Promoting successfully being habits to guard in opposition to flu


Promoting successfully being habits to guard in opposition to flu

Hey everyone welcome back to TV5 news at 9: so please help me welcome our guests this morning we have Angela Williams in RN and Senior vice president at Great Lakes Bay Health Centers it's good to see you Angela how are you I'm great good to see you again yes we love having you here because thank you you're very welcome we're going to be talking about.

Of course the promoting healthy habits to protect against the flu and I know Angela you were here in October to discuss all of the cold flu allergy season as well as you know covid being here uh at as usual and what important information would you like us to know this morning as you know we see some of the flu cases rise around this time we.

Really are in the midst of flu season now you look at the news you read about it and the hospitalizations are increasing especially for children under age five and seniors over age 65 and so people have to take this seriously because it can lead to many complications but we're here today to just educate on what preventive measures.

You can take to help and you know I think that's important too because you from what I've heard people who have been sick already this season it has not been a fun one no it hasn't and people are this time I feel like people are sicker and is lingering a longer amount of time than in the past and so you have to take it seriously yeah and so tips to.

Protect yourselves from the flu and the spread of germs how can we do that well as I've said several times when I've been here the first line of defense is handwashing y taking handwashing seriously and washing your hands at least 20 seconds that's important to wipe away the germs um soap and water hand sanitizer but 20 seconds and.

Adequate uh drying of your hands is important at the same time if you are sick stay away from other people if possible it's hard if you have children and you have a crowded household but you take as many precautions as possible yeah and what about say if we aren't at home I know you know maybe you're already out and you kind of feel the.

Onset of something what can we do at work or out in in public to keep that at Bay the most important is covering your mouth yeah tell you how many times I hear people cough and sneeze and it's right out in the open yeah cover your mouth wear masks people don't like to wear masks you know we went through the.

Pandemic but masks do help but again the handwashing and seeing your doctor if you feel like you are sick sometimes after two days being at home taking over thec counter medicines uh sometimes that will do the trick but if you feel as if you're getting worse you got to go and see a doctor you got to go to the ER and let them check you out because it could.

Become complicated who do you think or um what does it show in terms of who is more at risk of you know these flu complications and what are some of those flu complications we should be aware of well uh again age 65 and older we're at a higher risk because of the fact that your immune system could be compromised.

And if you have a if you have multiple chronic health conditions that puts you at a higher risk immuno compromised people um such as HIV or leukemia or cancers but at the same time our children our babies we have to be seriously concerned about their well-being and so it's important to pay attention to those signs I mean running.

Nose fever coughing um if you have discharge and it changes colors it's important to see a doctor and fever of course shortness of breath means get to the doctor or Hospital don't ever mess around and one that I forgot to mention which is most important is our pregnant moms because you're carrying a.

Baby and there are always other complications so you don't want to put yourself at risk so you have to pay attention to every little sign and so Angela what would you say you know is it too late to get the flu vaccine now it's not too late to get the flu vaccine a flu vaccine is is available uh Great Lakes Bay Health.

Centers we have flu vaccine uh we also have covid vaccine the big Co word that people don't like to hear uh RSV at our facilities is limited however we still encourage people to get it it is available at most local pharmacies but most importantly get seen take the vaccine because it does work to help prevent complications yeah yeah.

Definitely makes it less worse for you yes it does is there anything else that you would like us to know yeah I just want people to know that you can't see the droplets these are um you coughing and you don't cover your mouth those air droplets can be transferred to many people when you cough and so touching surfaces is um one one um opportunity to.

Get exposed and so wiping down those areas just like we were diligent in doing it during Co we have to still be diligent in wiping down everything sanitizing with soap and water or bleach but keeping areas door knobs clean and keeping everybody as safe as possible and in closing with you we want the message to be for Great Lakes Bay Health.

Centers is at we are open to care for anyone we accept new patients uh if you have Medicare or Medicaid we can see you if you have private insurance we're available to help you we want everyone in our community to stay healthy absolutely and you know I will say and you might be proud of me for this the fact that I've kept the sanitation with.

The the you know wipes since Co that's like stuck with me now yes so that's awesome yeah and of course handwashing of course handwashing and I'll tell you another tip keep a hand sanitizer pumping your car yeah I have too actually I do too oh it's perfect we just want our community again to be safe yeah yeah absolutely well Angela thanks.

For coming in thank you you're always a great voice to you know get us and to be the most healthiest of our possible being well we appreciate yeah anytime thanks for coming in thank you for more information on this go to the hot links section that's on our website at

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