New Faculty Outdated Habits


New Faculty Outdated Habits

This month, tumbl track is having an inventoryreduction sale 15% off. Lots of goodies like apparel. Let's see, you can practice holdinghandstands in your hotel room for hours like Chelsea Memmel does. And her travel videos,which I love, Visit tumble track at t. U m b l t r. A k tumble track .com train smarter.Remember the show is PG 13, so you might hear a naughty word or two.It's finally the Olympic year, you guys. Jordan Chiles had a cheeky response to anuninformed food restriction comment from two coaches. Mary Lou Retton talked about hermystery pneumonia, and USA Today still has a lot of questions. Shawn Johnson revealedshe had an addiction to Adderall during her comeback. And we have all the days from theopening of college season, including the off.

The hinges commentary we got.It's January 8th, 2024, and welcome to number one gymnastics podcast in the Galaxy. I'mjust here with Spencer from the balance beam situation. One note if you have received agift subscription for the holidays, someone gave you a gym classic as a gift. Make sureto email customer service such as to get help adding behind the scenes to yourfavorite podcast player because something has to be done specially for if you're a giftee.Otherwise there's a link in the form on how to do it. Okay, so the most important thinghappened in college in cocktails is back, which is.Most important. Pick a meet. Talk about it. We have a cocktailthat goes with everyone, a mocktail for me.

And all of you nondrinkers out there thatgoes with every meet. And it's back. Spencer, We had it last Friday night, so you can listento that now. And we have an upcoming schedule for this week.Yes, this week. College and cocktails day drinking a dish. And we're going to do iton Saturday 3 p.m. Pacific Time following the Utah, Oklahoma, UCLA, LSU quad meet that'sairing on Big Girl ABC in the U.S. So we'll be at a different time than our usual nothingon Friday, Saturday, 3 p.m. Pacific College and Day cocktails.Let's start with a couple headlines from the past week's number one, Mary Lou Retton. Sotwo things happened this week. USA Today did a interview with Mary Lou Retton and her daughtersabout her illness and about the Go Fund me.

That they put up for her when she was sick.And Mary Lou Retton and her daughter did an interview on the Today Show about her illness.So one of the things we learned is that she went to get her nails done with her daughterone day and the next day couldn't get up off the floor because she couldn't catch yourbreath, couldn't can breathe, was sent to the hospital. They weren't listening to her.She was there for a week. She wasn't getting good treatment.They moved her to another hospital. How many women can relate to that, first of all? youwent to get treatment. They wouldn't listen to you. So they also said that she testedfor COVID, RSV, all the things, and they don't know what caused this mystery rare form ofpneumonia.

In the USA Today article, her daughter saidthat Mary Lou Retton could not afford health care because of preexisting conditions, whichobviously no. Shortage of afford insurance.Insurance. Right. Sorry, converted hearts, which we know. It was really surprising toeverybody when we saw on the Go fund me that her family put up while she was sick, thatshe was uninsured, as we were like Mary Lou Retton has been working and been a celebrityfor all these years, like how can she not have health insurance?And so we got an answer to that because, number one, we know that it is not legal to not givepeople health insurance because of preexisting conditions anymore, thanks to Obama. But wedo know that health insurance is really expensive.

In the United States. So she said that shecould not afford the health insurance. And we know from many stories over the years thatMary Lou Retton has had over 30 orthopedic surgeries, including four hip replacements.And her daughter says she's in chronic pain every day. So and The Today Show, Mary Louexplained that the reason that she couldn't afford health insurance is because duringCOVID, all of her speaking engagements dried up. And then because she didn't have speakingengagements, she dropped her insurance because she couldn't afford it. USA Today went outand found two plans that could cover Mary Lou Retton, including all of her preexistingconditions that would cost between like 530 and 600 and something dollars.But yeah, Mary Lou Retton says she couldn't.

Afford that. So I think there's a couple ofthings that are really surprising to people about this is one is that an athlete who'shad as many as as much popularity and as much fame as Mary Lou Retton did,has her whole life. And we see her in advertisements, I really I didn't know she was still doingads. But then, you know, I was driving to a gymnastics meet in an Uber and the guy wastelling me all about the driver was like, gymnastics. Mary Lou Retton. Yeah, she's sellingall the menopause drugs. And I was like, Really? So that's.Where you get all your all your details and scoops from.From the boomer drivers. Yeah. Yeah.So,.

We know there are a lot of stories of athletesover years and years and years, tragic tales of people like rising to fame, having a lotof money and then losing it all. We don't know what the reason. I mean, Mary Lou Rettonsays that she just didn't have work and that's why she couldn't afford insurance. She didsay that she does have insurance now. I just want to speak to on this is the twothings can be true at once. So gymnastics fans can be really disgusted with Mary LouRetton as a human being because she chose to go to Congress and speak to some representativesagainst the Safe Sport law with Steve Penny and another board member of U.S. Gymnasticsand other other political stance that she that she's held and has been vocal about.On the other hand, I think you can definitely.

Feel for someone that can't afford insuranceand for her kids who are standing by her side being like, it's okay to die if you need todie, like, that's awful. I just want to acknowledge that two thingscan be true ones at the same time. Spencer, what are your thoughts?I don't think I have any. Okay. I don't think. Yeah, that's fine.Sorry. There's a first for everything. When we starttalking about college scoring, then I definitely have thoughts. Yeah.My thoughts is universal health care would be great. So would it be great if Mary LouRetton changed her stance on things and was like, this is why we should have thought to.Yeah, she could be like the salmon for mental.

Health of universal health care and be like,Wow, this is the great thing about a socialized medical system.Suni showed that she's back in the gym doing some gymnastics. This is very exciting becausewe got sort of an update from Jeff's brother on the.That's that's what's that's a D is when you can't remember whether it's Jess or Jeff.So you just say Jeff just agree but yeah Jess North.Jeff is in the South. Sorry guys. I am recovering from the Christmas illness that is still notover. So forgive. I'm trying to hit the mute when I cough, but it's one. I was going well,he just said she's doing better, but said nothing about gymnastics. So then she's like,It's Monday. Boom. I'm doing a layout mounted.

To back handsprings.Yes. So I'm really happy to see that she's doing really well. Okay. Did you.See this? Is that going to be layout mount back, handspring layout, step out layout,step out. Obviously it's Suni.No pressure, anything. But just I saw that and I was like, okay, layout mount back answeringlayouts. I haven't like upset about that. I can't. Can you just.Like, it's so buttery, smooth. There is no hesitation. It's perfectly you couldn't dothat sequence any better. Like Suni is just it's just so good at gymnastics.She good? Yeah. I don't know if, you know, she won the Olympicslike I know. Okay. Did you see the story in.

People magazine that Shawn Johnson.Shoot that you think I saw story in People magazine? But no, I did not answer to thatquestion just now. I can't you know, they did that sexiest manalive. And I really thought it was like an Onion article. I thought it was a joke becauseI was like, this can't be real, right? But I guess some people's agents pay a lot, Iwould assume. Yeah. But I'm also rankings of sexiest manalive would not be like the the public like popular choice.That's true. But also you have you have your specific tastes.I do. But also the guy they put on the I mean he's perfectly fine like the sexiest man alive.I mean come on. So Shawn Johnson revealed.

In this article that she got during her comebackafter the 22,008 Olympics that she got addicted to Adderall. And because of that addiction,she refuses all pain meds, even though you know how she is like four feet tall and herhusband's a hundred feet tall. And they have all those kids.Exactly. And she this is the thing. I'm like, my God,she's even more like superhuman than we already knew she was After she posted a video of herselflike nine months pregnant, doing a one hour enhancement. Gasol, She had her third cesareanthird child via cesarean. I don't know if it's her third cesarean, but earlier thismonth and that is when she was like, yeah, I don't take any painkillers at all becauseof this Adderall addiction.

