The Hidden Cancer Warning Signs You Can now now not Give you the money for to Ignore! Latest Correctly being Bulletin


The Hidden Cancer Warning Signs You Can now now not Give you the money for to Ignore! Latest Correctly being Bulletin

Hey there welcome back to our Channel today wewant to talk about something important cancer symptoms that you shouldn't ignore cancer is aserious disease that affects millions of people worldwide do you know one in three people will getcancer during their lifetimes and around 600,000 will die from it in the United States each yearbut the good news is there are things you can do to catch cancer early when it's easiest to treatin an effort to stay safe from Corona virus many of us have put off the annual screenings andcheckups where cancers are often Caught no matter your age or health it's good to know thepossible signs and symptoms of cancer although they aren't enough to diagnose the disease theycan provide clues for you and your doctor helping to identify and treat any problems as early aspossible remember cancer treatment works best.

Early on when a tumor is small and hasn't spreadthat's understandable still early detection is one of the best weapons against the disease first keepup to date with your cancer screenings screenings can detect a cancer before symptoms appear you toocan pick up on early warning signs by paying close attention to changes in your body if you noticesomething new or different that lasts several weeks then remember several weeks is key if youhave any concerns reach out to your healthc care provider not every symptom that could be canceris cancer second be aware of how your body looks and feels and be on the lookout for changes cancersymptoms can be vague and they can resemble other conditions or health concerns but here are 17symptoms that may warrant a call to your doctor if you see or feel a new lump or mass that's beenthere for a few weeks or is growing get it checked.

Out many lumps are not cancer and your doctormay be able to tell you right away sometimes more testing is needed maybe an ultrasound CT scan orMRI most adults do not lose weight without effort so if you are losing weight without without goingon a diet or exercise program talk to your doctor weight loss of 10 or more pounds that cannotbe explained could be a sign of cancer stomach liver and pancreas cancers can all cause loss ofappetite colon cancer can prevent the colon from properly absorbing food and nutrients causingweight loss other cancers can cause mild nausea which may mean you eat less but weight loss is notalways a sign of Cancer it could be that you have lost your appetite or are skipping meals for otherreasons like stress or depression second is pain don't ignore pain if you have new and ongoingdiscomfort get it checked out but bear in mind.

That many cancers don't hurt so if you have alump that hasn't gone away get it checked out even if it doesn't hurt most breast cancers arenot painful and a growing Mass that's not painful is concerning third is change in bowel or bladderhabits this can mean blood in the urine or stool or changes in the stool for example your stoolmay be Pencil Thin or black any of these could be a sign of colon cancer for men urinating moreoften can be a sign of prostate cancer because it may mean you are not emptying your bladder fullyhaving more difficulty urinating also can be a sign of prostate cancer although more commonlyis it because of another less serious condition for women unless you're pregnant or drinkingmore water urinating more often can be a sign of gynecologic cancers take note if you also feelfull have abdominal pain and experience bloating.

Not every urinary symptom is cancer but if youare concerned or a problem is persistent after treatment talk to your doctor or seek a secondopinion number four fatigue this is more than feeling tired after a busy day ask yourself doesmy tiredness limit my activities if you can't get out of bed to go to work or do something fun withfriends even if you seem to have had enough rest that's a concern there are a lot of other diseasesthat can cause Tire nness though so fatigue is not the number one symptom of cancer talk to yourdoctor number five is a ulcer that doesn't heal it doesn't matter where it is if you have a sorethat doesn't heal it should be checked out ulcers on the nipple can be sign of breast cancer andof course sores on the skin that don't heal can be a sign of skin cancer inside your mouth theulcer might look like an area that is whiter.

And doesn't scrape off or an area that's redderand doesn't go away both of those could be signs of oral cancer ask your dentist about oral cancerscreening dentists can look for color changes and can also run their fingers all around your mouthto look for a mass number six is change in a mole or wart or any skin change everyone should beaware of how their moles freckles and warts look that way if anything changes you can tell yourdoctor people at higher risk of skin cancer should get a full body skin cancer screening from theirdermatologist every year this includes includes people with fair skin and more than 50 moles andalso people who've been exposed to a lot of sun or tanning beds if you have a family history ofmelanoma or a personal history of skin cancer annual screenings are also recommended here is afull list of who is at higher risk of skin cancer.

Number seven any unusual bleeding or dischargeseeing fluids where you don't normally see them can be a sign of Cancer if you are a woman thiscould be vaginal bleeding or discharge different from what is normal for you it could also bebloody discharge form the nipple number eight indigestion or trouble swallowing there are somebenign throat conditions that can cause problems with swallowing but indigestion or troubleswallowing also can be a sign of esophageal cancer if you are having trouble swallowing perhaps withpills or meat talk to your doctor if you've been having indigestion as well that makes it moreof a concern ninth is nagging cough or heness a persistent cough or horseness can be a sign oflung cancer heness can also be a sign of tumors on or near the vocal cords lung cancer kills morepeople than any other cancer so it's important to.

Watch out for these symptoms especially if youare a smoker how to talk to your doctor about cancer Physicians will often allow a few weeks tosee if your symptoms improve or get worse even if you think your symptoms are mild don't hesitate totalk to your doctor remember any ongoing symptom should be evaluated and be sure to follow up thankyou for watching and if you enjoyed this video make sure to subscribe to our channel for morevaluable content stay healthy and see you next time

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