Hi I'm so glad you're watching this video you'reready to become the best verion of yourself and you're ready to start incorporating healthy habitsinto your lifestyle my name is if you're new here and on this channel I create lifestyle contentand sometimes self- Health content and uh we just trying to be the best version of ourselves in thisplace too subscribe and like this video give it a thumbs up so you can continue to see my face andsee my content so let's get into it these are a few habits that I've started practicingthat I know will make my life better in 2024 and I think you should too a great philosopher Idon't know who said probably a Nigerian I don't know because I hear it a lot in school when Iwas in school when I was in primary secondary and University a great philosopher said if you failto plan you're planning to fail another one that.

I know says a goal without a plan is just a wishplanning your day a night before can seem like such a stressful thing to do but it's actuallyreally easy and actually helps you it's almost like giving you your life tomorrow a templatea guide on how it should look it also helps you like build excitement and anticipate things youcan plan your outfit for the next day you can plan um what you're going to eat you know yourmeal prep you can plan the bus routs that you're going to take you can plan um your travel likehow you want to what way you want to pass that kind of thing you can plan it a night before itseems daunting now that I'm saying it but every night before you go go to bed you can just if it'stoo much of a hustle to write it down you can just think about it that okay tomorrow I'm going towear this black top I'm going to wear this car.

Jeans and I'm going to wear sneakers I thinkit's going to look cool you can have a backup alternative so that you don't waste it makes youmore efficient the next thing if you don't do that the alternative will be like tomorrow morning youbringing out different things from your closet you're looking for what to wear the next day thathas already taken an amount of time that could have been avoided if you had planned your day thenight before you're thinking about what to eat but if you are meal preps you probably know thatoh you have to maybe marinate the chicken or you have to like put oats in the fridge or somethingfor the next day so you that that even helps you stay healthy because sometimes when you don't planyour meals it makes you just want to buy whatever is available and whatever is available most timesis not healthy so planning your day a night before.

Helps you it helps you tons if you're Tire ifyou're tired of living your life aimlessly and just doing whatever like you like and Hing fromsocial media to the next social media app planning your day will help you be more efficient you looklike the next day you know if you're some that always compaining of you don't have enough time inday to accomplish things or to do stuff when you plan your day and night before you that you havethings to do this means that as soon as you wake up kick start your brain to start functioningdon't waste time don't scroll on social media don't just lie there and and let your brain Bootand load no don't do that years of conditioning conditioning your brain the wrong way has madeit so lazy in the morning so lazy and inefficient sometimes if there somebody that you wake upearly in the morning and your brain is like.

A mess is in a fog it's because you have allowedyears and years of God it's another day that that has already created like um my brain your brainyour brain does not know what it's doing early in the morning because you are allowing it it hasalready rested in the night you just allowing it to rest even more Kickstart your brain likeliterally wake up and just start you need to have a great morning routine there are tons of videosI haven't made one but there are tons of videos on how to have like a morning routine and what kindof morning routine to have a morning routine we do one does in your life if you have watched anyof my videos I'm pretty sure I've mentioned like a couple of times more than a couple of timesthe importance of having a routine and how it can create like a sense of functionality in yourpsyche if you just have something that you are.

Always doing that has like a routine especially inthe mornings is a great way to start your day in fact if you incorporate having morning routinesthis year You' see changes in my mind you're already elevated if you have a morning routinethis could even help with the previous points like if you have a morning routine if you havethings that you have to do in the morning like it's set time by from this time to this time Ihave to do my morning skin care skincare routine if from this time I have to exercise it willhelp you with your previous points why I say you have to wake up and jump start like you notjust lying down your bed looking like oh what am I going to do what am I going to do because youhave things to do you literally have a routine if you don't have a routine that's when you candaily and D on the bed wasting time but if you.

Have something that you're going to do if youhave a routine if you have a set of rules that you're supposed to follow you're definitely goingto do it you're definitely going to stand up and be efficient that day some examples of thingsthat you can incorporate into your routine are like maybe getting getting up early um I'm drinkDr water as soon as you wake up um meditating or praying if that's you or journaling if that's youdoing exercise creating alloted times for for like morning exercise like stretches yoga a few sit upshere and there or going to the gym if that's part your your your lifestyle accommodates that doingyour morning skincare rou if if you do if you know you have to do those things maybe if you havework or like you have to go somewhere if you know you have to do those things before your outing orbefore your walk time you get up you get up early.

