PICNIC KA CODE | Family Comedy Drinking Mission | Aayu and Pihu Present


PICNIC KA CODE | Family Comedy Drinking Mission | Aayu and Pihu Present

Everything is ready. Ok, let's call them. What are you doing? Why did lock us in this room? We came on a picnic and you locked us in this room. I feel hungry. Come out. Come. Those gifts for us?.

Those are not gifts. It's your lunch. Lunch? Yes. But you have to earn this lunch. How? Solving the coding challenge. What do we need to do in this? You have to solve the code in this. This is the key to that.

What is the lock? I'll tell you that. This is your lock. Not like this. Then? You have to find this lock. It's a treasure search too. You have to open this lock with this key. Then we will get it. And whoever finds the code. Will explain this code standing there at the door. We don't even know the name of anything. What is this?.

You will come to know. What does this mean? And this? I don't know. If you find the right item, Mom will give it to you. And we will eat that. I don't understand anything from this. What is this? I'll find it. You go ahead and search. I'll solve it. Yes. Aayu has choosen physical task.

And Pihu has chosen a mental task. Wait a moment. I'll be back after hiding it. In which room? Everything is on the ground floor. There is nothing on the first floor. Only on the ground floor? There is a total of 6 locks. This is the first lock, and I'm going to hide it. Dad has already hidden the rest of the 5 locks.

I think this is a bit too difficult. Ok. Dad is going to hide it. It will be easy in the beginning. It will be difficult later. Why? Because we will have few in the end. They are planning. We have to work together. You can try to understand it. Did you get what this is? Yes. What is it? I have an easy task.

I just have to understand which sign you're giving. Yes? Let's plan it. What are you doing? Someone is saying it's an easy task, right? Yes. You will know when you solve it. Ok. Aayu, go. Let's go. Find it with Dad. First round.

Aayu, all the best. Yes. Quickly find and bring the key. Where are you running? Oh. You are searching like this. Search. Aayu felt that Dad must have hidden it right in front. It's not here. Where? Just let him find it quickly.

Look at this. Look at him, this boy is putting in a lot of effort. He will mess up the entire house. Dad, there is nothing here. Let's go to the kitchen. Kitchen? Let's go. What could happen? Dad said it's difficult. You will get just one minute after that. You will have to solve it in just one minute.

We are in the kitchen. Shall I switch one of the lights on? We are not doing a horror challenge. When he will bring the key? He will give you a sign. You will make a word with this. How much time it will take? I need 2 minutes for that. Yes. But you just have 1 minute. So think about it, what will happen? Aayu, come quickly.

I showed you a white paper, dear. Yes. All are the same? Yes. White paper with a red ribbon. Why did you keep it in the fridge? It may be in the fridge. No. Otherwise, if you search the whole house, you will get in trouble. In water? Wow! What a brilliant mind. It's possible. Yes. Isn't it in the drawer? It must be in the drawer too. You can search. He got it.

He got it. Aayu, tell me. Yes. Stay here dear. You can speak up from here. Speak up. Aayu, wait. You will speak after starting the timer. You have to solve this key just in one minute. If you make a wrong guess even once, you will lose that round. You will lose that item. Be careful, Sister. OK, I'm not saying anything right now.

You have to speak after solving the whole thing. Write down what you are solving there. Ok. With a spelling. And Aayu won't answer anything. Pihu has to guess the answer. How many letters and words are there? OK, 1 2 3 start. You have just 1 minute. There are 2 words. There are 5 letters in the first one. And 6 are in another one.

The first letter is @ in the first word. Yes. 4. Yes. %. Yes. 8. Ok. Curly bracket. It will be this one. There can't be a 'Q' in this. Open curly bracket. You just have 30 seconds.

There is space. I mean it's the next word. Yes, speak up. 3. 3. %. 7. A $ sign. Pihu has already solved it. This is correct. What if you made a wrong spelling? She did this because we had less time.

