest and she was only 30 years old after a formal investigation it was revealed that Natasha only drank regular.

Soda for years she could finish up to 10 L A day and that's about 40 cups of soda roughly the equivalent of 1 kilg of sugar daily just from soda alone she also suffered dental problems and had in fact lost all her teeth even before turning 30 she even had an enlarged liver she also had low potassium or hypokalemia that ultimately proved fatal.

Consuming too much sugar can result in numerous Health complications that could potentially lead to death so be vigilant Le about your sugar intake one of the easiest ways is to cut back on sugary drinks beverages are the leading source of added sugar and this includes soda energy drinks food juices and especially those exorbitant Coffee Creations.

They're practically liquid desserts are diet drinks the answer while diet drinks don't contain sugar they're not without issues consuming artificial sweeteners may also lead to obesity hypertension and metabolic syndrome among other health issues they may also disrupt the microbiome which is crucial for overall health some studies suggest that.

Artificial sweeteners can alter the balance of gut bacteria potentially leading to digestive problems additionally artificial sweeteners might affect cravings and hunger Sensations pring you to want more sweets here are a few tips tips to control your craving for soda number one instead of soda or other sugary drinks choose water black.

Coffee or herbal tea switch them up add a slice of lemon take them hot or cold these beverages quench thirst without negative health effects of sugar number two stick to an overall healthy eating PL and that includes fiber sources fiber slows down the absorption of sugar it also reduces blood sug sugar spikes and crashes that induce us to want more.

Sugar number three ensure that you get adequate amounts of protein protein is satiating so after eating you're not likely to consume much else including sodas soda has no nutritive value it's best to skip or treat it as an occasional Indulgence and not a dietary stable by making smarter beverage choices we can significantly reduce our.

Sugar intake and substantially improve our health thank you for joining me on this gripping episode about the effects of drinking soda join me again next time where we'll continue to 10x your success by optimizing your health remember to choose your drinks wisely.

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