Mastering Habits that You Must Create If You Must Live A Long Life


Mastering Habits that You Must Create If You Must Live A Long Life

Hi everyone, Welcome to My Channnel that providesEducation about Many Things and provides New Inspiration in All of Our Lives. Before enteringThe Topic, How are You All?, I hope your situation is Fine. Don't Forget to be Happy. In this video,We will discuss things that can make Us Live Longer. Previously we couldn't extend our agewithout permission from The Creator God, Who Created Us. but we can minimize The Risk Diseasesthat arise as A Result of Our Previous Habits so that We can Live Healthier and Enjoy Our OldAge. The First Habit we Need to Pay Attention to is Pay Attention to your Food. Do you liketo Eat Veggies and Fruit? If The answer is Yes, You are eating in A Good Way. Carbs, Protein, Fat,Minerals, and Vitamins are all parts of Healthy Food. Folic Acid is A Type of Vitamin B Complexthat can help avoid Birth Defects in babies most.

Of Which happen in The Brain or Spine. Women whoare Planning to Become Pregnant Should Eat Foods that Contain This Vitamin. Your weight can stayat A Healthy Level if You eat A Balanced, Sensible Diet. Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, and ObstructiveSleep Apnea are just some of The Illnesses that can be caused by Being Overweight or Obese. DoesAnyone know what Obstructive Sleep Apnea is? to Refresh Your Memory, This Condition is caused byFat Accumulation in The Respiratory Tract which blocks The breathing Stages and causes Breathingto Stop For Short Periods of Time Over and Over again. This can Lead to Hypoxia, A Condition WhereThe Body Cells and Tissues don't get enough Oxygen and Apnea. A condition where Breathing Stopsfor 10 seconds or more on average and with a lot of force other diseases that can arise dueto food are several cancers for example, Cancer.

Of The Uterus, Cervix, Endometrium, Ovaries, Breasts,Colon, Rectum, Esophagus, Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas Kidney and Prostate Cancer. This is becauseSpecial Cells that are active against cancer are inhibited by the presence of Fat causingcancer cells to Grow Freely and quickly. Let's discuss some of the things in the picture in theprevious discussion. There Was an explanation that included A Photo of Nuts as a Healthy Food.Here is an additional explanation, Nuts are an additional food which is One of The Best Sourcesbecause they contain Fiber, Antioxidants, Vitamins and Minerals, Healthy Fats and Protein. Thereforeit can help us to achieve Ideal Body Weight and reduce The Risk of Heart Disease. There are manyTypes of Nuts, There are Almonds, Walnuts, Cashews, Pistachios, Pecans, Macadamia-Nuts, HazelnutsBrazil-Nuts and Peanuts. This last type of nut.

We often encounter in the market near our house.The Turmeric Plant is good for us too and not just nuts. It has been used for thousands of years toadd Color, Flavor, and Nutrition to food, especially in Asia. It has also been used in TraditionalMedicines but we don't know what it contains yet. The Active Ingredient in Turmeric is a naturalsubstance called “cucurmin” which is A Polyphenol Cucurmin is an antioxidant that helps keep TheImmune System in check and Reduces Inflammation. Besides that, Different research projects haveshown that Turmeric may be able to help with Chronic Kidney Disease, Cognitive Decline, IrritableBowel Syndrome (IBS), Macular Degeneration and even Some Types of Cancer by Slowing them down. Don'tbe afraid about the effects if we consume Turmeric because Turmeric has a profile that is safe foruse in Food Applications and The Pharmaceutical.

Industry apart from food facts. Let's enter otherinfluencing habit factors. The Second habit that can prolong our lifespan is Keeping PhysicallyActive. Do you like to work out? people who like to keep quiet are more likely to get sick than peoplewho like to Physical Exercise. The following are some health benefits of going around a lot, One youcan keep Your Weight in check by Burning Calories. This will keep you from Gaining or Losing toomuch weight. Two, Working out can lower your chance of Heart Disease, Stroke, High Blood Pressure,Type 2 Diabetes and some types of cancer by making Your Blood Flow and Cholesterol goes up.Working out regularly can also make Our Bones and Muscles Stronger because it encourages bonecells to make more Bone Tissue and raises Bone Mass, especially if we work out in the sun. Most ofthe time, Strength Training and Exercises that use.

