Lower Creatinine After 30 Days by Eating These 7 Superfoods On each day basis | PureNutrition


Lower Creatinine After 30 Days by Eating These 7 Superfoods On each day basis | PureNutrition

Welcome to a journey towards better Kidney Health that can change your life if you've ever wondered how to lower your creatinine levels swiftly and effectively you've come to the right place I'm thrilled to be your guide on this path to improved kidney function vitality and overall well-being are you tired of the constant.

Worry about your Kidney Health the uncertainty of whether your creatinine levels will keep Rising well it's time to take control and I promise the results will be remarkable imagine waking up each day with renewed hope and confidence knowing that you are actively working to improve your Kidney Health no more feeling.

Helpless or overwhelmed by your condition the best part you can achieve this in just 30 Days by incorporating simple dietary changes into your daily routine but how you ask the answer lies in the power of food Nature's Medicine by selecting the right foods and making them a part of your daily.

Life you can make a profound impact on your kidney function these Foods aren't just delicious they are your allies in the fight against high creatinine levels let's get started one beats in my heart beats hold a special place as one of the most nurturing and.

Beneficial veggies we can Grace our plates with they're not just vibrant and sweet they're bursting with folate also known as vitamin B9 a guardian of our blood vessels a Warrior against heart disease and a protector of our precious kidneys but that's not all beets are rich in nitrate which our body converts into nitric.

Oxide nitric oxide is a bit of a superstar it helps dilate blood vessels improving blood flow not just to the heart but to the kidneys as well better blood flow means more efficient kidney function helping these vital organs filter out waste like creatinine more effectively let me share something wonderful with you there was this study.

Involving individuals battling kidney disease when they introduced beet juice into their daily regimen the Improvement in their blood pressure was nothing short of remark able we're talking a reduction of 10 over 8 mm of mercury that's a very impressive number the antioxidants and sugar beets especially balines with their.

Antioxidant properties help neutralize free radicals potentially reducing oxidative stress and its damage this mechanism is particularly beneficial for the kidneys which are highly vulnerable to oxidative stress due to their their role in filtering toxins out of the blood this protection can help maintain.

The kidney filtration capacity indirectly affecting creatinine levels by ensuring efficient waste removal furthermore Balan has been studied for its anti-inflammatory properties inflammation is a key factor in the progression of chronic kidney disease by reducing inflammation Balan may help slow the progression of kidney.

Damage potentially positively affecting the filtration and excretion process of creatinine imagine integrating beets or beet juice into your lunch routine alongside a clove of garlic with breakfast and dinner it's like giving your body a hug keeping your blood pressure balanced throughout the day think about the.

Relief your kidneys would feel two Ginger oh let me tell you about the Wonders of Ginger this little root is a Powerhouse when it comes to easing water retention imagine it gently nudging your body to let go of excess fluid all the while boosting urine production in the most natural way but.

Ginger it's not just about that this superfood is something you'll find yourself wanting to even into your daily meals once you discover all its gifts Ginger stands tall as one of Nature's Most formidable Fighters against inflammation making it a guardian of your well-being it's like a warm embrace for.

Your circulation system acting as a vasodilator to widen your blood vessels easing your blood pressure into a gentle L but there's more Ginger takes on the roll of a knight battling heavy metals within your body especially cadmium a notorious foe For Kidney Health several studies have shed light on Ginger's potential benefits for.

Kidney health for instance research published in the Journal of renal injury prevention in 2016 highlighted Ginger's protective effects against kidney damage in rats with diabetes another study appearing in food and chemical toxicology in 2012 pointed out Ginger's ability to mitigate the.

Effects of chronic kidney disease by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress and the best part ginger doesn't demand much from you in the kitchen it's the perfect guest to invite into your soups rice dishes or even to steep into a comforting tea it's effortlessly.

Versal now as we talk about foods with diuretic properties let me lead you to another champion of detoxification asparagus let's talk about asparagus a Savory Delight that truly deserves a spot on your plate asparagus acts as a natural diuretic this means it helps the body get rid of excess salt and water.

Relieving the kidney workload by promoting urine production asparagus AIDS in Flushing out harmful toxins from the body including excess creatinine this cleansing effect is crucial for people dealing with high creatinine levels as it helps improve kidney function function and reduces the burden on these vital.

Organs and let's not forget the vital role of gut health in supporting our kidneys asparagus steps up here too being a fantastic source of soluble fiber it gently forms a gel-like substance in the gut which helps in the slow absorption of sugars and carbs this is especially beneficial for those managing diabetes making asparagus.

A versatile Ally in your Wellness Journey moreover enriched with antioxidants asparagus serves as a formidable defense against oxidative stress a leading Factor contributing to kidney damage these antioxidants Shield kidney cells from harm and promote their restoration and.

Regeneration through the neutralization of free radicals asparagus contributes to sustaining optimal Kidney Health while averting additional harm incorporating asparagus into your diet is easy and delicious whether you're roasting it to bring out its natural sweetness or adding it to a refreshing salad.

Asparagus can be a delightful way to support your Kidney Health now brace yourself for a bit of a surprise there's a superfood out there that some might caution you against yet it stands tall and fighting against one of the key villains in kidney damage let's delve into that next shall we Let's Get Cozy and chat about.

Something that's been quite misunderstood flax seed you might have come across a few voices on the internet cautioning against this Tiny Seed due to its phosphorus and oxalates content especially for those with kidney concerns but let me tell you the real story is quite the opposite of what these so-called experts have been saying.