And I think that I'm not saying this is thecase for Shawn Johnson at all, but I think that this is one of the things that we'veheard that is one of the toxic traits of some of the coaches who have been dismissed fromtheir positions because they have suggested and I'm not saying Chao did this, I've heardabout more of this in college, but that it's been suggested to them, you are you're havinga problem with your weight in college. just go say these things and get an Adderallprescription. That's literally something we've heard about a coach that was dismissed. SoI'm not surprised to hear the story. And she said she was prescribed by a not gooddoctor and she has talked a lot about her struggles withperception of her weight in the past.

Club gym nerd. You get discounts and firstdibs on live show tickets, an extra whole podcast every week. Athlete dossiers for majorcompetitions, code guides, options to commission your own segments. It also makes a great gift.Check it out at gym cast accom at the join the club tap. Okay. Are we ready to discuss college season?Yes. The greatest kick off commentary event we've ever had.That's all you want to talk about. No gymnastics. Talk about just the commentary comedy, gold.So we have the Super six team, Las Vegas, Mean Girls, super Sweet, 16, Vegas, etc. ExtravagantAuthor of Chaos to open the season for the second straight year. Oklahoma to talk a littlebit about the gymnastics first before we get.

To what we really want to talk about, Oklahomabegan the season dominant performance surprising no one there at a19785, which was more thana fall, better than any other team's first week score.It's very typical for how Oklahoma starts. This is how they start every season. That'sthe strategy. Like we're going to start. We don't peaking is not a conversation. It'sjust like, no, we start winning and then we keep winning. That's actually that's justthe plan. And we're going to do that and start. By destroying everyone's dreams of comingclose to them is their strategy, and it works for them every year.Yeah, it works. And so first week rankings look very similar to the first week rankingsthat we've seen for the last decade. More.

Importantly, we started the season with absolutebedlam with this beat. Okay, so this Vegas meet two years in a row, just like chaos.Chaos. There's no we got the YouTube streaming announcement 24 hours before the meet began.That's that's when we were ready to know that that was helpful for everyone. And then wehave the now legendary, I think, commentary duo of Jess Grabe and Didi Bro and the Can'tLook Away Garbage was broadcast. So if you're not aware Jess Graber and Didi Bro, both veryaccomplished gymnasts, coaches, not professional broadcasters.Yeah, just the coach of Suni Lee, Olympic champion and Didi was the coach for 40 yearsor something at LSU. Legend Yeah, this is it was 43 years. This is what happens whenyou don't hire professionals. It is the greatest.

Gift to geographics, and mostly because it.Was a gift to all of us. Yeah. And I think that you talked about we talkedabout this at length on behind the scenes on Friday.I did about it more like week one because then there was more of it.But I mean, this is the thing you talked about. You're like, yeah, it's almost like this jobis really hard and it is. Being a commentator is crazy hard. Like people go to school forthis because it's that hard and they practice a lot. And this is why I always say, no, Idon't want to do commentary because it's so hard and I do not possess those skills.I can talk about things afterwards, but not in the moment.So it's very hard to get used to for commentators.

To get used to having a producer talking inyour ear that you're supposed to listen to but not react to like it's a natural humaninstinct to say like, okay, when someone tells you something, but you have to ignore it.Like, that's one thing that gets like it's a very difficult to get used to for commentators.And one of the reasons you see people like grow and get a lot better as we see like formercollege gymnasts who go into commentary at first you're like, no, Like for most of themyou're like, no, no, no, no. Even Kathy Johnson was out in the beginning.Three, four years later, you're like, you got it now.Yeah, it's a really hard skill. And you could I mean, this is why you see, like John Roethlisbergerand Sam Patrick and Allie Hochman have binders.

And binders of information and notebooks,like there's so much research that goes into it, let alone being good in the moment. Sothis so anyway. Hard. And so if you're not a professional,it ends up being hilarious. And we have. Compassion for you, but now we're going tomake. Fun of it because I feel.Like my did it too. Were they aware that there was gymnastics.Gymnastics going on? And like 30% of the time they were definitely aware that there wasgymnastics going on, whether they were aware of what routine was being shown or what theywere supposed to be watching at any time. That's unclear because especially once JordanChiles joined them, which was a smart move.

On their part because it's like you can'tmake fun of us now because Jordan's here. Look at Jordan isn't dancing. Everyone loveher. Listen, everyone, look. Jordan Chiles. Now this is what's happening. Look at that.And not on how we don't really know how to do commentary exactly.My favorite comment from my friend on this was not only was the coverage split screen,so was their commentary. How have any two people ever so passionately ignored the factthat the other person was talking? Yeah. When Jordan got there, sometimes allthree of them were watching three views and talking about them over each other. Then youhad no. Idea what they're talking about. Someone wouldfall and someone to be like, That was great.

She really hit that ball and I was like, Whatare you talking about? Yeah, but.I enjoyed hearing the coaching strategy and the coaching parts. Like, I could see whyboth of them are good at specific aspects of their jobs while they were doing commentary,and I really enjoyed the questions that she asked them, like about Tokyo and anyway. Butwe can get into good stuff later. Let's talk about.What just like, good stuff. That's not that's not what I'm interested in talking about.I'm interested in when we got to Jeopardy and TV were just equipment confusion and thenyellow bars as starting as they got to floor. That was what I was here for. But honestly,I feel like they kind of unintentionally made.

The perfect broadcast for the ticktock generationbecause it was not it was not about being polished, it was not about being finished,finalized professionalism. It was like zero planning, zero research,chaos and go, yes, yeah. And there was like, this is exactly what some people were lookingfor. So many excellent, excellent moments. Someof my friends who. Fit right into that because she was like,you know, I feel like Jordan's energy during trials, she's the queen of like, I have noidea what's going on or what any of us were saying, but I'm going to be enthusiastic andI am going to say yes, absolutely to whatever nonsense you just said. Like when Deedee askedher about how she puts together a team lineup,.

And Jordan's like, I've never put togetheryou before. It's not her job. But she's like, Yes, absolutely.Queen has been born like that. Jordan was positive.No matter what happened. You just say yes, absolutely.And it works, including. So the worst thing that happened in all of this is Jess and Eddiesaid something very damaging that is incorrect and false. And they said that something aboutJordan Chiles and, you know, should she be eating popcorn, She probably won't be eatingpopcorn because she's training for the Olympics, which if you're a normal human being, youwere like, what the what is the popcorn in Vegas?Poison. Why can't you eat it if your train.

Is they do they drug test it for Paris? Whatare they talking about? So suffice to say those two seem to be under the uninformed,ignorant assumption that certain foods are bad fuel for athletes. And that is not true.See gymnast Ardi on on the ticket on the TikTok and Instagram she has great information fordebunking these myths about food and fuel. I really like what she's doing but anywaythis is what Jordan posted after they made that comment. Spencer will you describe.She is holding popcorn in a movie theater and throwing it with the caption no harm,no foul, all fun because Jordan lives here. Jessica Yes, she stays positive even thoughsome crazy shit was said. And I love that about Jordan.Speaking of the crazy shit that was said,.

I really wish we had a camera on Jordan. WhenDidi was watching MJ Frazier's routine and said that her choreography fit her exoticlook. E So then everyone was like, wait, this used to be fun.And now and now. Not now, it's not. I've decided to go deafso that I can continue watching it with me. Can you explain the and also Jordan joinedwhen she said that someone got gypped. And of course, you know, if you don't know thatgypsies are real, a real group like I grew up thinking Gypsies, that's like fairies,right? Like, those don't really exist. They're just some fairy tales. But this is a bad namefor a group of the Romani ethnicity. And it's all these are, you know, like sayingsomeone got Welsh terrible. It's against the.

Welsh people. You can't say that. So there'sa lot of examples. So if you don't know these things clearly, Dee Dee doesn't understandwhy this comment is an it's not okay to say. Can you explain why we don't say things likethat? Because I mean, it's revealing of an assumptionof whiteness as the default or norm, and that anyone who is not white is there for otheror different or exotic or strange. It doesn't feel great.I did find some of the things that they said interesting. So when Dee Dee was asking Jordanhow she handled stress, how did she like to be coached? Jess Graber like so often waslike the talking about these coaches are constantly talking to athletes before the events. Youknow, he doesn't like to be talked to her.

