life change (wholesome habits and the design in which I am doing with being pregnant) | WITHWENDY


life change (wholesome habits and the design in which I am doing with being pregnant) | WITHWENDY

That is a negative testtoday I'm trying a pregnancy test well there it is pregnant all righty now you've heard it from meI've seen a few curious comments in my latest videos and I appreciate that you've given me spaceto approach this as I felt ready not that I have all the answers yet like when or how will we tellMarla or what's it like parenting two children or how might this birth be different than thelast some things we can only figure out when we get there and that is scary but I'm learningthat being scared isn't necessarily a bad thing.

I just got back from my first doctor appointmentI'm having some ice cream cuz it's so hot outside there's like a heatwave warning but I don't know Ijust tried to walk slowly and stay in the shade my first order of business is some blood work a urinetest to fully confirm that I am pregnant there are a lot of things I am getting tested for on hererubella HIV Hepatitis B chlamydia to name a few I forget how all of this worked but I did keepa diary last time from every time I went to an appointment so I will refer to that wheneverI'm confused about what's supposed to happen next being pregnant for the second time it'slike there is an upside in having gone through this before so you kind of know what to expectit's nice to have a bit of that ambiguity cleared up but for all the parts that you didn't enjoyyou kind of just sit there being like oh it's.

Probably going to happen again I got an emailfrom the midwife yeah I had such a positive experience with this last time I'm just likeI'm so happy that they had a midwife today I got to meet my new midwife for the first timeit was good she's chatty it was pretty funny I was so curious how different it would feel tohave a different midwife like basically trying to sus out how much of midwifery is like touchedby a person's personality and honestly I um and I guess I'm yet to find out cuz like really thiswas just like an initial meeting next week I'm going to go visit the clinic in person shesaid I can do all my blood and urine tests there which is nice so I don't have to go to aseparate facility and I'm going to get a dating ultrasound done which tells you your actualdue date it's helpful because I have a very.

Unpredictable period length but it's kind ofunhelpful because at the end there's like no guarantee of exactly what day you're going to givebirth unless you get induced which could happen again hello hello the other person I wanted toupdate was my CoPilot coach Darian who if you've been watching for a while is the same coach I'vehad since I was postpartum with Marla over 2 years ago I'm so happy they're back sponsoring thisvideo CoPilot matches you with a virtual coach who customizes personal guided workouts thatfit your goals schedule experience equipment it has made fitness so easy my previous goal wasto build body strength postpartum so I could keep up with Marla and now my goal is changing tomaintaining my fitness while pregnant before CoPilot I had a really hard time sticking toa workout schedule I would be unrealistic too.

Ambitious and then give up or I would feel abit lost searching and picking workout videos and not really knowing if they fit my goals orwhat I have had at home now I just open the app jump right In I have so much confidence in myworkout plan no more self troubleshooting and it is completely realistic and doable for me myCoPilot coach Darian has been so encouraging and understanding of my fitness journey especiallysince she's a mom of two so I'm really happy with our match we've made a lot of changes to myworkouts over the two years together to maintain something that was realistic yet focused usingonly the equipment that I already own and it even goes down to like the tiniest details likein this call we agreed that my future workouts should consolidate floor work and standingexercises cuz I found I was getting a little.

Light-headed switching back and forth too muchshe even keeps track of my due date so she can just adjust my workout with my body changes and assomeone who honestly has never been able to stick to the gym it has made a world of difference tohave the flexibility to work out at home anytime anywhere pause workout if the baby needs youjump right back in whenever you can if you want to give this a try you can click my CoPilotlink here it is on the screen I'll have it in the description as well you'll get a 14-day freetrial and 20% off your first month of personalized fitness this is just if you sign up beforeFebruary 1st so I really recommend checking it out hi have an appointmentat 300 p.m. for ultrasound the first trimester felt like quite a fewappointments I was meeting my midwife in.

Person doing urine tests another ultrasoundmore blood tests (side note: I always find the organization of medical equipment reallysatisfying) hello I am getting ready to go for my second ultrasound this one is combinedwith a blood test and it's supposed to measure the likelihood of baby having Down syndromelast time I was in a waiting room I realized that the main way I like to pass the time islistening to a podcast or playing music but in a waiting room you can't because you need to payattention for your name oh hello Sagwa and so this time I have a book you know Sagwa we have beentheorizing that Sagwa can definitely tell some something is going on she's extra cuddly andsnuggly with me which um you know I'm not mad about getting used to it something came in the.

