Sunnah impressed effectively being habits : shaded seed, oral hygiene, sound asleep location


Sunnah impressed effectively being habits : shaded seed, oral hygiene, sound asleep location

In the lead up to Ramadan I wanted to share withyou a few habits inspired by Islamic teachings for your health and the reason why I like to talkabout health from an Islamic point of view is but first because this is also to remind us thatlooking after our health is a form of Ibadah and we have a duty to take care of our health and thesecond reason is that being in the holistic health field for a few years now I can tell that thereare many recommendations from the Quran and the Sunnah that today we know the benefits becausethey were backed up by science so I'm going to share uh some nutrition advice from the sunna andsome other General hygiene tips so hopefully this can inspire you to implement some of thesehabits before Ramadan and remember also that I have a free master class that you can watch onRamadan preparation and I share some information.

In this master class that you really don't wantto miss if you want to spend your Ramadan month in the best conditions so I want to start withblack seeds or black cumin or nigela Satva or kalvanji whatever you want to call it but if youfollow me on Instagram you know that I talk about black seeds all the time and Prophet Muhammadpeace be upon him said that in black seed there is healing for every disease except death soin prophetic medicine it's commonly prescribed along with honey and warm water basically theymix uh crushed black seeds with honey and warm water and they use that to treat headaches andmigraines uh common cold s throats kidney and bladder stones and they also use black seedsto increase the milk supply of nursing mothers and also to regulate your menstrual cycle theyalso use black seeds to prevent the growth of.

Germs and kill of bacteria and actually todaywe have many studies that show the benefits of black seeds on the immune system including forcertain viral disease such as Co*** black seed has also shown to calm skin issues such as eczemaand I actually personally use a blend of oils uh with um black seed oil rose hip oil and castoroil and I use this to hydrate my face as a face oil or even my hands but overall it's a powerfulanti-inflammatory it also helps to improve Sleep Quality so you can really do your own researchbecause it has many many benefits so you can eat black seeds with salads with vegetablescurries with any meal really even sweet ones there are just two recommendations the first oneis not to heat the black seeds too much or not at all because the heat can cause to lose someof the benefits so it would be a shame and the.

Second one is to crush the black seeds or or togrind them because uh if you eat black seeds and you don't chew them enough they will basicallypass through the digestive system and they will come out as they went in so it will be a shamebecause you won't really benefit from uh from them personally I also like to have one tblspoon ofblack seed oil in the morning and one tablespoon uh in the evening now The Taste is quite strongsome people um say that it burns the throat now I I don't mind but if really it's problematicfor you you can also add oil black seed oil in your meals remember not to heat the oil otherwiseyou might also lose some benefits now the second thing I want to talk about is oral hygiene sowe know that cleanliness and purification is a very important concept for Muslims but I foundthat there are many references to oral hygiene.

In prophetic medicine and when you work in whenyou work sorry in the health field you know that oral hygiene is extremely important and today welink or oral hygiene to certain cardiovascular disease so this is why actually we recommend togo to the dentist at least once a year even if you don't have any uh issues but at least to cleanup and avoid bacteria overgrowth the mouth is the point of contact with the outside world it'sthe entry point for food and drink so we have a lot of germs going in into our mouth on a dailybasis and if there's an imbalance and if there is bacteria overgrowth this can be very harmful andit can actually affect other parts of your body and during my studies I actually learned thateach tooth is connected to to to an organ it's very vast and complex but anyway oral hygiene isimportant and prevention is important so there are.

Two things that you can do for your oral hygieneand to prevent bacteria overgrows the first one is oil pulling and the second one is siwaki nowoil pulling I think comes from Ayurvedic medicine mainly I don't think that there's any mention ofoil pulling in prophetic medicine but I might be wrong if I'm wrong correct me in the commentsbut siwak is definitely mentioned and Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said that the Siwakis purifying for the mouth and pleasing to the Lord he also said that he would have commandedum to use the siwak at the time of every prayer and he will he would actually encourage it duringum he would actually encourage to use CAC during fasting so studies show that it KS of bacteriait can reduce the yellowness of the teeth and it makes them shiny and siwaak or misvak as we cancall it as well it was a weekly ritual when I.

Was a kid and I started using it again recently sothere has been testing on the siwak to see exactly what it contains because it comes from a treeand there is a component called trimethylanine and it lowers the pH of the mouth and by doingthat it actually reduces chances for germs to grow pH balance is extremely important for ourbody whether it's in our mouth or on our skin or even in our stomach because the fact that theseenvironments have a more acidic pH it kills the bacteria and it prevents it from growing and goingfurther in our system this is why for example it's important to use a body soap that has a neutralpH because since the skin has a natural acidic pH we want to maintain that because our skin hasactually its own immune system and the acidic pH helps with that so if you use a soap thatis not neutral enough that will imbalance the.

PH that will cause pH imbalance it can reallyharm our Skin's immune system back to S so it also contains vitamin A vitamin C and sitosterolwhich help protect the gum so I'm sure you'll want to buy siwak after watching this video but this isreally interesting I love this because you realize that it's the simplest thing the most naturaland simple and simple things that has so many benefits that modern science tries to achieve nowthe last thing I want to talk about is sleeping on the right now this is something that I reallystruggled with but it was narrated that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said that when you goto bed do Wudu as for prayer and then lie down on your right side now I tend to sleep either on thestomach which is terrible uh even if I try not to or on the left side so the problem with sleepingon the stomach is that we can't breathe correctly.

In this position after a while because the weightof the spine prevents the chest from expanding and Contracting when we breathe in and out whichis terrible for the heart and for the brain so you might say what about sleeping on the the backthe thing with sleeping on the back is that since our jaw is relaxed our mouth opens automaticallyand it causes mouth breathing which is terrible for the immune system especially if you havechildren you really need to pay attention on the way they breathe and if they Breathe bythe nose regarding sleeping on the left side so since our right lung is bigger than the leftlung when we lie on the left side our right lung puts pressure on our heart and it reduces itsactivity and it's even worse if we sleep with a full stomach because it's going to put additionalpressure this is why it's recommended to sleep on.

The right side because since the left lung issmaller than the right side it's not going to put as much pressure the heart is not under toomuch pressure and the liver and the other organs can sit comfortably so I hope that this is goingto help you to be more mindful on your sleeping position let me know in the comments what youthink about it and if you struggle with with that because I know that this is something that Ireally need to be better at and I want to improve so remember that you can watch the free masterclass on Ramadan preparation the link is in the description and there's a workbook as well so ifyou don't want to watch The Master Class you can still download the workbook and the last thingbefore I end this video is that this week the deen book club is launching so the deen book clubis a private podcast uh which you access within.

Membership and basically each month we pick a bookon Islam and spiritual growth and you can read the book if you want or you can just listen to theepisodes to the podcast episodes even if you don't have the book that's okay but I Summarizeeach part each chapter I read standout sections I reflect or share uh to put in practice whatwe learn reading is one thing and then putting implementing what we read what we learn in a bookis something else and this is why there's also a private Facebook group that you can join once youbecome a member of the book club so we can all share together share our struggles our experiencesour ideas so the monthly subscription for the book club is $10 and the best part is that 10% ofall monthly proceedings will go to a charity so I really hope that I'll see you there and inFebruary we're having a pre-launch and we actually.

Doing a book on P which is called they call mea lioness so if you want more information you can go on the page at Deen book club on Instagramagain the link will be in the description I hope to see you there and until my next video takecare and remember to sleep on your right side

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