Do you like to be talked to?And Jordan was like, Yeah, I've experienced both thousands of but in college and eliteNina, she's like Cecile and they're all just let me do my thing. And also just told thestory of Jordan getting the Chilean crowd into her performance at the Pan Am Games,which I love. And he's like, talk about, you know, a crowd that's an away event.They're not on your side. Yeah, he's like, she is She got the whole pan sort of his noton Jordan's side. Come on now. Dee Dee asks how it wasn't Tokyo not being able to cheerbecause of COVID and then having no crowd because of course, as a college coach, youunderstand the power of the arena. The power of the show. But is the whole.Thing exactly which we this is one of the.

Things we love about college gymnastics. Soit was interesting because Jordan and Jess looked at each other like, what are we goingto say about this? And then they were like, Well, it was like 5050. It was in a way, goodbecause it made everyone bond. They bonded with the men's team more.Everyone was closer because they were so isolated. But on the other hand, it was really hardbecause there are so many things that they couldn't do and they were so annoyed thatthey were tested. Like, you know, I was like the whole media was constantly and you stillkind of cheer. But I thought that was interesting. Also, Jordan said, You know, because JessGraves also had a lot of thoughts about two past routines, which I love because I'm like,If you can't dance, you can't get away with.

The two pass routine.So too fast routines are for people that actually understand artistry, and that's why I likethem much, Jordan said. Two faster teams are okay as long as you bring the artistry. Andshe was like, But I'm a three pass girl. I enjoyed Jordan, so it would be like, feellike a waste. Yeah, if I could do nine. Do you want nine passes?I can do. Anything. Let's see, I'm a nine pass girl.She could be like, just yell out a pass right before I go and I'll do it in my routine.Like, that's fine for me. Yeah. I think Jordan actually has potential as a commentator. Sheneeds practice and she needs more education around that. She needs all that training.But I was really I, you know, normally when.

You give toward the mic, there's a littlebit of chaos and she's fun. But, you know, it's like all over the place.But I was like, wow, this is like the grownup in the room over here. And she's doing a greatjob. There were times there was so many times whenshe was the one who was like, okay, let's bring it back to gymnastics. Let's all focushere. It's like actually Alabama's team scoring floor was a 49.25. Let's clarify the facts.Let's talk about the routines we're watching. Jordan was like, I am naturally already incharge of this. I want to talk about this. Let's talk aboutit as a class. Okay. Okay, I'm ready. The topic for discussionon.

This will be on the quiz. Jess kept sayingsoon, Coach technique. A technique error doesn't mean it's a deduction. And a lot of peoplethought this was hilarious. And we're like, he doesn't understand the code. And I waslike, No, I totally understand what he's saying. So what do you interpret from that?I understand where you're going with this. I think that it kind of gets into like unnecessarysemantics over what you mean by an error. Like, what are you defining as an error? BecauseI think of an error as like a mistake specifically a mistake. Like not something that you plannedto do. So that's why I would be like, well, an error is a deduction, but there are varietiesof technique, like it's possible to have learned something not the normal way you would teachsomething and it works for you and not have.

That be a deduction.Cyanobacteria error doesn't mean a deduction. I think what he specifically meant was likeif it's you know, if it's not perfect, it's an error, like because it's gymnastics. Soyou're trying to do a spotlight perfectly. So if some regular but you're not, you know,equal and you're split, you're that's not perfect. So I was thinking of examples ofthis like Bridget Sloan. Setting.For her double pike by arching backwards and looking at the floor. That is not the righttechnique and anywhere. I think Flavia doesn't like that too, but they both have great doublefigures. It's not a deduction, so I wouldn't classifythat as an error. That's just you learned.

It the way you're not really supposed to,but it's not a mistake. Okay. So we interpret it differently.So that's just like it's just an issue of interpretation. But I get where what the sentimentis, which is like just because you do it weirdly doesn't mean it's a deduction like I think.But there are also technique errors that would be deductions like we talk all the time aboutMcKayla Skinner where it's like nothing. You this shouldn't work the way she does thingbut it does it works for her. But then if you're like doing a chunk andone of your hands doesn't touch the vault because that's how you learned it, that'salso a deduction. Yeah, that's, that's, you know, that's a different technique, but it'salso you're not.

Channeling Olson is another person. I seethat. I watch her gymnastics and I'm like, no. And then it's perfect. Like, she justdoesn't need because of her, the way her body moves. She doesn't need the technique thatthe rest of us would do what they do and land on her heads and she does a triple doubleor whatever she does. Okay, another question for the class. Everyoneweigh in on this, Greg, and posted on the threads that he does not like. Paraphrasingthese. He doesn't like paraphrasing.And he doesn't like these new invitational meets and he thinks they're a money grab.And the real place that colleges should be spending their money and competing is in frontof their own college audiences. And to develop.

That relationship with the college. And thatis where you know, you should be, where your base is.Thoughts? I don't disagree. I think that it is you want the you don't get the fan support.Like as a viewer. It's kind of especially that first session, which was middle of theday on a Friday. Yeah it was good, Dad. It's like, you know, some world championships andsome Doha level crowd. Yeah, which you don't want. That's not fun to watch.And it's the same kind of the same way with nationals. Like, I'm of the opinion that Nationalsshould be at a host institution rather than at a neutral venue. Yeah, I think they getmore engaged. It's more fun. So like, yeah, I get that. Especially as either as a coachwho's trying to build a team or a fan base.

A following for a team.You want to be competing at home and as a viewer, you want the you want. It's more funto watch. Like, you know, the LSU home. Me It was a way more enjoyable viewing experiencein terms of just like the fans being super into it than the Super 16 was.Yeah and I think this is, you know, capitalism. This is not going to stop. I think the othersports have these big like there's like a million national championship sports ballgamesand they're all over the place. They're not, you know.And I understand why teams like this in terms of the podium and they get to compete on podium,it's more opportunities to compete on podium. Fact Checker wants to be a character thatbowl games are not national championship games.

My God, whatever the Taco.Bell Pop-Tart game, I can be tangent and I don't understand why college football hasjust all these random games. Money, capitalism. I know, I know, I know why not like that.But like I know it's so late I, I honestly like obviously one of these games we watchedwell I didn't watch it goes on in our household which you know I'm opposed to but I'm in lovewith someone who likes the football. So a lot of your words.Don't make. Sense.Or it's the only thing that's. Wrong with the coupe. Perfect.But they had I was like, my God, I feel so awful for them. They got no, they have to,like, start in August and they have to compete.

All the way through the first of the year,the first week of January. So they get no break, they get no time off, they get no timeaway from school and classes and then they have the stupid thing they have to do in thespring. No. Or they sell tickets. They're dumb showsin the spring like it's terrible and it's all the money, you know.It's you have to be playing football. worst the worst part about the real punishment.God. Anyway, football's the worst. did you see.The lesson of this episode? Football's the worst. But did you see? I was a commentator.At one of these sports, of all things. They had someone in. Maybe it was the BYU cougar,and they came out and did High bar and did.

Like a triple back or double back dismountin the fall, you know, be soon. And I was like, Of course, this is the only way youmake sports fall exciting is you add gymnastics to it Duh.Now it's fixed. okay. Was it guard Young? I don't think itwas. But I bet he could still do it.The other thing I do want to say is we were talking on college and cocktails about tryingto follow the quad meets from the Super 16 on various and how it was not set up for thatbecause you had to pick two teams and one apparatus to look at those scores. Even thoughthere were four teams and four apparatuses was much better for a dual meet on the dualmeets where you could see like the scores.

For the two teams and the events they wereboth competing on at the same time. It was like, I can kind of follow what's goingon now, which I could not. During the last 16. So that was better.This is what I want to happen. And by the way, it's a ver t s vr t AUC, which we talkedabout many times on the show, Not Virtue was. I thought you were correcting me. I know.Obviously I think expense I was so offended. My God.He called it virtuous twice and I was like, 0dddd. This is like, you know, one of thethings like calling mean girls, like bad Girls or something. You can't do this to like thesponsors and partners anyway. But I this is my dream is Ferdia does all the meets andthen feeds it to road to nationals. And then.

