Straightforward guidelines on how to talk to your childhood about mental well being, online security


Straightforward guidelines on how to talk to your childhood about mental well being, online security

This morning in today's parents we are getting a snapshot of how parents and kids are feeling right now and their hopes for the future the organization Common Sense Media just released their state of kids and families in America 2024 report and Jim Styer is the founder and CEO Jim good morning great to be here you know we focus so much on mental.

Health and I think it's so important to see the the overall health of of parents and their kids so what what were the main takeaways from this report well the main takeaways I would summarizes saying there is definitely a youth Mental Health crisis in the United States and that young people feel that look we're parents I know that as a parent Al you.

Know that as a parent it's real and young people feel it and their parents feel it and there are serious levels of concern so we have to address it so okay let's look at some of these numbers you're talking about a lot of people rating children's mental health and their Community as either just fair or poor so so what are some of these.

Driving factors behind this well I think the biggest driving Factor overall probably is the social media consumption and and the constant time that young people today spend on social media platforms like Instagram Tik Tok YouTube Etc I mean some of the issues that my kids I'm a parent of four have dealt with have included everything from.

Depression to body image to body insecurity certainly we hear stories about suicide really significant mental health issues that are linked to kids experiences on social media platforms so there's a big story this morning about uh eating disorders and various types of algorithms so kids it's very different than when we were growing up we watched.

Ads on TV sometimes that had INR content but it's constantly being fed to you through algorithms so that's one really big factor I think second there's a lot of scary information out there that can be in a form of bullying but also really unsettling and I think if you talk to young people today they're worried about the future sure and I saw another one.

Here poverty that's another one the economy and lack of Parental support those are two other categories that's right and you know the truth is the econom is actually turning in a pretty good direction but young people I talked to my kids did they feel really confident about a future their you know being able to buy a house have a good.

Career the people are nervous about that but I would come back probably to the idea that living in this 247 digital media world with the social media platforms we really have to do something about it and it's been way too long since Washington stepped up and did their job I was just about to say your team held its first summit surrounding.

Some of these issues so let's talk about it you know we know our kids are going to be on give us some advice here well we look it's pretty simple we have major laws that we've passed in California the Privacy Law of the country that protects all of us we passed in 2018 in California Congress has done nothing and now you're going to see this year.

California is going to run two major social media laws and so is New York state yeah they're almost the same laws almost the pincer movement that will hold companies legally liable for the content on their platforms so once you start hitting them in their wallets and you can think the damages are really it by incident can be in the hundreds of.

Millions of dollars when they are held legally liable the situation will change what about like my daughter my sons all of them they're just scrolling like on Tik Tok and it's just people just other teenagers goofing off or you know it's not even there are companies who are behind it but a lot of times it's just it's being kids yeah it's true and a lot.

Of stuff online is fine and by the way at Common Sense we have 200 million users we are very open stop just scrolling it's the constant what can we do what you know besides a law as parents what do we do I think whether we like it or not you have a constant dialogue with your kids about this I mean one thing is just how much time do.

You let your kids on a platform sure you also have to think depending on the age of your kid when are you going to give them a sell phone you know we didn't give any of the sty kids a phone until they were in ninth grade wow oh they were not happy about let's be very clear they were not no but they're glad that we didn't now right and I so I think.

There are a lot of things parents can do but it's an ongoing dialogue the other thing is because we're talking about mental health we as parents have to I know I've seen your kids grow up Al and you got to talk to those kids as they get older about what are they experiencing you know our two daughters body image issues insecurities about.

Your appearance you know about all the different aspects of adolescence and so that can Morphin a really serious mental health issue so I think there's an ongoing dialogue but I do think it's completely unfair to say this is parents responsibility alone correct we've allowed the companies to make trillions of dollars with no regulation no.

Oversight that has to end that's why the hearings this week which were sort of like a circus trial y um but those guys deserve it in my opinion Zuckerberg deserves to get bashed but we have the bottom line got to act and then we got to help parents yeah Jim thank you as always thanks for all you're doing hey thanks for watching don't miss the.

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