Inquire the Expert: Health and wellness tricks with Dr. Haerter


Inquire the Expert: Health and wellness tricks with Dr. Haerter

If you got a story you want us to cover in your community just shoot us an email at connect1 and I'll head your way but time now to ask the expert here to answer all of your questions live on the air is Dr sonal Harter with Dignity Health Medical Group so we got a couple of viewer questions for you today as we talk about organizing the first.

One saying where do you draw the line between being organized and being a hoarder I wish I could clean my mom's entire house I feel like she'd be much happier Okay so reping actually is a medical diagnosis it's a mental illness diagnosis which was um I think they came up in 2013 that it was actually a mental illness so the difference between.

Unorganized clutter is basically these are objects that are just disorganized messy you can clean them up in minutes and hours it does not cause any dysfunctionality in your life they're not occupying entire space around you whereas hoarding actually people have a persistent problem of getting rid of objects that have that have no value or.

Meaning and every space in the house becomes a storage unit and this actually becomes dangerous because most people are not able to walk around they don't invite people over because they recognize this is an issue so that really is a illness that needs to be taken very seriously and I think the disorganized is not necessarily illness.

It's just a habit related okay so there is a line between those two of course so great question and then Johnny and Chandler what are some specific tips for organizing a closet full of shoes and clothes so Johnny I just did this and so I have a couple of tips for this first of all create bins or baskets and label them so you know Goodwill or donation or.

Relocate or trash it whatever that is or store and then take everything down and then start to look at your clothes or shoes and decide have you really used it in a year or two and if you haven't maybe it's time to relocate that to another place or donate and once once you have those bins it's very clear if you want to keep that stuff or give it.

Get rid of it so I I say do that and put some nice music I think it helps right crank up the 80s tunes and make a day of it open the windows this time of year I mean Lindsay said it's going to be perfect at least tomorrow orans to take a look at my clothes to see and they are sometimes brutal they're like get rid of that or or it's a hand me- down yeah.

They're like oh that's ugly oh let me just put it in my bag yeah that dress has got to go it's terrible why don't you give it to me all right our next viewer says how organized is to organize my sister stresses out every time we come to visit her house she wants every single thing to be perfect so here here's the key feature of this if it's.

Affecting your relationships it's affecting your own health it's causing anxiety and stress about every small thing then that is not healthy that kind of goes into obsessive compulsive behaviors so yes I think that probably may not be as healthy as just staying organized okay so just try to pump the brakes and on that same note Dan from.

Phoenix asking do you have any mental tricks for staying on track with being organized once we Kickstart the process in our own homes Dan this is such a good question and actually I will tell you there's a book I want to recommend to all our viewers it's called Atomic Habits by James Clear okay and it's actually daily habits staying consistent.

And disciplined with small little habits but they are daily practice them daily and I think that just changes how you think about what you think about yourself I want to be known as an organized clean not a messy person but if you do that on a daily basis small steps it actually leads to big impact and I think we've all seen the video of.

It starts with making your bed first thing in the morning and it can be something as simple as that would you agree doc absolutely start with small habits that really creates bigger habits and bigger impact I like that for me at my house it's emptying the dishwasher instead of just using the clean dishes out of the dishwasher thank you Dr sonal.

Harer we appreciate you being here

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