Weights are the best ways to build strong bones.What's it? Weight-Bearing Exercise includes things like Walking, Running, Dancing and Tennis that makebones and muscles work against gravity. When you do these things, The Pressure on your bones willmake bone-forming cells make more bone tissue. This will make your Bones Stronger and Denser.Working Out Your Muscles and Bones with force or outside pressure is called Resistance Training.Some examples of resistance training are Lifting Weights using Rubber Bands and doing Push-Upsby Putting Stress on the bones. These movements can help build Bone mass and improve Bone Health.So, When is the best time for us to exercise? Some studies suggest that exercising in The Morning,may have some benefits over other times of The Day, especially for Weight Loss and Heart Health.Here are a few possible perks of working out in.

The morning. Working out in the morning can helpyou lose more weight and calories during the day. Obesity released a study that found people who didmoderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA) in the morning had A Lower Body Mass Index (BMI) and WasteCircumference than people who worked out in the Afternoon. A new study in the European Journalof Preventative Cardiology says that the best time to be workout physical exercise is from 8:00a.m. to 11:00 a.m. This will help you avoid Heart Disease and Stroke. More than 2,000 people whowore exercise trackers for 7 days and had their blood pressure checked at regular intervals wereused in the study. The researchers think that this might be because of the Circadian Rhythm which hasits Highest point in the morning and its Lowest point during the day. So work out in the morningto keep your heart and blood pressure healthy..

Researchers also discovered that people who workedout in the morning Ate Better and Consumed Fewer Calories compared to their body weight. Morning Workout can make you feel better and give you more energy. When you work out in the morningyour body creates “Endorphins” which are Feel good chemicals that can make you feel better and loweryour stress levels because exercise Increases Blood Flow and Oxygen to the brain. Doing it inthe morning can also make you more awake and clear-headed. This can help you do better atschool or work and deal with the problems of today. Apart from exercise time. What we needto pay attention to is, How our own condition is before exercising based on Age. Here are therecommended recommendations: Before School Kids in Preschool Ages 3 to 5 need to be Activeevery day all day long. As a form of Active.

Play they can do fun physical tasks like Running,Jumping, Climbing, Throwing, Catching and Dancing. This moving your body coordinating your brainwith other parts of your body and building your confidence are all important parts of how yougrow and develop. Young people 6 to 17 years old need to be physically active for at least anhour every day at a moderate to high effort. They can pick for many Fun sports and activities likeBrisk Walks, Cycling, Swimming, Soccer, Basketball and Martial Arts, at least three times a week. Theymust do vigorous activity Muscle strengthening activities and Bone strengthening activities withan hour of exercising. This is to improve their Cardiovascular Fitness, Muscle strength, Bone Healthand mental health even if they are just bored with schoolwork. Adults 18 to 64 years old need exercisefor more than 150 minutes a week. The activity can.

Be Brisk walking also at least twice a week.They should do things that make their muscles stronger. You can do things like Lift Weights,Use Resistance Bands or do workouts with your own body weight like Push-ups Squats and Planks.These activities might help them Keep Off or Lose Weight, Lower their chance of getting ChronicDiseases, make it easier for them to do things and overall make their quality of life better.People aged 65 end up get same treatment with adults. However, add things like some other things.They should do or Stand on One Leg, Do Tai Chi or Do Yoga to improve their balance. They can stopor put off The Loss of Muscle Mass, Bone structure and Balance that comes with getting older by doingthese things. A Fall, A Broken Bone or being unable to work can also be avoided. Besides being goodfor your body, Tai Chi or Yoga can also help you.

Find Peace of Mind, especially if your partnerhas died. We can become thirsty when we work out. The American College of sports medicine ACSMsays that you should drink 16 to 20 ounches of fluid at least 4 hours before you work out and 8 to 12ounches of fluid 10 to 15 minutes before you work out. You should drink enough water to make up for thesweat you lose while you work out exercise. ACSM says that while you work out you should drink3 to 8 ounces of water every 15 to 20 minutes you should drink enough water to make up for thefluids you lost after working out exercise. ACSM says that within 2 hours of working out you shoulddrink 16 to 24 o of fluid for every pound of body weight loss. You can also figure out how muchwater you need by weighing yourself before and after working out. For every pound of weight youlose while working out you should drink 15 to 24.

