Reddit threads exposing “Skinny Of us Habits”… Priceless or DANGEROUS?!


Reddit threads exposing

Oh Reddit a veritable hellscape of misinformationdesigned to confuse confound discourage disheartened and deeply depress us all fallingdown the proverbial Reddit rabbit hole is its own unique brand of torture especially thethreads in the dark diet culture web so when I tumbled into the Reddit thread titled skinnypeople habits that featured over 700 comments I knew we needed to talk hey everyone I'm Abbysharp welcome to Abby's kitchen thank you foreign don't forget to check out mydisclaimer in the description and hit up that description as well for my free Hunger cushioncombo ebook so I was actually inspired to do this video after I was on Tick Tock and I sawa fellow die culture commentator gal Raphael um she was sharing kind of what these skinnyReddit users were eating in a day and I listened.

To them and I thought yeah we should probablyunpack this now please note that skinny people is not my preferred verbiage but I'm gonna use itanyway because hey dye culture is unfortunately our culture and this is the language thatthe internet chooses to use so I'm not going to censor that out I'm also not I repeat notencouraging anyone to become or aspire to be skinny chances are you've seen a lot of theseskinny person observations floating around AKA things that others notice that folks in smallerbodies just tend to do and my job here is to help you understand if these tips or observationsare potential signs of a dysfunction Channel or a healthy relationship with food in a safe sciencegrounded space whether or not they make a person skinny is in most cases a moot point to me butlet's dive into these observations while I make.

My kids and myself a little chickpea cookie doughall right observation number one they socialize by burning calories not consuming them my skinnyfriend would suggest meeting up for a walk rather than for coffee or drinks I've come to love thisand I try to do it as much as possible socializing doesn't have to mean consuming calories asI drink my coffee I actually kind of love this I feel like turning walking into a hangoutactually creates a really positive association with Movement by making it a more enjoyablesustainable activity that we see as fun rather than as punishment or something that we have todo to burn calories he's a freak he's a fast girl calories which make condense but it also helpsto Boost energy improve our mood and improve sleep and our circadian rhythm now I don'twant to create fear around going to dinner.

With friends because at the end of the daywe all need to eat and as we'll get to skinny people they go out for dinner with friendstoo but social isolation is probably one of the biggest challenges that people face whentrying to meet health or body goals and it's a major reason why people just don't usuallystick to their plan and unlike so many other kind of weight loss hacks you're not really losingout on what actually matters which in this case is the experience of socializing so to me thisis like a win-win all around and speaking of social Hangouts observation number two is takingleftovers home from restaurants so she began to realize that her thinner friend never finishedher meals when they went out she would take the leftovers for another meal or leave some foodon her plate that she wasn't hungry enough to.

Eat she didn't feel obligated to enjoy all of thefood right there so many of us grew up as part of the clean play Club you know and in a lot of casesClean Plate clubbers come at it from a history of food insecurity or scarcity so if this is yourstory you know it's definitely worth working with a therapy team to unpack that so being ableto confidently pack up leftovers or leave food on our plate May simply just be a sign of havingthat early childhood food security alternatively it may be a skinny person behavior that signifiesa healthy relationship with food where you can honor your internal hunger cues rather thanrelying on just external ones like what is on your plate and this in turn may help peopleeffortlessly manage their weight that said I feel like it's hard to suggest this as a tipbecause intentionally forcing yourself to leave.

Food on your plate or like just eat half of it andthen pack up the other half to take home like so many diet magazines have taught us can actuallyfurther push us away from our true hunger cues but I would say assuming that food security isnot an issue I invite you to ask yourself how finishing everything on your plate is currentlyserving you if waste is a concern it's worth asking yourself if it's respecting your bodyto use it kind of like a trash can alternative when our body is saying no no I actually don'twant more this is a big topic more than I can get into in this video but I've actually gota cool video on filling your fullness that has lots of great exercises for my Clean Plateclubbers all right I'm gonna puree this up number three eating your dinner early it seemslike a lot of healthy people eat dinner rather.

Early and then after that they're just doneeating for the day so it is true that late night eating is associated with greater risk ofweight gain and there are a number of potential reasons why this might be one our bodies aremore sensitive to insulin earlier on in the day which means that we can break down moreglucose from food more efficiently and use it as energy number two skipping breakfast andeating most of our calories into the evening tends to increase our cortisol levels whileeating earlier on can help to stabilize them three early research suggests that eating lateron increases our hunger hormones reduces daytime energy expenditure and favors fat storage andfor and probably most significantly most of us aren't just eating carrot sticks in front of theTV at 10 pm right that's It ultimately calories.

