Litter is an Energy Vampire – how decluttering helps beat exhaustion and crush


Litter is an Energy Vampire - how decluttering helps beat exhaustion and crush

I think we've all had that experience wherewe walk into a room that's overflowing with our stuff and our piled up clutter is everywhereand a wave of exhaustion just washes over us we look around and suddenly feel completely drainedand no longer have the energy to do anything and I'm here to tell you that if you feel likethis always happens to you it's not in your imagination this is a very real phenomenon and ithappens because clutter is not just an it is an Insidious energy vampire that can leave us feelingcompletely depleted and unmotivated it's a silent but constant drain on our emotional and mentalwell-being because it causes so many unnecessary obstacles and cognitive issues and negativeemotions that make everything else in our life feel way more difficult so today I want to talkabout the many ways that clutter is exhausting.

Us and how we can fight back and reclaim ourenergy but first if you're new here my name is Nena I help people declutter their minds and theirhomes using practical applications of psychology and clutter is something that I struggled withfor years and I experienced all of these things so let's go ahead and get right into it now thefirst reason that clutter makes us feel tired and overwhelmed is simply the visual overload and itaffects us a lot more than we think when there's this chaotic mess all around us our brain has tocontinuously process all of this visual noise even when we're not consciously looking at it whichcan make us feel stressed out and drained so we can just be sitting on our couch really doingnothing but still feel completely exhausted because our brain is on overdrive and this used tohappen to me on a daily basis another thing that.

Can happen is that we can experience decisionfatigue and this is because there's just too much of everything leading to too many choicesand because half the time the things we actually need are buried somewhere inside the letter andwe can't actually find it we have to move on to plan B or C or D which can drain even more mentalenergy so every time we walk into a cluttered room we're faced with a barrage of decisions that wehave to make even about things that we shouldn't need to think about which is absolutely drainingand something else that makes clutter an energy vampire is that it fills us with so many negativeemotions and just affects so many aspects of Our Lives it interferes with our self-esteem andour relationship and our finances and can make us feel like a failure even when we're reallysuccessful in other facets of our life and a lot.

Of the clutter in our home is actually associatedwith bad memories or can trigger feelings of guilt it's a constant reminder of Unfinished tasks andunresolved issues in our life and it can be a physical manifestation of all the mental baggagethat we carry around with us every single day and all of these things can wear us down and not onlydeplete our emotional energy but also contribute to anxiety and depression it also crushes ourCreative Energy have you ever tried to write a novel surrounded by piles of dirty dishes or tryto meditate in front of a mountain of laundry it just downgrades everything and this used to be thestory of my life I can tell you from experience that clutter really does completely suffocatecreativity it blocks the flow of inspiration because it's way too hard to get f focused andeven get into a creative mindset so clutter often.

Robs us from these experiences and because ofthis also robs us from the charge we get from engaging in these types of activities it can alsobe a thief of Joy because buried underneath all these layers of clutter are probably thingsthat would actually make you happy whether that be a favorite piece of jewelry or a bookthat you wanted to keep on reading or pictures from your childhood when our home is clutteredthe things that actually do spark Joy are often lost somewhere in the chaos and there's also verylittle room a lot of the times to do things that would Inspire us or refuel our spirit so on topof clutter draining us emotionally and mentally it's also blocking us from being able to relaxand recharge so it really hits us twice and at some point we have to say enough is enough andrealize how much this is affecting our well-being.

I know that I walked around in my own home like azombie for years I was fine everywhere else but as soon as I got home as soon as I got inside thiscluttered space I literally felt like I had zero energy but when I finally started to address thisissue and started decluttering my life I started feeling better immediately my mood was better Icould relax a lot more and my motivation came back and this is exactly how we can start to reclaimour energy by realizing that trying to hold on to all of this clutter and always avoiding thisissue is just not worth it our mental well-being is far too precious we have to declutter if wewant to end this madness because it's not just about trying to create a tidy physical space it'sreally about taking control back of our life and eliminating stress and all of the energy drainingeffects of clutter our lives have enough energy.

Vampires in them we do not need our actual hometo be one and if you feel like you might need a little bit of support during your declutteringjourney please check out the playlist I have Linked In the description box below there's almost50 videos designed to help you every step of the way so as always I truly hope you found today'svideo to be helpful and insightful don't forget to subscribe if you haven't and leave a commentI would love to know where you're at in your own decluttering journey I want to thank youso much for watching and I will see you very soon

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3 thoughts on “Litter is an Energy Vampire – how decluttering helps beat exhaustion and crush

  1. thanks Nena for the insightful video. In point of fact had inspiration and motivation listening to it. I'm initiating to declutter from a hoarding perspective and what i appreciate chanced on is I in truth feel relaxed there could be extra residence, but additionally a recurring loneliness and emptiness. Would you ever attain a video on the after effects of psychological substitute after clutter? I'm not obvious if right here’s correct short-term, but it makes me so sad and pressured – shouldn't I be relaxed and free? It appears like all people else feels that near.

  2. Hi Nena, I grew up within the country and now are residing within the suburbs. We now appreciate a optimistic home that we built and I cherished except we began getting neighbors all round us. Between the dogs barking, of us mowing their yards repeatedly within the summer season and homes all round me I in truth feel claustrophobic. We had 3 adolescents after constructing and I chanced on myself conserving on to too many issues and feeling trapped, no peace or privateness. Create you affirm “not having the flexibility to breathe” within the city when put next with the foremost 1/2 of my lifestyles within the country could additionally be contributing to my conserving on to my possessions? We would favor to transfer someplace extra a long way away but costs appreciate gotten too excessive as of now. 😔

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