Ounces of water to make up for it. So you alreadyknow, Morning exercise can also result in better Dietary Choices and Calorie Control throughout theday, improve heart health, strengthen muscles and bones and can improve your mood mood and appearenergetic all day. Let's discuss other factors. Stay Tuned. The Third habit that can affect ourlongevity is Smoking. Smoking is a Dangerous Habit that can have serious consequencesfor your health. Smoking can affect almost every organ in your body and cause many diseases,such as Cancer, Heart disease, stroke, Lung disease, Diabetes and more. Here are some facts aboutsmoking in health that I found. In The United States, smoking is the main reason people diethat could have been avoided. Every year this disease kills more than 480,000 people which isalmost one in five deaths. If you smoke you kill.

More people than HIV, Illegal Drugs, Drinking, CarAccidents and Gun-related events. Blood Valves get Damaged and Narrow, When you smoke which raisesyour blood pressure and heart rate. This could lead to Heart Disease, Stroke or Blood Clots. It canalso cut off blood to the heart and other organs which can lead to Chest Pain, Heart attacks andHeart failure, which can be fatal. It's harder to breathe when you smoke, because it hurts your Lungsand Respiratory systems. Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (COPD) which includes Empysema and ChronicBronchitis is brought on by smoking. Lung Cancer is is the most common type of cancer in the USand is also caused by smoking. You are also more likely to get cancer of the Mouth, Throat, Esophagus,Bladder, Kidneys, Liver, and Cervix. If you smoke, your immune system is Weakened and youare more likely to get sick. Smoking can make you.

More likely to get COVID-19 ,TB Pneumonia and TheFlu. Another risk is that you might get Rheumatoid Arthritis which is a long-term disease, that maymakes your joints swell and hurt. if you smoke, it can affect your ability to have Children. Men whosmoke may have less and lower quality sperm and may also have more problems with getting andkeeping an erection. Women who smoke can also hurt their Egg Cells and Ovaries which raises TheChance of Infertility, Miscarriage, Early Birth, Low Birth Weight and Birth Defects. Smoking can alsohurt The Placenta which gives Air and Food to The Baby inside The Womb. Not only does smoking hurtthe inside of our bodies, it can also hurt the outside bones, Joints, Skin Teeth and Eyes can allbe hurt by smoking. Smoking can make Bones Weaker and raise The Risk of Osteoporosis, A Diseasethat makes bones weak and easy to break, also.

Smoking can weaken your muscles, makingyou more likely to get hurt or fall. Skin that is damaged by smoking can age more quickly and getlines sagging and changes in color. It can also stain your teeth and gums give you bad smell.Lead to Tooth Decay, Gum Disease and even Oral Cancer. Last but not least, smoking can hurt youreyes and make you more likely to get Cataracts, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and even go Blind.Smoking causes health problems that hurt your Physical, Mental and Emotional Health. In the longrun, these problems will affect things that make you live longer. Giving up smoking can lower yourchance of diseases linked to smoking and make your life better. If you find it hard to quit smokingon your own talk to A Friend or Family member or call A Health Center in your city for help withyour smoking problem. Apart from not smoking you.

Can also avoid other habits, namely DrinkingAlcoholic Drinks, avoiding drinks that contain alcohol is the Fourth Habit you can do. Drinkingalcohol can have many Negative Impacts on your health both in the short and long term. Hereare some of The Dangers of drinking alcoholic beverages based on the search results I found.Alcohol is bad for The Heart and Blood Vessels and can lead to issues like High Blood Pressure,and Irregular Beating, Stroke and Heart Disease. Also, Alcohol can Cut Off Oxygen to the Heart andother systems which can lead to Chest Pain, Heart Attacks and Heart Failure. Alcohol can hurt ThePancreas and Liver by causing Swelling Damage and problems with how they work. Fatty liver,Drunken Hepatitis, Fibrosis and Cirrhosis can all be caused by alcohol. These conditions canmake it harder to Digest Food, Burn Fat and get.

Rid of Waste, Pancreatitis can also be caused byalcohol. This can be very painful and make it hard to make enzymes and hormones that help digestion.Drinking alcohol can make you more likely to get many types of Cancer especially those that affectThe Mouth, Throat, Esophagus, Larynx, Liver, Breast and Stomach. Cells and DNA in these organs can behurt by alcohol which makes them more likely to get mutations and cancer, also alcohol canmake the affects of other Carcinogens like Tobacco, stronger. Drinking alcohol can hurt yourReproductive system and make you less Fertile, which can lower your chances of havinga healthy pregnancy and kid. Drinking alcohol can lower the number and quality of sperm in menand raise The Risk of Impotence and problems getting an Erection and for Women alcohol canhurt Egg Cells and Ovaries which can raise The.

