Prevent Tooth Decay in Teens: Oral Neatly being Habits for Teens


 Prevent Tooth Decay in Teens: Oral Neatly being Habits for Teens

Hi parents welcome to Baby tooth story my nameis Lynn a registered oral health therapist in New Zealand did you know tooth Decay is the mostcommon chronic disease among children according to WHO by the age of five nearly half of own childrenhave had at least one cavity in the United States 40% of children Age 2 to 11 years have experiencedto decay in their primary teeth in New Zealand 41% of 5 years on children and had evidence of toothDecay now these fighting are concerning as dental decay can lead to a number of health problemsincluding pain infection and tooth loss it can also make it difficult for children to eat andspeak properly in some cases tooth decay can even lead to a systemic health problems such as heartdisease and stroke so what do we as parents do to ensure our children doesn't have to go throughany of these by introducing oral Health habit into.

To your child daily routine as early as possiblebrush your child teeth twice a day with flouride toothpaste if they are under 7 years old parentsneed to supervise or help with brushing spit don't rinse fluoride strengthens the tooth enamal andremineralize teeth that had already begun to Decay therefore it is important to leave fluoridein your mouth to maximize its effect drink water or milk only throughout the day and choosehealthy snacks over sugar food and drinks parents should raise their child's lips once in a while toinspect their teeth and gum for any irregularities if they notice anything unusual they should taketheir child to the dentist for further evaluation have regular Dental checkups regular dentalcheckup is important because it allows us to spot and treat any early sign of Decay preventingthem from progressing further additionally this.

Can help reduce Dental anxiety and enhanceconfidence which will be beneficial throughout their life flossing is optional for most childrenbut it is recommended if your child has crowding issue thank you for watching baby tooth story Ihope you found this video informative and helpful as a reminder the most important thing you cando to ensure your child's good oral health is to introduce good oral health habits intotheir daily routine as early as possible if you have any question or concern please don'tbe hesitant to leave a comment below subscribe to Baby to story for more videos on all helpfulkids and don't forget to like and share this video

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