Let dash of harmful emotions, despair, & dread utilizing the 6R methodology


Let dash of harmful emotions, despair, & dread utilizing the 6R methodology

When we have negative thoughts or emotions like anger jealousy greed fear we often don't know what to do with them how to handle them we sometimes feel helpless sometimes we just try to run away from them or try to distract ourselves but none of that works and these thoughts or emotions can have an absolutely devastating effect on us on.

Our mental health so what do we do so I want to share with you a simple but a very very effective and tested technique called the 6r technique I have tried it myself and I can assure you it really works so let's understand this this 6r technique comes from a Buddhist Meditation teacher whose name.

Was bante vimar Rami he was an American meditation teacher and very sadly he passed away in 2023 so he gave this technique in the context of Buddhist Meditation and here is the idea so let's say you are meditating and you are now taking your attention to a meditation object let us say your breath now while you are trying to stay with.

The breath some distracting thought comes some and it could be something negative doesn't have to be could be anything but let's say some negative thought comes now your mind has forgotten about the meditation object forgotten about the breath and now it is caught up in that thought when you realize that what do you do so you.

Follow a 6r process okay first R is recognize so in your mind you say okay I have this thought I am feeling angry or I have this thought of anger okay step one recognize step two release when we have these negative thoughts and emotions we want to somehow fight and suppress or defeat them is not required just release let go because our.

Mind is grabbing onto it even when we hate that thought or we don't like it we still fighting it no don't fight it release let go step number three it's very critical is relax what does that mean when we have these thoughts of anger jealousy greed Etc any negative thought in fact it could even be something like lust or.

Some even pleasurable thoughts whatever it might be whether we like it or we hate it our mind sort of grabs it so we have the strong thing where we grab onto it we cling to it and what does it do it tightens our mind even our body gets tight so the third step is relax relax your body relax your mind in fact in your mind you can even say relax let go.

And that will help you relax okay then comes step number four re smile now these thoughts would have taken the smile away from your face so once again you smile a g gentle smile don't have to grin and remember smile is not just on the face smile is also in our mind so on your face on in your body in your mind just try to smile very important okay.

The next R is return return to what return to whatever you were initially focusing on or wherever your mind was supposed to be so in case of meditation if you are observing your breath go back to your breath and the last step the sixth R is repeat so try to now stay with the breath as long as you can and what will happen after some time you'll.

Probably have another distractions once again you repeat the 6r process now this 6r was given in the context of meditation but it works absolutely wonderfully during any activity in normal life so let's say you're working or doing something maybe talking to a friend or just having dinner whatever and some negative thought or emotion.

Comes now if you don't know how to handle this these thoughts though it seems very simple they can be pretty devastating you can have a thought or an emotion and that triggers some feelings and it triggers some further some other thoughts and then you try to fight those thoughts and it can be the cause of depression it can cause anxiety it can.

Cause fear it can cause immense mental suffering and all this suffering can be sidestepped it can be avoided by nipping it in the butt so the moment you have this first thought or first feeling of negative emotion 6 hours step one recognize okay I'm having this thought or I'm feeling a certain way step two release step three relax relax your mind.

Relax your body step four remile bring a smile to your face smile in your mind you might not feel like it but when you bring a smile you will feel slightly better and then you return and then repeat keep keep doing what you are doing hopefully hold some activity if you were fighting with somebody that's not something you should return to okay.

So I'm assuming that you are doing some activity which was wholesome so you return to it and repeat it and if this thought or something else comes again repeat the sixr do it again and again and again and believe me this something I have experimented and tested it absolutely works wonderfully well so you don't have to be scared of your thoughts.

You don't have to run away from negative emotions if they come no problem just do 6r try this out and I can assure you it will at the very minimum be lifechanging if not life- saving and if you like this please share this with your friends and family thank you very much.

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