Ms Rachel Visits the Doctor for a Checkup – Doctor Checkup Tune – Toddler Finding out – Healthy Habits


Ms Rachel Visits the Doctor for a Checkup - Doctor Checkup Tune - Toddler Finding out - Healthy Habits

hi friends today I'm visiting the doctor for a checkup have you ever been to the doctor wow I'm at Manhattan Valley Pediatrics when you go to the doctor your grownup will be there with you the whole time peekaboo you can also bring a special stuffed animal or a toy with you let's.

Bring this Bunny inside with us today come on hi Molina hi Miss Rachel I'm here for a checkup are you here to see Dr Hoffman yes great just have a seat and they'll call you shortly thank you Molina you're welcome wow this is called a waiting room waiting room lots of waiting rooms.

Have fish tanks and toys and books to read let's go explore come on wow look at this lightboard so much fun I found my favorite color pink let's put it in the lightboard put it in put it in put it.

In wow so many colors look a blue car beep beep vroom vroom vroom beep beep let's go sit on the couch together come on what is a doctor a doctor is a helper who makes sure you're healthy and growing she checks your eyes boop boop she checks.

Your ears beep beep she checks your tummy too she listens to your heartbeat she checks every part of you a doctor is a helper who makes sure you're healthy and growing I'm so happy to be at the doctor with you today let's listen for my name Miss Rachel hi hi great to see you can you come and follow with me to room.

Four please yes okay have a seat thank you can you please take off your shoes sure I'm going to take off my shoes taking off my shoes what do I do next now you're going to step on the scale okay I'm stepping on the scale now I'm going to take your height the scale takes my weight and now she's.

Going to see how tall I am it's so neat to see how much you've grown thank you so much Kina thank you and have a great day bye now we wait for the doctor H what can you do while you wait maybe play with your toy I have this little bunny remember let's pretend she's sleeping Wake Up Little.

Bunny Hop little bunny hop hop hop hop little bunny hop hop hop hop little bunny hop hop hop hop hop hop and stop I hear a knock it's the doctor hi Miss Rachel hi friends hi Dr Hoffman it's great to see you today it's great to see you too I brought a stuffed animal with me so you could show the kids how sometimes.

You do a little checkup on a stuffed animal that's a great idea can I listen to your bunny's heart yeah okay I'm going to put on my stethoscope and listen to her heart you can do this at home with a prend doctor's kit you could be the doctor and listen to your stuff animal's heart or your grown-ups her heart is.

Very strong wow I also think because the bunny has such big ears we should check her ears good idea look at the bunny's ear ears one two this tool is called an odoscope I'm going to use it to look in the bunny's ears wow that ear looks perfect and this one's good too.

Yay Miss Rachel now it's your turn for a checkup I get a checkup now great so first of all I would like to look in your eyes great this is called an opthalmoscope wa that's a big word how do you say it opthalmoscope wow the phalos scope makes Little Moons and big moons big and little I'm going to use it to look in your.

Eyes perfect everything looks great yay next I would like to listen to your heart using my stethoscope wow now I'm going to listen to your back and check your lungs deep breath taking deep breaths also helps me feel relaxed you can pretend like you're blowing out your birthday candles ooh.

Smell the roses blow out the candles perfect that's fun now I'd like to use my tongue depressor to look in your mouth okay open up really wide and say ah ah perfect great job cool now I'm going to check your reflexes on your knees W oh that's so neat everything's.

Working perfectly great hey friends let's show Dr Hoffman the song We like about the gum sticking to our knees icky scky scky scky bubble gum bubble gum bubble gum Micky scky scky scky bubble gum makes your hands stick to your knees uh-oh and you pull them and you pull them and you pull them.

Away that's one of my favorites too now I'm going to check your ears this is my odoscope some kids like to touch it see it doesn't hurt it just makes your finger glow ooh that's neat now I'm going to look in your ears do you have monkeys in your ears I don't think so none on that side.

Let me check the other one very good that was easy now I'm going to warm up my hands and check your neck this is my neck okay everything feels great yay last but not least I would like to check your tummy can you lay down sure I like getting a check.

Up your belly feels nice and soft great thank you for coming Miss Rachel I really enjoyed my checkup Dr hoffen thank you would you like a sticker yes here you go wow look friends blue yellow and my favorite color pink yay and here's a balloon with a zebra on.

