My Particular UNMEDICATED & NATURAL Start Chronicle (Turned into as soon as Child 2 More straightforward?!)


My Particular UNMEDICATED & NATURAL Start Chronicle (Turned into as soon as Child 2 More straightforward?!)

At this point I thought I'm for sure going tohave this baby on the highway I felt like it was high wow things were so intense I rememberjust thinking like why did I decide to not take the drugs it honestly feels like just theother day we were doing this for Sage's birth and here we are with another newborn PB numbertwo time went very very quick so fast like I can't believe stages three if you guys have notwatched it yet I posted the official birth Vlog video I'll link that down yeah o watch it yourown R I'll link that down below but for those of you who want more like a chatty talk throughStyle video that's what this is yeah this is a little more PG-13 compared to the R-rated andalso Math's perspective as well and just like now going through that experience for the secondtime just kind of talking about like what we.

Were thinking throughout it and maybe some otherpieces of information that you wouldn't know from the birth vog mm it's like the behind the sceneslet's like rewind back a bit and just talk about like the birth plan we're living in a new housewe're further away from the hospital we had the same Midwife team which is cuz they amazing so andI'll link like every it's uh York Region midwives uh was the team that we used and then we uh wentto the South Lake Hospital which is in New Market Ontario amazing Hospital amazing Midwife yeahboth both experienced were really good and then also we had Sage to think about you obviouslydon't know when you're going to go into labor so depending on if it was a weekday or a weekendwe had different scarios planned out we knew that my younger sister Chloe was going to be the oneto basically grab Sage wherever uh she was or if.

I went into labor in the middle of the night shewould just come to our house and stay here let's just talk about the experience of going overdueand I use quotations CU I do believe that in our society we think the due date is the due date andthat is when baby is supposed to come and that is really just an estimated date and I remember beingtold by my Midwife at the time like for First Time Moms it is so unlikely that you're going to gobefore or at your due date you're most likely going to go towards like that 41 we mark and itcan stress moms out and they think they're late something's wrong nope your body's just preparingfor birth and that estimated date that the doctor gave you may not be the same date that your bodyhas or the baby has with all that said once I hit 41 weeks there was different things to we hadto keep in mind than last time I had Sage at.

40 weeks and 4 days I believe couple days overbut I didn't actually hit the 41 week Mark so this time around we had to think of extra thingswe actually did have to have an induction date booked I say have to like we chose to havethat just as backup because it's easier to cancel one than to make one last minute and thenwe also had to do things like schedule an extra ultrasound and we had multiple nonstress tests andbasically that's all just to ensure baby and mommy are okay all the checks that we did during thatextra period they were all they were all good so we felt good to allow it to go over kind of pushthe induction date as far out as we could hoping that it would just uh he would come on his ownaccord but he did honestly I was feeling really great besides like some awful rib pain that I washaving which go watch my last week pregnant video.

If you want to know more about that apparentlyit's really common honestly the most stressful thing about being overdue was just everyoneelse's reactions like when's your induction date you're still pregnant oh my goodness likethat baby's never going to come out all of the outside noise was what was stressful not actuallywhat was happening inside my body so honestly a little piece of advice don't tell people your duedate just say I'm due in October yeah do middle of October something like that would be good gu'sgetting heavy yeah tell me about it I carried him for N9 months it's bigger now oh Oakley cameon a Monday October 23rd at night or in the evening I started actually getting contractionsSaturday night I believe I'm like am I getting a contraction I don't know and then theydisappeared so I didn't think much of it.

But they were definitely different like than braand Hicks bra and Hicks to me are very different than contractions they're more like up top wherecontractions for me anyways are lower those faded away I didn't think anything of it and then Sundaynight I think we were just about to go to bed was 11:30 p.m. yeah should have gone a bit earlieryeah I closed my eyes and I legit am like oh I felt the first contraction yeah I feel like I justclosed my eyes and then you woke me up being like Oh I'm having contractions and I think I was likeare they like real contractions or is it just like is it like enough to get up or is it somethingthat's like okay try to sleep through it yeah you felt like you were strong enough to be likeoh no I think we need to get up pause so Sunday night after like an hour or so they were pickingup getting a little stronger and I thought if this.

