The health advantages of factual sound asleep habits


The health advantages of factual sound asleep habits

welcome back when it comes to getting ideal sleep a recent study found sleep regularity matters more than how long you actually sleep studies also show we spend a little over 9,000 days or 26 years of Our Lives sleeping imagine that so what are some of the best sleeping habits for a longer life for some tips.

We're joined by founder of majestic beds and Royal Oak Alan Martins thanks a lot for coming in this morning Alan my pleasure so first off just give us a general idea why is a good night's sleep so important basically and there was a study by Ford Hospital in 202 12 and they measured that sleep disruption or being deprived of sleep made you.

Actually more sensitive to pain so if you were based on you know your pains associated with symptoms you actually started feeling worse and the more the pain sensitivity grew the more sleep deprived you became and more fatigued you became yeah we're all trying to avoid pain so that's definitely something you want to get a good night's.

Sleep then so now everybody likes a different kind of mattress when you talk about the pain you have to find the right mattress for yourself correct right yes so how do you go about doing that basically there's two really good ways to do that first when you go into any store to look at as far as a bed lay on your back make sure your hips are.

Dropping or being enveloped by the mattress and you can feel the support in your lumbar because if your muscles relax as you as you fall asleep your lumbar will flatten out and that creates a lot of lower back stress so you want to feel that support when you roll over on your side your shoulders and hips should be perpendicular and your spine.

Should be straight so if there's too much counter pressure on your shoulder it will contort your spine and that's going to create all kinds of stress on your shoulder and your major joints your spine's now contorted your muscle you know groups are stressed your heart and your circulation your circulation is starting to be restricted your sleep is.

Disrupted and you get absolutely no rest because your body is in such stress all right let's talk about some of the samples you brought in in front of us what are you trying to show with these basically this developed I was in healthcare and this this original topper was designed for cancer patients for joint pain and night sweats it's.

Patented we use it in our mattresses and our our Toppers and So for anybody with any kind of chronic back pain I deal with anything associated with the spine joint issues even Parkinson's Ms MD this creates pressure relief so that when they lay on their back it's not creating counter pressure and so it doesn't constrict the chest and make it harder.

To breathe so the body relaxes it encourages deeper more restorative sleep and that's what all our Studies have found yeah and when you pushing that you can't feel the desk underneath so obvious there's a lot of padding in there and pressure relief oh yeah now curious how often should people be replacing their mattresses because.

Sometimes that gets overlooked well here's what happen starting in 2001 I found out from a major supplier that every major brand had redesigned their compounds or their components in their mattress so it would break down down faster because they want to sell you more mattresses during your lifetime well when this starts breaking down.

That's when the Comfort layers start breaking down it starts creating again pressure on your joints it cont torch your spine you start getting disrupted sleep you're you're feeling terrible in the morning and the thing is people will wake up and the signs are first you're sore then stiffness sets in and then pain sits in and we ignore these things.

By taking ibuprofin and like but the thing is well it's my lot in life this is the way I'm going to be the rest of my life and the fact of the matter is It's usually the mattress we had a veteran that came in that had back injury and he'd been slipping on a major brand and we did a comparison on a pressure mapping system because that's.

How we measure our beds to decide whether or not we're going to sell them based on certain symptoms and he goes well I just hurt because he he almost ended up in a wheelchair for the rest of his life he laid on the bed we positioned him and he looked at me and he goes I don't hurt anymore that's fantastic and you.

You can always tell when somebody's fidgeting and you're moving during the night you will toss and turn up to 200 times a night on something that you're not comfortable on on these you move about 17 times a night the importance of a good mattress Alan thanks a lot for coming by and helping us all try to get a better night's sleep thank you.

Appreciate that

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