The Day-to-day Routine That Changed My Lifestyles (4 Habits Most Folk Ignore)


The Day-to-day Routine That Changed My Lifestyles (4 Habits Most Folk Ignore)

If you don't create a routine you will be assigned one if you don't create a purpose you will be assigned one if you don't create a career you will be assigned one people are too quick to adopt the structure that somebody else created to ease life's uncertainty you need a routine and if you think you don't you may not realize that you have.

Already been assigned one by Society or your routine is not having a routine without rules there is no game without a game there is no winning a routine contains the rules for how you live your life the longer you play the better you get and as you're getting better you often forget the rules and win anyways now is the time to stop playing the game.

Society told you to play and start playing your own a powerful routine no matter how long prevents overwhelm as you progress towards your goals most people are progressing towards goals that were given to them they are progressing the dreams of someone else rather than their own without a routine that you created your life will slowly.

Fall faster and faster down a chaotic hole into a life of responsibilities work people and a personality that you despise routines are comfortable and the mind craves order routines allow you to focus your attention when conditioned and programmed over time to make action seamless this is why working a job sucks but not enough to make you quit and.

Pursue something that sucks more until it sucks less life is suffering and you have the ability to choose what you suffer for every single day your goals are the axis of your suffering and most people are pursuing goals that aren't their own their suffering doesn't bring fulfillment here's a quote from mihi chiet mihi the optimal state of inner.

Experience is one in which there is order in Consciousness this happens when psychic energy or attention is invested in realistic goals and when skills match the opportunities for Action the pursuit of a goal brings order and awareness because a person must concentrate attention on the task at hand and momentarily forget everything else so we.

Need to talk about how to focus your attention to reverse psychic entropy or disorder in the mind but we also have to understand how Identity or personality comes into play here you don't need motivation or discipline when you are the person who would take certain actions a bodybuilder doesn't need motivation to eat healthy a gamer.

Doesn't need discipline to stare at a screen all day a writer doesn't need motivation to synthesize ideas an employee doesn't need discipline to show up to work all of those could be perceived as positive or negative by a specific type of person a gamer that stares at a screen all day that could be considered very bad if you aren't.

Actually in the pursuit of goals that you chose for yourself and you have to understand bringing back the idea that your goals are the axis of your suffering where if you want to be let's say a professional gamer there's nothing wrong with that but you have to accept the potential decline in health that will come from that and that is.

Subtracting from other areas of your life so that you can succeed in another area of your life the same thing goes for like a bodybuilder as the first example where eating healthy isn't hard or they don't need motivation or discipline to do it but it could subtract from other areas of their life like having a social life going out.

Letting loose a bit certain people value certain things based on their identity and where they focus their attention so these people do what they do because their survival is at stake and this isn't physical survival here this is mental animals survive the information in their genetic code humans survive the information in their Consciousness.

Animals survive their physical form and while we do that too we've also transcended that plane into the mental plane thanks to self-reflective Consciousness and that meaning self-reflective meaning that we are aware of our self our idea the mental form that we are attempting to survive the the web of ideas that creates our.

Personality or identity that when threatened feels like a physical threat and the information that we are fed as children that programs who we are the the things that we know the known not the unknown what is familiar to us what we're aware of for our survival and for most people this is limited to a microscopic fraction of reality that is.

Go to school get a job retire at 65 in terms of choosing a career for others it's go to church every Sunday but you get the point here that's all you know and so that's that's the tool for your survival that's the knowledge that you're using to survive it's the ideas when one of those are threatened or questioned then you can feel that threat.

Response where if a bodybuilder that likes to eat healthy only has the option to eat unhealthy food he's probably not going to be very happy he's going to be very stressed he's going to be out of routine he's going to be in the unknown he's going to be in the unfamiliar area of of life and he's going to have to deal with it however he can so back to.

The point the information we are exposed to as children and throughout our lives programs our minds to run on certain systems a system in brief is the process of reaching a goal obviously this can get extremely complex so let's just keep it to that a system is the process of achieving a goal so our identity is a web of conscious and unconscious goals.