Risk of Infertility, Miscarriage, Early Birth, LowBirth, Weight and Birth Problems. Alcohol can also hurt the Placenta which feeds and oxygenates thebaby. Your Bones, Joints, Skin, Teeth, and Eyes can all get weaker from drinking. This can make you lookOlder and feel weaker. Osteoporosis is a disease that makes bones weak and easily broken. Drinkingalcohol can make you more likely to get it. Also, drinking can weaken and shorten your muscles andmake you more likely to get hurt or fall. Drinking alcohol can hurt your face and make it Wrinkle, Sagand Change Color it can also stain Teeth and Gums give you Bad smell lead to Tooth Decay, Gum Diseaseand even Oral Cancer. Alcohol can also harm The Eyes and increase the risk of Cataracts, Glaucoma,Macular Degeneration and Blindness. It turns out that drinking alcoholic beverages especiallyif consumed excessively can cause Addiction.

And Health Problems thus having a Negative impacton your Physical. Mental and Emotional Well-being. Stopping drinking alcoholic beverages can reducethe risk of disease and improve your quality of life. If you find it difficult to stop consumingalcohol on your own try contacting Someone close to you or you can contact A Health Onstitutionin your city for behavioral therapy to overcome alcohol addiction. Apart from Eating and Drinkinghabits, we also have to get used to our way of thinking. How do we do that? We can train Our Mindsby Thinking Positively, Not Disturbing and Harming other people and most importantly how we can stilltrain our minds to Stay strong and Happy. Let's discuss them one by one. Several studies show thatHappiness can come from having Good Feelings and thoughts or from being in A State of well-being.Happiness can also be good for your health, for.

Example it Can Lift Your Mood, Lower Your Stress,Anxiety and Sadness, and Make Your Brain work better and help you remember things. Being Happycan also help you Sleep Better and for longer periods of time which can affect your Health andEnergy Levels. However, Happiness doesn't always make you live longer. Some Studies have foundNo Straight link between Happiness and Death. One example is a study in The Lancet. The Studylooked at information from almost 600,000 People who drank at least some alcohol. The study foundthat Happiness had Nothing to do with Mortality. Meaning happiness did not protect people fromthe Harmful Effects of drinking. Another study the UK Million Women Study found that happinesshad no effect on Death Rates after taking into account things, like Age, Gender Income, Sadnessand Health of the people who responded based on.

These studies being happy might not be enough tomake you live longer. One study shows that apart from trying to always think Positively and beingable to Control Our Emotions well, an Optimistic Attitude is more likely to have a Significanteffect people who are positive usually feel happy because they think good things will happen.If there is a problem they try to find a solution so that most people can handle problems well alot of research has shown that being positive can be very good for your health. For example, itcan lower your risk of Heart Disease, Stroke, and problems with your Lungs. Being positive can alsoboost your Immune System, Keep your Heart Healthy and ease pain. Besides that, being positive can evenmake you live longer. For example, there was a study in the Proceedings of the National Academyof Sciences that found people who were more.

Optimistic lived longer and had a better chanceof making it past age 85. Another study in the Lancet found that people who were more Positivewere less likely to die from Heart Disease and other reasons. So, with our optimistic attitude,we can reduce the risk of Stress and Anxiety to maintain the Health of our minds and hearts.Do not forget, after we can control what happens to us psychologically, we also have to protect ourPsychology from other people how by Establishing our relationships with other people in a healthysocial environment. Having a healthy Social Circle can be beneficial for Extending your lifespan asresearch shows that social connectedness can lead to a Longer Life, Better Health and IncreasedWell-being. Social connectedness is the degree to which people have and experience the desirednumber quality and variety of relationships that.

Create a sense of belonging and of being caredfor valued and supported. The following are the benefits obtained from being in a healthy socialenvironment so that you can increase your lifespan by making Blood Flow, Cholesterol Levels and theImmune System better, it can lower the chance of Heart Disease, Stroke and other long-termIllnesses by stimulating your brain and releasing Good Hormones can improve your Mood,Lower Stress, Anxiety and Sadness and make you Smarter and Better at Remembering things, can HelpPeople do good things like Quit Smoking, Eat Better and Exercise by Giving them Support, Motivationand Accountability. It can make you Stronger and Help you Deal with problems better by giving youMental, Practical and Informational Support when things get tough it can make your Life Better andmake you Happier by giving you chances to have.

