Sustainable Advise | 15 Habits That Commerce Your Lifestyles in 2024!๐ŸŒโ™ป๏ธ


Sustainable Advise | 15 Habits That Commerce Your Lifestyles in 2024!๐ŸŒโ™ป๏ธ

Sustainability, the entire world istalking about it! Some people discuss or argue. Others really take action. Some domore, some do less, but the most important thing is that we do something. For ourfuture and that of the next generations. Even if you start small, do it! Take littlesteps and enjoy it! In order to help you, this video shows 15 sustainable habits that caneasily be used in daily life. Ready? Letโ€™s Go! 1: Go green: Fresh air and a safe livingenvironment are important for everyoneโ€™s health. Having plants in your house can makea major contribution to this. They are able to purify the air of substances that can beharmful to us and convert them into oxygen, which is a crucial component of the air webreathe. Research has even shown that the.

Air in rooms with plants contain up to 50%fewer bacteria than rooms without plants. 2: Reusable cups: You see them almost everywhere,plastic drinking cups. Used once and thrown in the trash. A shame considering that both itsproduction and disposal affect the environment. By replacing this with a reusable cup or drinkingbottle you can save a huge amount of plastic. Just count how many times you would normally reachfor a new plastic cup and you get the point. 3: Home grown food: Fruit and vegetables are veryhealthy and, if you grow them yourself, also super sustainable. Having your own veggie patch hasmany advantages. It saves money on buying produce, tastes great, provides a lot of physical activityand gives a feeling of pride and satisfaction. From apples to pears, lettuce to tomatoes, you cangrow almost everything, even if space is limited.

4: Local shopping: Many foods are produced allover the world, so why get it from far away when you can get it nearby? Local products,bought from a farmer or regional market, are usually just as fresh and super tasty.By choosing this, you not only ensure a lower climate impact, but also support yourimmediate environment. Thatโ€™s great right? 5: Grocery bags by the door: Who doesn'trecognize it, you are in the supermarket, want to pay for the groceries, come to theconclusion that you forgot the shopping bag and decide to buy a new one. That's right,you're not the only one! Very annoying and also bad for the environment. Prevent thisby placing the bag in a visible location where you always have to look at it beforeleaving the house, for example near the door.

6: More plants, less meat: In recent decadeswe have started eating more and more meat. An important source of proteins, but alsoa product that has a significant impact on the environment. During production,large amounts of gases that contribute to global warming are released. Byswitching to a more plant-based diet, and limiting eating meat to just once or twice aweek, for example, you can make a huge difference. 7: Walk vs. drive: Moving your bodyregularly is very important and has many positive benefits for your health,mood and even stress levels. One of the easiest ways to do this is to leave the carand go for a walk. Just enjoy the beautiful nature around you or visit family or friends.It doesn't get any more sustainable than this.

8: Reusable lunch box: You seeit in almost every company, food that is packaged in plasticbags or aluminium foil. Remarkable, because a lunch box was almost indispensableat school and has many advantages. In any case, it ensures that you will never have crushedsandwiches or fruit again, but also that you can save a significant amount of waste and money.Think of all the costs associated with buying new sandwich bags or rolls of aluminiumfoil every month. That's quite expensive! 9: Donโ€™t waste food: We've all experienced it,food being thrown away. Did you know that this is the case for almost a third of all food producedannually in the world? It's a shame when you see that all the land, water, energy and work that wasneeded to make it is also wasted. Try to prevent.

This by only buying what is really necessary and,for example, freezing or composting leftovers. 10: Trash-cycle: Nowadays life is largely aboutconsuming. Goods or services of all kinds are acquired to a large extent and unfortunatelyoften thrown away after a short lifespan. A shame, but reality. To ensure that all these materialscan be recycled as effectively as possible, it is important to collect themseparately. By doing this you make a huge contribution to a sustainablefuture. Just imagine how many new raw materials and greenhouse gas emissionsyou will save with this simple choice. 11: Old jars on the shelf: Jars are foundin almost every household. And this is great because their potential is endless and verysustainable. You can use them, for example,.

As storage for food and herbs, as a vase forflowers and small plants, but also to put souvenirs in or as packaging for gifts. Just becreative and see how they can be valuable to you! 12: Switch of the lights: Have you evercaught yourself leaving the lights on somewhere unnecessarily? It happensmore often than you think and in many cases it has a significant impact on theenvironment and your costs. Therefore, think twice before leavingthe room. You won't regret it. 13: Save water: Worldwide, only 1.2 percent of allwater is drinkable. A very small amount that we must conserve where we can. You can contributeto this by saving or reusing as much water as possible. For example, take shorter showers, turnoff the tap while brushing your teeth or place.

A rain barrel to collect water and reuse it forthe garden. Simple actions with valuable results. 14: Donate clothes: Every year billionsof kilos of clothing are thrown away worldwide. This has a huge impacton the environment. In particular, the amount of CO2 released in this industryis truly shocking. By donating your unwanted clothing instead of throwing it away youcan make a big difference. It ensures, for example, that people with less financialresources can also enjoy beautiful clothing. 15: Educate yourself: In order to increaseyour sustainable impact itโ€™s important to learn more about the topic. The easiestway to do this is by watching informative videos. I would really like to advise youto watch my video about the 17 sustainable.

Development goals. It shows you all the insand outs about the topic in just 5 minutes Thank you very much for watching! Please leave acomment and donโ€™t forget to like and subscribe!

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