Yes. You don't tell me the bracket sign. There won't be a 'Q' in this. If there will be a 'Q', I'll come to know. I have common sense. Wow! She will guess it. How could a “Q” be there after the word CHIP? It has to be an S. OK, you solved it. We solved it, so give it to eat. Ask Mom for it.

Give us. Come. Come. There you go. They earned finger chips today by working hard. It's our break time. Yes. Enjoy. Aayu, you will have to find 5 more. Dad, give me a hint that should I search again in the kitchen or not. Do challenge first.

Friends, if you like the idea of this challenge, Then please hit the like button. And share this with all your friends. Because we combined code and treasure search in this. And we added lunch too. If we come to the farmhouse have a regular lunch. There is no fun in it. Enjoy playing with things and find pleasure in eating. There is fun. Let's go. Second round.

Ok. Second round. Let's go. Anyways Dad what all are there? Should I tell you that? Wow! I can guess it with its shape. No. No, I won't let you come here. Anyways, Is there a Pizza in this? No. I think, there is no pizza. Pizza spelling is very easy, so why would we add pizza to this? I'll check there. You can.

It won't be in a place where it can break easily. Because I know, you can do anything. I can see it easily. Oh, no. Where did you keep it? I kept it here in a hurry. Oh, you kept it in the end. Yes. Aayu, did you find it? Aayu, come quickly. Sister, you know, he kept it in front of my eyes.

See, how easy is it? Tell me quickly. &. And then… Wait, what &? Hello. Let me start the timer. What? After &? Exclamation mark. Yes. Exclamation mark. And that one curly bracket. Again Exclamation mark.

6. Again Exclamation mark. Hold on. You said that I have to speak quickly. What does this mean? Matal? Next is 1. He is telling me wrong. The next word is 1. That's it? Yes.

1. 1. Yes. Minus. Yes. Two “Tilde (Wavy minus)”. Yes. #. 9. Wait a moment. Yes. 9 after #. And the next word. The first is 8.

Yes. Exclamation mark. Hey, that Exclamation mark. I'm getting confused. It's called an exclamation mark. Right. And then 7. Two times # tags. And 9. Stop.

Stop. Tell us at once, what is this? It's cheating. Matal? You said this. Not a ‘Matal’. The last one. It's done. And you have lost this round. No. Wait. I still didn't say. Let her guess it.

The last guess, you just have one guess. I got it. You won't say anything. Shut up. Use your brain. Butter Paneer. Matar Butter… No. I'm not guessing it. It could be anything. Matar Butter Paneer? Tik tik 1. Matar Butter Paneer. What is the last and final answer? She said the final answer.

What's your final guess? Matar Butter Paneer. Wrong. What was that? Why are you asking me? You have the key. You can tell her. You explained it wrong. & mean M. I said this one. Yes. A. Then “~” means S.

Yes, and Pihu has written T. You said that one. Yes. I said that wavy #tag. Is this a #tag? Yes. Bracket. Whatever, you don't even know the words. I said wavy #tag earlier. Write the correct answer. What? What is this called?.

Masal? He skipped a word in a hurry. The last one was an Exclamation mark. I asked you, how many words are there. 6. He skipped the last word. Masala. Yes. Masala Butter Paneer. Masala… Can we excahnge? Could I search? Because he doesn't know the signs.

Ok. But if he isn't able to speak up, you won't be able to get it. Ok, You can do that. It's your choice. Team change. OK, I'll go now. You won't get it to eat. Yes. We will eat everything. No, it's cheating. Ok. No one is eating. Why did you eat finger chips? Be a team. Ok. We should eat together. Wait. Aayu, tell me where did you get it?.

I got one in the kitchen and another one in that room. Ok. And we can't go in that room, right? No, it must be in there. Because these are 6. It must be there. Let's go. Why are you dancing? Wish me luck, at least. All the best, Pihu. All the best, Sister. Come back after winning. Thank you!.

Let's go. I'll search in this room now. Will you solve it, Aayu? I will. Look at this room. Oh, sorry. Aayu searched here. Aayu thought it was an easy task. That's why he chose to search. Aayu was not explaining properly. I don't know the names of the signs. We had not decided the time for the search. I can search comfortably as well.