We get all of our statistic X and all of ourdetails. So we get all of our details in real timelive from various and then we get all our stats from road to nationals. And this wouldmake the perfect marriage which this meet is on obviously roads nationals because allthe meets go but I would like various to take over everything.So. You guys I as I am hitting the mute buttonso much but I am coughing my ass off so I'm going to be I'm going to be letting Spencertalk a little more. You know. I like news parts that I don't pay attentionto and they are talking about them. And now I'll do the gymnastics parts and it'll begreat.

I am struggling over here. Okay, so let'stalk about college gymnastics. Yes, but actual competitions, not the commentary,but maybe probably some of the commentary. Now, first thing I want to talk about is arefresher. Can you explain to everybody about the new rule, the new stick rule?Salute rule, the finish position. This is what it's called because this is cotillion.You have to after landing, whether you stick or you step or whatever happens after you'redone with your landing, you have to hold a finished position for at least one second.And a finish position is legs, straight, arms. And you can you know, you could have someleeway in there. But the important part is legs straight, armsup. You can do things with your arms up as.

Utah is. I think they're trying to do a flashof the you. Know, like in your.Finish position, you like it. You're always against like, well, I don't like.I don't like it in your routine. It doesn't belong in your gymnastics. But if you wantto land and like, put your fingers in the air or whatever you want to do after yourroutine, I'm totally fine with that go crazy. And I think it's like a solid weight that'slike a solid reminder. Like you're not going to forget if you have an assignment with yourfinish position, like you have to flash the you. Because I think the lesson this weekwas that old habits die hard because it kind of surprising to me how many people just legitforgot and you could see them forget, which.

Is also funny to watch as a viewer becauseyou can see them that like I'm going to turn to the judges and then they'll go, I forgot.Sorry everybody. Hey, teammates, I love you. Sorry, I just lost this. I found because Iforgot. I mean, I thought everyone would be drillingthis and drilling this and drilling this. But then when we saw the preemie hibernate,the people not doing it on their hype nights, I was like, you guys are going to get allthe deductions. But then I was like, Maybe they're like, this will be like the pausededuction, which isn't taken anymore, even though it exists apparently still.But yeah, I think that it was so such a thing. There was so much education about it beforethe season and so many things for the judges.

And so many things that I assumed it wouldbe more of a thing. I it is more of a thing. Of course, I would like it displayed as aneutral deduction so that we know when it's been taken and when it hasn't been, becauseat this point I can assume, because I saw plenty of vaults, especially where they didn'thold the finish position. And I'm assuming that's priced into the score,but we don't know that nine, seven, five could have just been the execution of the vaultand how it was evaluated. So I'd like to be able to see, obviously, because we want tosee everything. But yeah, I think it's I think it's a thing enough teams clearly have superdrilled it in that it is important enough to them and they view it as, you know, a freetwo and a half tenths, which is basically.

What it is if you're like, especially if you'rea lower ranked team. I'm like, Yeah, drill that in because that'sa free half 10th in every routine. Like when Amy Boorman was talking about, yeah, you couldon beam, you could learn to upgrade your punch front tuck to a punch wrap pike, or you canjust do a ton of relevé and those are both a that's a free 10th. Then instead of upgradingthat front to a front, like, it's like that's how I view the finished position.It's like that's a free half term, if you remember, because everyone could do it. EvenI knew I could do a finish position, even though.Spencer could do it. If I can do it at the free house, what woulddo? I thought you said you weren't going to.

Ask questions because I.Know what I'm trying not to think. However, to do. What would you do with your fingers?Okay. Nothing. Nothing with the fingers that we'regoing to see. So I feel like it's just the beginning of teams figuring out somethingyou can do when you hold your finish position. because you think you can't, like, pump yourarms and things because that would be not holding it.But you could heart over your head. But you could do something with your armsup. Yeah. You could ha you can peace sign, you could,you could kiss your fingers and then put them up like.Yeah, I think we're, we're definitely going.

To see the evolution of that. What's interestingabout like habits and not remembering is that now there are so many more stages that yousee now of landing where people are trying to shoehorn in their finish position to alltheir other habits that they've learned over the years and have at the end of their routine,like you'll see someone absorb a landing for a second and then show the finished positionfor a second and then go into their crazy to lean back solute where the ponytail hitsthe butt. And then they turn to the judges and it endsup looking like a malfunctioning robot from a 1960s cartoon. That's like spark, becausethere's so many different moving parts and different limbs, full limbs going every whichway. And sometimes it's taking like 9 minutes.

That is stupid, romantic stuff. I'm like,My God, just hold still, stand. Up for a second holding still and then leave.It so hard to remember. And that's my question about because you don't have to salute thejudges. Okay?That's not a thing. You all right? The world was just rocked for99.9% of our listeners. Explain exactly what you mean by you don't have to salute the judges.You when you finish your routine. This is the finish position as a rule on vault barsand beam. You finish your routine. You have to land. You have to hold your finished positionfor one second with just leg straight arms up in the direction that you landed. Thenyour routine is done. You can't be evaluated.

On anything else.You can run away. You do not have to turn to the judges. You don't have to acknowledgethem in any way at the end of your routine. Every single person does. And I my questionis, is that just not getting communicated or is that just too hard to unlearn whereit's like it is not worth getting in your head about unlearning of this habit becauseit's not like it's wrong to do. It's not a penalty to do. So just do it ifthat's what's natural. There's not you don't need to add another piece.So two things you do have to salute to start. Yes, you have to do it. You have to acknowledge.Yeah, you have to show finish. I think that this will never the military aspect of gymnastics,which is the show a deference to authority.

And the authority is the judges is the partthat even if no one would tell their gymnasts not to do, even if you don't have to do itbecause the perception of deference to power, deference to the judges, courtesy to the judgeslike that is such a part of gymnastics. I think even more an instrument semanticsthan it is in women's. And so I don't think it's.Yeah, I can't say, okay, I but I get it. Yeah. You're saying you're telling me it's not goingaway anytime soon. The living with judges and that's a very stressful thing to hear,but I will accept the other thing. It's stressful for you. Yeah, it was tough for a lot of gymnasts.I'm seeing holding the finished position for like a one month and then stopping, whichis actually fine because saying one 1000 is.

Way longer a second, like if you count itout, one 1000, that's longer than you need to hold it.So it's fine if you hold the finish position and I can't say one 1000 before you leavebecause it's longer than a second. I thought they would be a lot safer with it and go theDenver route and just be like 9 minutes. I'm going to stand here. You can't take a deductionfor me. I mean, you.Will not be allowed to. I do love the nine minute because, you know,I love. But you have to stick like if you're just doing it. Not done. Not 9 minutes. Youdidn't stick just. Boom.And go yeah because but if you stick, you.

Should stay there for 9 minutes. Look backat it is wink twerk and then get your finish. Yeah. Then step away.Because you can do that for your one second. You can do that for your one second.Not navigate. Yeah. When you're done obviously. Yeah. But I did see some times where dismountsthat would have been a stick last year. But like for people who remember you, we're tryingto hold the finish position and then realized like halfway through the second that theycouldn't and then they stopped and I'm like, okay, we should that would have been a sticklast year. And we're seeing that like that is emphasizing that, showing that there wasa lack of control, which is what it's there to do.It was like, I wasn't necessarily have known.

You could have faked it before. I wouldn'thave known that there was a lack of control in that landing and now you can't fake it.So that was that's a positive, I think. And that's the whole point is to make it easierfor judges to take this deduction when it's or.To force them to take deduction to take an actual deduction. Other news in the non Oklahoma.Okay I have one question. For you, though, before we go on.How is this rule going to last or is it going to go to the way of the dodo like the pauserule did that was taken for like two weeks and then all the judges stopped taking itunless it was egregious. Like you stood there for 10 seconds.I think it's going to last. But maybe that's.