That determine the skills we acquire the interests we learn and the choices we make in alignment with those goals when we are programming our mind or programming the systems in our mind the information roads that our mind operates on they're all operating towards specific goals relating to survival and other things and so we're just making.

Decisions every day based on the information that we've collected in the systems that have formed in our minds over time you are already acting toward layers of unconscious goals every second of the day they've been conditioned to the point of not requiring conscious thought you wake up walk brush brush your teeth maybe and put on your clothes.

So that you aren't seen as an outcast these are all skills that you have developed as a human with the goal of fitting in and surviving in society this goes deep the social Matrix of goals creates humans that all operate in a similar fashion with a slightly different goal of society we could all be walking around naked and.

Communicating with each other by tapping people on the head with a stick biological goals clearly influence this when we don't have Clarity on how to achieve a goal our mind becomes disordered we become overwhelmed anxious and narrow-minded because the challenge of the goal does not match the skill that we have our mind starts to decline.

Into chaos this is known as entropy entropy is universal it doesn't only apply to things like buildings that fall apart with time and less maintained the structure of your mind or identity is an invisible building you reverse entropy by making a goal conscious creating a path to achieve it and focusing your attention on priority actions that bring.

Results as feedback these priority actions revolve around daily self-education in practice so that you expose yourself to the information that creates a new identity with time and then that new identity allows you to perceive certain situations as advantageous towards your conscious goals and you start to see problems in.

Situations as opportunities so we'll talk about how to master new skills fast in a future video but for now just understand this lesson you need a plan there isn't any other way because if you don't have one Society does and they've been planning your life for decades if you don't set your own goals acquire the skill necessary to take on the challenge.

And Forge your own path your destiny will be manhandled by society and you won't even realize it nobody wants to wake up 40 years later wondering where the time went now let's discuss the four pillars of the good life this is how we reverse entropy or in simpler terms this is how we reverse the downward spiral into chaos overwhelm anxiety when we.

Don't have the clarity to achieve our goals becoming multi-dimensionally jacked is the path to the good life I talk about this in the video on becoming multi-dimensionally jacked you need four habits one that builds your mind one that builds your body one that builds your business one that builds your relationships the good life is the.

Process of becoming everything you could be all of these domains of life are interconnected systems that create who you are and reverse entropy in the mind tiny improvements are what create an ordered mind and so just to bring Clarity to this Mind Body business relationships that is what composes who you are those are the four main pillars.

That we have to peel back improve and evolve on a daily basis those are the main things that are within your control and they're also the Eternal markets in business I talk about this in the onep person business videos or any of my business videos is that the Eternal markets health wealth relationships and happiness are where most burning.

Problems lie those are the most profitable problems to to solve so if you can solve your own problems and sell the solution that's how you do what you want for a living by solving the problems that make your life better and selling them to make other people's lives better that's value exchange you exchange the solution to a problem that.

Makes someone else's life better in exchange for what you want which is money so by adopting a daily habit for each pillar of your life success becomes inevitable my question to you if you aren't building your mind body business and relationships every single day what are you doing here's a genuine question is there anything more important than.

That or is everything you do now a distraction but Dan I want to enjoy myself and do what I want do you understand what enjoyment is when compared to pleasure do you realize that human psychology has been mapped over the course of evolution to show that humans have an innate drive to grow expand transcend and create enjoyment is.

Found in progress doing what you want is often the ego ending the train of thought that would lead to you in improving yourself because that's what your nature wants is to improve yourself you can truly do what you want when you peel back the layers of what you think you want so I'm not going to give you a super scientific approach to Habit.

Formation I'm just going to give you the only real way to make Behavior change seamless with time so the first step is to align your future with a holistic goal for those that don't know what holistic means it means all encompassing or you're viewing it from the whole of the situation rather than a part of the situation big picture so this requires.

You to zoom out and see beyond a narrow problem like if you're having money problems right now that's not the only domain of your life that needs Improvement and as a matter of fact money is interconnected to all other domains of your life so solving your money problems may not actually happen until you choose to zoom out and change.

Every single domain of your life in other words changing who you are on a fundamental level goals can't exist without the awareness of a problem goals and problems create a frame for your perspective your perspective determines what information you perceive as important a person with money problems and the goals of society will see a new.