It oh my gosh thank you so much it's an orange balloon with a zebra yay Dr Hoffman I have a question sure how can we stay healthy the way to stay healthy is to go outside as much as possible run around eat a variety of.

Foods and spend time with people you love oh that's so nice thank you so much for having me today thank you for coming Miss Polly had a dolly who was sick sick sick so she called for the doctor to come quick quick Qui the doctor came with his bag and his hat and.

He knocked on the door with a r tap he looked at the dolly and he shook his head and he said Miss Polly put her straight to bed he wrote on a paper for a pill pill pill I'll be back in the morning with my bill bill bill come on let's do it again miss poly had a dolly who was sick sick sick so she called for the doctor.

To come quick quick quick the doctor came with his back and his hat and he knocked on the door with a rat he looked at the dolly and he shook his head and said Miss Polly put her straight to bed he wrote on a paper for a pill pill pill I'll be back in the morning with my bill bill bill guess who else is getting a checkup.

Today I'll give you some hints he's orange and he's furry and he's so silly yeah it's hery let's check in and see how her's checkup is going oh here comes the doctor hi Herby how are you today I'm good hi Dr Hoffman okay so let's start.

With your eyes okay I'm ready do you know what this is called an eye thing it's called an opthalmoscope oh I'm gonna put it next to my eye and I'm going to look inside of your eye okay I'm ready okay oh oh y try to stay still okay okay okay oh your eyes look great okay no should I say A you can say a when we do your mouth do you want to.

Do your mouth now yeah okay let's do your mouth how do we do that well I'm going to use my light and I'm going to use something called a tongue depressor are those for popsicles no they're not for popsicles they're just for your mouth okay so open up and say ah everything looks fantastic you did a great job okay now.

You say a yeah that was fun oh yeah all right now I say A you have a great voice hery I had no idea thank you okay so I'd like to look in your ears now okay so I'm going to open up oh wow you got a lot of hair around here let me find your ears okay.

There they are I'm looking in there can you see the apples I ate this morning I don't see any apples but I do see your eardrum and the little bones that conduct your hearing wow what about bananas No Bananas but a little bit of ear wax can you see my brain nope I can't see your brain oh can I look on the other side.

Yeah no bananas on that side either eard drums wax and little tiny bones oh yeah I had watermelon should I listen to your heart yeah Okay let's listen to your heart with my step let's take a listen boom boom boom your heart is going very fast are.

You nervous no I'm excited oh well that happens sometimes too I'm going to listen to your now okay take a deep breath good job hervy everything sounds great hooray can I touch your tummy sure all right let me touch that belly oh sorry I didn't know you were so ticklish okay okay all right you're good can I.

Listen to your heart sure would you like to try the stethoscope yeah okay absolutely absolutely here you go should I put it on you yeah can you yeah let's put it on all right here this is where my heart is it's on the left side oh you have a nice heartbeat oh thank you it's a very nice heart thank you I can tell you really care I do I do care.

Herby you did a great job today Herby can I give you a sticker yeah here you go thank you you're welcome I'm going to go see my next patient now it's been really nice spending time with you okay bye all right bye bye-bye next time I'll bring the Popsicles hi I'm Miss Ashley what letter do you hear at the.

Beginning of the word doctor yes the letter D can you say it with me D great job that was a great checkup and now we're back home again at home you can pretend to be the.

Doctor you can give a checkup to your grownup or a stuffy do you have a stuffy you could get out right now and we'll pretend to do a checkup on the stuffy together I have a puppy yeah he's so cute his name is puppy hi puppy.

hello Let's Pretend We're the doctor knocking on the door knock knock knock can you do that Knock Knock knock hello I'm Dr Rachel what's your name doctor hi puppy first I'm I'm going to see how much you weigh step on my scale can you make your stuffed animal step on the scale Stu on the scale I'm.

Pretending my hand is a scale yeah oh the puppy weighs 7 lb how much does your stuffed animal weigh great now puppy we need to see how tall you are we need to see how much youve grown I'm going to pretend that I'm measuring the puppy my puppy is 1T how tall is your.

Stuffed animal great good job puppy I'm proud of you woof woof thank you next I need to look at puppies what are those what do we see with our eyes I need to look at your eyes let's get out our auscope oh wow.

Puppy your eyes are looking great did you look at your stuffed animals eyes good job now we need to look in our stuffed animals what are these what do we hear with our ears good job we need to look in your ears do you want to touch the oscope.