Flax seat this little Marvel has actually earned its stripes in medical circles for its ability to lower creatinine levels and people grappling with kidney issues it's like a Hidden Gem for those with inflammatory kidney diseases there are studies out there that shine a light on Flax seed's.

Capability to reduce creatinine levels particularly in individuals with inflammatory nefritis all thanks to its Stellar anti-inflammatory properties now let let's weave in a bit about flax seed and diabetes picture this in an 8-week study involving 57 folks with type 2 diabetes those who added just a tablespoon around.

30 G of flax seeds to their daily diet saw significant drops in their hba1c levels unlike those who didn't so here we have a superfood that's not just tackling inflammation in the kidneys but is also stepping into the ring against diabetes the leading culprit behind kidney failure globally and when you pause and think.

About it it's pretty astonishing that there are still voices out there advising people to steer clear a flax seat if you're keen on diving deeper into the whirlpool of Internet myths and the potential harm they could spell for individuals with kidney issues I will create a video on this topic stay tuned for.

Updates let's cozy up and and talk about a Japanese treasure that might just be the secret to longevity and vitality natural matto picture this a traditional Japanese breakfast featuring fermented soybeans a dish that's as nourishing as it is rooted in cultural heritage soybeans stand out as a.

Plant-based protein source of high biological value making them an excellent choice for those who need to watch their protein intake yet still require its vital Nutri Nu there's a Charming belief that NATO could be behind the incredible longevity and lower incidence of chronic diseases among the Japanese.

Population at the heart of Nat's benefits is ninas an enzyme that's a true standout ninas is renowned for its ability to help manage blood pressure and dissolve blood clots which is crucial for maintaining healthy kidney function high blood pressure is a known enemy of the kidneys putting extra.

Strain on these organs and impairing their ability to filter waste effectively by helping to lower blood pressure ninas indirectly supports the kidneys potentially reducing the risk of damage and supporting their healing process imagine just by incorporating this enzyme into their diet people with high blood pressure have seen reductions.

Of 3 to 5.5 mm of mercury natto is also a rich source of probiotics due to the fermentation process it undergoes probiotics are beneficial for gut health which is closely linked to overall health including the kidneys a healthy gut can contribute to a better immune response and reduced.

Inflammation throughout the body including the kidneys now you might wonder how often should I indulge in natto to reap its benefits while natto might not be the Staple in every grocery store it's not a treasure locked away in a chest either many Japanese or Asian specialty markets carry it and yes it's even available on.

Amazon though I wouldn't say You must eat it daily to see a change unless it's a breeze for you to find and you absolutely adore it I do encourage embracing a variety of probiotic rich foods regularly cafir quality Sauer crup kombucha Tempe and others are fantastic options or if you prefer a probiotic.

Supplement could be your ally let's dive into a little secret in the world of foods that are guardians of our kidneys particularly in the battle against oxalate absorption have you ever thought about pumpkin seeds yes those Tiny Treasures that are often.

Overlooked they're not just a snack they might might just be a night and shining armor for your kidneys pumpkin seeds or as I like to call them little packets of Wonder are incredibly popular worldwide and here's why they deserve a spot in your daily diet a recent study has brought to light that those who.

Embrace pumpkin seeds more often especially individuals facing the recurring challenge of kidney stones found a significant Ally in reducing the risk of calcium oxalate stone for formation isn't that something while many of us have been led to believe that seeds should be avoided due to their oxalate content here we are.

Learning that pumpkin seeds can actually be a part of the solution but wait there's more another piece of research has connected the dots between consuming pumpkin seeds and notable improvements and cholesterol levels and diastolic blood pressure why because these seeds are a.

Powerhouse of magnesium unparalleled by any other food imagine a whopping 150 mg of magnesium constituting 36% of the daily recommended value all packed into just an ounce about 28 G of these seeds magnesium doesn't just stop there it's a key player in Kidney Health for several.

Reasons it aids the body in utilizing vitamin D efficiently among other vital functions so ensuring your diet is rich in high magnesium foods like dark leafy greens not to mention seeds and beans is like giving a daily gift to your kidneys and while we're on the topic of nuts and seeds let me whisper to you about another incredible Ally Brazil.

Nuts Brazil nuts those little nuggets of goodness are not just another source of magnesium they hold a secret that makes me recommend popping just one of these Beauties into your diet each day the secret selenium this Mighty mineral plays a critical role in combating kidney disease something the medical world has.

Been exploring with Keen interest you see selenium deficiency which is surprisingly common is often linked to kidney damage but here's the hopeful part addressing this deficiency has shown promising results in boosting Kidney Health imagine in a placebo control trial individuals supplementing with.

Selenium alongside coch 10 for 48 months witnessed the significant leap in their kidney function a 14o Improvement in GFR glomerular filtration rate to be precise so why not consider welcoming Brazil nuts into your life you might be thinking about selenium supplements and while they're an option imagine getting your daily.

Selenium from one or two Brazil nuts instead it's like hitting the jackpot the same amount of selenium as those in the study got from supplements but instead of swallowing more pills you're indulging in a delicious crunchy snack and it's not just about selenium Brazil nuts are also a treasure Trove of healthy fats copper zinc and vitamin E.

As we wrap up our journey through the seven superfoods that promise to lower creatinine levels and boost kidney function it's clear that nature has bestowed upon us a bounty of solutions have you experienced the benefits of integrating these superfoods into your diet which ones are you excited to try and we're curious what.

Kidney Health topics do you want us to unravel in our next video your insights and questions Drive our exploration so let's continue this conversation and journey towards Better Health together that's all for today thank you so much for tuning in blessings to you all and take care.

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