Is the real deal I want to start figuring outlike who's coming to watch Sage are we going to my parents because you know I kept hearingsecond babies come faster and I knew we were further away from the hospital so I didn't want towait till the last minute um I wanted to be like more like closer to where we were in case thingsreally picked up quick cuz you never know yeah right so I texted my sister it was probably aftermidnight probably around midnight around there so she came but by the time we got to my parentsit was like 2:00 in the morning we also called the The Duel Dua followed us you know and at thistime I'm thinking like this is for sure like the real deal like baby is coming tonight they're notslowing down contractions are picking up yeah they were kind of coming like sometimes every minutesometimes every couple minutes sometimes every 30.

Seconds it was like all over the map there was acouple of them that I did have to breathe through I could still talk but I had to breathe throughthem and honestly like you kind of forget what contractions were like so I thought oh this feelspretty painful little did I know we get to my mom's they leave we're hanging out there I thinkat this point like you were pretty tired we had the Doula there and so we both said go upstairsand take a nap you know yeah and they weren't coming like very consistently I think it was likeoh go up and try to sleep cuz we didn't know it was going to happen I'm not the best sleeper so Iwent up to try to sleep and just like laid there cuz of course you're thinking about okay what'sgoing to happen what's the how's this all going to play out then I think maybe an hour later or soI just remember hearing you come into the room and.

I was kind of like oh that's weird like we had thebaby already we're good that was about 4:30 a.m. basically I was downstairs with the Doula and wewere just kind of doing different stretches and stuff just to see if we could get things pickedup again but basically my contractions were dying down which was a little disappointing cuz I feltbad that I like got my sister to come to our house my parents left in the middle of the night like Ifelt so guilty I thought it was like the the day I mean it was the day just not that time of theday mhm so basically my doua and I made the call for us to go back to bed save our energy in caseyou know contractions start coming on stronger and just kind of rest while they were slowingdown they basically came to a stop yeah they came to a stop so we got you got a couple hourssleep which I think was good we had to go to the.

Hospital that morning at 10:00 anyways to do um anultrasound and a stress test so kind of worked out that we ended up um getting a little bit of sleepand then we had to go to the hospital the next well like morning a couple hours later at 10:00 Ithink we wanted them to check to see if you were dilated but they actually said oh because you'renot having any contractions or nothing's going on right now like there's no point so we're likeoh okay they let us go all the checks came out good and we just decided instead of going back toher parents we're like well let's go back to our house know it's a little bit farther away we justthought it's a little more comfortable um gave us an opportunity to come back and and nap a littlebit which was I think you nap too right I just laid in bed but I I I definitely it's like my bodyknew like you get to sleep I woke up around 2:30.

I came downstairs Matt was still upstairs I mademyself a snack I think out a bowl the cereal after I had a snack my contractions were starting topick up but then randomly they started to die down and then I remembered this thing called the milecircuit which my Midwife team did recommend for me to do like if I was having contractions and itbasically helps get baby into the right position and if you've never done it before it's like a90minut thing it's like the long longest thing you hold I think three different positions for30 minutes each so I know I was like okay I guess like contractions are dying down I'll try thissmile circuit I do the first one which I think is child's pose I go down child's pose I have amild contraction and I feel a pop and then I'm like was that my water I get up I feel a littlebit of like water trickle down and I look at.

Matt he was down at this point I'm like I think mywater just just broke I didn't know this but when my water broke with sage it was like a gush butI also wasn't as far along yeah as this time so I learned later that after 41 weeks there's lesslike liquid in there so it's not going to be as much of a dramatic lip so I went to the washroomand I'm like I'm pretty sure that was my water we thought oh we're going to take Sage to swim wehave to pick her up from daycare take her to swim and obviously this changed everything yeah I thinkonce that you said I think my water just broke I was like okay um I then messaged Nicole's sisterto be like hey I think you need to make your way back up this way uh because I think again againyeah cuz I said I think uh you know Nicole's in starting to the labor starting to happen gettingin the contractions she got she texted you cuz.

