Salvage an even time National Ladies And Girls In Sports activities Day


Salvage an even time National Ladies And Girls In Sports activities Day

Again thank you so much for joining us here on Idaho today Girls on the Run it's an amazing organization that not only teaches girls to stay fit and healthy but that they can achieve anything that they put their mind to so we have Alison novaro with us from Girls on the Run to tell us how we can have some of our children sign up our.

Daughters in particular as we head into the spring because can you believe it we're talking about spring already I know it doesn't feel like spring but no it does it it's coming it's going to come I swear yes all right so for those who may not be as familiar with girls on the run program kind of give a little background on this I know we gave some.

Teasers just a moment ago but go into some detail for us yeah so girls on their run is a program for uh third through fifth graders and we're an after school program at a lot of the schools around the Treasure Valley uh we're in six different couny so if you want us to be there and we're not just let us know they can find us and we can make a site.

There and um we at we're there after school two days a week for 10 weeks and then we do a celebratory um 5K at the end end of the season where all the girls come together and celebrate um what they've accomplished wonderful and I know we're looking at some video too of some previous events like that and we we talked about uh in the open too how.

Girls on the Run obviously you know is focused on Fitness but it's more than Fitness it's it's about the aspect of mental Wellness as well too so tell us a little bit about that yeah you know we um have a we have lessons that we do with the girls that we incorporate physical activity but we also teach them you know conflict resolution good.

Decision making how to make decisions for themselves um how to make friends and how to um be more confident you know girls at between that third to fifth grade they start to lose confidence starting at age nine um and so we we want to help them hold on to that confidence as long as they can and then they also start to become less.

Physically active so making them helping them see that connection between that physical activity and how good they feel mental mentally is just key for us absolutely key especially when it comes to like Stress Management as you get older as well and all the things start to you know pile up and happen and then you start having all these other.

Activities yeah it is a really great skill set to make sure that your kids that your daughters in particular really find Value in and that they keep practicing uh and one great way to maybe kind of start this process for you and your family is by recognizing Wednesday which Wednesdays happens to be National girls and women in sports day so.

Obviously Girls on the Run is a great fit yeah right yeah so we are celebrating it too um we we whether you run or you you know go out and play soccer or you play volleyball any sport um it's definitely a good good activity for these young girls um we are going to be at the BSU women's uh basketball game and um all.

We're invited all girls on the run alumni family coaches and they can wear their shirts um just a good way to support other women that are doing such an incredible thing being a college athlete being an athlete um anyone who's active and just celebrating that I love that too because um you're also putting the girls in front of some potential.

Role Models too right yeah and then girls that participate in girls on the run my my daughters have done this before as well they also participate in other sports too and so it's great to see that you can you can do both you can incorporate running as possibly part of your training program for your other sport as well yeah yeah we just we.

Wanted them to be active um and whether it's running all the time or playing soccer or you know playing pickle ball or doing whatever they do anymore yes exactly want them to do it all so yes as long as that in my opinion doesn't involve the cell phone right and gaming consoles I want them up and moving um uh so if parents are interested and they.

Want to see if there's a program in their elementary school or maybe as you mentioned they're interested in introducing one in their Community uh what do they do they just go to our website so it's um and um you can select to sign up for the to for the program that starts on March 4th you can sign up to be a.

Coach you can sign sign up um to add a site at your school so uh they'll find all their information there at our website and then for information about our um our celebration on Wednesday that's on our Facebook page and we're super excited to have have people sign up so great registrations open okay so we can find you on Facebook and you.

Mentioned coaching so what are you looking for when it comes to people who might be interested in coaching as well well that's the best part Melissa they don't have to be a runner okay they they can just be a Community member they can be a teacher they can be a parent someone who's interested in being a mentor to these girls and being a part.

Of our program um we do all the training we help them we guide them through this and um we've have some wonderful people that have come out and and you don't have to be a runner a marathon runner or have some special you know qualification we accept everyone okay great so this is also a great way maybe for a parent to um would love their child their daughter.

To sign up but maybe your daughter is on the shy side and you like the fact that this program offers that opportunity to kind of come out of your shell and grow that confidence but you know they'd do better if you were there right so maybe you could volunteer and be present while your child starts to kind of grow their wings as I call it definitely yeah I.

Mean it create creates a whole new connection for you and your child as well as you know you connecting with all those other kids that are in their life so I love that okay and where can people go to learn more um they can go to uh our website which is wonderful Allison thank you so much greatly appreciate it love the.

Program seriously my my girls learned so much and it's such a great opportunity all right everyone stick around we had mentioned previously that the Grammys were last night if you want to know what some of the uh winners took home an addition to the awards we'll show you what you might be really surprised to find out was in their thank you gift.

Basket yes they get gifts too on top of all that as if they need it uh but we'll be sharing that with you right after this

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