Mail what do you think it is so my brother actually works at Apple andso as a good sister I obviously had to support (kidding) such a ridiculous reason to buy aniPhone I currently have the 12 so I've been really excited to get the 15 oh now I'm nervousfeel like it's been a very long time since I've had a new phone actually I'm pretty sure Igot this phone while I was pregnant waiting for Marla and now I get a new phone waitingand pregnant again whoa actually taken back wow I got the titanium which I think is alsothe first time I'm breaking from black in many iPhones oh my wait nope that was nope thatwas definitely not the way I was supposed to do that it's the most industrial lookingiPhone I've seen in a really long time.

I'm not mad about it but I'm intriguedbecause I've been so used to the glass wow wait okay wait wait Igot a case because I use my phone for work Dan is often pushing me toupdate at like a more frequent rate but I really was hoping iPhone 15 wouldbe the one with USBC and my wish came true hello where's my oh I'm using my iPhone okay Igot to stop recording to finish this okay I'm back can you guys tell a difference okay wait noI can tell a difference wow today actually I've already cried like twice it's because this morningI woke up to messages from my best friend saying that she went to the hospital she's in labourshe's making progress and just now we got the.

First photo of a newborn baby it's crazy actuallyI feel teary eyed even just bringing it up now I don't know why it affects me so much well I'm surethere's a lot of good explanations why while I was waiting for her to give more updates I ended uprereading the detailed document that I wrote of my entire pre-labor labor postpartum journeyI just had a feeling I was going to forget it all and I wanted to write it all down and I'venever shared this with you guys it's something I I even I wrote it thinking even like maybesomeone would want to read this if they find um labour a bit like a bit of a murky or I don'tknow I just kind of like demystifies it but of course it only speaks to my own experience soit's not like it really demystifies anything it just shares like this is what happened tome and that ended up making me cry like I.

I remember thinking at the time am I writingwith enough detail am I glossing over things will future Wendy be disappointed or happy withthe amount of detail that is going into this and it was detailed brought me right back everylittle thing all these things I forgot and it does hit different knowing that I'm currentlystrapped in to head towards another labour experience at 42 weeks today is the dayI'm getting induced woke up to heavier contractions every 15 to 20 minutes I did my hairand makeup and dad drove us to the hospital with our overnight bag and a car seat 8:00 a.m. we'rechecked in and waiting for our midwife 10:00 a.m. I lie down on the bed with a pee pad underneathme and I have two monitors strapped to my belly one to graph contractions and one to graph mybaby's heartbeat the midwife breaks my water I'm.

Now about 3 to 4 cm dilated and I'm generallyable to manage through my contractions alone and I'm in good spirits some computer issues inthe room so we may have to move to another room Dan spent some time trying to troubleshoot but Ithink we're just going to go to another room 11:00 a.m. honestly we're mostly chilling I'm slowlyleaking warm water onto the pee pad 12:00 p.m. the induction has started on a standard dosagebut it's leading to long intense contractions that sometimes seem to stress out our baby the midwifedecided to turn it down to a half dosage but the contractions went on being about 10 to 15 minutesapart instead of moving towards 5 minutes apart we turned the induction dosage back up but it seemedto be stressing out the baby and the contractions were going on for really long so we just turned itoff completely to see what was going to happen 3:.

P.m. we have completely stopped the inductionI am now managing my contractions by standing I did get really physically tired so I endedup switching to sitting on a ball the midwife has been considering putting me back on inductionbut actually after checking my cervix we find out that I'm 6 to 7 cm dilated so I've made a lot ofprogress and I'm going to be going through labor without any more induction support from here 400p.m. contraction pain is increasing severely I'm doing deep breathing I'm praying in my headI'm just going one contraction at a time the back pressure that Dan is giving me honestly itfeels essential to get through every contraction like I manage through a few of them when hehas to use the bathroom but if one is coming while he's away from me I end up calling his namefrantically to come help me cope so we have done.