She's like I'm 10 minutes away can I stop at thegrocery store to grab some stuff and I was like oh no I think Nicole's water broke so probably bestif you just come right here yeah by the time Co we got here you just started having those like thereal contractions and I just remembered from Sage what those were and I sound oh I'm like that'sa real one from when you had one of those with sage to like Sage coming out was like an hour Iwas already in the car cuz I was like we got to go like I just could feel how intense they weregetting and so I knew like we got to go we got to go but I guess I was in the car and Chloe haduh checked on GPS to be like um you better go straight to the hospital because it's going tobe like 40 minutes cuz it was rush hour traffic like 5:00 p.m. yeah so pretty much we left thehouse started driving called The Duel and said.

Okay start making your way we called our paig theMidwife team who called us on the drive and then while we were driving the Midwife just wanted totalk to Nicole asked some questions about just to make sure like oh is this a is real and thenI think you had a contraction while talking to her and she's like oh okay I start making my wayto the hospital cuz it sounds like you're really progressing so we're like okay but she was reallyhappy because my the water broke and I was having contractions she wanted to talk to me becauseshe wanted to hear how I was sounding and it gives them a good indication of how far along youare I think like she even said okay I'm going to make my way uh and we told her we're about 40minutes away so longest drive ever I think like a long drive like okay 45 minutes I was lookingat that GPS timer and I was like okay 30 minutes.

25 minutes and I remember just thinking like babystay in there like it was the most I can imagine for you for me it was obviously intense like painwise um I was playing my calming music and just breathing through contractions pretty intense andat one point there was a bus lane at one point I think I was going to tell you like take the buslane like we got to go red lightake red if you know D drive it is the worst Street to be on atthis point I thought I'm for sure going to have this baby on the highway like he he's coming upyeah I had the same thought a couple of times I was also thinking as we were like stopped at redlights and there's like cars parked beside us and you're having contractions I was thinking likewhat are these people thinking if they like look over in the car and just see this girl so we getto the hospital and Matt doesn't even have time.

To park you literally just like pulled up rightto the front and yeah pull up right to the just left it parked there wasn't there like a verypregnant mom there was a uh no there was a mom who had just had a kid oh she had like the thethere and I was like oh we're next we're next but yeah so then it's like left the car got youout uh we started going towards the door and then I think like right there in front of the entrydoor you just had like a contraction when you have like an active labor contraction like youcannot move you can't move you can't talk you just you just stop in your yeah I'm just likeoutside the hospital so embarrassing a lot of people are really supportive it's actually kindof like a movie moment you know where it's like people were like oh yeah you got this uh therewas a guy who was waiting in um a taxi cab and.

He's just like gives you the thumbs up likeyou got this you can do it a nice lady who was like oh can I get a wheelchair for you and I waslike this girl is probably in her 80s I was like I think the wheelchairs for you but she was likeso kind grabbed a wheelchair for you and by that point the Midwife had come down to meet us thereand she had her own wheelchair ready for you and we were just like oh we're already in one let's goI remember we wheel into the hospital and you're like running to the elevator like go go run to theelevator and like push the button so we don't have to wait cuz it was things were pretty active atthat point I was just like in the lobby going like so loud yeah it was intense I mean in the moment Ididn't really care who was watching me but you're just like Yep this is happening everyone knowslike this very pregnant lady is about to pop.

Out a it do a relief cuz we got to the hospital Imean there was like I said lots of moments where we thought it might have been in the car so I Iwas just happy to be there being in the hospital we knew like okay we're going to get to the roomso we rushed up luckily the Midwife had already gotten a room Force ready so you just went rightinto there I went in there as well dropped off the stuff kind of helped was the car still parkedup front yeah everything was parked up front so I had to basically wait a couple minutes to makesure you guys were all set and then once I got the go ahead I went back down and moved the car intolike the the longer term parking lot and then I actually met the Doula down at the front of thething and we both went up and boom ran into the room at this point I think I had a hospital gownon which for sage I didn't even have time for one.