What? Whole day? I'm feeling hungry. Do it quickly, Sister. Did you get it? When she finds it, she will scream. Look behind the painting, Sister. He is telling me to search behind the painting. It's possible. You can't keep it on the top.

No. I don't want to go on the sofa. I got it. Oh, no! Let's go. Aayu, ready? She got it. I wish it would be a small word. I can't write speedily. Wait. I saw it.

How many words are there? The timer starts now. Open bracket. Which one? Open bracket. Which one is it? He is drawing the bracket. You do have not to draw the bracket. Aayu. Star.

Star. Open curly bracket. Yes. Then star. Yes. Minus. Yes. 8. Then? Where is 8?.

What is this? I got it. Sapce. &. &. Exclamation mark. Which one is it? Yes. 7. 7. Yes. @.

Yes. 4. @. Yes. @. Yes. Yes. 4. Star. Star? Equals to. Yes? Equals to. Yes. Done. Right. Soup Manchow.

Soup Manchow. Manchow soup. Add this to it. Crispy noodles. How is the soup Mom? It's good. It's a little cool now. We took so much time. You are taking so much time. What should we do?.

We have one minute. We did it in less than a minute. Pihu said bracket and Aayu was writing bracket. That name was small. If you get a big name, what will you do? It was a big name. Now there are bigger names. That Paneer one was a big name. Friends, if you are having fun, please subscribe to our channel. Let's go for the next round. Who is coming? I'm coming.

Now, give me a hint, where will it be? No hints. Why? Until I recall it. It's not on the table and chair. Don't put that much effort. I will. I want to win. Sister, search quickly. Where will it be? Give me some hints. Sister, search behind the painting. I've been telling you for so long. Which painting? There is no space.

Dad, please give me a hint. No hints. Tell me, in which room, at least. Look, there are so many stones. Drawing room. This one? Dad gave her a hint. Aayu searched the entire house. He didn't search there. You can search there.

Did you find it? I won't give you any hint. She got it. Speak up quickly. The timer starts now. &. And Exclamation mark. Yes. Where? It means A.

Oh, sorry. Ok, no. I won't say it again. 6. 6. Yes. Exclamation mark. Exclamation mark. What are you saying? Ok, %. %. Space. &. Space. understood. &. &.

&. Oh! #. Aayu, quick. #. The curly minus. Yes. 4. 4? Yes. %. Yes.

Sapce. Yes. &. Exclamation mark. Aayu, quick. Which is it? 1 and a dot at its bottom. And curly minus. Yes. Ok. Stop. Exclamation mark.

Hey, I can see there, right? No. You will give some hints. Yes, tell us. What is it? I can't see it. Tell me, there were just three words? Yes. Pihu guessed it last time. That was wrong. Can I guess? That is similar to this. Yes. I think it's right if you wrote it correctly. I can't see it.

The last word, I think? The first one is correct. What is the first word? Malai Methi. Yes, what is this? M A T A. It can be R. But think… Yes. Do you have another option? Aayu, try putting all the words together. MATAB MATAC MATAT.

He is guessing it. Do it quickly. Malai Methi Matar. Correct. Let's serve Aayu Malai Methi Matar. We don't want to eat. It was for the main course. I want to see it once. Yes.

Aayu, taste it once. Taste it, dear, it's good. I will taste it. You can add whatever. Very tasty. There's just a little fenugreek in it. I can't figure it out. It tastes like Malai Kofta. But it's a little bit sweet in taste. Yes.

It's not spicy at all. So, zero for my side. Who is going to do treasure? Are you going? No. No. I'll write. Look, I got two on two. Two on two? Wow! The one explaining has to be correct. Two on two? That's why I'm not going. Rember it, Aayu. It will come again and again.

Right. Learn it. He searched in the kitchen. Yes. Is it there on the top? Can you find it there? No. We already found two here. You wouldn't have put another one. We got one there. Dad kept one in the room in front, which means he hid another one too. By the way what is in this round?.

