Remodel Your Well being with Arizona Weight Loss & Wellness Expert Stephanie Espinoza | Soal Wellness


Remodel Your Well being with Arizona Weight Loss & Wellness Expert Stephanie Espinoza | Soal Wellness

Question for you do you feel like you're always trying a new diet but never seem to have any success yes put me in that category either you can't lose weight or maybe you just can't keep it off diet culture earns the industry $60 billion dollar a year yet it often does very little to help us with our overall health so we are engaging in an.

Important conversation this morning why do we fail but how can we have success we've got registered dietician nutritionist Stephanie esposa here this morning to share some tips about finding a more healthy lifestyle good morning to you and I feel like the beginning of the year is such a great time to have this conversation because so many of us try.

To reset say we're going to do better by now three weeks in many of us have already fallen off the wagon uh so what is it about um a diet it's not we probably need to look at long-term success versus a short-term fix well we're born into this country and we have a culture but within our American culture is a diet culture and that diet.

Culture very um strongly teaches us that we are at fault that it's our fault this moral failing that we're either good if we maintain our weight or we're bad or our food choices are good or bad so we're constantly in this negative mindset of good and bad and it's hard to have success when if you stumble you have to feel so bad about yourself and.

It gets everybody caught up in in this angst of why can't I do this for myself so Stephanie help us get out of this negative dialogue with ourselves what is the first step that we should take and I imagine a lot of it has to do with not comparing ourselves to others AB absolutely um there's so much that we don't know about our bodies and and one.

Of the things that I see when I work with people is we don't really know how to feed ourselves we've been told how to feed ourselves if you think about where that comes from like way back to when we first started eating in our home as children and then we come into adulthood not knowing that some of these patterns and and beliefs about food in ourselves.

And they impact how we approach how we feed ourselves as adults and it's not working beyond that we all have different metabolisms different body types uh different uh health issues and so the solution is not one siiz salt just because I see something working on social media for one person that doesn't necessarily mean it's okay for me yeah.

Yes absolutely patience isn't something that seems to come along with trying to change ourselves and we need to have patience and change our lifestyle because you know what what got us here is not going to get us where we need to go we can't go on a diet lose lose weight and expect to jump back into our life's previous lifestyle and maintain.

That weight loss it really creates that negative again that negative um thought negative thoughts about ourselves and speaking of which Stephanie I feel like so many of us look at the Quick Fix and say okay you know what I'm going to lose a weight and then I'm going to be better afterwards talk to me about why that really is fatalistic uh thinking well.

Anytime you're restricting calories those calories are going to come back and ask to be fed if you will and so I might be able to restrict myself for six weeks but after that I'm going to be very very hungry and want to return back to those old habits I don't know if you've tried to break habits but those they just keep knocking on our door and.

If we don't know how to address those or have strategies to address those when they come back after that 6 weeks of weight loss the weight will come back on and I'm always so um shocked how quickly that weight comes back on I've had patients and some yes that gain and lose and gain and lose gain and lose and that's where we get really defeated and.

And we shouldn't be defeated because we have this beautiful miraculous body that if we listen to it it'll pay us back sure you know what Stephanie I feel like we're out of time we could talk forever about this I feel like the blog you wrote was really really informative and thought-provoking where do we find that um you can go to Soul okay.

Got it yes very good Stephanie Espinosa always great to talk to you great

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