No you had a hospital gown on and you were sort offully in active believer I think you were kind of you know standing swaying back and forth you hadthe heart monitor around your belly to monitor the baby's hard and you were kind of standing on theside of the bed was the only position that felt comfortable same thing with sage like standingduring those contractions like there's no way I could sit down or lay on my back no and by thispoint it's about 6:00 also I did get checked once I got into the hospital and I was between 7and 8 cm so very far along pretty muchy much the same as stage I think it was about 7 or eightwell we left our house when I was 8 cm so it was we we went a little bit early but okay guys wowthings were so intense I remember just thinking like why did I decide to not take the drugs againlike who thought this was a good idea that being.

Said you know I'm so happy that I just listenedto my body and just like took it contraction by contraction this is probably the most intense partbecause obviously you are getting really close to pushing and I at this point I'm like in my ownworld I was visualizing like a ball floating in the ocean and like I was like in outer spaceguys you were Z she was really in in like a Zone she just uh I felt like we didn't almost like youjust there standing and sort of waiting and then when you needed something you were like press myhips water ice you know yeah I was just like I need this right now I need this right now and wewere just sort of like letting you do your thing you're lot of swaying yeah I remember SW kind oflike you were in the yeah like I said it like a very Zen like she what is the Midwife Collegecalled like the M there it's like a name like.

The swaying I I didn't do that theage Mom danceor pregnancy dance or yeah just you just dance or something like dance I felt like it was highit's like I knew you guys were there but also I was like in my own own world and it's funny cuzlike our Doula was so sweet she was like oh like I can bring my camera and take some photos if youwant so she was taking some photos Matt is like I can see once in a while like moving the the Vlogcamera because you guys were just kind of waiting for I was I was in my zone I wasn't wasn't likeI was screaming for help or anything I was just I felt way more confident and trusting in my bodythis time around um not really the week leading up beforehand but like in that moment I was like II had a mission and I knew what I was doing and I was leaning into it and it's like I I've done thisbefore I can do it again and so I was aware of you.

Guys but also I was like this is Just Me Myselfand baby right now and the contractions were getting so intense at one point that I rememberthinking in between contractions is usually like when the pain just stops and I remember havingthis internal dialogue with myself thinking this is the time that I'm going to do some deep bellybreathing even though this is a very intense experience the more I relax the quicker baby isgoing to come out like my body is going to relax baby's going to come down and I started doing somejust like deep pelvic floor breathing just really relaxing everything instead of tightening up Iremember specifically the point where I guess it's called the transition point between likecontractions and pushing where I felt so weird well and also the contractions were at the highestintensity I was starting to feel nauseous es I was.

Just feeling really out of it and kind of likeoh delusional I was I remember I think I was like like smacking my cheeks at it I was feelingout of it yeah I was just kind of like it was like I don't know how to explain it like I had beenpoisoned or something and I was just like oh like what is happening and then I started to feel somewaves of pushing contractions and at that point I think is when I got onto the bed I don't eventhink anyone told you I think you were you were just doing the sway having your contractions andthen one minute you're standing and then the next you're like getting up on the bed like oh I guesslike yeah you just knew and just that's I see with sage I felt like I was more there as like apart of it whereas for Oakley I think it was more just alone for the ride because you just like youjust knew you just had everything was just really.

Flowing well for you and you just seemed likeyou were just instinctively new and I think you even said to all of us you said oh I feel like Igot to start pushing and then you got up onto the bed and like got onto all fours and I think yeahshortly after it started getting the urge to push right it's the craziest feeling because you knowobviously this is only my second time doing it and for me the first time versus this time was sodifferent just my instincts like you said I just like I knew okay I'm in this phase of Labor okaynow it's time to push it's like I kind of knew the stages and I could feel them like I didn't needher to tell me oh you're almost 8 cm I it's like I knew where I was based on how I was feelingI started feeling those pushing contractions and it's like okay I like I'm going to get intoposition I'm going to do the same thing that felt.

Good the first time around I'm on the bed I'm onI guess like kind of on all fours like holding on to the bed I have a couple of pushing contractionsand they're really intense they make you feel like you are going to poop all your insides out thatlike a weird it's never experienced oh my God it's just like you can't control them your bodyis just like forcing you to press down and push I remember after a couple contractions thinkingokay what did I do with sage and I would just do same thing like it's all connecting to the breathand the pelvic floor so I would you know breathe with the contractions and I felt very intentionalabout my pushing what's crazy I found out after is I pushed him in 12 minutes and I believe that wasbecause I was just very in tune and intentional with every single push that I was doing yeahvery quick everything went very quick it didn't.

