Physician explains break bad habits (which would possibly perchance be ruining your effectively being) | Step-by-Step Recordsdata


Physician explains  break bad habits (which would possibly perchance be ruining your effectively being) | Step-by-Step Recordsdata

Let me ask you are you tired of battling with badhealth habits that seem just impossible to break do you often find yourself caught in a cycleof unhealthy choices feeling like you're stuck in a rut well stay tuned because in this videoI'm going to give you a fstep process for how to break the bad habits that are destroying yourhealth now if you've watched me here on YouTube before then welcome back but if you are new to mychannel then welcome I'm Dr Kim Foster and I'm an MD turned coach and wellness expert I was a familydoctor for 20 years before leaving the Health Care system to grow my Wellness business and I am alsothe founder of the wellness coach Academy where we train and certify new and aspiring healthand wellness coaches and help them to build their businesses here on YouTube I talk aboutwellness and business and I share all my best.

Tips to help you to master the art of livingwell and if those are things that you happen to be interested in then go ahead and subscribeso you don't miss any of my new videos now let's talk about how to break bad health habits we haveall been there stuck in a rut of bad habits that just seem absolutely impossible to break foryou it could be overindulging in sugary treats or skipping workouts or constantly sacrificing onsleep by staying up too late scrolling on social media these are just some examples of the kind ofbad health habits that can really take a toll on our physical and mental well-being however thegood news is that bad health habits are not set in stone with some dedication and self-awarenessand a plan of action you can definitely break free from these destructive patterns and pave theway to a healthier and happier you so like I.

Said in this video I'm going to go through acomprehensive step-by-step guide to help you break those bad habits once and for all we'vegot five steps to go through and I want to make sure that you stay for all five so that this timeyour efforts to kick this bad habit will actually stick the first step to Breaking any bad habit isselfawareness and cultivating the right mindset and there are several pieces to this particularstep for one thing you can't change what you don't acknowledge so take some time to reflect on yourcurrent health habits and identify the ones that really need to go ask yourself why you engagein these behaviors and how they make you feel a little introspection will provide some veryvaluable insights into your motivations and your triggers which will set the stage for lastingchange from there you want to start to cultivate.

A growth mindset so a growth mindset is the beliefthat your abilities and your qualities are not set in stone and unchangeable but can be developedthrough de dedication and by working on them it's just really a matter of recognizing that youactually do have the power to change so instead of thinking I'm just not a healthy person I want youto shift your perspective to I can learn to make healthier choices this seemingly subtle change inyour thinking can be a real Difference Maker and can truly Empower you to break free from yourbad habits another element to cultivating your self-awareness and your mindset is to start tounderstand your triggers so bad health habits often have triggers whether they are emotionalor situational or environmental so I want you to pay attention to what prompts you to engagein these behaviors are you stress eating are you.

Drinking too much alcohol on Fridays at the endof the week because you feel like you deserve to let off some steam after a really stressful WorkWeek understanding your triggers will help you to develop strategies to address them effectivelyanother element of this first step which is working on your selfawareness is to developa resilient mindset it's really important to expect setbacks on your journey to breaking yourbad habits rather than viewing these as failures I want you to see them as opportunities to learnand grow a resilient mindset is what will allow you to bounce back from setbacks and just continuepushing forward toward your goals finally it's a really good idea to start practicing mindfulnessthis can be a very powerful tool for Breaking Bad health habits mindfulness it involves beingpresent in the moment and paying attention.

To your thoughts and your feelings but withoutjudgment when you practice mindfulness you become a lot more aware of your habits and then you canmake conscious choices to begin to change them so techniques like meditation and journaling thesecan help you to develop your mindfulness muscles okay so all those pieces are elements that go intoyour very first step your foundation which is to develop self-awareness and cultivate your mindsetand by the way if you do recognize the importance of mindset when it comes to your health habitsand your health choices and you know you need more help with this then I invite you to downloadmy free workbook called change your mindset change your life and you can grab it by by clicking thelink in the description box okay so let's move on to step number two which is to set clear andspecific goals so vague goals like I want to be.

Healthier are much less effective than a concretegoal like I will exercise for 30 minutes 5 days a week or I will limit my sugar intake to onedessert per week these clear goals will help you to stay focused and also to measure yourprogress It's also really important to try to frame your goal and your intentions in a positiveway intentions are powerful instead of framing your goals as I want to stop doing X I wantyou to focus on the positive aspect I intend to prioritize my health and well-being by doing whyby setting positive intentions you reframe your mindset and create a forward-looking constructiveattitude toward change for example let's take that bad habit of staying up way too late everynight scrolling away on social media instead of framing your goal as I'm going to stop scrollingon Instagram late at night you can take the flip.

