Self-Pattern Ideas | How To Overcome Negative Habits And Make Optimistic Ways of Being


Self-Pattern Ideas | How To Overcome Negative Habits And Make Optimistic Ways of Being

I'm not lie to you overcoming destructive habits is tough but with the right tools and a fo mindset it is doable and I'm going to show you how in this video hey guys welcome to another Master man content Master Class I'm Richard oldale and I will be your guide for the.

Next well 5 or 10 minutes or so so hands up if you've got destructive habits of course you have everybody has it's human nature but hands up if you want to end your destructive habits and build constructive ways of being good for you congratulations my friend because that takes courage awareness and maturity okay let's get started first thing you.

Need to know is habits are Copa mechanisms I'm not going to explain why in this video but if you want to know you can read about it on the Mastermind content website just go to the blog hit the search function type in habits and open the content titled how coping habits become an addiction it's all there so coping habits cause addiction.

But they also cause other problems in your life as well you see coping mechanisms basically f a void that opened up when an aspect of your personality became split off and repressed why is this important because developing your personality with as many qualities as possible is vital for how you navigate through life the more.

Attributes of your personality you integrate into conscious awareness the more capable you are of success happiness peace love wisdom and overcoming the challenges that you encounter during your life's journey the archetypes tool in The Mastermind content essential self-development program lists all the qualities you need.

To reach whatever goals you're aiming for no matter what what stage of life you are in or where you are on your journey the next stage always requires some degree of self-improvement otherwise life become stagnant mundane and depressing and I've been there done that trust me I don't want to go back the second thing you need to learn is.

Copa mechanisms are driven by emotions this is why destructive habits are so difficult to overcome so for me I used to struggle with addictions and limiting views for years years ultimately it was a subconscious program and I was prone to self-sabotage now even when you know you need to make changes resisting that.

Emotional pull towards fixed behaviors that you have had for years is an absolute slug it's a complete battle now if you're really struggling to overcome a bad habit you need to create a new habit which is more constructive and the new habit then replace places the hold Abit now the third thing you need to.

Know is habits are formed by building synapses which store memories memories are subconscious programs the ego responds to subconscious programs the ego makes most of your decisions that means that unless you have a strong sense of self habits are difficult to overcome because the ego can't resist.

The temptation of a habit because it knows that's where your safety is and that is really what habits is about it's about survival it's about being in survival mode so let's get to the solution now Step One is self-awareness now self-awareness is the Catalyst for self-development or another way of saying that is healing emotional wounds.

Same thing now when you're aware of how you are creating problems in your life and why you're in a better position to understand the reasons for your actions now this can give you the motivation to make relevant changes once you recognize that it is a limiting beliefs or insecurity or whatever the reason may be a lack of.

Self-confidence a lack of self-love a lack of self-esteem maybe or maybe behind the reason for your bad habits once you understand that then it g it does give you more motivation to change so then step two is actually healing the emotional wounds or creating new habits which ultimately heal the emotional.

Wounds now bad habits will be broken by healing emotional wounds no matter how long it takes to transform the program adopting new ways of being upgrad is the subconscious mind and it's the subconscious mind which stirs the emotional wounds now okay some emotional wounds.

Are a quick fix others take a bit more time it all really depends on your mindset your temperament the depth of your wound and your willingness to overcome the changes that will help you to heal your wounds for example addictions are associated with people that have low self-esteem and a lack of self-love but the work on healing.

Self-esteem and a lack of self-love takes a lot longer than say integrating personality traits such as arrogance procrastination decision- making criticism judging or any of these other traits that you can integrate into conscious awareness to help you improve relationships and experience life in a more richer quality Now The Mastermind.

Content essential self-development program has strategies tools and philosophies that help with all this it's important to take small steps and this is step three big changes require small steps if you go cold turkey and try to adopt new ways of being overnight you're more likely to struggle.

You'll certainly struggle to sustain a new way of being for long enough because the ego will try try and pull you back to its emotional attachments to its survival instincts and when it does that you then make the excuse well I tried but it didn't work and then you just stop trying all.

Together yeah I know that for a fact it does happen you probably know that happens as well right so here's what to do I found the best way to change destructive habits is to coax the ego through moments when you either feel resistance or when your Cravings are pulling you towards your source of.

Comfort or when you feel a particular emotion arising that also drives you towards a particular habit then you need to adopt a different strategy a different type of action and tell yourself a different story so that's where step one and step two to hold real power they hold the truth it's.

Your truth not the lie that the ego believes but when you are aware of your story you have the power to change the story when you change the story you heal emotional wounds and that all starts by adopting a new habit now what that new habit looks like for you is different for everybody but no matter what your new habit is.

Choose to do it at a time when your destructive habit normally kicks in so for example let's say you have a habit of binge eating snacks or comfort food whilst your binge watching Netflix after work in the evening well first of all don't watch Netflix because if you're not watching.

Netflix then you're not tempted by eating unhealthy snacks what you need to do is another activity that does not tempt you into binging on unhealthy snacks so for example don't go to the cinema don't go to a friend's house who is likely to offer you snacks do do something that is active for that such as a sport go walk.

In um maybe join a some club uh special interest Club something that you will enjoy to do and something that especially something that stirs your emotional well-being so here's another example let's say your destructive habit is to anger quickly and you take your frustration out on your lover which is.

Clearly not helping your relationship now what you need to do in these moments is to stop yourself from shouting and moaning about something to someone that you love simply because they are there for you to take out your frustra frustration take your frustration out on something else for example go and punch the bed or.

Punch the pillow or go for a run now this part of the process will not heal your emotional wounds but what it does is to expel the energy that holds the anger that is rising from your subconscious so what you do you expel the anger by punching the bed rather.

Than doing your partner's heading now you know in your heart of hearts that you're not really arguing about anything important what is happening is that you have simply got caught up in a wave of emotion and need to direct your energy into the external world because it's creating conflict in your inner world so punching.

The bed or going for a run or something more constructive helps you to release that emotional energy that is prompting the destructive Behavior once the energy is expelled you'll return to a rational frame of mind where you can retell your story and reason with the ego to adopt a different behavior that helps you to integrate the.

Part of your personality that is split off this helps you to adopt new habits that will eventually form stronger memories and upgrade your subconscious program is that clear we go deeper into other strategies of how to coach the ego in the essential self-development program but you have here in this video the basis for.

Overcoming destructive habits so just to go through them again step one self-awareness understand why you have a destructive habit step two heal emotional wounds this involves upgrading subconscious programs step three identify strategies that enable you to adopt new ways of being that eventually develop an.

Emotional change that is stronger than your existing emotional program I wish I could be more specific and say yes my friend to overcome distructive habits you need to do this but that is just not the case there is no one single solution ution that resolves everybody's problem it all.

Depends on what your destructive habit is and the program that causes it so the only real fix is through self-awareness building new habits that upgrade subconscious programs but knowledge is power now you know how to overcome destructive habits you're in a position of power to do something about it.

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