Refresh your eating habits with plant-based mostly foods and meal prep


Refresh your eating habits with plant-based mostly foods and meal prep

Thank you now there's a lot of interest this time of year in healthy meal prep plant-based eating and one meal that makes that especially easy is the grain Bowl n nutrition and health coach Bonnie papaj is here with some inspiration you're always full of good ideas thanks for bringing all this absolutely I'm happy to be here again um you talked.

About getting into a routine with meal prep and once it happens your your meals everything gets a lot easier more nutritious right it does and right now is the perfect time to be meal prepping because the weather's bad and you want to you know it's a great time to practice especially with stews and soups and chilies and things that are make it.

Easy to meal prep yeah um so there's lots of different ways to do it and today we're going to we're going to show you one simple way yeah you want to get plant get those plans together uh get those ingredients together and for people looking for plant-based foods to incorporate into their weekly meal one great way to do this is the grain Bowl.

There's a lot of Versatility in a grain Bowl right right so what I did is I started this one with um Pharaoh which is a really great grain um and then I I roasted some sweet potatoes and I just put the sweet potatoes in with it so that's my base and the pharoh is the green is the grain part all right so that's already a that's already done.

Hardy good amount of food and you you got some some additions that you can make depending on what you like so you can put whatever you want this is going to be more of a colder grain Bowl than a Savory hot grain Bowl okay um so you can add we have spinach if you like spinach you can throw some spinach in there um the more greens the better guys um and.

Then cucumbers those are dried chickpeas chck chickpeas are the best great protein so that's adding more protein to it m um I have a combination here of tomatoes and um uh bell peppers wonderful that flavors this right up flavors it great um and some radishes look really good at the grocery store so I bought radishes cucumbers cut up some.

Cucumbers uh and then um the last thing I like to put on mine and I like do different things all the time is some green olives I'm with you on the green olives not everybody's going to go but again you can do whatever you want yeah you can build it the way you like what do you talk then I made a little salad dressing with tahini and olive oil and.

Vinegar beautiful and depending on whatever you like so you can just pour some on there and um it's basically a a kind of a salad SL green Bowl grain bowl and you can do more Savory warm vegetables as opposed to the cold vegetables that I did today it's just a little bit easier um but it's delicious and I make these all the time in these.

Little Togo handy to-go containers and if you have that to-go container handy you're going to work you're you're off you don't have to stop and get a snack um and then for people who want to add protein on top you goal ground you can add chicken or tuna or salmon whatever whatever you need to put on there and you've got some other General tips you.

Know overall for eating healthy this season you say be adventurous and try new things recognizing that eating healthy is a is a positive thing this isn't a punishment it really is I so many people come to me and say I don't want to give up something and so what I try to do is find ways to give them other things that are they're going to.

Love they're going to taste great and they're going to be satisfied from so that's my goal for everyone is to be adventurous and enjoy food yeah don't don't consider something you're giving up um you take the time and consideration to um how you're eating and thinking about how you're feeling chewing every bite what do we keep in.

Mind when we're doing that so being mindful of distractive eating you don't want to be eating in front of the television walk working on your computer know sometimes we have to do that that's fine but you really want to be thinking about what you're doing what you're putting in your mouth to your food so you can digest it and when you digest it.

It's going to be much better for your gut and for your whole whole body is going to feel a lot better that way all right that's about eating mindfully really taking that time and then as a health and nutrition coach you help people get into the right mindset about this all the time um talk to us a little bit about your services and what it's.

Like working with you so one thing I kind of I kind of have been um telling people is like a football coach coaches as athletes on the field I am coaching them how to live a better healthier life so that could be through nutrition that could be through movement um through Lifestyle Changes whether they have a a chronic illness or they're healthy but.

They just want to get healthier or lose weight I work with them oneon-one and help them with that perfect and now you know getting people motivated in this direction um you've brought plenty of good foods these are things maybe Staples we consider at the grocery store what are we considering when we go shopping I basically picked this all up.

Yesterday what looked good to me and that's how I shop I basically shop on what looks really good at the grocery store when I'm when I'm planning um I look for bright colored vegetables you want to kind of go eat the rainbow you've heard us talk about that before um and then also you want to look for um especially if you're looking for.

Plant-based you want to try to add more plants to your daily meals and that can be in form of beans um nuts um a great snack of almond butter and maybe an apple or strawberries so something that is is going to make you feel satisfied and not just like uh you know I'm just eating and that's what I loved about this grain Bowl idea because I think a.

Lot of people here plant-based and they're like no every meal has meat in it doesn't have to be that way but you know you do a couple of these in there and and just better exposure to more plant-based eatings it's a great lesson Bonnie Papa John thank you so much for being here we appreciate it anybody can learn more about your Dalia health.

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