Naive on my part.I think the coaches like it because it differentiates where well, where there is no differentiation.But you will get to corrupt or correct in a second when we talk about no differentiation.Breaking bars, but TV's going to hate it because it interrupts the celebration of that momentof you stick, celebrate, the team goes crazy. And that's one of the great things about collegegymnastics. So yeah, they mean the like the cagey instructionalvideo about the finished position. They made a point like we still want everyone to celebrate.That's fun. We don't want to lose that. You just have to wait for one second. Which itdoes. You know it. Harsh is the flow. Some people just like to give us no stringsattached money. They don't want to bother.

With joining Club Gym nerd, and so they justdonate. You can find our donate button for a no strings attached donation at the bottomof the club page at gym Cast Akam forward slash club.But I want to talk about beam because for everyone who was an Oklahoma almost beam wasbeam and it defined the first week of the rankings, the first week of competition, especiallyat the Super 16 meet because we had LSU and UCLA count, it falls on beam in their firstweek. Callan, Michigan. Basically it falls on beamlike they had wobble Barker rotations and 95496. So you know it was essentially countinga fall It ended up that only Oklahoma and Utah among the teams in the preseason topeight hit a real hit hit six for six on beam,.

Not just to stay on, which is, you know, it'sweek one, but also beam beam as separator. Not necessarily a surprising development,but will be worth watching, especially those teams that had falls in the first week. Howthey then progress because for some schools that's all right you fell in the first weekwe have depth. We want to give other people an opportunity. We're going to slot someoneelse in to the lineup or give someone else a chance or you or more harshly stay in it.You lost your because we fell in competition. Other teams are going to say we need thisto be our lineup and we're going to stick with this six. Some teams will stick witha, B and six the whole season. And so that's something I would be interested to keep aneye on for LSU, UCLA, Cal, Cal, Michigan,.

Maybe less so because they don't have a tonof options. But like, do we see for UCLA, do we see afree to as far as I come in on beam for LSU, do we see like maybe an anti beard, whichI would like to see at some point come in on beam? There are lots of you know, LSU has90 people on the roster this year. There are lots of people who could come in on beam,but then, you know, it's Connor. Of course you want Connor in the lineup. Soit creates a strategy issue that I'm looking forward to watching in the next couple ofweeks, what they decide to do about that now. We do now have a fantasy league. You can goto gymnastics and join the fantasy league, join the public League to play with everybodyyou know, privately with your friends. What.

What changes are you making based on thisto your fantasy? Have you thought about that? See, I thought a lot about it. Obviously,my Beam lineup actually, I had five whole teams that went so that was like very successful,even though I had a like a lot of nine, five, seven, nine, six and nine sevens. So I'm gonnakeep, keep I'm keeping my beam because you competed and I feel like maybe you'll continuecompeting and have any falls on beam and everyone can beat it so I will take it.Was it like floor where I had Jade, a Battle of Georgia, who was a freshman who is great,And I was like, She's surely going to compete on floor because she's amazing. She did vaultShe had been she was wasn't the floor lineup I'm like keypads it's not what we were lookingfor keypads yes Miley O'Keefe is maybe one.

You would want in your beam lineup becauseshe got a ten and was the number two that her beam routine was the number two selectedroutine in our entire fantasy league. Haley Bryant's vault was number one. My lipsbeam was number two and, you know, paid off ten. Miley became the active. Now she's theactive career leader. Intense because Trinity is not in college gymnastics anymore. So thenthat goes to Miley O'Keefe. She has 12 tens, which moves her into sole possession of 13thon the all time list. She moves ahead of Katelyn Ohashi and AshleyMyles. Speaking of whom, if you as head coach at Iowa State, Iowa State's best first meetscore since K.J. was the head coach. And did you see that like six or seven ofher teammates from Alabama showed up to her.

First meet to support her? I love that. Ithought that was so freaking cool and just shows like how close people get with theirteammates and how these like friendships last. Felix Those feelings, yes. We also had a ten,our other 10 to 10, it was a 210 weekend. We had Sage Kellerman at Michigan State Handspringpick half stuck, landing ten. It's the fifth ten in Michigan State history. And well, likewhen you know, when Utah has the 10th like great job, Miley You're the 900,000,000thtown in Utah history. But for a program like Michigan State that'snever been this close to being one of the best teams or at least has something, youknow, in a really long time, it's very exciting. And shout out to the perfect nine and fiveto what are the schools going to do, like.

Shakopee Campbell, 9 to 5, What are the schoolsgoing to do with these ten record boards? Are they going to put the nine, nine, fivepeople up there? Does that not count anymore? Does that not count anymore? That's nevercounted. It's not a ten. but it was perfect.That's not what we're talking about. We're talking about did you get a ten? lots of thesetens are not perfect as we know. That's true. It was a.Also did I did want to talk about Missouri also in the topic of beam Missouri had a greatresult First meet record for Missouri a 190 715 and hit a big beam score, which I wasparticularly interested in watching because with Missouri this year on beam, no how andwho know? Alyssa Sheremet? No. Casey Joe McGee,.

Who has now the head coach at Pitt.So it was like, has all the magic gone? Did all the magic leave of this beam rotationor are they still really good? And Sienna Schreiber was like, Well, I'm still here.We're still pretty good. The hottest driver was like, You're welcome.You're welcome. I'm still here. But yes, a very successful first beam rotation withoutCasey Jim McGee for this Missouri, you what? Are we ready for a cracker? Correct. Or doyou have any other. my God, Yes. We don't call it cracker, correct?That's right. It's right. There. Correct. Sorry, guys. Correct. Correct.Or corrupt? Correct. Yes. I'm ready. I'm ready to talkabout correct or corrupt. And by that, I mean.

I'm ready to talk about the bars judging fromthe Super 16 me, which I did appreciate our commentators classification of this as barswas the house that was giving out the full candy bars on Halloween. Yes, I liked thatas a description and it was accurate. Also super.Weird. That Deedee likes Butterfinger bars. I waslike, Nobody likes those, but I guess such showing like, do people still eat Butterfingerbars? We're going to get so many letters. I don't. I don't.So I don't I don't dislike them. I know it wouldn't be the pick, but I don't dislikethem. Yeah, I mean, it's chocolate, but I'm notgoing to buy one.

Sometimes they are too hard.If they are, I'm like, if I'm going to break it. Like it's what is inside it.Yeah, I mean, that's a good question. What's inside anyway? Well, what is this?by the way, Haley Bryant leads our standings. Yes.And then second, as expected. Rayna Worley and Faith Torres for second isMiles on and Jordan Bowers tied for fourth miles on. We haven't typically had in thisconversation because she hasn't been doing bars. But she was in the out of bars. She'sin the last lineup this year, at least right now, so far. So she's up in the top of theall around conversation now, which we know from her like Beam and her Yurchenko One anda half on fault and getting high floor scores.

We always knew that. But now she's in thegroup. Rayna Worley had a great competition, and she was one of the two gymnasts that Didihad heard of beforehand. So she was like Rayna Worley. She's the one. Rayna Worley and OliviaHollingsworth. I know them. They are the ones we were talking about.I was equally as disgusted as just grab. I'm going back to.Cracker, Correct? Correct. Correct. Crutches or creaked.Cracked or corrupt. Yeah.Equally as disgusted as just grow up with the judging.Great by that red grabber. But you're grabbing a Halloween bar. But Graybar.I know now you've taught yourself an incorrect.

Mnemonic because now you're just going tothink about. Yeah, it's like grabbing a grab at a candy bar to, I have to remember Nimrod, He's from Nimrod and that's definitely a great place in Minnesota.Except in the summer. You think. Okay, wow. Yeah. If that wasn't the kind of.I mean, this is how my brain works. You're welcome.Bars Jackson, I we talked about bars judging. Jessica and I were horrified, so I pickedfive five bars routines from the Super 16 meet a varying a roller coaster of deductionsand varying deduction shapes in my opinion. And I assigned them to Jessica to watch, andI wanted a corrupt or correct verdict. What we think was being taken.What wasn't taken, that should be what were.

