Resolve for Pigmentation, Sunburn,Tanning, Black Spots, Melasma, Getting older pores and skin || DIY resolve 2024 ||


Resolve for Pigmentation, Sunburn,Tanning, Black Spots, Melasma, Getting older pores and skin || DIY resolve 2024 ||

It targets things like pigmentation, sunburn, dark circles, drawing skin on your skin or flakes on your skin. people who get flakes due to dryness, sometimes around the lips, above the nose, then it works on that too, plus aging and This is a very good remedy for dry skin. . Hello to all my wonderful people, I hope you all are doing great. I am also absolutely fine and I hope you all are taking good care of yourself and your sleep. Also taking very good care of your mental well being, your eating habits, your workout, before starting today's video, I am going to share a very sweet thing.

With you guys or you can say I am going to share something very strong and powerful with you guys, which is a very beautiful affirmation which you can practice by writing it down, you can say it repeatedly, you can say it in your mind, you can say it out loud. If you can then those who know about affirmations would definitely know how powerful affirmations are. If my friends do not know what affirmations are then I would like to tell them that affirmations are some such sentences or you can say some such words. These are the words which we speak repeatedly and through them our subconscious mind gets retrained or it gets rewired. We retrain.

Our subconscious minds through those words and those sentences towards positivity. The affirmation that I have brought for you today is, Every day and in every way, I am getting better and better. I am once again repeating for you, Every day and in every way, I am getting better and better. Better you say it minimum three times with your eyes closed, you can also say it out loud, just attach emotion to it and say it, feel that it is really happening to you and then you see the magic. You can repeat it any number of times. You can write any number of times, it is even better because writing affirmations is a very strong process in itself, so try it.

When you feel that its magic is working for you or your If there is improvement in your life and positivity is coming then share it with your friends and your dear ones because I feel that sharing good things makes your life better and it is not necessary that people who you're sharing with are going to listen to this or implement this, but believe me, the universe has planned it for whom, like who is meant to listen to this message, only he will get that message and his or her life will be transformed Whatever good you have or Whatever good knowledge you have, keep sharing it with people as pay it forward. So with this, let's move on to today's topic, today's remedy which I have brought for you people. It targets many problems at once.

Like pigmentation, sunburn, dark circles, drawing skin or flakes on the skin. people who get flakes due to dryness, sometimes around the lips, above the nose, then it is there on that too. It works plus for aging and drying skin, so this is a very good remedy, especially for sunburn or if your skin is uneven, then this is the best remedy to cure it, and I have used this remedy today. I did it myself and I am shooting this video in the evening so that you can see that it is not that only by doing it instantly but you can see any difference, its effect continues to be visible for the next two-three days and as It is a natural remedy, you.

Have to do it repeatedly from time to time so that you can improve the damage done to your skin externally and if there is any kind of issue on the skin, then you have to understand that it is a A way of your body telling you that something internal is not going OK For example in case my skin is acne prone If any of you have acne prone skin then you have to understand that the skin is telling you from inside The skin is your externally which is skin If the above symptoms are not OK then you will have to check many factors. Externally you can fix the damage but that will be a temporary solution, the permanent thing will be that you fix the internal health. Now for example in the cases of acne it can happen like.

That your eating habits are not good, you eat too much junk or process food or fried food or your sleeping time is not good due to which the hormones are completely out of whack, your hormonal health is completely deteriorated. Cannot work out, maybe you are not working out on time due to which toxins from the body are not getting flushed out. Hydration is a very big factor for the skin . Well, hydration is a must for any skin issue. If you think that your basics which I have just talked about, your diet, your workout, your sleep, your emotional well being, your hormonal health, all these things are fine, even then you are having some issues on the skin and you are facing problems externally. If you are also caring.

Then of course you need and medical attention you need to get it checked with doctor to know what is the issue, what is the problem, why is this issue happening but if you feel that you are not paying attention to any of these things. If you are keeping or are not taking care of any of these things, then first fix these basics. Internally, take care of all these things and then as you respond to your body, the body also responds to you in the same way. And let us see the external remedy for this and if there is any remedy like I told you about natural remedies, you have to keep doing them from time to time, you have to keep switching, you have to keep switching to the different remedy, if you stick to it then your body or Then your skin gets used.

To whatever it is, so different season, different remedies, different problem, different remedies, there can be multiple remedies for one problem, so you will have to switch them from time to time, if you ask how frequency. After 15 days, you switch to another remedy, in this way you will have to understand your body and your skin, what your skin and your body respond to better, you will have to adapt to that thing when you take care of your body. If you start taking care of the body from the inside out, then you yourself will feel that this body is such a miraculous creation of God. You yourself will understand that the more you respect the body and the more you treat it, the body will reciprocate you in the same way. So let's see.

What is today's remedy. What will be required for this remedy? Let's see here I have taken a teaspoon of curd. Curd contains lactic acid which removes the unevenness and tanning of the skin. It makes the skin soft and supple, after this I have taken 1 tsp coffee powder. Coffee powder, as you know, contains antioxidants and also naturally rejuvenates the skin. After this, I have taken 1 tsp rice powder i.e. rice flour. It also removes toning from the skin and also gives radiance to the skin. After this we have taken half teaspoon of Kasturi turmeric. It is antibacterial and also gives glow to the skin. Lastly, here we are taking half. Teaspoon Glycerine and this.

Is Glycerine. You people will remember that we used to use it a lot in childhood. It is a natural tent to maintain the oil on the face. Now we will add all these things one by one in curd and one We will make a nice paste, here you can see that I have added all the things to the curd one by one, here I am mixing the face pack well and its consistency is something like this, a little thick on the side. It's just that I have come here with you guys and here my face is absolutely clean, I have not applied anything on my face, this is my completely bare face and this is the pack, now I apply it thoroughly on the entire skin. I will apply it on the entire face.

If you are comfortable with hands then you can apply with hands also. If you are comfortable with brush then you can apply with brush. Here my face pack has been completely applied. Now I leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. I will keep it on my face like this and after that I will wash off my face with cold water. If you are applying the face pack with your hands then your hands should be clean. Here I have washed off my face, you can see. Only I know how radiant the skin is looking and how successful it is because of course I had used a face pack and here I have not applied anything on the skin, not even moisturizer. Once you guys also try this remedy. I hope you all.

Will also like this remedy. See here, my skin is absolutely neat and clean, radiant and absolutely successful. So please you all must try this remedy once. In the last clip you have seen, I have After washing my face, I did not apply anything but after that I took a shower. After taking shower, I did toning and moisturizing on my face and after that I applied sunscreen properly and now when I am shooting the video in the evening, still I have applied only moisturizer on the skin, I have not yet applied any sunscreen on it in the evening, so its effect will be visible to you for two-three days, but if your problem is severe, that is, it is chronic.

The amount of pigmentation etc. is very high, the skin is uneven or anything else you feel is a little more than normal, then please do it regularly for five days. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients I have mentioned in it. If there is any, then you can remove it, but these are all those ingredients which will nourish your skin and remove tanning from your skin, so although these are natural ingredients, it is possible that no one may have allergies, but in this case, if you If you are allergic to anything then you can remove it completely. If you have any query or doubt related to this remedy, please clear it from me in the comment section below. If you like this video at any point. If you like.

This video then please like this video once. If you think this video is useful for someone else then please share it with them and if you like this channel or its content then please like this channel. Please subscribe also, till then take care of all the things that I have told you, take good care of yourself, see you in the next video, take care, thank you so much .

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