Are king and if you're not in a caloric Surplusyou're not going to gain weight even if you are eating a late dinner or a bedtime snack notto mention if you are a person who needs a needs a snack to get a good place like myself yougotta honor that hunger folks because a disrupted sleep from Hunger is also associated with anincrease in appetite the next day and waking over time what's more important is trying tomake balance hunger crushing snack choices throughout the day including in the evening orat night you guys know me I'm not giving up my bedtime snack moving on to Observation numberfour for getting to eat literally all my thin friends and relatives forget to eat all the timemy dad is naturally very thin and active and all my life he's just put bread in the toaster andforgotten it's there he'll return hours later.

In the kitchen and jovly exclaim how he's doneit again LOL okay I think what's at the core of this observation is that skinny people maybearen't constantly thinking about food all day they perhaps on average don't have that incessantfood noise or food cheddar that a lot of folks who struggle with weight gain or their relationshipwith food or both tend to have to must muscle through every day to someone with food noisethe thought of just like forgetting to eat is a complete impossibility I actually talk a lotmore about this in my Oceanic diary series for some food noise can be the result of a historywith dieting and for others there may be some kind of biological reward system disruptions goingon so this is not necessarily going to be an easy fix for some folks that said one of the best waysto reduce food noise is to feed yourself regularly.

Consistently and adequately and that means notforgetting to eat because when we get super busy oh geez when we get super busy at work and wedon't take the time to eat lunch what happens when we get home like we face plant into thatfamily-sized bag of lays then we have dinner then we play ketchup all night long as our body and ourmind can relax and realize how underfed it's been and as we discussed you're probablynot going to feel like getting your five to ten veggie servings at 10 pm sothis simply does increase the risk of having a less varied less nutritious dietif we want to make space in our mind for things other than our next meal we have tomake sure that our body and mind knows that it's coming in a reasonable time AKAdon't forget to eat let's puree again.

Okay number five they don't sit still this onesays simply they don't sit still they get up move around stretch out fidget Etc so thereis actually a scientific explanation behind this one and it's also just further proofthat you can trust your body because it's got your back so in short our body has all ofthese built-in compensatory mechanisms right um that regulate our genetically preferred weightand one of those regulatory mechanisms is called neat which stands for non-exercise activitythermogenesis so these are basically just unstructured unplanned forms of energy expenditureso things like fidgeting uh conscious leg tapping spontaneous muscle contractions or just feelingthe need to like stand up for your desk and walk around or stretch or clean or whatever anyone whoknows me knows that I am a neat Queen and not in.

The Tidy sense hashtag ADHD but research suggeststhat knee feet tends to be greater in thin people compared to obese people now obviously it mightbe hard to teach someone to just like fidget warm but even just being more mindful to stand or walkrather than sit throughout the day maybe a more effective movement strategy than intentionalexercise because a energy expenditure induced by knee is much larger than from exercise whenmeasured over the day and B we don't tend to reward ourselves with food when we fidget orstand up versus when we go to a one-hour boot camp bottom line any movement is good movementregardless of what happens on the scale number six they don't use food as a reward yepthat's basically what she said they don't reward themselves with food so simple and to thepoint basically it is normal and healthy to have.

An emotional connection with food so eating by ouremotions sometimes completely normal but we do see greater chance of obesity and weight gain whenit becomes our primary coping mechanism because when we use food as our reward we're putting it uphere on a pedestal we also teach ourselves and our bodies that it's not even worthy of delicious foodor adequate food unless we've dragged ourselves through something that we hate that's whyeverybody was applauding for me at the end my guts heart and of course that juxtaposition isgoing to cause a huge dopamine Spike when you finally do get access to delicious foods which isbasically what happened in a lot of the infamous food addiction research and this is likely kindof a bit of a chicken and an egg situation where skinny people stay skinny not by using food asrewards but they also maybe don't need to use.

It as a reward because they generally may havea more balanced neutral relationship with it so again we need to build body trust which meansloosening the reins a bit on diet rules while also coming up with some non-food rewards so takinga bath getting a mani pedi with your girlfriend watching your favorite movie buying yourselfflowers you know Etc I'm going to period of this hopefully one more time number seven eatingmindfully food isn't a big deal they don't get as excited over food they aren't planning theirnext meal or worrying about calories they just eat when they're hungry and when they do theyeat smaller portions and eat slowly Okay so this pulls together a few observations that we'vealready discussed here but it also draws on the principles of mindful eating so eating mindfullymeans being more present with our food which in.

