I Changed My BODY and My LIFE in 3 months… (beefy loss, certain skin, wholesome habits)


I Changed My BODY and My LIFE in 3 months... (beefy loss, certain skin, wholesome habits)

This is me well aren't we glad we're past that…that was my rock bottom. I found myself falling into bad eating habits, half-assinglife and self-sabotaging. I thought it would take 2 weeks to film this video but it hastaken 2 and 1/2 months. This video isn't just about appearance. It is about healingmy body from the inside and out … and the appearance just follows because when you takecare of yourself it shows. How did we get here you ask? Well for starters my year was kind ofcrazy… I started my year in boob job recovery.

I got lots of tattoos a nose job my chin shaveddown and some scary complications. found my first gray hairs I got bangs I had to find out whatfungal acne is I worked out a lot reconnected with friends both new and old traveled to VegasMexico Tokyo and my favorite, my home, Okinawa. I connected with my closest dearest family andspent some really healing time with my grandpa who taught me the true meaning of happiness andthe importance of a quality nap so in 2023 I made it a point to focus on my mentalhealth I started therapy and I got medicated as well but I was kind of expecting that to solve myproblems which made me realize I was the problem.

So then I thought … was I self-sabotagingbecause I was depressed or was I depressed because I was self-sabotaging? the only way to find outwas to try… living. so it was a random Tuesday at 2a.m. where I realized I was disgusting I thinkhaving a clean home is the first step to selfcare for me at least a cluttered home is a clutteredmind trapping you with reminders that you're a mess on the inside too clearing all of it allowsme to finally focus on what really matters how do you expect to be motivated when you're surroundedby all of this negative energy my God there's also this live animal that comes with my apartment and he needs to getclean too a clean home a clean.

Dog there's truly something spiritual thathappens when a girl takes an everything shower it's a whole mental reset withinitself especially after cleaning your home are you healed yet I it probably looksfine on camera but my skin is definitely red and irritated and painful and puffy and Ican literally feel the weight of my face which is not normal that would be great okayeverything is just making my face hurt so I think I just need to give it a break fora couple days so I've neglected my entire life to focus on cleaning my apartmentand taking an everything shower so it's time to dive straight back in to my morningroutine my morning routines are sacred.

so my Skin's been irritated I just exfoliatedit I started using this moisturizer Ren clear skincare evercalm Global protection daycream for any of my redness girlies out there I found the most insane primer itis from Japan clearly I'm red right now I feel like that evened out my complexion in anatural way am I the only one that messes up their eyeliner every time I'm ahuge fan of these gummies it gets that like sweet tooth out of the way with literally 90calories this is my second favorite Alani new product this is their new protein bars theychanged them up and they taste like candy.

Bars now this one is the rocky road flavoryouall see that nouet these have changed my morning [__] more bever gous thank you primealso thank you an new oh that's pretty good it's giving college dorm there's not muchI can do about these types of things flip them so they look better it's really thelittle things that just brighten up your day this is the saddest thing I've seen in my lifekeeping stuff minimal and Frozen actually is the best way for me to not waste food this iswhere all of my food is if I want to make a cheeseburger I can make a cheeseburger welcometo my meat collection popular okan dish is taco rice which is exactly what it sounds like itis white rice taco meat cheese and toppings.

It doesn't sound like anything crazy but it'shonestly a really good and tasty meal prep for me 0:05:59.480,1193:02:47.295 grocery shopping for yourself is kind of hardto adjust to when you live alone it's so easy to find yourself wasting food you really have tolearn how to make recipes with what you have in the fridge and that kind of snowballs into otherthings which is why I have a cart full of random ingredients my biggest challenge this month whichis still a challenge honestly was finding balance I feel that once I had one aspect of my life ontrack everything else had been neglected okay so we're back in our messy girl era as you can see Ihaven't been taking care of my surroundings but I do feel a lot better because I've taken that timeto actually focus on my mental and physical health.

I've cleaned up my diet a bit I went to the gymand I went in clothes that feel like they didn't fit me anymore it was honestly fine because it wasmore motivating to know that I just didn't want to feel like that again so I actually ordered astanding treadmill in desk I think it's just going to be a good way to stack my habits and getsome extra steps in so let's set that up I thought about cleaning this kitchen in probably the amountof time I could have just done it 4 minutes and 7 seconds so I'm going to start setting upthe treadmill in the table let's start so it's been an hour and 15minutes but does it work very nice wait that's so good I already have adesk that I love so much but I really thought this was necessary I feel nowI thoroughly earned a clean.

Up so this has been incredibly life-changing forme to be able to Habit stack get my work done as well as my physical fitness I foundmyself falling into workflows for hours on end without even realizing and those stepsadd up fast a 2-hour workflow your girl just walked 5 miles that's 10,000 steps the speedI walk in is 2.5 which is so minimal and low effort and done literally without thinking itsomehow makes me focus more on my work because it eliminates the need to fidget or readjustmy chair or to get comfortable in this moment I'm just fully focused on my task at hand overthe last couple months this system has been an absolute staple for me so I finally had ittogether I got my Fitness on track I got a.

