Steps to a sustainable weight loss and higher health in 2024


Steps to a sustainable weight loss and higher health in 2024

All right we're doing double duty on our Wellness Wednesday features today now we're going to focus on the steps you need to take to sustainably lose weight for Optimal Health in 2024 and here to help us do that we have Dr Toby and he's back with one of his successful clients Adele Kamar welcome to great day Washington thanks for having me first of.

All congratulations you lost 110 pounds is that right how did this happen Adele I so pretty much After High School my weight just gradually kept going up even throughout college and even during that time I go to my yearly physicals and my doctor tell me to come down cuz my levels were high I was uh list as pre-diabetic my cholesterol was up I was.

Having knee pain um and then during Co I reached an alltime high of around 300 or two in my weight and that was uh a really a nail B for me uh that's when I was determined to actually focus and lose weight and it was enough I had enough uhci to get focused I prayed asking God gave me the grace to get my health in order um I got a trainer appli.

Some St be uh them training here today um and keep a long story short the results kind of showed I we lost weight uh even more than I thought that I would I went back to my doctor the following year for my physical my levels were normal across the board I felt great a lot more energy I bet you feel so just really grateful so Dr Toby what are some.

Of the steps you know we're not just talking about weight loss we're talking about sustaining weight loss yeah exactly and I think one of the biggest things that we try to teach people is the steps to sustain their weight loss and we have this pretty simple acronym it's pwt 3 PS 1 W and 3 T's so the first p is preparing mentally I always tell.

Our clients that you can't your body will never do what your mind is not prepared to do right you have to have the right expectation of what the journey is going to require of you and then from there you can be able to have the right expectation of what the effort you have to put into it so preparing mentally by getting the right.

Information knowing how to take the right steps and then number two is we always tell our our clients prepare your meals in advance with precise measurements and what that looks like is making sure that you can actually reduce the focus you place on food and changing your relationship to food right eating to feel energized and and feel.

Strengthened but being able to have those controlled portions right where you're able to enjoy your day and you know make sure that you're eating but not being like starving or on like a you know fad diet plan things of that nature reaching for something that's not good right right exactly and then the third step the third p is prioritizing protein.

I love to call protein a super food so getting your lean protein like you know chicken breast and baked chicken and you know salmon which is great for the heart great for cardiovascular health those are some important elements when it comes to being able to get that diet in order and being able to enjoy your food like you're not feeling like you're.

Starving mhm is exercise an important component of all of this too yes exercise is extremely important and Adele is going to demonstrate some of those exercises for us so that's actually the the fourth uh step which is working out with weights we always tell people that weight training or resistance training is important and for.

Folks who really just want to get started starting off at home using body weight is really really helpful so doing some things like squats where whether you're sitting down in a chair going up and down doing several repetitions of this is going to be a really great exercise for helping to build that muscle but it's also helping to sustain.

Your weight weight loss we tell people that when you build muscle it's going to help you to carry that weight loss long term because muscle is pretty expensive to carry so your body stays pretty energy efficient and doing exercises like push-ups it's really really great so all these classic exercises that we know right classic stuff you can do.

Anywhere you can pretty much do it anywhere and so that's kind of the place where most people who want to start off or even progress in their Journey can do things like that and then doing stuff like a a half sit up so you get back behind the chair and you can really just get in position and really work those abs really get that stronger.

Abinal you don't need that full people NE and everything exactly and this is great for helping with some of the back pain that people can feel and experience stuff like that so these are some really great simple exercises that people really should incorporate are the are push-ups if you're on your knees still as beneficial they're still very do like.

One they're very beneficial they're very beneficial show us there you go there you go very beneficial okay so no excuses like there's ways to modify and you're still getting the benefits exactly exactly you also have some solutions for longterm keeping this off like the steps right 10,000 steps so we tell people to Target 10,000 steps a day.

The average American only get 6,000 steps which means most people's current weight is being managed at about 6,000 steps of physical activity a day so by increasing and just making it a habit to have 10,000 steps is going to significantly help you in sustaining the weight loss and then our sixth step is making sure that you're talking with a.

Trainer regularly talking to someone to be able to answer your questions give you guidance on some of the things that you're trying to figure out as far as should I be eating this or what workout is best for this or I'm having some pain or difficulty with this exercise what do I change talking to a trainer regular is super super important real quick before.

We let you go you have a better body challenge we got about 30 seconds what do you want people to know about that I want them to know that this challenge is going to help people to really take their health into their own hands and really improve for their next season of Life awesome well Adele congratulations you got some good work get out you can.

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