Side like the positive of this and state yourgoal as I am going to honor my body's need for sleep by charging my phone in the hallway outsidemy bedroom and leaving it there through the night see the difference the second one is much moreactive it's focused on a concrete action that you can take and it's also tied to you doing somethingpositive that you are doing for yourself which is honoring your body's need for sleep okay so let'smove on to step number three which is replace the Habit with a positive behavior breaking a habitis often a whole lot easier when you replace it with a healthier alternative again identify apositive behavior that can fill the void that is going to be left by this bad habit as anexample let's say if you are trying to quit smoking first you're going to figure out what yourtriggers are for smoking like for some people it's.

After meals or with their cup of coffee or whenyou're feeling really stressed out so then make a plan for a more positive behavior that you couldreplace that smoke with when you encounter those triggers so you also want to think about what youcan do with your hands or with your mouth at those times because for many smokers those can be verypowerful urges so things like chewing gum often work well or even just having a healthy snack likesome crunchy raw carrots which gives you that hand and mouth activity that you may feel a strong urgefor during those trigger times so if you feel the urge to smoke after meals you could plan to justget up and go for a short walk immediately after you finish eating and start making a ritual ofthat instead of staying seated and lighting up after you finish eating any of these activitieswill just help to redirect your energy and focus.

And will serve as a pattern interrupt which isdefinitely what you need breaking a bad habit is just much easier when you replace it with ahealthier alternative okay step four is to aim for gradual progress this is really important Idon't want you to expect to break your bad habits overnight gradual progress is the key to anysustainable change so when you get started start small and just gradually increase your effort ifyou're trying to cut down on caffeine for example start by reducing your daily intake graduallyinstead of just going cold turkey that's what I did myself when I decaffeinated myself I wentdown to half calf in my daily coffee and then once I had adjusted to that then I just went downfurther to alternating between half CAF and decaf each day and then from there just went fully decafsmall incremental changes are much more likely to.

Stick it's also really important to understandthat Breaking Bad Habits is a process it's not a single event you need to be patient with yourselfand recognize that setbacks can happen instead of aiming for instant Perfection focus on gradualprogress take small steps and celebrate your successes along the way if you slip up don't betoo hard on yourself just use it as an opportunity to learn and improve as you go you might havesome negative thoughts about your ability to do this negative thoughts and self-doubt thoughcan sabotage your efforts to break your habits challenge these thoughts and reframe them withpositive affirmations for example when faced with the urge to indulge in a highly processedand unhealthy snack which might be a habit that you're trying to break pay attention to anynegative selft talk that you might you know be.

Having at that time if you hear yourself sayingI'm helpless or I really need this snack right now and I'm too weak to resist try replacingthose disempowering thoughts with something better like I am in control of my choices and Ichoose to nourish my body with foods that fuel me affirmations are short positive statements thatyou repeat to yourself regularly and you can use them to reinforce your commitment to BreakingBad Habits always practice self-compassion and be gentle with yourself Breaking Bad Habits is aprocess and it is perfectly normal to encounter a few difficulties along the way treat yourselfwith kindness and understanding just as you would a close friend self-compassion Fosters apositive mindset and that is much more resilient in the facee of challenges another strategy thatyou can use to help with your go slow approach is.

To reward yourself for your achievements allalong the way do not wait until the Finish Line when you feel like you have completelykicked this particular habit celebrate All Along The Journey when you reach a milestonecelebrate your success with a small treat or a fun activity positive reinforcement can makea big difference and can motivate you to stick with it and to keep making progress okay so thefinal step step number five is to get support and seek professional help if needed BreakingBad Habits is often much easier when you have a support system so share your goals with friendsand family who can provide encouragement and hold you accountable or consider joining a supportgroup remember you do not have to do this all alone also breaking certain bad health habits suchas addiction may require professional assistance.

So don't hesitate to reach out to healthc CareProfessionals therapists or counselors if you are struggling to break a habit that is significantlyimpacting your health and your well-being they can provide you with tailored strategies and supportokay so that brings us to the end of my five-step process for breaking your bad Health habit thisis a challenging but definitely achievable thing it requires self-awareness clear goals and acommitment to mastering your mindset and making gradual positive changes in your life rememberthat is okay to seek support from friends or family or professionals when needed and allalways always remember to practice plenty of self-compassion as you go by following these fivesteps and staying persistent I know you can break free from destructive health habits and start ona journey toward a healthier happier you and if it.

Helps you go ahead and download my free workbookchange your mindset Change Your Life by just clicking the link below as always I'd love to hearfrom you what is one bad Health habit that you are going to start working on breaking starting todaylet me know in the comments okay that's a wrap for this video take care have a wonderfulday and I will see you again very soon

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