NYC Council to vote on legislation to pork up effectively being, lengthen existence expectancy


NYC Council to vote on legislation to pork up effectively being, lengthen existence expectancy

Happening today the New York City Council is expected to vote on legislation with perhaps the loftiest goal you could think of the goal of extending life it's an ambitious swing but also desperately needed why well back in 2019 New Yorkers saw their average life expectancy plumbit from about two and 82 and a half years 82 and.

A half to 78 in just 12 months so this legislation is trying to address Health disparities expand access to health care and extend the average LIF lifespan of all New Yorkers uh back up to 83 years by 2030 and we've all been in this discussion throughout the commercial break why the decline and and as you mentioned and there's some side effects.

Of the pandemic that can be responsible for this as well yeah I think there's a lot of secondary effect as we were discussing during the break during the pandemic I was working in the emergency room during the height of that pandemic when it first started and although yes we had many patients coming in sick with covid-19 we also saw that secondary.

Effect fact doctors retiring early um offices closing people weren't able to get their screening exams children missing their vaccinations I think all of those things contribute to that secondary effect of this startling graph you can see that drop in 2020 in a yeah it is a cliff in fact and and a lot of that is associated with the pandemic but.

Again these secondary effects were so important and made us realize how valuable it was for prevention well now that we're on the other side of the pandemic how do we climb out of that Cliff to to try to write what happened well I think it's first in acknowledging the drivers of what drove it so we talked about covid-19 and the secondary.

Effects but if you look at some of the other drivers it includes chronic disease and diet related illness it includes screenable cancers as we discussed also overdose overdoses and maternal mortality those are some important factors that as a public health establishment we can work to change but also what we can do in our.

Normal life there are many things that many of us can change in our everyday life that can help to extend our life I did a story on the Upper East Side uh was Hospital driven and they said you go to East 96 Street north of East 96 Street you see a much lower life expectancy why vegetable oil yes south of East 96th Street olive oil people.

Live longer and they have better access to uh doctors better education fresh food fresh food 100% but the oil thing made a huge difference it's so it's so interesting that you brought that up because as I was walking here from my office one of the diets that's been most associated with longevity is Mediterranean diets and a lot of that is.

Focused in the use of olive oil the use of nuts and legums but I think the key is in stepping away from meat heavy diets it's one of the things that we can help to change looking at meat as a side option instead of a main option increasing plant-based foods and then of course with that you have to exercise at least 20 to 30 minutes a day you want to.

Make sure that you're getting on gett ing in touch with your positioning and getting your screening done and then also getting that important sleep there are certain studies that show those that get less than 7 hours of sleep have a significantly increased risk of early or pre premature death which is incredibly concerning and then any governmental.

Impacts that also as these leaders talk about things to do what how can that play a role I think social determinance of health is really important to pay attention to as Physicians we often think about the minute things the medications getting your checkups but when we look a thousand foot perspective making sure that people have housing.

Making sure that people have access making sure that people have coverage those are important dynamics that we need to make sure every New Yorker has in order to help them live longer and I love this saying that my mom always said it's treat your body like a house you have to live in for the next 80 to 90 years we know we we know when we treat.

Our cars and we treat our pets better than we treat ourselves so paying attention to yourself is really and it's also I think to be fair you know we spent a lifetime of getting people in the pattern of going regular doctor checkups and then during that Co time period and shortly thereafter we just fell off that cliff and nobody was.

Really doing it so now we have to get people back in the habit and I think showing them showing you guys what we just saw today should help you say you know I do need to make a doctor's appointment I do need to get a yearly checkup it's important it's incredibly important and I was a part of that group I missed my doctor's appointments mainly.

Because I was working so much and it was difficult to get into that office and so now hopefully this is a sign for many people to make that appointment and every single one of us had doctors retire we had three you and I had three each I mean so make those phone calls find new doctors ask around and also you mentioned your mom connection with other.

People so true right connection with other people I'm so happy you brought that point up this is the most difficult part of the Year for me to be socially active I don't know about you guys I want to stay inside and everyone is annoying and so for me all that New York and it's winter and yeah it's true between the holidays and spring are my.

Most difficult times and but social activity is key to brain health and we want to live not only long but we want to have a great quality of life we want to have our senses we want to be able to communicate and cooperate so making those social engagements is just as important as making those appointments no loneliness can be deadly you're.

Absolutely and that's what Co was it's very true that's true time to do some house renovations that's good Dr Darion always great to see you thanks for having me coming up lithium ion batteries we know they're dangerous and all

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