Feel like that for me but like like I always saytime is a relevant I think when you're in labor well there's no keeping track of time then it wasjust sort of but then like when you were pushing I think something we forgot to mention too islike when you had come in and done the checks they had said they had noticed that the umblicalcord was wrapped around his neck so they obviously had to adjust a few things so even when you werepushing there was times where they tell you to not push that hard because they were trying to like hedidn't just come out in one shot he kind of came out a little bit his head was out for I feel likehis head was out for a couple of minutes before the rest of them came out because his shouldersalso weren't in the proper position so they had to sort of get in there guess one comes out ata time it's not usually it's like one comes out.

And and then the other but he was more I don'tknow both shoulders like this so getting jammed in there so they had to kind of like you knowmove his shoulder so you could get the one out and then also I'm sure like because he had a quararound his neck they were also like keeping track of of that cuz I remember there's a few timesthey were like okay like like don't well I remember so when you have the ring of fire whichis basically when baby is crowning I remember I paused there and I didn't want to push anymoreI was like this is just so intense and also just it just feels like you shouldn't be pushing andwhat really helped me push through that is and I didn't do this with sage is like I just reacheddown and through my hospital gown I felt his head and I remember thinking like baby's right thereand like it's weird cuz you always hear like Mom.

Mom s talk about like using mirrors or touchingto help motivate them to push but that's exactly what it did like feeling his little head there ithelped me I was like I got this and I just pushed through that and then his head came out and likeyou said his head was out for a bit and then I waited and then they told me on the next the nexttime you have the urge to push push with like all your might cuz he's got to come out all in oneshot and so I remember skipping a push I was like okay no it was almost like you're a surferwaiting for the that good wave it is and you're like okay no that's a weak wave I'm not going toI'm not going to take that one and I remember just waiting and then the next one was like yes thisis it and I just pushed with all my might and it's the craziest sensation yeah and then like soI was there and he he came out the crazy thing is.

Like when when I feel like when Sage came out shewas like instantly kind of crying so when he came out there was like delay he didn't cry right awayand I kind of like looked and I just see him and he was like he looked limp like like a rag dolllimp so only for probably like three maybe four seconds he was limp but like it felt like aneternity because I was like oh my God he's like not breathing um and even then cuz we were goingto do a delayed cord cutting and then they were pretty much like right away like okay you needto cut the cord because um he wasn't responding and they and I guess like cutting the cord andclamping the cord can sometimes um sparked the urge for him to take that breath yeah and luckilyit did it did when they clamped the cord take him to that was part of that was part of why I hadto cut the cord early as well cuz if it didn't.

Spark him taking that breath they would have hadto rush him off to a different area for um I guess like resuscitation breathing and stuff so it wasa very long 5 seconds because it seemed like he was just lip and like it came out and you justsee the the body really just kind of flailing it was uh scary it was scary it was definitelyscary I didn't even know that happened because like as soon as I pushed to out I was facing theother way and I just you know obviously exhausted and I was like and all I remember hearing I Iremember them talking about the cord cutting and I was like in the back of my head I was likewhy are they cutting the cord but I didn't know anything was wrong and then I think by this pointhe was starting to breathe and then I look over at you cuz you're like oh you know my God after I cutthe cord and and then like we knew and he caught.

His breath cuz even then I don't think I knewwhat the gender was was at first because I was so focused on like him not breathing that I didn'teven really think to to look then after I cut the cord I took a look I'm like oh it's a boy and thenI looked up and I think we we caught each other's eyes and I was like it's a boy and then and thenthe tears came tears from you probably from me too I don't know it's a really magical experienceit was very it was like very cool I think to see it like everything unfold the way it did um andI mean I think like I was the first person to say no cuz no one knew the name and I was likeOakley yeah yeah you were the first one to say the name like oh welcome Oakley after that it wasit was kind of a whirlwind after that because then they're they're checking you checking for Tearsuh checking him and like that I asked like did I.