Something sweet. Oh, I have to search it properly. Do it. I can practice to write down. Friends, it's farm house that's why we don't check the almirah. Yes. Should I go here, or there is nothing? I can't keep the food hint in the washroom, right? Yes. So, I can't get it in this room. Yes. It was in this room? tell me. No. Give me some hints. OK, there is nothing in this room.

Ok. This room is done. I got it. What? Yes. Oh, here is it. Go. Can I go? Solve it quickly. Timer. How many words? No. He is always in a hurry. Timer. I got it.

But this round is for a sweet dish. Yes, so Aayu, do it carefully. Start. 2. 2. Exclamation mark. Yes. 6. 6. Yes. Second word. Ok. &.

Yes. Two stars. Ok. 7. What am I doing? Wait, come again. &. & then ** and then 7. What are you writing? And $ sign.

7. Yes. Then $. I'm writing something wrong. You're wasting time, it's a small word. Next. Space. Yes. 4. Yes. Exclamation mark. 6. I understood. 6.

Equals to !. Yes. And I want to tell something to you all. What Aayu wrote. M. Wait. M. He writes like this in the school as well. Yes. When he wants to write any spelling, he writes like this. I had no time.

Tell us the name. Moong Dal Halwa. Ok, done. What happened? You said M after the Dal. I understood. Then you said two stars. I was guessing 7 instead of a star. So why were you writing *? By mistake. Moong Dal Halwa.

Wow! Aayu, eat Moong Dal Halwa. Mom will like it. Nice. I thought it was a chocolate. Look, I wrote wrong four times. I realised later, I was writing wrong. Dad, the sweet dish is done. What will we eat next?.

Drink? One more sweet dish. But it's a unique sweet dish. Browny? Browny. Stop eating. Aayu, you have to guess it, it will be ours. Go. Let's go. You ask for a hint every time. Give me a hint.

Where should I search? Where? Some places are left. Where? Tell me this at least. What did I say? What? Remember the things that I said. What did you say? Think. Where and when? In the beginning. Where is it?.

Where are the clues? All of them are on the ground floor. Nothing is on the first floor. It could be on the stairs. She gets hints in every round. Did you throw it inside it? I don't know. It's not on the clock. You can't go above this. The stairs are right here.

There is it. Did you see it? Yes. I thought it would be very difficult. Wait. I'm focusing. I can see it from here. Yes. Take it out. I found the most difficult one. Wow! It's not a treasure search. It's a hint search. You came at the right time. I just took a rest now.

Last round. It's a very big name. It's a very big name. How many words are there? Tell me this first. Did You start? Start. 9. Yes? 9. Is it a 9-word one? 9. Yes. Exclamation mark.

Yes. %. Yes. Curly minus. Yes. Exclamation mark. Yes. Yes. Space. Yes. 8. Yes. %.

Yes. 7. Yes. # tag. Yes. Exclamation mark. You said # tag. # tag and Exclamation mark. What is a #tag? What is a #tag? # tag. Oh, yes. Ok. The exclamation mark is done? After #tag? Yes. Double 8. Duble 8?.

It's a word. Why are you looking there? Come again. Double 8 and 6. Double 8? 8 and 8. Two 8. 6. 6.

#tag. What are you writing? Yes. Stop. What have you written? Raita. Pinea. PPLE. What are you writing, Aayu? Wait.

Wait. No hint. What is double 8? Double 8 means P and P. How can it come twice with 'p'? Why not? Isn't there a double 'p' in one spelling? A B C D E F G. You wrote correctly. Read it. Shut up.

Raita. Pinea. Why are you telling him? It's ok. Let him use his brain. Oh, Raita Pineapple. Yes. Seriously, what are you doing? Pinea. I put a space.

Why? I told you that there is no space. She said there is no space. But you didn't hear. I said one space just after Raita. According to your own wish. Right. Pinea Pal. Eat it and how is it? And this item is left. It's good?.

You can play this challenge at your home. Make any type of code. Write the cheats. And solve it with the key. See you in the next video. Bye.

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