Very little messaging updates with anyone becauseDan barely gets any time on his phone 5:00 p.m. our student midwife arrives she gives us somefurther verbal coaching she also occasionally squeezes my hips which is super helpful likecontractions honestly are sometimes scary the pain would come and I could feel my body tenseup from fear that it would be unbearable I try really hard to relax I did go to the bathroomto pee a few times which was also really scary because the contractions would come while I waspeeing but Dan would join me and help me through 6:00 p.m. out of exhaustion I start falling asleepbetween contractions while standing oh my gosh I totally forgot about this I don't even hear whatmy midwife is saying to me between contractions because I'm asleep can't believe I was literallyso tired of falling asleep while my body was in.

The most pain has ever been the midwe checks mycervix and she coaches me through really big push during a contraction from 9 to 10 cm it's gametime I also added a note here that pushing is like as if I'm using the muscles to poo and oftenbefore going through labour I would just tell myself it's just going to be like the worst pooyou've ever had in your life that was how I tried to capture labor in my head 7:00 p.m. I beganbearing down with each contraction they came so fast exclamation mark I wanted a break so bad butjust as I caught my breath a new one would come thankfully pushing provided sufficient musculardistraction from the pain of the contraction the student midwife would touch the spot on me wherethey wanted me to concentrate my pushing and this was extremely helpful in guiding where to focus mypushing energy and I felt so relieved every time.

I finished pushing though very short lived thisnote about the midwife touching me and guiding me it just reminds me of how like vulnerable theexperience is we finally get to the point where a baby will be arriving and a third midwife joinsthe room all of them leave my side to put on their hospital gowns and surgical gloves and I panica bit that it's just Dan and me managing through contractions I could feel a baby making her waydown oh my gosh this is crazy they celebrated when they could see her hairy head and told meI could could touch it but I was so exhausted I couldn't think of doing anything else otherthan trying to collect my sanity for the next push at the end of each contraction I could feelthe baby would retract a bit oh man I remember being so frustrated by that feeling then wassuper encouraging he was expressing awe and.

Reassuring me along with the midwives that theprogress was vis- visibly evident which helped me immensely and after many contractions I gotso fed up with the pain and waiting that I was determined to push as hard as I could to getthere faster I felt like there was no end but suddenly I felt baby exit and she was placedon my chest I couldn't believe I was holding my own baby and my only thought was OMG I didit she was warm and a little bit slimy I felt so loved and empowered and accomplished andintensely bonded to him through this whole day this is very true and here's the stuff thatnever shows up in movies the things after the baby is born my midwives coached me through fakecoughing to birth the placenta it's like coughing in this like weirdly rude way like (cough) I'msick she clamps her umbilical cord and lets Dan.

Cut it off the midwife is going to visit us threetimes on day one day three and day five to check on Marla and me the student midwife brings overmy placenta and lays it on the surgical cart so she can show me its different parts it is crazyI grew an entirely separate and temporary organ midwife informs me I could choose to stayovernight but it might not be restful due to being in a shared room or I can go homeand I decide to go home the student midwife helps me get out of bed and into the bathroomfor one last pee before they remove all my IV equipment I get into a wheelchair and Marla isplaced on my lap in her car seat the student midwife wheels me out to the elevator and a nursenearby congratulates me and she says she watches my YouTube channel wherever you are hope you'redoing okay I'm in good spirits and disbelief that.

We are really going home the same day Dan exitsfirst to confirm that my dad has arrived with the car and then we all head out and the midwiveshelp me into the car while Dan places Marla in the car seat tray for the first time the midwivessay see you tomorrow and shut the car door birth and labour is a wild experience I appreciatedknowing about it before even considering having a child um because I just feel like it's like anenriching aspect of the human experience to hear about the ways in which all of us come onto thisplanet but definitely after giving birth there was a new um vulnerability I shared with otherpeople who had also experienced giving birth in any form birth is so incredible but it's also sonormal like if I talk about it too much I don't want to give people the impression that I thinkmy birth or anyone's birth is like incredibly.

Special but then if I don't talk about it atall seems to really overlook something that is so incredible so yeah it's just weird to live inthat duality going through something that feels so intense but also incredibly normal somehow wejust have to hold those two things in the balance it's Friday the workout plan I've been sticking tofor months now every Wednesday every Friday I try to get it done before Marla wakes up full bodyprenatal B at the top it tells me the equipment I need so I'll get that together my coach knowsall the equipment that I have so all my workouts have been structured with the fact in mind thatI do have dumbbells I have elastic bands I have a bench this is like the 90s 80s version ofum that Bowflex one where you can change the weight on the dumbbell there was a time whereI brought out a lot of equipment but ever since.