And you stop with same time and already if if youcan picture what I'm saying your day is already starting great you're already being efficientthe five second rule helps you condition your brain for Action how it works is like if you havesomething to do and maybe what can I use maybe I want to microwave my food so I can eat and thenum do my work but I'm on my phone scrolling on social media or playing a mobile video game whatI do is that I know I have to do this because by 10:00 I have a deadline or something I I countone or 5 4 3 2 1 and then immediately I say one I stand up or 1 2 3 4 5 immed I say five I standup if you sometimes I've heard people say that that doesn't really work for them but if you doit enough times like if it's part of you it will start working because a lot of these habits taketime to form you you don't form a habit from just.

Um doing it once and forgetting it no you haveto continue doing it like practice will make perfect you know our brains are really rottenright now I don't even know what's going on in this era our social media era but our brains arereally rotting right now if you have a smartphone you can check how much time how much screen timeyou average every week or every day and you see how much time you're spending on social media Iwonder what we used to do before social media but literally go out and touch grass literallywalking helps you with so much like I don't I don't want to get into the um hormones yourelease or the kind of the what's it called the healthy benefits of walking but there are so manybenefits of walking and just exercising your legs and using your legs I started walking becauseI feel like one is healthy is a good way like.

To keep up keep being fit two I I'm not using myphone when I'm walking and I always try to limit my screen time because when I'm walking I'm notdoing that like when I'm walking I'm not doing that too that's another benefit for me alsoit helps me clear my mind it's a great way to clear my mind and also it's not a bad habit likeanything that's not a bad habit it's a good habit so this can really really help your hygiene if youtry to do it every day of the year if you're not as consistent but because it's a habit that we'retrying to form try to do it almost every day take 10 minutes out of your time to try to clean anarea in your house or in your space if it's your work desk try to like tidde it or just take a fewminutes out of your day to do that that kind of habit that cleanliness habit is a great thing tohave and it will help all my disorganized girl is.

Just like me I am not organized at all I'm oneof those people that I could be living in a pig Style but I know that my handbag is there upsidedown in that place I know that my my um makeup my lipstick is somewhere like I know where they'renot in the right places but I know where they are and so cleaning and organizing your space everyday for like just taking 10 minutes out of your day to do that will help you it will um cultivateit will cultivates the habit of being clean and tidy and orderly and P clean TIY and otherly isa great Habit to have this also goes back to the ER the social media era that we are in I feellike we need to bring back Community we really need to bring back Community try to communicatewith your friend at least every week let say every day I was going to say every day but let'ssay every week because we have busy lives now I.

Don't know what we're doing but we have busylives now uh and I say this because we don't invest I've noticed that we don't invest as muchas we should in the friendships that we have and we should be doing that so in this 2024 take timeout of your day to text not to chat well like not that call your friend up like you guys shouldjust G ask how they doing know what's up in their life like that kind of habit will cultivateand create a system of community I of the opinion that everybody needs somebody in this life andif you can do life with a particular set of people you are winning those are those are thethings that our parents used to have back them that we don't have now imagine not knowing yourneighbors imagine not um hanging out with your friends as much imagine not discussing thingsthat will actually have impact in your future.

Like Community is a lost art it's somethingthat is is a dying brid forgive my objectives but Community is gone in our era and I just feellike if we have include these kinds of habits in 2024 we might be able to bring it back it's myown campaign for bringing back Community guys it is so important to consume positive contentwhatever you consume like whatever you take in is what comes out so try as much as POS possibleto always consume positive content follow creators that you know align with your interest align withyour values and I hope that your values are the right ones but I trust that your Val are the rightones but follow creators follow content creat I just did a video about kind of people on YouTubethat you should be following pick your social media platform don't spend hours and hours on aplatform that you know you will not be able to.

Get out of and you not even get anything of valuefrom if you are always on a platform that there's always bad news there's always terrible news thatthat's okay to help you your mental health that's not going to help your world view it's going tohelp your outlook in life so surround yourself with positive content that is a an essential partof being Lulu and being the Lulu will take you places the last one for me today is that you needto go out go out more plan dates plan Branch dates with your friends plan um exhibitions and ifyou're someone that doesn't really have friends you don't have like a huge community that youcan start by going out by yourself solo dates are kind of hard but I swear to God they'refun because if you like yourself you get to know yourself and spend time with yourselfa lot more I love Sol because it's like me.

And me are going out so it's just so cute sospend a lot of time with yourself try to get to know yourself if like art exhibitions alwayshappen in Legos and I'm pretty sure exhibitions happen wherever you are that you're watchingto so those kind of things go for lunch on your own bill by your own self it won't hurt Istart a good so yeah these are kind of habits I feel like we should be inculcating inour daily routines in our lives this year and I feel like if we continue to do thisconsistently we'll see positive change in our life so see I wish you all the best thebest of luck I'll see you again next weekend bye

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