MEDICAL ROUNDS: The core ingredients that upward thrust up a wholesome diet


MEDICAL ROUNDS: The core ingredients that upward thrust up a wholesome diet

And a lot of people see January is the time to reset and set goals for the year ahead and a popular one includes some healthier food choices and nutrition habits live with us today is Chris Barrett a dietician at Hartford Healthcare Bone and Joint Institute thanks for being with us so what are the core elements that make up a healthy.

Diet yeah I think many people when we talk about diets is they always forget about the sustainability of the diet right so sustainability is how long can you continue these habits uh for the rest of your life and foreseeable future the other one is to make it individualized what I mean by that is does it fit your lifestyle your.

Activities your personal preference um all those factors should also be considered but most importantly you have to always start with those Basics basically many individuals in America really don't consume those fruits or vegetables that we actually need so having one and a half cups to two cups of fruit per day up to two to three cups.

Of vegetables per day those are the standards and that's a great place to start yeah a little goal like can we get two big handfuls of nice green veggies every day and maybe a handful of totally all right so but the thing is busy moms it's hard to grocery shop cook plan Pinterest makes it look easy but it's not what can you do to not make it.

Overwhelming so I'm going to be honest care I also have a hard time with recipes sometimes those look extremely daunting for me even as a dietitian with those laundry lists of ingredients a great place to start is to start with three items of the following try and purchase three protein options try purchased three types of.

Vegetables fresh frozen or canned and then also three types of whole grains and then three types of fruits also fresh Frozen arcan um making sure you purchased three of those items and all of a sudden you began to meal prep easily and simply for your whole family yeah I mean the Frozen stuff can really I know dietitians will tell you it's.

Just as good as the fresh can be a little less expensive you're not throwing it away as much and um we can get it on the table really quickly with just stir frying it or even microwaving it 100% and the other thing I would say too is the reducing meal prep is also pre-cut Frozen stuff you don't even have to chop it up anymore so it saves you.

Tons of time the meal preparation of it all right just uh before we let you go less than a minute just a few quick easy meal idea I I know that I love the ru of Threes I'm going to think of that the one thing I would definitely say is make them quick and easy think of sheet pan meals so essent you'll get your sheet pan and you'll break it up.

Into thirds the first third will be your protein Source the second third will be your sort of starches so it could be potatoes um could be sweet potatoes and then the other portion is going to be your sort of your regular vegetables broccoli cauliflower um carrots all those can be on over in that sort of element of it so one sheet you break it.

All one time and that's a great one another great one if you do have an air fryer making sure you have that there as well that'll be helpful yeah I know we wish we had more time but I love that you made it nice and easy for more information go to make that your intention just three that makes it nice and simple now.

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