Turn helps us better understand how food makesus feel physically and also emotionally so some strategies that we can kind of like mix intoour routine include eliminating distractions slowing down and taking more time to chew our foodmore thoroughly as well as periodically stopping every few minutes or every few bites to check inwith our hunger again it can also be helpful to bring awareness to the food that you are eatingso taking some time to like think and notice the color and the texture and the mouth feel and TheTaste and the smell Etc basically engaging all the senses remember that fullness is a combinationof satiety and satisfaction and mindful eating specifically targets that satisfaction piece toprevent overeating later on all right number eight dry drinking a lot of coffee and forgetting to eatobservation I've noticed my skinny friends that.

Drink a lot of coffee and they forget to eat yeahI knew we would eventually run into some obviously problematic observations like I also have seena lot of skinny people chain smoke and forget to eat but I'm not telling the world that that'slike a legit Health hack first of all I love my coffee so I'm not getting on coffee and sure as Idiscussed in my video on caffeine and weight loss some research suggests that coffee might slightlyreduce appetite but the appetite suppressing effects are short-lived in other words even ifyou didn't eat as much for breakfast because you just choked like a venti Americano you are morethan likely just gonna make up for those calories later on in the day another research has foundno difference in calorie intake after drinking coffee so don't get hung up on the metabolismboosting benefits of having coffee overuse of.

Faux energy from caffeine in lieu of real energyfor yourselves AKA food is arguably disorderly in my books so while skinny people might do this itis not a healthy or sustainable tip like coffee is life but it's not a meal observation number ninebuilding balanced meals whenever I make a meal or snack I mentally check if it has protein carbsand fat to make sure I'm fueling myself for longer can we make my smile even bigger folks Ididn't know when Ivy's kitchen stubby when I see one because this is straight out of theHCC handbook obviously I've discussed this in my sustainable weight loss video here and alsobasically everywhere across my channel but using an additive approach by balancing meals withprotein fat and fiber-ish carbs can effortlessly support sustainable weight loss and I know thissounds kind of counter-intuitive considering the.

Decades-long diet culture rhetoric that we've beensold that suggests that you need to eat less to weigh less which is not untrue on a calorie levelbut we will never get out of scarcity mentality if we're constantly thinking about food and wewill never not be thinking about food if we're hungry whether that's physical hunger or emotionalhunger so adding rather than subtracting hunger crushing compounds helps keep us Fuller longerit helps prevent an eventual binge and it helps to naturally Edge out some of the less nutritioushigher calorie foods that typically make weight maintenance a lot harder and tip number 10drinking water with meals I chug this out of water especially at restaurants and drinkingwhile I'm eating fills me up a lot even when I don't eat that much food I drink like threeglasses of water when I go out to eat it allows.

Food to better satiate me so this observation Ifeel like can be helpful or harmful depending on how extreme you take it first of all despite whatdye culture has taught us for many many many many many many years if you are hungry you're probablynot thirsty you're probably hungry most of us know the difference between those two Sensations thatsaid research does suggest that drinking some water immediately before a meal can reduce calorieconsumption at that meal by temporarily stretching the vagus nerve that makes us feel full there'salso some research on middle age and older adults that drinking water before each meal increasesoverall weight loss but research in younger people hasn't really shown the same benefit fit and wealso don't know how well this hack Works long term like folks don't underestimate your body'sintelligence once that water moves through your.

Stomach and it's absorbed and your brain realizesyou didn't eat your body will likely try to play catch-up and it'll be pissed so I think thathaving three cups of water at a restaurant is never a bad idea most of us don't drink enoughwater to begin with and I always recommend extra water if there's alcohol involved and typicallyrestaurants do serve much larger portions than we normally would need anyway so a little bitof extra water could help us slow down and eat more mindfully but otherwise trying to chase awayhunger all day with water and also light coffee is disorderly yes water is important and it's keyfor weight loss but we still do need to eat well friends I hope that helped clarify some of themost common dieting misconceptions on the world wide web if you want some more evidence-basedweight loss tips that are actually sustainable.

I got a whole video that you can watch righthere and on that note that is all that I have for you guys today I would love to hear yourthoughts on who or what you'd like to see me talk about next subscribe to the channel and I'llsee you next time on Abby's kitchen bye foreign

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