Mental Health For Youngsters – Definite Habits For Helpful Mental Health


Mental Health For Youngsters – Definite Habits For Helpful Mental Health

hi friends today we're going to talk about mental health in this video you will learn about four ways to take good care of your mental health to help you feel happy calm and confident what is mental health everyone has mental health but it is a unique experience for each one of us mental health is how you think.

And feel about yourself and how you get along with the world around you good mental health is when you feel happy and confident about yourself work hard at school or in other areas of your life and get along well with your family friends and other people kids with good mental health learn productive ways to manage stress and work through difficult.

Emotions just like you nourish your body with food and water you should also nourish your mind with positive habits and coping skills to keep you feeling happy and positive the following are four ways to help you take good care of your mental health number one pay attention to your thoughts feelings and action actions you can pay attention to.

Your thoughts by working hard to keep a positive attitude even when you're having a bad day take on challenges with confidence and believe that you can make it through difficult times always encourage yourself and try to talk back to your negative thoughts you can pay attention to your feelings by learning how to express yourself and your.

Emotions in constructive ways practice coping skills to deal with difficult emotions and don't be afraid to share how good you feel about yourself and others when you are in a positive mood you can pay attention to your actions by acting responsibly at home school in the community and with your friends do activities you enjoy and make sure that.

Your actions do not cause harm to yourself or others when you pay attention to your thoughts feelings and actions it helps you to make good decisions which can lead to positive experiences that improve your mental health number two build your self-esteem doing things to strengthen your self-esteem is a a very.

Important step toward good mental health you can boost your self-esteem by focusing on your strengths while also working hard to improve your weaknesses always be willing to improve yourself and try your best but don't put too much pressure on yourself along the way kids with high self-esteem set goals for themselves and don't compare themselves.

To others they always encourage themselves and try to let go of negative thoughts or self-doubt number three learn to cope with stress practice coping with stress in healthy ways by organizing ing your time well and not taking on too many responsibilities all at once take a few minutes each day for calm belly.

Breathing mindfulness or visualizing a peaceful place to help you relax your brain and body other excellent ways to manage stress include taking a break from stressful situations going for a walk in nature exercising or spending time with positive and supportive people number four keep your body healthy your mind and body are connected so one way.

To keep your mind healthy is by keeping your body body healthy you can do this by eating well and drinking plenty of water getting good sleep and staying Physically Active a mental health checklist is a visual tool that can help you notice if you are taking good care of your mental health take 3 to 5 minutes each day to review your.

Checklist to help you stay on track follow the link in the description of this video for a free principal mental health checklist some good questions to add to your checklist include have I eaten regular meals did I drink plenty of water have I showered am I getting enough sleep have I moved my body today have I connected with a friend or family.

Member did I take a break from screens or social media what am I grateful for today if you are having trouble managing your mental health don't be afraid to ask for help seeking help is a sign of strength not weakness even people with good mental health feel down sometimes talk to a caring adult such as a parent teacher coach or therapist th IST your.

Mental health is just as important as your physical health just like you take care of your body to live a long and healthy life it's important to take good care of your mind to make sure you are feeling happy calm and confident if you found this video helpful please like share and subscribe for more social emotional and Mental.

Health Resources for kids and teens please visit healthcenter thanks for watching

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