Job opportunity as important a person who has money problems and self-generated goals will see a business opportunity as important both people will read a book and interpret it in a completely different way whether it's the Bible or a self-help book or a fiction book or or whatever it is the problems and goals that are framing your.

Current perspective are going to determine the information that you see as important within that book you're going to highlight different quotes from someone else because it is going to be relevant and relatable to your situation so if you're a writer or a Creator or a oneperson business or anything of that nature a Creator in general who you are.

Then you have to understand that this comes into play when you're writing or Distributing products or just giving things to other people and you want want it to relate to them you want them to perceive it as important is you have to understand the problems and goals that are on their mind so you can frame what it is that you're giving to them writing.

Products Creations whatever videos so that it does actually register in their awareness this is marketing in sales as a whole is just understanding the goals and problems of your target audience and providing Clarity in between or a solution a product a system a how-to video whatever it is you help people people transform the first step to.

Changing your life is to become brutally aware of the problems that make you want to change your life if you're reading this then you obviously have problems everybody does the big problem is a lack of awareness of your problems sit and become negative for a while let your mind run wild to create an anti- vision for your future what is the worst case.

Scenario if you continue with the same mental physical financial and relational actions you are taking then use that as a place to toss an anchor into the future create a big Vision generating goal that encapsulates each domain of Life Next we will bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be with self-education and skill.

Acquisition so step number two after creating a holistic goal is to treat daily self-education as an absolute necessity schools are necessary in many cases but they teach you a fraction of what actually exists in reality they train you into a compartment of reality like chemistry physiology or literature and regard for the holistic.

Interconnectedness that breeds true intelligence without self-education you go through life with the same narrow identity and perspective as everyone else you're not a unique individual if you never self-educate you're the same as everyone else being fed the same information from the social Matrix of goals that are assigned to you to.

Operate within Society now this social Matrix isn't a bad thing it creates an intellectual structure to Anchor our attention so that we can actually survive here but outside of that what what's more are you just surviving or are you creating education expands your mind it introduces you to novel perspectives it increases dopamine in.

The brain as a consistent source of energy it gives you the knowledge to act with Clarity toward your goals over time education conditions your mind to run on New systems if you were to only immerse your mind in information that taught you how to build a profitable business you would and if you sit back and think about how building a business is a skill.

Just like anything else and a skill comes from mental programming and practice then you'd understand the truth in this where programming your mind with specific information that eventually creates actions conducive to your goals over time your goal being building a business then you would actually do that thing self-education is where most.

People lack because they just skip it entirely they don't have a section of their morning dedicated to reading or consuming or researching or pushing into the mental unknown so they can discover New Perspectives to integrate into their own to expand themselves cuz if you think of business building as a skill just like learning to walk Walking is a.

Very difficult skill it's hard it takes children a long time to do but they still do it and now it's automatic to the point where you don't think about it it's like a basketball player that has played for so long and has gone pro to the point where they're not even thinking about what they're doing they're just playing and having fun in.

The game and do very well that way and so if you get to the point where you've practiced and educated yourself on business making money becomes seamless and don't let your lack of knowledge hold you in a narrow mind right here you can make as many judgments and assumptions and projections into a future you haven't experienced or.

Understand right now but that's not going to change the reality of what skill acquisition is and being able to train yourself to achieve any goal that you want it took you 18 plus years to shape your actions with education from your parents friends and schools it's going to take a few years to shape your your actions with information that you.

Curate so step number three after setting a holistic goal and treating self-education as an absolute necessary practice step number three is acquiring the skill set necessary to achieve those goals the difference between where you are and where you want to be is skill this is a fact you don't have the results you want because you aren't the.

Person with the skill that would get those results the only thing that can stop you is getting distracted to the point of falling off the path skills can be trained as I said before learning to walk and speak are arguably the most complex skills you've ever learned they are more complex than building a million– dooll company the thing is you.

Didn't have a mind chained by limits that you were taught by people who didn't break through their own with this you need two things one is a 30 to 60 Minute self-education habit read buy courses listen to podcasts and acquire ample knowledge that provides you the capability to act step two is a 30 to 60 Minute building habit apply apply your.