These judges even doing and what was wrong?Okay. Jade, Carrie, nine, nine, seven, five. So the ten from one judge.Loose legs on two releases, nine, nine max. If you're actually following the dev codeof points, which you're supposed to do. Much more than that. Yeah, I agree. And thatwas one like the one of the things I wanted to compare because we saw really high we talkedabout really high scores on bars like that one. But I didn't think feel it was necessarilyalways consistent. Like if that was a ten from one judge, we would have seen a lot moretense. Right? Like Andy Lee, like when I ranked theseroutines. So we're going to talk about these. But my ranking is Andy Lee was the closestto perfect Audrey Davis second, Jade, Carrie,.

Cierra, Brooks, Taylor The rise.Of the five that. I of the five that were.The five that I selected, obviously we can't talk about every bars routine. I mean, weand I would but you know it would be a lot of routines.And probably only two of those would maybe have the same. I don't know. I would havedifferentiated them all. I think I mean, this is the problem. They're not all the same.They all got it. 999975. Yeah. Jay Carrie got nine and some five andthen Audrey Davis, Cierra Brooks, Andy Lee and Taylor DeVries, which were all nine ninesthat I think I would. They shouldn't be on the same Ranger.And Audrey Davis like you know she's the best.

Bar worker and she's absolutely perfect rhythmic,rhythmic. Her bars are rhythmic, but also you're crazy.She does rhythmic gymnastics on bars. On bars. That's how good she is. You couldhave maybe take it for rhythm on her squat jump. And then, you know, she lands her dismount.She always has her feet apart. And she didn't absorb her landing. She had a little tinybounce. So that those are all deductions. Yeah. So I'm fine with 994. Audrey Davis onbars. But then, you know, if you're saying that that's a99, then no one else should belike no one else who doesn't stick because she didn't stick. No one else who doesn'tstick should be up there. That's the problem. Like and this is how Ifeel about and this is our annual reminder.

That we are talking about the judging, notthe problems with the NCAA not having its own code of points, which we hear is comingbut is not here yet. And they're supposed to use a deaf code and they don't. And they'reliterally told in their trainings not to use a deaf code, which it's a level ten code ofpoints, annual reminder that we're talking about that and not the athletes as individualsbecause they are heroes and we love their gymnastics and we are so happy to be ableto talk about their gymnastics. For me.Really a deduction, it's not a personal failing. It's almost like.Deductions in your routine and still be a wonderful and amazing person who works hardand tries their best. Who we like.

And pointing those deductions out isn't mean.It's just pointing out deductions, not a reflection for me. Andy. Liz, your team was the bestbecause the only deduction you could possibly take because everything was perfect, the rhythmwas perfect, the hand sensor perfect. Everything was perfect. Pointed toes on dismount, stucklanding. She maybe you could say was her pirouette over the top of the bar, took too much ofa distance like it wasn't get to the top of the bar pirouette come down.It was start at 30 degrees. Go over the bar, finish at the other side, 30 degrees fromvertical. Maybe you could say that. But to me, that routine was just stunning, absolutelystunning. So why do we think that was on a 99? Was itjust because she was first in the lineup for.

Cal and countless first on bars and theirsession? Was it just we're going to start at the 99 or was we are deducting four pirouettefinishing positions, but not for things like amplitude because I didn't think there wasa lot of amplitude dynamics deducting on bars at this meeting.Yeah, I think they weren't taking four releases that were funky in general.Yeah, there's no deduction for funky. Yeah. So I mean, I love, I feel like Cal Gibbsjust overlooked so much. I mean, they have, you know, is it this year the reigning nationalchampion, a part of that last year but they're very.Good support supporters previously. Was very, very, very clean. And maybe it waslike, well, it was only a double tuck dismount.

And we have all these full twisting doublelayouts coming up. But that's not a deduction you can take.What which one? Sorry. Which is it? Got to quit smoking. Well, I'mjust kidding. I don't. I don't smoke tailored. I feel like the most deductions would havebeen on Taylor device. I don't understand that score.That was the one that surprised me. Yeah that was a score in there, which is she's a greataddition to Oregon State's bars line up, which has been a struggle the last several years.And then it's just like Jane saves the day and they have a lot more depth now on barsBut she like I thought she was going to fall on her shoe.Posh Totally. And she had a fully pike to.

Catch the bar and her rhythm was off. Like,there's a lot of deductions that can be taken in that rhythm form, overall dynamics. Andthen she slid on. Her dismount was tiny, but it wasn't stuck.Yeah, this is one of them that as a 99 compared to like Audrey Davis and Andy Lee, I was like,I don't know. I don't know what we're doing. I don't know what we're taking out, what we'renot picking here. If those are equivalent. Yeah, I would have given that at the most.So 979754 device. And that's the problem. This is gets back to what we always talk about.There's no differentiation over and over and over. We see the same problem.Understand of our opportunities for comedy, our favorite thing. So finally, I think myfavorite best of all was Gabby Gladio. Did.

You see her vault four? This is.So funny. Her amazingly almost amazing. Great. You'reFranco. One and a half great height, you know, a little bit of form. But she almost. Youthought she was going to stick it. She almost stuck it. And then suddenly she's on to hertoes and she's doing multiple breast strokes to try to save it and then leaning over, bendingover at the hips and ends up hopping like a mile.It was great because it was so close to getting like a nine, nine five and it was like a giganticdeduction. But that's a.Classic freshman vault. But she's not a freshman, but she was.Representing for the freshman is.

Showing the freshmen like, it's okay if thishappens. Yeah, you were stuck and then you got too excited about it and now you're almostfollowing. She wanted to be like, remember that firsttime we were at Nausea Cup and we all, like, walked the wrong way off the podium and couldn'tfind the stairs. And, you know, she just wanted to harken back to the days of all of that.Yeah, that was that was an excellent do you think how moment.Things like this happened because people are in their heads about the finish position andthen they're like, I got to get I got to get out, I got to get up and show that finishposition. And then they're like, no, I'm big. It went awry.No, I think I don't think it was the finish.

Position. I think she was just like tryingreally hard to stick, but it totally wasn't there. Like she or did she get up too fast?She's if she's. If she had sat down into that a little more,yeah, I think she could have saved it. But I don't think I was the finished position.I think it was that like, well, what did it let me get out of here before I, I fall God. The sabotage, though you rarely get it.Sabotage. The coach interference moment of the week happened to Emily Shepard of NC State.NC State was at Georgia and who? Emily Shepard had a beautiful bath routine going into Swingfour pack and her coach's hand was in and she ended up kicking coach's hand and havinga huge deduction and form break on what would.

Have been, I think you know, a perfectly lovelypack. Yeah. I mean she would have been fine butliterally her feet catch on his hand and then she has to bend her knees to not have himstop her totally from flipping. It's the gloves. He's wearing gloves. That's how you know,it's going to be bad. That's that's the telltale sign we also had.I wanted to talk a little bit about fantasy gymnastics, because first week you learn newthings. So we have Sage Kellerman, as we talked about giving that ten, the highest scoringhandspring pick half in NCAA does not belong to actually Bryant. So that's something tobe noted for fantasy gymnastics purposes. We also saw some interesting potential underthe radar steals emerged like for Cal we saw.

Jayden Silvers who's never competed vaultbefore did your tank a one and a half an exhibition for nine nine. And if she's doing it likethat every time that's automatically you need that in Cal's vault lineup. So that's somethingthat you know to keep an eye on developments that maybe weren't expected.And I would like to give away our first award. We don't have our final winners of the week,but okay, we'll be giving away an award. But I would like to give our first award awayto the best fantasy league name for a team. Ooh, Yeah.Okay, you can pick one too. But I already picked mine. And it is the fault in our vase.Ah, excellent. So good, right? Yeah.Should I pick one for you too, Spencer?.

You can pick one for me because I'm not lookingat them right now. Okay, I'm going to go with, student storeCarter. That's another one. Okay. I'm glad that you picked a joke. You madeup for my favorite. Your. Because I. I don't remember to compliment Jessica enough, soyou can you do it for me? It's great. I'm here for you, Spencer.Thank you. Okay, so we have a fantasy league now, andwe have an important fantasy update for you. Yes.Okay, here's your fantasy. My loop. You can set your week two lineupsnow that's available. They're going to lock at noon Eastern on Friday. The scores arein progress getting updated. We're going to.

