How to take care of your teeth wholesome this Valentine’s Day | Fragment 1


How to take care of your teeth wholesome this Valentine’s Day | Fragment 1

Valentine's Day it's next week and I'm thinking of all the chocolates and all of the other tasty treats that will begin this weekend believe it or not your dentist is actually okay with chocolate Okay so that's the headline your dentist is okay with chocolate but Dr Elaine vowel has some detailed recommendations that she does want to.

Share with you before you dive in she's also taking your questions today so what we want you to do we invite you to text your questions to 336 379 5775 and get the real answer answer from the doctor instead of what you think is the answer okay uh doctor let's start with this let's start with the basics what are um some ways that we can eat the fun things.

That we want to eat for Valentine's Day but not do too much damage to what's going on in our mouth oh this isn't the fun one but like so many great tasting Foods probably moderation is the key um you can have any sweet treat you want but if you can limit it to um at meal time or not constantly throughout the day that is.

Very helpful to your teeth okay and let's kind of discuss why that is when you eat it at meal time and then you're drinking water and that kind of stuff what does that do versus you like snacking on candy all throughout the day um cavi formation is a product of frequency not quantity so two full one every time your teeth are exposed to.

Sugar there's a pH shift in your mouth and it's prime time to make cavities so for example I like to tell people if they get a big go from a dental standpoint so much better to drink that in one sitting than to sip on it throughout the day healthwise your md May disagree that's the exact same you're still getting the same amount of.

Sugar but from a dental standpoint consuming it all at once is better because you don't have the ability to make cavities throughout the day the second part is it's much better to eat sugar right after your meals or with your meals because you have a better supply of saliva and nobody loves to talk about spit especially before.

Valentine's day but it is a great way to keep your mouth healthy and a mouth that helps naturally rinse some of those sugars away is going to keep your teeth healthier okay all right so if you do enjoy the candy which most of us do let's talk about some candies that are better than other candies first let's tackle chocolate because chocolate's.

Like way up there when it comes to Valentine's Day oh yes and I love chocolate I think I don't trust people who don't like chocolate I see think they're lying to me um but chocolate is actually one of the better treats you can have when it comes to um cavity formation or less cavity formation uh paired with peanuts so Reese's Peanut.

Butter Cups shaped in Hearts those are probably one of the better ones Peanut M&M's what the ones we kind of want to avoid are um anything a little bit more chewy the gummies the sour candies the more acidic candies and then of course anything that's hard um we don't like to break teeth we don't once we get our adult set that's it but avoiding a.

Lollipops hard candies I mean they were named jawbreakers for a reason we definitely want to keep those off the list okay and I think we do have like kind of a graphic that shows the hard candies and the sour candies that kind of stuff so when we're talking about those kinds of things we're talking about that it can actually erode our.

Enamel oh absolutely um erosion is really a chemical re action that has to do with things being more acidic so more acidic drinks um diet sodas or really sodas in general tend to be a little bit more acidic a lot of the sports drinks are red bulls the Monster drinks those all tend to be very acidic and a lot of the sour candies are more acidic also so.

Again moderation if you're just exposed to it once or twice or right after a meal there's a nice buffering capacity of our saliva to keep our mouth healthy if we're having these things and sipping them throughout the day every time our mouth is exposed to acid it allows for the formation of Decay or cavities but it also can erode the teeth and this can.

Lead to teeth that are less attractive but also teeth that are a lot more sensitive all right let's talk about gum because gum can be a really good thing um let's talk about the benefits and I'm sure you're going to say sugar-free gum yes absolutely sugar-free gum is the best I will let you know there was one study that said if you chewed sugary gum.

Long enough it still had a good effect um but given a choice between the two sugar-free Dum is better if you look at the ingredients list something with xylol which is an alcohol sugar can actually reduce cavities and um Decay formation but again sugary um sugar-free gum is better and having it throughout the day same thing I feel like it's icky.

To talk about spit but one of the best things about gum is it helps keeps your mouth moist and allows it to rinse away the bad bacteria that would cause problems okay so is that kind of just the same kind of thing of like after you drink coffee or after you drink red wine you should like drink with water to kind of flush that out from your mouth.

Absolutely absolutely and the same thing with just naturally tearing some of the sugary foods with other Foods at the table will help to kind of balance it and neutralize the sugar okay let's just before we uh throw to the break and and get people's questions let's just talk about the quick 101 habits that you should maintain for your teeth and your.

Gums nothing revolutionary has changed on this one brushing twice a day and flossing once a day is still amazing and key and those are really the basics and the most important there are other Adent therapies that some people like like mouthwashes or water picks and none of those are bad but keeping just to the Staples of brushing twice every single.

Day and brushing long enough um two minutes is how long we need to clean our teeth so two minutes in the morning two minutes at night and then a minute of floss and that is really the foundation of a healthy mouth okay and I think that two minute sounds probably like a long time to most people oh and it's even longer for those.

Poor children out there two minutes feels like forever when you're a kid so um there's plenty of apps along with electric toothbrushes that'll let you know how you're brushing I kind of go to the tried and true of just putting a song on the phone kids can brush for the length of the song and that will definitely get them covered but um yeah.

Once you get in the habit it's like anything else it's not terrible but the average person brushes between 30 seconds and 45 seconds and that's just not enough time to get it done not enough time to get it done all right we're going to be taking your questions when we come back 336 37957 75.

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