Knowledge in reality and experiment with what you learn get feedback and iterate until success learning comes from struggle not memorization when you build in the real world and you hit a wall a problem is created it's presented to you you may or may not become aware of the problem depending on your skill and experience this is what prevents most.

People's progress they blame their lack of progress on anything but their own ability the problem sits in your subconscious mind to filter the information you get from your self-education as you repeat this process of education and building for 1 to 5 years you will be a struck by how far you've come now let's talk about my.

Daily routine I will provide reasons and wise behind each part of my routine but this is an important point every aspect of your routine should be intentional intention equals what you are stretching towards the more reasons or wise you can stack behind your actions the easier it becomes and the more beneficial it is to a great future you discover these Reas.

Reasons or Wise by having a goal to apply your self-education to if I want to commit to a gym habit self-education around habit formation and the gym will give me the reasoning necessary to do so if and only if I am building in reality please note that my routine may not be feasible for you I'm not presenting this as just a piece of the puzzle to plug.

Into your day please also note that this is the result of five plus years of experim actually 10 plus years of experimentation to find what I person personally deemed enjoyable and conducive to the ideal future that I want to create I encourage you to take bits and pieces of my routine as inspiration for your own so that you can.

Test and experiment with something that may not have crossed your mind earlier so the first thing that I do is I take a 30 minute morning walk first thing in the morning around 6:00 a.m. I get outside no matter the weather or how I feel I will either listen to a podcast or educational material or just plan out my day on my phone I aim for around 15.

To 20,000 steps a day just because of the Stacked benefits that it brings my life walking is one of those activities that requires minimal effort but brings maximal results walking clears my mind wakes me up gets me away from distractions acts as a creativity Block in my day keeps me lean keeps me healthy keeps me slightly tan and reverses most.

Of the Damage Done by sitting under life sucking blue light note that I'm experimenting with different blocks of my morning right now the past few days I tried meditating and eting in the morning like 15 minutes of each today I just got straight into work and so I'm I'm just testing things right now as I always do I don't let my routine get.

Stagnant because there's always a way to improve and if I don't experiment then I eventually get trapped in the known until I realize that I have to change my routine because everything in life must evolve so the second thing that I do is 90 minutes of focused work I have a list of recurring tasks and levers that I execute every morning this is when I.

Write things like books new newsletters content and marketing material I stack all of my priority tasks in this work block so I can complete them before most people wake up this allows me to gradually introduce entropy into my day as work becomes less structured so a soft plug is that I teach how to become a digital writer in my course to our.

Writer this is the first 90 minutes of my morning and the 30 minutes before on a walk is idea generation and writing for literally everything that has like everything good that has come in my life like this YouTube video is a written script so step three is that I go on another 30 minute walk or I run so I've been running three times a week for.

About 30 minutes so Monday Wednesday Friday and this is just to hit the general recommendation of like 15 minutes of Zone 2 cardio a week I do this three times a week for 30 minutes so that's not 150 minutes but I trust that my 15 to 20,000 steps will cover the rest of that zone 2 cardio so on the days that I don't run because it's hard.

For me to focus and write things down on a run obviously so I'll walk and this is when I listen to more podcasts Audi books just educational material YouTube videos that I really like and I collect ideas in my phone using cortex cortex isn't out yet but I get to use it and I've been using this system for a long time now for capturing ideas that.

Actually have a use case which is writing or creating step four is again another 90-minute Focus work block so after my run or walk I shower eat breakfast and I sit back down to work during this block I do less creative tasks this is when I help with like administrative work or client work or uh introducing myself to more people like.

Responding to clients or people that I'm working with and this is when open loops and distractions really start to take over so this is why I have it later in my mornings because at the very start of my morning I want to make sure I get everything I have to for the day done so that I don't have to worry about it the stuff that isn't really necessary like.

Me responding to people which is kind of necessary but it's not as like it's not as lever moving as writing content every single morning so open loops and distractions happen here but that can just be mitigated by another walk and I've broken down my deep work routine before I forget what the video is called but it's one of my most popular videos.