Publish a fantasy newsletter this week withall the fantasy details. So if you've signed up for the league, you'll automatically receivethat newsletter. It will include things like Who's on ABI this week and information aboutwhen the lineups lock and whatnot so you can still join.You didn't have to have signed up before the season started to be part of the game, soif you're still interested, go to gymnastic dot com slash fantasy to join the league.And we have a current leader right now because we don't end till tomorrow after the scoresare done. But our current leader with this is so hard I'm super impressed with our leagueis hard. Yeah. Because you have five up five count.Yeah it's five of you have to know who's competing.

Who's on a buy you a pick really. Well youhave to manage the your roster against your budget which is the hardest part for me. Shocking.I know but our current leader is tip toe stick with 17585.This is like some 1978 team totals. Yeah that's what I'm here for you.That's how Jessica. And I actually scored college gymnastics.These would be the scores that teams would get.Please let us be in charge. Okay. You can join at Jim Cassock dot com slash fantasyand you can also see what teams we are running. Mine is Tricia Woo's Mohawk, which you cantell that I spent my money on my favorites and then was like, Who can I get $4,000? AndI expect my score to be very low because I.

Think I picked some people that didn't evencompete this week. And then Spencer has his name and his. What'syour team name? Little Ezekiel. Yeah, obviously. I thoughtwhat? Spencer. I should have called it Little Rose of Gulliver, in the words of John Pash.But. Spencer, you're going to have to do Jim News,because I don't think I make it through without coughing the whole time.Okay, So things you need to know that are happening in the gym tonight. The Becky Downiedocumentary by Diana Hong. The Comeback Episode two is out right now. You can watch it andit's great. We love it. We've been talking about it a lot. Utah commitment news. PoppyGreat stickler in the British elite world.

Poppy great stickler signed with LSU.So we talked about the national signing period which just started in November. So she signedfor Utah. Did I just say LSU? You might have, but I was I was just readingthe note about how you're currently ranked 39th in the fantasy league, which is my favoritething that's ever happened. So. Well. So what I'm going to say is that was the scorethat is listed next to my name on the Fantasy league is not the score. So the scores arenot fully updated. They are not it's not correct. They're fully updated tomorrow night. Right.On Monday night. Yeah. So, you know, stay tuned. Stay tuned. We'llsee. And also, I'm not going to wait because I got two zeros.That's the ninth. But yeah, we're going to.

Have a winner every week because you can seta new you can pick new you can draft every week and set new lineups every week. So we'llhave weekly winners. And I'm going to have the overall winner. But yeah, but there'sstill 39th there's over 4000 teams on here. You can only see the top 50, but there's over1000. So I mean, that's.Not a sponsor. Yeah, Yeah. So there you and your right. Thank you. Thank you. So a littlerespect for anyway, as I was saying, Poppy, great stickler British elite, signed withUtah to start in the fall. So she will be with them for the 2025 gymnastics season.Simon obviously was named AP Female Athlete of the Year. I mean, that isn't even likeisn't it just implied at this point?.

That's just like, yes, obviously. Who elseare you going to give it to? Well, a soccer, a basketball? no, no. Can you imagine? Horrible.Also. the. Third time she won that.It's only the third time. They've given it to other people who weren't.Samoan Garden rude. Also our favorite website, Uncle Tim's gymnastics hyphen has every piece of sheet music for the compulsory floor from 1958 to 1996. That isa gymnast. If you're not doing this, you cannot call yourself legitimate. This is beyond.No, I love this so much. You know, he can play the freakin piano too, like he can playthis what can't he do? I don't know. Also, this is when there was sheet music becauseit was actually good. And now it's that trashy.

Electro which everyone hates. All right, wedo have time for a couple of letters, and if you have feedback for us, please send itto us at gymnastics team dot com. Or you can go to the forum and posted in theforum at Castaic. And if it's something you want on behind the scenes, which we do everyweek, calls cocktails now during college season put it beats on the subject and then it'llbe just special for the special people. So okay first letter altering vocal deductionsbreakdown. Evan, the engineer, says, I wanted to commenton the idea of doubling the deductions for vault scoring as Jessica mentioned a few timesrecently. Well, the frustration over budget vault scores that don't adequately differentiategymnasts vaults isn't anything new. I think.

It's important to understand the practical,mathematical outcomes of doubling deductions. Chiefly, doing this would not alter the rankingof gymnasts in any way simply by doubling their scored deductions when they're doingthe same vault. It might be more satisfying to an observerto see the larger intervals between gymnasts scores when the final when half the finalis doing a Yurchenko double full on a Lopez. But it's something like a vault final. Therewould be no greater differentiation between those gymnasts. In effect, this would basicallywater down the weight of differences in difficulty values between vaults as doubling the impactof the East Square will respectively have that of the D score, which I think is whatyou want in an all around final where vault.

Scores are combined with those of other pieces,the extensive differentiation of vault scores would in effect just make vault scores morevaluable when gymnasts are doing the same vaults, i.e. one gymnast to10th advantage due to their DTI score would become 4/10 for any vault of commensuratedifficulty, effectively diluting the scores for the other pieces. Since perhaps threequarters of the women in an all around final will vault, you're taking a double fall. Thiswould have appreciable repercussions. One could debate this is good or bad, but it'sa real outcome to consider. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the sensible solutionwould be simply to judge correctly and take the codes prescribed deduction instead ofjust doubling all deductions across the board.

But I think there's a real argument in additionto better, more scrutinizing judging for a code overhaul, altering the weight of somedeductions over others. However, for example, I think out of bounds deductions for steppingover the landing lines on vault remaining small is fine, but The deduction for a vaultfall could be two or three points instead of one.I have a suspicion alicia ceremony might agree. Thanks for reading.I mean, isn't that always the case? Just judge fairly. You know, I always also imagine eventhe engineer, like in a suit, but like. But like in like a tux, but with a protractorwriting these emails and white gloves, even computing. Tell us if that's how I imagine.Because that's the kind of engineer I imagine.

You are not engineer in a blue jumpsuit witha zipper in the front. No engineer in the tuxedo. So anyway, justthink, you know, Evan, I because I have thought about it a lot because I enjoy your, youremails very much. Actresses and assassins. Lexi said thought it was such a great metaphor.Spencer in the college preview. So I gave it a drawing. Nothing beats the show and theJessica Spencer dynamic, and I've never looked back since I became a member for Tokyo. Thankyou. So I love this drawing, by the way. Yes, it is a drawing. It says Actresses inassassins. And on one side there is like a masked caped gymnast with, like, you know,gun fingers. And then the other side, it's, you know, a gymnast. Yes.And a by a roulette wheel because we're at.

The casino, obviously distracting the whatwe say oil tycoon Belial tycoon. Yeah, Always oil.It's always oil, obviously. Speaking of which, there's that. Anyway, I'llsay that for behind the scenes, but I have a comment on funding. I was like, What? There'sa documentary that I'm really interested in watching, and I was like, I bet this was actuallyfunded by the oil industry, but okay, run bathroom run in cat seeing semen gymnasticsalgorithm ready. Sabrina says I love your work. And not onlydo I get news, accurate info and laughs, I also get an in-depth review of my favoritesport and athletes. I really am so happy to have found you all six years ago. I have tonsshare with you so bear with me. Fun detail.

Before I begin, I met Jessica in the restroomsof the hotel in front of the Liverpool Arena during 2022 Worlds.I was just so happy to see, you know, I did not think that you had been stinking up therestrooms because of what you mentioned the podcast. But I do apologize for calling youout by name in that safe space. I did not consider how that would make you feel.Totally. Okay. Totally. Okay. One I have two Kitty cat named Blue and Kensalnamed after the legend, of course. Excellent. But ironically enough, Blue turned out tobe the gymnastics fan, especially when it came to Chinese bars and be him. Can we blamethem? He loves to test his balance by climbing on chair backrest and has finally convincedKenzo to. Partake in that activity as well.

