Mastering Drinking Habits: Knowing Pleasure Plateaus with Dr. Jud Brewer


Mastering Drinking Habits: Knowing Pleasure Plateaus with Dr. Jud Brewer

One thing I have to go into is something that you call Pleasure plateaus what is a pleasure plateau and how does it relate to our eating habits so basically this is the second step of the process where we're paying attention and checking to see is am I eating more because it's a habit or am I eating more because I'm actually hungry and so I.

Think of it this way when we're hungry and we you can take any food ideally it's not some highly processed sugary type of thing because they mix up the signals and make it harder to really pay attention so let's say dinner we've cooked some dinner it's not fast food and we're we're starting to eat and we can ask ourselves with whatever the food.

Is does this how does this taste better than the same as or worse than the last bite and the reason I say that is that at the beginning of the meal let's say green beans for example or broccoli or whatever or potatoes that first bite is going to be like oh yeah this is so good and then the next bite it's going to be like yeah this is good and as we eat to.

Satiety our brain's going to say well it's not quite as like delectable as that first bite same food right but we start to hit we go up the hill that's why I call this the pleasure plateau and then it starts to Plateau out because our body is signaling to us you've had enough again assuming that we've had time to process the calories Etc we're.

Not just scarfing it down we're scarfing it down we're not paying attention anyway so we actually Coast to a stop in terms of how much we eat simply by paying attention and asking simple questions oh do I like is this taste better worse than or the same as the last bite basically do I need another bite right I have a friend who's a food.

Researcher at y Dana small she actually did this with chocolate for her PhD thesis I described this in the book a little bit where she basically fed chocolate she had people pick out their favorite chocolate and then just started feeding it to them as she scann their brains and long story short is that as people eat more chocolate it goes from.

Tasting delicious to terrible because they're over stuffing themselves that was part of the experiment to see what that was like and how people's brain activity changed so that's the pleasure Plateau often if we're not paying attention we go off we do one of two things one is suddenly we're like oh no I ate too much and we try to slam on the.

Brakes so that we force ourselves to stop eating and often we go over the I call it the Cliff of overindulgence where we just SC off the cliff and like man why did I do that I ate way too much anybody I I don't I know very few people who have ex where they can't relate to some holiday meal where there's been so much food and especially so much dessert.

And so many varieties of dessert where they've gone away like in the food coma that's where that term comes from because they've overeaten and their body is saying wow you overdid it you overdid it that was definitely me this past Thanksgiving and sometimes I like to eat Thanksgiving early so that you can eat a smaller amount and then get to enjoy it.

Again later in the day but man I did I overindulge this year and then you feel like crap yeah and so that's good information so often we beat ourselves up and we like oh I shouldn't do that again and then we try to force ourselves not to do it the next year but if we've done that especially if we've done it a couple of times and we can recall it.

That recollection can help us the next time and we can ask ourselves before we do it we can say hey what was it like the last time I overate like this and then we can well you tell me when you recall that your last Thanksgiving and imagine it's Thanksgiving again and if you started with that recollection how would it be easier harder the same to.

Stop to not do that again I think it would be easier because I have it fresh in my mind of how uncomfortable it made me feel and how it impacted my sleep and everything yeah yeah so as long as we can recall it that information is gold and we can rely on it and we can use that as a way to help us to change these habits again no willpower needed just.

Recollection just a memory

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