Revitalize Your Lifestyles: Mastering Dry January


Revitalize Your Lifestyles: Mastering Dry January

Dry January is a month-long challenge to abstain from alcohol or it could be any substance the thing is that most people use alcohol as a coping mechanism to deal with stress and things like that so to be successful you need to replace old habits with healthier coping strategies things like meditation or exercise journaling prayer books support groups.

Maybe time with loved ones it's almost impossible to give something up that feels like a Lifeline without replacing it with something else and of course giving up alcohol has huge health benefits better sleep better liver function mental Clarity more energy weight loss so dry January isn't just a break from alcohol it's a journey to a.

Healthier youth again we have just scratched the surface dig deeper on the genuine life recovery podcast it plays on most apps on YouTube at jod stevens. and if you are on YouTube don't forget to hit the like button subscribe and share this video

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