With attached pictures for evidence.Part two I really, really want to see Symon compete live at least once in my lifetime,so I followed your advice and bought tickets to the Olympic trials next year. Even thoughit was all or nothing. However, I'm only able to attend the last two days of competitionJune 29th and 30th and would like to sell my tickets to the first two days of trials.There is no direct option to sell the tickets through the app, but there is a transfer option.Do you have any suggestions for how I can go about selling these two tickets for June27th and 28th? Two tickets for June 27th, two tickets for June 28th, Section 109. Andhelp us appreciate it. I will post it in the casting forum as well.Yes. Now there's a DM function so you guys.

Can post tickets that you want to transferor sell in there and then you can do each other your details. So it's not public. Somany people have taken advantage of this. Part three Lastly, I want to share with youa project that I did from my Machine learning class as part of my engineering master's program.Unlike The rest of my career where I had been forced to work with others for projects. Soannoying. Yeah, this was the first time I could do it individually and decided to makeit fun by leveraging gymnastics data. I used programing methods to create an algorithmthat predicts individual all around performances for U.S. female gymnasts based on six factorsthat I thought would play a major part in determining the scores. Did I lose you yet?You did not. These figures are so into them.

These factors are age, elite, experience international.How many times they had been selected for a world or Olympic team college experienceand whether the meet was international. I even referenced you when setting up theneed for this resource. Eliminating controversial team selections because of human factors.Hashtag Justice for Kayla. I used the internet to get all my data. Both of you were properlycited. There were limitations because of time, so I base my experiment on only what the internethad for each gymnast database. For example, the number of international competitions maybe an accurate if it predates the creation of, the gender.If you'd like to check it out, I attached my report to this email, etc. And as I mentionedto the report, another long term use for this.

Could be creating a development program foryoung gymnasts to fulfill their dreams by enabling coaches to focus on factors thatactually drive a good performance. Getting away from the ideal, quote unquote ideal imageof a gymnast being young, skinny, etc. Thank you for your patience reading this and thanksfor all you do. Looking forward to your comments or feedbackeither through here on the podcast. And we got first of all thank you for catpictures because cat pictures are always very, very important. Thirdly, know secondly, youknow, the fun thing about when you're on week two of being sick and you're trying to remember,we're just talking about I love this idea of this data driven outcomes, because oneof the things that coaches have to figure.

Out to be a good coach is like the techniqueis like you can look it up and learn it. Knowing the emotional intelligence part whereyou find out, is this gymnast intrinsically motivated or extrinsic motivated, or is itgummy worms is those factors are super important and this is something that can maybe helpcoaches who don't innately have that learn about those things and start developing thatemotional intelligence aspect of the coaching, which is so important. So I really like thisidea. Also, the reason Jessica is always the mostpopular person in the press area at gymnastics meets gummy worms.I do always bring treats. You should always bring everyone treats chocolate or gummy worms.Also shout out to Payson Keeler.

Always for some reason or because of Payson.Payson Keeler did did a thread called Queen Hailey Bryant. And basically she took thetop 50 because that's all you can see publicly in the Gymnastic Fantasy league and and dida data analysis of who drafted the most who was all the stuff. It's so excellent. Whatschools were drafted are the most popular in the draft like it's fantasy tastic andI'm like how much was spent on each apparatus? Like it's freaking great. I'm like, my God.So we are going to be able to give you this data and reach out to us if you want to talkbecause we're working to make this public and you only had access of 50 of these, butyou can maybe we can get you access everything and you can do more down that because PaysonKeeler, this is fantastic and we love our.

Gym nerds.Jim nerding so hard on this thoughts on Arkansas you can see.Ah, this is from Jim South who says Jim's like, Jim obsessed. Not like Jim says, butI, I'm excited to be here. I mean, think of it that way. I didn't until it came out ofmy mouth. God, Yeah.It's like Jim. Like Jim. Obsessive. Just I'm so excited to be a Jim Catholic member goinginto the new NCAA season. I just found you in Jim after the season and I can't wait forhim fail. I want any kind of gymnastics content I can find. I discovered college gymnasticsby tripping across the NCAA finals that year. Bridget Sloan was a senior at Florida andcan't believe it took me this long to find.

You.The first time my husband walked into the room and heard your podcast, he said, Youfound your people and it's true. Thank you both so much for all you do Fact checker too.Anyway, I watched the Razorback preview and I was very impressed with their floor routinesthis year. They really sold it. What do you think their chances of their chances now thatthe new coaching staff has had a few years to settle in and with the addition of anotheramazing Kyla, also curious your thoughts on USC.Thanks again and enjoy your well-deserved rest.I am very excited that Arkansas has two energetic weirdos now because they were a little heavy.On.

You know, the Kyla Jordan brain, which they're,they're super fun. I mean, Kyla Ross is like, so fun to hang out with. She has more to saythan you don't have to say anything. You just like Kyla. How are you? And then, like, she'sgreat. I love Colorado's, but like, they're very analytical. And so now they have ChrisBrooks, who's crazy and wild and, you know, we'll just literally just suddenly flip inthe gym and then flip actually, not metaphorically. And now they've kind Bryant, too, who is also,like, unhinged in the best possible way. And so fun. And so I'm super excited and I feellike that's why floor is good now they have the right balance of analysis and nuttinesstoo which is exactly what you need for great college gymnastics. And I bet that's why theFloridians are great too.

So yeah.Fact Checker adds their Snickers bar well, but they didn't even get and they didn't evenget to compete a candy bar bar at the Super 16 thoughts on USC Very excited about anotherseason of Lolly Duck and Noisey. First of all, who is USC Star on bars? Plus Becausevery strong on more events than just bars. But Bars is kind of her highlight.So it's been really enjoyable to watch. USC development because not so much last year,but like two, 3 to 3, four years ago, USC was the team where it's like this team isway too talented to be like fighting for its regionals qualification life where you are.Like these routines are so, so good and there's no reason they should be like 36, 38th inthe rankings.

They should be like closer to the top 20.So I feel like we're seeing gymnastics that better reflects or like scores results thatbetter reflect the quality of their gymnastics. I also, if you watched their first meet theseason, which I didn't get to watch all of it, but I watched the beginning on the topicof the finished position. It was hilarious because the first vaulterlike legit forgot completely forgot to do the finish position. And then after that,Danny Durante was there at the end of the mat doing Hands in the Air. And I was like,I mean, technically a verbal cue from a coach because you're not talking, she was just therecelebrates, just celebrating. Jessica She was just.Already.

So proud of her vaulters that she was celebratingwith her hands in the air. But also, you know, a good reminder that you have to hold yourhands up for your finish position. I love that the college coaches are now havingto do what the dance teachers do and like the schoolteachers do. When you go to likethe like recital and, you know, the teachers are all like, okay, put your hands up now.Turn right. Like.It's so good, so good. I want everyone to feel assured that I'm goingto be okay because I do have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. And now that my health insuranceis down from over $1,000 a month to only $858 a month, yay!Soaring Eagles. All before the cost of my.

First options, of course. Yeah. So hopefullythis I won't sound like this next week and Spencer is going to close out the show soI can. He can make it through without me coughing the whole way.So remember college and cocktails day drinking addition this Saturday 3 p.m. Pacific afterthe quad meet that's on ABC. So we're going to watch it. We're going to have a grand time.We're going to think everyone's going to get a tan. We're going to be like, That was stupid.She stepped four times and then we're going to come back here and talk about it.Also, remember, virtual live show season passes are now available for shows for the priceof three. You can get your virtual passes ready for all of our planned 2024 live shows.Now you can join the fantasy league, which.

We talked about from casting dot com slashfantasy. Our first NCAA power rankings are up, which we haven't even argued about atall yet. So you still have that to look forward to.And if you want to get our newsletter, you can go to the navigation menu about on thewebsite, about at Catholic, click on your classic newsletters so you can get our newsletterand you can get your entire college and cocktail menu for the 2024 season, including Jessica'sMocktails, All of This is linked in the show notes.So until next week, remember that Jessica needs to feel better so that she's not coughingup a lung and that's our that's our new take off in case belong. Right. So cough up lung.

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