I've switched to trying to get my workout donebefore Marla wakes up my coach suggested that we pare down the equipment so I could get tothe workout faster and that has been working although Marla does love it when we bring out theworkout bench it's like a fun thing for her to climb up first is 30 secondsof clam shell press start to begin at the end I just click submit it wasa pretty good workout I'm going to tell her that my front curl cannot go higher than 10lb if you love the data and you have an Apple Watch you can get some more detailed info on yourworkout how long it was your BPM the calories you burned the muscles that you used and I'm goingto show you guys our chat my coach always sends me a reminders and encouragement to get theworkouts done and she asks me what's working.

What's not working recently I mentioned to herthat I had some pec pain so I was pointing it out to her and she sent me a little video to asksome questions we diagnosed it and my pec pain thankfully was just temporary I'll flip backto me hello Sagwa my workout supervisor and that's it the whole thing was done in than halfan hour everything in there fit with my fitness goals the equipment that I have at home I'venever been able to stick to a workout program this much and I think a big part of it is justthat everything fits me and is realistic for my hands and your feet on the ground yeah oh we're going upside down hello.

Hello Marla's in bed and I'm hereto do my Wednesday night prenatal mobility flow focus on breathinginhale expand exhale deflate this is a workout that my coach put togetherto provide a little bit of prenatal stretching movement I found stretching really helpfulduring the latter stages of my previous pregnancy so I told my coach that I'd love tocontinue something like that nice that was just 14 minutes submit I usually don't really haveany salty feedback sometimes when we're trying something new I'll tell her if there's likea specific weight that seemed too much or too little for me or if there's a move whereI'm not totally sure if I have the right form I'll ask her enjoy the rest of your dayenjoy the rest of your day Sagwa I'm on that.

60 streak 60 workouts in row in my previousvideo with CoPilot I think I mentioned one of their beliefs which is the best workoutfor you is one that you can actually do and I've set some very lofty goals in the past aboutworking out but seeing that I really can keep my streak at the level that we've discussed agreedupon and fine-tuned through experience is very gratifying a lot better than punishing myselfmentally for not doing things that I had no capacity to do Dan went to this store near usthat is just like really into pomegranate they sell this pomegranate fruit leather and yeahwe kind of like it my mom used to make fruit leather from a crab apple tree in our backyardgrowing up so maybe part of liking it is the nostalgia yeah like this doesn't soundeasy to make pomegranate fruit leather.

I've been feeling kind of nervous this weekbecause on Monday we're going for the anatomy scan we'll get to see all of the baby's bodyparts hopefully everything's there it's also the scan where lots of people find out thegender of their baby I'm trying not to have too many thoughts related to that um I will say lasttime when we found out the gender somehow it just started to make things more real I doesn't makesense can't quite explain it but that is how it felt see you then and here we are halfwaythrough my pregnancy I'm on my way to the ultrasound appointment that I mentioned and Iwanted to take a second to open up the comments if you had any specific topics or questions thatyou are curious about I'll take a look and address some of them in my next pregnancy update I havebeen feeling a bit more willing to share this.

Time around and I've benefited personally frompeople sharing their experiences with me so I share with the hope that it's encouraging eyeopenening just part of the human experience don't forget to click my CoPilot link it's onthe screen and I have it in the description you'll get a 14-day free trial and 20% offyour first month of personalized fitness if you sign up before February 1st I genuinely amso thankful for them giving me confidence in my physical health and how I'm doing for the last2 years if you made it all the way to the end of this video thank you so much for being here onthis journey and I'll see you guys soon bye-bye

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  1. Aw Wendy, congratulations! So pleased for you and Dan. I’m distinct this comes with so many different feelings but praying for to take into accounta good and wholesome being pregnant and initiating. 🤍

  2. Congrats Wendy, and thank you for sharing your previous expertise with Marla's initiating! Its now not for one more 3ish years sooner than we belief to dangle a kid, but I would favor to know the device Dan prepared himself all over your first being pregnant and what he came all over the most precious – did you be taught/listen/see connected scream material collectively, did he operate any extra research on his beget contrasting dad vs mum's views and heaps others.? Sending like from Singapore and hoping that this would possibly be a delicate roam for you and the family!

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