Males’s E-book To Customary Hygiene (A will deserve to comprise Systems)


Males’s E-book To Customary Hygiene (A will deserve to comprise Systems)

Gentlemen, no matter if your self-improvementjourney has just begun or if you're a few years deep, every man needs to know the basics, yetessentials about hygiene and this video is going to help you with just that by thisbeing a “Men's Guide To Basic Hygiene”. Let's not waste any more time and let's begin.The very first thing that I want you to do, Gentlemen, is to take a daily shower.The reason being is that whenever you're sleeping, your body sheds offdead skin cells, debris and bacteria, which will accumulate to your body feeling oilyand greasy, which makes you stink and that is the last thing that I want for you, Gentlemen.So in order for you to clean up your body, a daily shower is going to be highly necessary.I'm not saying you should wash your hair with.

Shampoo and conditioner every single day, becausefor a lot of us guys, it's not necessary to wash our hair on a daily basis, maybe every otherday but take taking a shower and washing off the dead skin cells and bacteria that hasaccumulated on your body from the night before, is in my opinion, highly necessary, in orderfor you to smell and feel fresh and clean. Another thing that has to dowith your body after a shower, is to have a towel for different purposes.The last thing I want to see in the comment section is that you have thesame towel for your whole body. You might as well not have taken the shower in thefirst place, because if you use the same towel, repeatedly, day after day for your body, your asscrack, your face and your hair, you're just taking.

All of the dirt that you've tried to wash off yourbody, putting them on the towel and then smearing all of these bacteria all back onto your body.So what I want to do, as the bare minimum, is to have a towel for your face, a towelfor your hair and a towel for your body. So you have a different towel for different partsof your body that might need their own towels. You're going to do yourself a huge favor.The next thing that I want you to take care of, in terms of your personal hygiene, is about yourears and specifically, I'm talking about ear wax. Ear wax is a huge turn off and the way that I wantyou to take care of that is to take a q-tip or a cotton swab and not jam it in there, because thatmight damage your ear canal, but I want want you to take a cotton swab and gently insert it intoyour ear and use circular motions, to scrape.

Off the ear wax that you might have in there.A pro tip is to have some sort of electrical device that is paired up to an app on yourphone, so you can see inside your ear canal, to really scrape a lot of that ear wax buildup butit is more than enough to just take a cotton swab and just use it very gently and delicatelyinside your ear canal in circular motions. But not only is that important but if youuse AirPods or any type of in-ear headphones, to clean them off of oils and earwax as well is super important. Because, imagine if there might be some daywhere you want to share one of your headphones to another person and they're super disgusting, notonly is that going to be awkward but it's going to be a turn off, especially if that other person isa girl that you might fancy and clean headphones.

Are just way more enjoyable to wear and use.Another very important thing to remember to do every single day, is to apply adeodorant and perhaps wear a fragrance. Wearing a deodorant is super important becauseif you sweat throughout the day, either a little or a lot, it will help you not sweat asmuch and perhaps make your sweat odorless, so you don't give off an unpleasant smell andI also want you to dip your toes into wearing a fragrance every single day, in order to giveoff an amazing, possibly a compliment pulling, pleasant scent, in order for you to smell better,give off a more positive character and perhaps receive some compliments here in there, forsmelling pleasant and overall very nice. And trust me, Gentlemen, no onelikes a person who smells horribly..

Either they will tell you that you smell horriblyor they will small-talk to other people about how bad you smell and that is the last thing that Iwant for you and don't be the type of person who tries to mask their bad b.o. with a very strongfragrance, without either taking care of their personal hygiene and/or applying a deodorant.It is super disgusting and will only make you smell worse so, Gentlemen, after you take ashower, remember to apply deodorant and possibly wear a fragrance, to smell your best every day.Going back to a previous tip, I talked about having a skincare routine.I want you, Gentlemen, to have a skincare routine because I wantyour skin to look perfect and spotless. I want you to cleanse your face everysingle day, both day and night, then apply.

A treatment or serum for the skin type or skinproblem that you might have and/or deal with, after that I want you to apply a moisturizer forthe skin type that you might have, in order to give it the proper moisture barrier protectionthat it might need and lastly a facial sunscreen is by far one of the most important things thatyou can apply onto your face, so you don't damage your skin whenever you're going outside.So, Gentlemen, please get yourself a skincare routine to look and feel your best.Gentlemen, these bad boys here – my hands and your hands will accumulate millions, if not billionsof bacteria every single day, throughout the day. So, what I want to do is to wash your handsfrequently throughout the day and perhaps sanitize them, after you've had a visit at the bath roomor you have been cooking or before cooking,.

Before eating and generally after doing someactivities which might vary from person to person. Make sure to clean off your hands with somewater and some soap or perhaps sanitize them with some hand sanitizer, to make sure thatyour hands are clean, because there are going to be a lot of bacteria on these bad boys here,every single day, many times throughout the day, so make sure that your hands are clean,sanitized taken care of and presentable. And the last thing that I want totalk about in this video is to brush your teeth every single day, twice a day.Once in the morning and once before you go to bed at night, sometimes it might be necessaryto do it in the middle of the day, perhaps after you have eaten something and there might besome residue stuck in the middle of your teeth,.

But using dental floss might also be enough, butoverall, having a great dental care routine is very necessary, especially if you want to look andfeel your best and have the best possible smile, that you can have and not be conscious aboutyour teeth and the way they look and feel. So, Gentlemen, make sure to brush your teethtwice a day, have a great oral hygiene, using a tongue scraper, using dentalfloss and perhaps even a mouthwash. All of these things will in the end accumulateto you having an incredible, white crisp smile. Gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed thisvideo and learned from this video, if there's something that you might havewanted to know about if you didn't already. If you enjoyed this video, then don't forgetto smash the like button and comment down below.

Your thoughts about this video and perhaps somethings that you want other men to know about. Also, subscribe to the MENSIMPROVEMENT YouTube channel, where I talk about everything fragrances,grooming, style, fashion, skincare, fitness, watches, lifestyle – everythingthat will make you, Gentlemen, the best possible versions of yourselves.The last few things, that I want to ask you, Gentleman, is to smile more because it's free andI want you to watch these two videos right here. This one here below is going to be mylatest upload, whereas this one up here is going to be video that the YouTubealgorithm thinks, you will enjoy. ;).

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