Tear and I I did it and like we fist pumped we'relike yeah cuz we did a paranal stretching which I firmly believe in after the baby comes well in ourcase anyways not for everyone of course but like the after the baby came took long longer than thelabor and the pushing cuz then it's like after the baby comes it's like a 2hour period where they'resort of like they have to do the weighing and and do all that and then all the paperwork so you'rekind of just like hanging out in the room uh you know pressing on my stomach that's the the bellymassages after and obviously you had to like push the and it's like oh it's probably very it'sprobably not a very fun period at that point for for you and for any other lady out there it'sprobably a the rough time I will say though as soon as both both both times I felt like as soonas baby came out the pain just stopped like it was.

Just like qu like silence that was motivationtoo I knew like once I get this baby out this Pain's going to stop and like true it was justa surreal experience um especially being able to do another un unmedicated birth like I secondguessed myself a lot the second pregnancy yeah you were a little unsure of yourself before goinginto a little nervous more maybe more cuz you felt like you said you because you knew what it feltlike you you felt more more nervous with sage I think yeah and also I had such a good experiencewith sage that if it wasn't like that I think that made me nervous yeah at the end of the dayI just trusted in my body I know that's not the experience for everybody whether or not you wantto have an unmedicated birth sometimes it ends in a emergency c section so I am truly gratefulfor another positive birth experience and I just.

Want my experience to help motivate other momsnot feel so scared and stressed out about their like pending birthday date and then also you knowlike just believe in yourself if you want to just do an unmedicated birth like I every woman cando it like we are literally built to do it it's just yeah I think the one Midwife uh the quotethey said was really good was uh your body won't put you through more pain than you can handle ithelps you put things in perspective a little bit Yeah like it feels obviously so intense in themoment but like your body was made to be able to endure endure that level of intensity yeah so Ithink all all it was a good experience like pretty much everything worked out really well like I saidthere's a little quick scare there um my recovery and healing has been really good recovery andhealing has been good no no no tear no stitches.

Needed he's been really healthy so every checkhe's done has been good once we got into our room and we settled down he had a little 3 4 hoursstretch of sleep when we all kind of went down like we ordered some Uber Eats to the room cuzwe had had dinner yet had dinner and then like he conked out for like like 3 4 hours and I thinkwe both got a little bit of a snooze then so it was a very I'd say a really great experience andone of the things that we did that I'm so grateful for was we like I think you sent out a coupleof text messages just saying baby's here yeah you didn't say the sex yeah he said baby's hereNicole's doing great um we'll call you tomorrow we didn't call anyone that night it was just justus just us three it was like us protecting our peace and that was like one of the best thingsI feel like we did and then the next day we're.

At the hospital all day anyways is when we likefacetimed everyone but I'm just really happy we did that because it's like you know things areabout to get busy and crazy especially because we have a second child back at home and I knewshe was in good hands so I felt like we could just really kind of be in the moment so like Isaid if you guys want to watch the video vers I mean this is a video but like the actual birthVlog I'm going to link that down below I'll also link the birth log from our first child Sagewho is now three and that birth video actually has like over 6 million views which is crazy andI'm just so touched that that video has you know really helped support and inspire you know momsall over the world and and that is why I want to share the story again and just to help Empowerwomen so I'm just very proud of our story and that.

We've had a positive experience both times yeahwe hope everyone else out there does as well so that's going to be it we got to go pick up ourtoddler from d and I'm going to go chill with this little guy thank you so much for watchingand we'll see you in the next video bye bye guys

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  1. Unfortunately this isn’t an choice for each person. I rep as if all these “unmedicated/natural start” videos are taking on YouTube and are perchance making of us feel scandalous that can’t stay this. I became as soon as ended in ensuing from obstetric cholestasis and diabetes with are both unhealthy. Introduced on births are extra painful therefore typically stay in epidural. It became as soon as 27 hours of indecent distress from the rep shuffle and resulted in emergency c allotment ensuing from bladder internal bleeding. I rep as if a “ natural start” is whatever desires to happen to rep mum and toddler stable.


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