So if you go to my popular videos it's like the third or fourth one so step five is I take calls or I go on another walk if you've been following me for a while this is a new block because I've gone over my routine before obviously but I used to despise calls and I remov them completely from my day I stopped client work I stopped all calls but with.

Cortex the software that I'm building this isn't possible anymore and I had to accept that even though it threatened my identity we were talking about mental survival I adopted a person that doesn't take calls as my identity and it was actually kind it had a lot of friction for me to like start to incorporate that consistently into my days and the thing.

Here is when I zoom out I want cortex to succeed more than I don't want to take calls therefore I want to take calls so these calls as we're building cortex the software we're already monetizing we're already on track for the revenue numbers that I mentioned in the previous video I won't break those down now but I'll break them down in a future video about.

How we built cortex to x million before the software even released so with that we're taking on Consulting clients for cortex that's how we're monetizing so if you actually want to be a client of ours and work with us directly to learn writing speaking Marketing sales brand content product promotion with our systems in either group setting or.

Oneon-one there's a link to apply to work with us below so most days now I work 4 to 5 hours and even with my excessive workload I'm still close to that 4-Hour workday philosophy that I always talk about now of course my work goes over this occasionally because I have a lot more on my plate and it's a lot more unpredictable cuz I'm also.

Launching a book recording the audio book for the next 3 days tomorrow I'm going to be working more than 4 hours those days alone so it's all variable but I'm talking talking Baseline like what I'm continuously working back to and using that philosophy as a way to identify problems like working over four hours in order to create systems and.

Solutions that allow me to do what I do better in that time block so these calls include things like client calls or internal company calls or design calls or development calls or product build calls and our progress on that and if I don't have to be at my desk then I'll take these calls on a walk and if I don't have any calls for the day then I.

Just go on a walk soep step six is that I go to the gymm by now it's around 1: to 2: p.m. and this is the turning point where my day goes from work to rest I know that I won't be able to operate my best after the gym so I treat this as a work cut off time now for the past I'd say 6 months I trained every day and since workload is piling up I might.

Switch back to 3 days a week I'm going to experiment with that this week but I used to train every day and please I don't need your training ideology don't tell me about it I've studied all of them I like training every day so step number seven after the gym is just having a long conversational lunch with my editor so that we can catch up and.

Kind of just socialize and uh talk about things that aren't business just have a good laugh together have a good lunch because myself and him and my friends keep their Social Circle extremely small I used to have a lot of contacts before and it just it just doesn't make sense anymore because that seem to always subtract from my life rather than add to.

It so I'm not it's not that I'm not open to adding new people to my life it's that I've just reached a place where I have to be very careful with who I let into my life step number eight is that I take a nap or I go on another walk or I finish busy work so it's about like 3: to 4:00 now and things are starting to get boring here so I'll spare you that.

But this is the part of my day where it's dedicated to psychological recovery so I'll either do like very easy busy work that helps me catch up or I'll just take a nap or I'll recover my mind because like in the gym you have to take rest like with work you also have to take rest so step number nine the last step is that I'll either go to dinner.

With a friend or I'll stay in and spend time with my girlfriend I love nice dinners like that's one of the bad habits of mine even though I don't think it's a bad habit like that's really the only thing that I spend a lot of my money on is just good food good experiences good dinners and when I eat out like when you eat at a nice place.

It's kind of hard to eat like crap like it's hard to be unhealthy because most of the meals there are they have protein like steak or fish and then they have like potatoes it's just a nicer way of preparing the dinner that I would have prepared for myself and so most nights I'll go out to dinner or I'll just stay in and watch Netflix with my.

Girlfriend and that's really my entire day now obviously there's other events in life like me recording the audio book tomorrow for the art of focus or going up to spend some time in the mountains or traveling somewhere or just like doing other things right but I'm talking about the Baseline routine that I fall back to every every day so I truly hope.

That helped maybe it gave you some inspiration if it did like and comment and if you want to check out my courses like 2hour writer or digital economics you can check those out with the links in the description there's other free stuff down there as well and if you want to grab my book The Art of focus click the first link in the description and.

You can grab that until next time thank you for watching peace

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