Fun, Find meaning and do things that matter. Forthose of you who want to have A Healthy Social Circle, you can try the following tips. Get outthere and talk to people, who share your Beliefs Interests and Goals. Any online community club orgroup that fits your goals Interests or Hobbies is open to you let people who are different fromyou in and be friendly with them, talking to people from different countries backgrounds and points ofview, can help you make new friends their thoughts experiences and stories can teach you things.Be regular and dependable with the people you care about staying in touch. Showing Interest andgiving help can help you keep and grow your Social Circle. You can also Thank your Friends, Family andCo-workers and let them Know you Appreciate them. Be polite and honest with everyone you meet,being truthful polite and helpful will help.

You make and keep friends. You can also Stay Awayfrom things like Rumors, Abuse and Fights that hurt your Relationships with other people, especiallyyour Friends. Being yourself and having fun with your friends is important. Being yourself talkingabout how you feel and having fun can help you enjoy and celebrate your group of friends. It'salso possible to plan and do things that make you Happy, Laugh and Feel good by Building Relationshipwith lots of People. We can reduce the risk of Loneliness, which causes Health Problems includingSudden Weight Changes, Digestive Disorders, Heart Problems. Another research study found that Lonelypeople have High Blood Pressure, Weakened Immune Systems and a 20% decline in cognitive function.In people who are in a lonely situation. moreover, Experts from the United Nations World HealthOrganization (WHO) stated that loneliness has an.

Impact Death's equivalent to Smoking, Cigarettes.every day. A bit scary isn't it? We will move to the Next Topic. Have you ever seen someone whois very careful? Some people think that careful people are weird because they seem like they nevermake a mistake. It turns out that being mindful is strongly linked to doing Well in School and atWork, Having Good Relationships, Living a long Time and Getting Older in A Healthy way. BeingResponsible makes people Happier on the inside as they go through life. Being careful means that aperson can use self-discipline and self-control to go after their goals and eventually reach them.Very conscientious people are also Organized, Determined and able to put off short-termPleasures that aren't their main wants. This helps Them live a Better life. Conscientiousnessis one of the Big Five personality traits that.

Describe People and keep their Feelings in check.A Meta-analysis study found that people with Low conscientiousness Scores had a 1.4 Times HigherChance of Death than people with High scores. This was true even when Health Behavior, MaritalStatus and Education Level were taken into account. Besides that, it was interesting to learnthat Women were less likely to die when they knew about safety measures, but not Men. The Researcherssuggest that this may be due to Gender differences in the Expression and Consequences of Mindfulness.So, after knowing this, do you want to be more careful and more more disciplined? Let's changeand try to achieve our dreams for a better future life. Let's go into the discussion of the lastchapter. Remember to get enough good rest as everyone has a different sleep schedule. Somepeople got Better in just a Few hours. While.

Others need more than 5 hours. In general theSleep pattern has Two main stages: Rapid eye Movement (REM) sleep and non-REM sleep. Here are thestages of non-rem sleep. Early phase in this stage of sleep you may still be Aware of what's goingon Around you. The brain will make Beta waves in the first step.Slower alpha waves from someone whois calm with their Eyes closed will take the place of the fast beta waves, as you continue to fallasleep. soon, slower Theta waves show up and your Eye movements slow down. This stage only lastsa few minutes and gets you ready for a Deeper sleep. Phase two the longest part of sleep is thisphase, which is where you spend about half of your time asleep. Sleep spindles are short bursts ofaction in your brain. These activity spikes happen 8 to 14 times per second and have an amplitude of50 to 100 V. Most sleep spindles only last 1 to 2.

Seconds. They are made when Neurons in a Thalamusand Cortex talk to each other as a result your body Temperature and Heart rate go down. Thisstage helps you Remember things better and learn Faster. third phase, the third stage this is theDeepest stage of sleep and outside Triggers are less likely to wake you up. Delta waves are made inyour Brain and your Muscles loosen up. This stage helps you get your Energy back makes your Defensesystem stronger and helps you Grow and Develop for Adults. It lasts about 35 to 40 minutes duringthe first sleep cycle of the night for young. Adults it makes up 15 to 20% of their Total SleepTime. Some actions of the Arms, Legs and Body can still be done because the Muscles are still inGood shape. This is also the stage of Sleep when Somnambulism, Sleepwalking and Night Terrors mayhappen to Kids. Now let's discuss the stages of.