Good workflow but in just 72 hours we were backto square one time and time again I found myself in the same living situation I soon learnedthe hard way that structure and a plan is so important and freeballing my schedule was onlytaking me as far as my motivation ended this wasn't just a dirty apartment I struggled withgetting my basic needs met and I fell back into bad eating habits and set my body back furtherthan the beginning of the video I had constant anxiety that there was just never enough timein the day but then I discovered the Pomodoro Technique 25 minutes of focus work broken upby 5 minute breaks revolutionary but this is why it worked for me instead of taking those 5minute breaks I spent those 5 minutes cleaning this kept me in a constant momentum of work andcontinued to motivate me because I find cleaning.

Very satisfying and therapeutic there's not muchyou can clean in 5 minutes so you got to clean fast the 25 minutes of work goes by quicker thanyou'd imagine and going through four pomodoros ends up being 100 minutes of uninterruptedwork and 20 minutes of high-speed cleaning before starting this technique Istruggled working in my home the environment was uninspiring unmotivating and honestlydepressing but this made it fun and over time conditioned my mind to like working fromhome on top of the tread work there are three hugely impactful habits being done at onceand it's fun it makes my life feel like a game there are apps that make this so mucheasier for you the one I use has a rule that during the 25-minute work period my phone hasto be screen side down on the table or else the.

Timer stops and I lose progress now did thatsolve my problems completely kind of this was the biggest factor of getting myself motivatedand just reconditioned my mind into having a better work ethic in the beginning I struggledhard with getting started I told myself that I was going to do just 25 minutes of work andI could stop it cleared that mental block and of course I didn't just do 25 minutesbecause getting started was the hardest part this made my evenings feel rewarding and Ifinally allowed myself to relax in those moments it may sound cheesy but the simple phrase how youdo one thing is how you do everything genuinely changed my perspective of life I started dailyaffirmations and my ironic journaling worked and I was ready to change my entire identityI'm going to make my first ever vision board.

I've always thought these were really silly butI am a changed woman this year I've decided so much of them are apartment related it's funnycuz I did live in apartment like this I just didn't appreciate it I just didn't really know thevalue of what I had because I was so young and now I just want to be grateful and also achievethat again long hair crazy clean girl I just started pool dancing I just took my fourth classwaking up at 5:00 a.m. we are dreaming big okay while making this I realized that if I wantedto be this clean girl gym rat with a smashing work ethic a pole dancer a personal trainera matcha girly a reader with a juicy fat ass and washboard abs I need to identify as thatperson today this will serve as a daily visual reminder to make sure I put in intentional effortin my everyday to become the person I've spent my.

Entire life wishing I could be so here she isI have this hung up in my bathroom and I just make myself look at at it every time I brushmy teeth my YouTube channel has gone downhill because I haven't uploaded in forever I edited thenumbers a little bit actually don't think any of that adds up and makes any sense whatsoever lotsof Juicy booties on here juicy women in general and overall just cute little quotes to get myselfthrough life so anyways let's become her n you.

Oh yeah D B wow that's my hero wow Moment of Truth honestly none of this mattersto me my goal wasn't to lose weight my goal is body recom gaining more muscle losing more fatlike I said this video isn't fully geared on just my weight transformation body transformation butwith implementing all of these healthy habits the weight Shed off I wasn't just losing weight I waslosing bad habits I was losing my negative mindset skin update this is how it's looking the rednessaspect is because my skin is sensitive but it's not the same redness as the beginning of the videowhere you could tell it was just irritated this.

May be the best my Skin's ever looked pretty muchin all of my 20s I've suffered with really bad acne I am still extremely acne prone actually butwith the products I use I pretty much ensure that my Skin's not going to break out as long as I I amon top of my skinc care so this is what I just put on my face next I use this moisturizer from Renthis has been my day and night moisturizer for a couple months now I finally found a sunscreen thatdoesn't break me out this brand is called good all I could wear day night probably in my sleeveit doesn't affect me like normal sunscreen I just put it on my face like this and then I getmy neck as well and then my chest depending on if I'm showing my chest I plan on being indoorsfor the next few hours so that is my skincare update can you tell that myface shape has changed I can no longer.

Feel the weight of my face I was just ableto tell where my face gained weight and it felt like it was just heavy I feel lighter Ifeel brighter I feel so much better I wanted to use this video to motivate myself ifI fell back into bad habits or just had a bad day I hope it motivated you or at leastentertained you in the process make sure you subscribe because again I'm doing 75 hard andit's going swimmingly I'm actually now on day 23 so we're getting there all my other socialmedias like Instagram will be linked down below thanks for watching I love you guys so muchand I will see you in the next video bye

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  1. Mia!! Here’s an unheard of video. I fancy how just correct and life like here is in contrast with what a range of “effectively being influencers” point out. The honesty about how issues were going and the draw in which you ended up going relieve to square one in 72 hours used to be tremendous because I have faith admire a range of of us are vulnerable to no longer be birth about that ❤

  2. I disclose the idea of cleansing all around the pomodoro fracture is unheard of ! My mum for all time tells me to glean “bodily” breaks in wish to going on my telephone and stuff, position off it if truth be told distracts the physique and recharges the mind

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