First to see what it feels like let's let puppy touch it yeah that's our odoscope yeah let's look in your ears now okay look in your stuffed animals ears oh looks great is there anything in your stuffed animals ears puppy's ears look very healthy good.

Job puppy I'm so proud of you hi can you help me find my stethoscope where is my stethoscope where could it be do you see my stethoscope it's on my elbow no that's not it it's on my.

Knee H that's not it either what it's on my head Oh yay we found it now we need to look in puppies what's this yeah the mouth yeah let's get out our tongue depressor let's pretend that puppy.

Doesn't know how to say ah let's show him help me on the count of three one 2 three ah thank you for sh me okay puppy say ah ah your mouth looks great next we need to listen to puppy heart what do we use to listen to.

The heart a stethoscope yeah stethoscope let's put it on and listen to puppy's heart okay puppy bu bu can you do that bu bum bum bum bum bum bu your heart sounds great puppy now take a deep breath I'm going to listen.

To your lungs can you help puppy take a deep breath he can't remember how good job I did it great job puppy you took a deep breath thanks for helping I am going to the doctor by Miss Rachel illustrated by Lauren.

Brand today I am going to the doctor for a checkup my mommy will be there with me the whole time I can choose a toy to take with me first we will check in at the desk there are toys and books in the waiting area I can play with the toys and read the.

Books the nurse is a nice helper she will call my name mommy and I will go to a room the nurse will tell me to step on the scale the scale shows the nurse how much I weigh the nurse will take my height I can see how much I have gr I will meet the doctor he is a nice.

Helper the doctor will look in my eyes the doctor will look in my ears the doctor will look in my mouth he will listen to my heart and lungs with a stethoscope he will check my tummy he will check my neck the doctor and my mommy will.

Talk after that I will be all done with my checkup I can choose a sticker I will feel proud I will go back home with my mommy when I'm home I can play YY next we feel our stuffed animals neck let's try that feels good now we feel our stuffed animals.

Tummy touch the tummy your tummy is great puppy sometimes when you go to the doctor they might take your blood pressure they take mine sometimes and for that they put something on like this and it feels like a tight squeeze on your arm it feels.

Like a big arm hug puppy we're going to squeeze this and take your blood pressure does that feel like a big hug or a squeeze yeah H which stethoscope is different yes this.

One great job now let's check puppy's reflexes oop wo that's silly Boop wo Boop wo great reflexes puppy do you remember what Dr Hoffman told us we can do to stay healthy let's tell puppy we need to tell our stuffed.

Animals be active what does that mean run around go to the playground and climb have fun outside and eat a variety of foods what's your favorite food my favorite food is strawberries they're so.

Yummy and spend time with your family get lots of love those things help us stay healthy our stuffed animals are done with their checkups great job should we give them stickers should I give puppy a sticker yeah here's your sticker puppy you did a great job and I'm proud of.

you Doctor yes do you have a doctor of course I have a doctor does everyone go to the doctor most people do go to the doctor yes I have one question sure where's my heart it's on the left side of your chest I'll show you right here oh right there it's right there I know where my nose is where's your nose right.

There honey you got it right I got it where is your nose where could it be where is your nose to it with me yeah you got it where are your eyes where could they be where are your eyes point to them with me yeah we have two eyes where is your mouth where could it.

Be where is your mouth point to it with me that's our mouth you got it where are your ears where could they be where are your ears point to them with me next let's pretend that puppy fell off his bike he needs some Band-Aids can you.

Help thank you let's get out our Band-Aid case say open and if it will open open great it opened can you help me put the Band-Aids on puppy thank you you say on and they'll go.

On put it on put it on put it on great the Andes on puppy let's put one on puppy's arm put it on put it on put it on oh wonderful puppy is feeling so much better next let's get out my blue Band-Aid I think I have a blue Band-Aid.

In my pocket here it is let's put this one on puppy's other arm ready put it on put it on put it it on oh puppy's feeling so much better thank you for helping him I feel better I'm so glad you feel better would you like a hug.

yeah how many stickers are there let's count them one 2 3 4 five five stickers great job one.

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11.

12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 we learned so much today about going to the doctor we learned that a doctor.

Is a Helper and that you could take a special stuffed animal to the doctor peekaboo we also learned all the things a doctor checks to make sure that you're healthy and growing I know when you visit the doctor you're going to have have a wonderful visit don't forget that you're an amazing kid and I'm so proud of you byebye.

Friends byebye friends bye bye friends we'll see you again real soon bye-bye

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