REM Sleep. REM sleep has no phases when you are inREM sleep you have very clear dreams. Your brain is very Busy and sending out Waves that are fastand wonky. Your Heart rate and Breathing speed up and your Eyes move Quickly in different directionsto stop you from making your dreams come true your body suddenly stops moving. This stage helps youdeal with your Feelings, Sparks your imagination and keeps your mood stable. REM sleep lasts 10to 25 minutes each cycle, which is 20 to 25% of an adult's Total Sleep Time REM sleep does.However, come with some risks for example it Raises the Chance of Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson'sDisease. if you want to improve the quality of your REM sleep you can try the following tips to startmake sure you get enough sleep every night. Every day at the same time go to bed and wake up. Thiswill help your Body and Mind get ready for sleep.

And release the right Hormones. this can alsohelp you stay in sync with your normal sleep cycle. Second tip, don't Drink, Smoke or use Coffeeafter 4.00 p.m. These Drugs can make it hard to sleep and shorten your REM sleep. As stimulantsCaffeine and Nicotine can keep you awake and aware. On the other hand, alcohol can mess up yoursleep patterns and make you wake up more often at Night. Third tip, stay properly hydrated all day.If you drink enough water, your body will work better and you won't get dehydrated whichcan make it hard to sleep, but don't drink too much water before bed. It could wake you up to goto the bathroom, which would Wake you up. fourth, stay away from Blue light at night. Electronicgadgets like Phones, Tablets, Computers and TVs give off blue light. This may stop your body frommaking melatonin, A Hormone that controls when you.

Sleep and wake up. Blue light at night can make itharder to fall asleep and lessen the amount of REM sleep. You get you can wear glasses that block bluelight. Set your devices to night mode or just don't use them for at least an hour before bed. fifthtip, take it easy before bed, Reading, Listening to Soothing Music, Meditating or taking a Warm Bathare all things that can help you Relax and Clear your thoughts. Getting rid of worry and anxiety canhelp you sleep better, especially during REM sleep. To calm your mind and body you can can also doProgressive Muscle, Relaxation Mindfulness methods or Breathing Exercises. last tip, work out dailybeing active can help your health your happiness and the quality of your sleep. It can also help youget more REM sleep by making you less stressed and more eager to sleep, but don't work out too closeto bedtime because it can keep you too awake and.

Eager to sleep. In the morning or evening isbest for getting at least 20 to 30 minutes of mild exercise every day. The Explanation aboveseems a bit much. Let's summarize it. Your sleep Patterns can vary depending on many factors, suchas Age, Lifestyle, and Health conditions. Some people may have more or fewer sleep cycles or longer orshorter sleep stages than others. Having a regular and healthy sleep pattern is important for yourPhysical, and Mental health. Sleep can Regenerate damaged cells in our Body. apart from damaged cells,the metabolic rate in the skin is also Accelerated and can Reduce protein damage. This is why gettingenough sleep at night around more 8 hours, can beautify the Skin. So for women who want naturallybeautiful skin without Artificial Ingredients and Preservatives, don't stay up late every night. Ihope this information helps you understand what.

Habits can prolong our life. Let's summarizethem briefly. Habits that can help us to live a long life are Eating healthy Nutritious food,Staying active Exercising regularly especially in the Morning, Staying hydrated during exercise toreplace lost body Fluids because most of which are excreted in the form of sweat. Avoiding habit ofSmoking, and Drinking alcohol, habitually thinking positively or optimistically, Maintaining Emotionsand don't Forget to be happy, have a Healthy social, Socialization Environment, have a Highlevel of Caution and Discipline, Quality rest time Ultimately, the best way to live a longand happy life is to find a Balance between Happiness and other aspects of your life, such asRelationships with other People, Work, Hobbies and your Health, which are largely influenced by theFood and Drink we consume. These are the habits.

That can prolong our lifespan that I can conveyto you this time. I ask permission to promote My other videos, please pay attention to them ifyou enjoyed this video make sure you click the Like and subscribe buttons below. ThankYou for Watching. I'll excuse myself see you again.

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