How Reading Creates Motivation, Management and Grand Habits for Lifestyles with Dr. Danny Brassell…


How Reading Creates Motivation, Management and Grand Habits for Lifestyles with Dr. Danny Brassell...

welcome to a magical life health wealth and weight loss I'm your host magic barlay lead practitioner at holistic Natural Health Australia and number one bestselling author in this podcast I aim to give you practical tips on how to accelerate and sustain your health increase your.

Financial spiritual and emotional wealth and to look at something that haunts many of us need l ly weight loss in some episodes I'll have guests available to give you even more tips but in others the floor is yours drop us a line at a magical Life podcast on Facebook and let me know what you would like to know more about now sit back and enjoy because it.

Is time for you to create and truly discover a magical life welcome back to magical life I'm your host magic marlay and today Dr Danny brassel joins us here is a highly sought after speaker trainer and Coach known as the Jim Cary with a PhD Dr Danny has spoken to over 3,500 audiences worldwide and authored.

16 books yes we'll have to ask him about that and that includes his latest which is called leadership begins with motivation Danny is the co-founder of the reading which is the world's top reading engagement program welcome Danny thanks so much for having me magic more importantly thanks for spreading join the world we need a lot.

More of you oh thank you now 16 books why what are they about tell us well my my first book so the first few were very academic in nature I was all excited about my first book because I always wanted to see my name on the spine of a of a book and uh the very first book I wrote I actually co-wrote it with a a famous U educator and his.

Contribution to the book was uh his name on the cover and a longer biography than me and then it turned out that the the spine was uh spiral bound and so you couldn't see my name and I was so disappointed I had to write another book right after that and it's just LED from one thing to another and as I moved from uh speaking primarily to education.

Audiences to working a lot more with corporations entrepreneurs organizations uh my my writing has kind of been a little bit more generalized from just an academic audience to a broader audience so and I love it I'm writing two books right now I love it too now the Jim Carry you with a PhD how did that come about well.

I guess people think I'm funny I try I began my career as a journalist and then uh I I had the all these great job offers from all these major dailies and then um a very large American Daily Newspaper offered me a job work me in the city be for $16,500 a year and then a friend told me hey they're hiring uh teachers in the.

Inner city in South Central Los Angeles for $25,000 a year so I always tell people I became a teacher for the noblest of reasons for the high pay and it turned out to be a wonderful calling I always had an audience that was stuck with me and I started off as a secondary teacher then I moved from high school to Middle.

School to Upper Elementary to lower elementary to pretty soon instead of preparing students for college I was coming home with snot marks all over my pants from my little ones huging to me all the time and I learned that what works with older students does not necessarily work with kindergarteners but what works with kindergarteners were.

With all age levels and it was the kindergarteners that really taught me to lighten up and uh enjoy life a whole lot so hopefully uh I'm able to energize my audiences and engage them the way I was able to uh engage kindergarteners because kindergarten is New York New York if you can make it there you can make it anywhere because they only have.

About a seven minute attention span if that yeah so I I really do love that and I think as adults we forget play we forget that life should be about enjoying ourselves we make it too serious and we suck the fun out of it indeed I completely agree and as business owners we do the same get bogged down in you.

Know profit margins and kpis and taxes and rules and regulations we don't just do what makes our heart sing you go you're not going to be a business very long if you're miserable all the time I mean you know when I run my masterminds uh I call it the six app philosophy to establishing your freedom and is you focus on your financial goals your.

Fitness goals your family goals your faith goals your fulfillment goals and then your fun goals uh and if uh you dedicate at least one day a week to each of those uh you'll find a little bit of balance in your life too many of us are putting in 25h hour work days eight days a week and uh you know business is a marathon it's not a Sprint love it okay.

Let's get into the standard three questions I ask everyone and I'm really excited about how you're going to answer this and a little bit nervous as well but here we go so the first one what can your expertise do to accelerate Health not just physical but also emotional and spiritual health yeah so magic really my specialty I find.

Schools do an adequate job of teaching people how to read but the question I always ask is what good is it teaching people how to read if they never want to read I teach teach people why to read because I've never had to tell a kid go watch TV I've never had to tell a kid go play a video game and I never want to have to tell a kid go read a book I want.

Them to choose to do it on their own because they love it and I don't think that there's anything more fulfilling for your health your mental your emotional well being than reading a a really good book there's a great Spanish prb I love that goes how marvelous it is to do nothing and then rest the rest of the.

Afternoon I think there's nothing wrong with spending a really lazy day behind a really good book or two I love it and from a health practitioners perspective having that time with a book can really support a healthy nervous system it can take you out of fight flight freeze fade or for it can just help you reset everything and certainly if you're.

Sitting in the sunshine get a great dose of vitamin D while you're reading a book so there's many things that just take taking that time that calmness that Stillness can benefit you with completely agree and there's all kinds of research to support that magic I mean here in the United States there's a wonderful program called reach out and.

Read which uh pediatricians make sure that they Supply free books to uh expectant and new mothers uh there was a great study done uh in North Carolina with 40 mothers who were pregnant and every night they would have their husbands read to the wom Green Eggs and H by Dr Seuss well when the babies were all born they had a researcher read.

Aloud five books to the babies and every baby had a visual reaction to Green Eggs and him so uh there's there's a therapeutic value to reading that uh starts preconception and goes on for a lifetime and I certainly read to both my kids while they were still growing and my first child you know I thought this was normal but he was reading alone.

Before he was one oh gee wow I actually thought everyone else's kids were a bit simple I didn't realize that was special but you know books have always been part of our life and and so for my kids every year they're now 20 nearly 21 and 23 every year no matter what they want for their birthday they get.

Books the way it is yeah that's the that's the one gift I'll never throw away is when somebody gives me a book and inscribes it to me I always keep those to all right question number two we talk about wealth here and people think that's just Financial but it can also be personal and emotional wealth so what are your top three tips.

To creating wealth well first of all I'm sure you're familiar with it really the book that everybody needs to read is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill It Was Written I think in the late 1930s and he defines wealth in those broad terms as well wealth doesn't just mean Financial wealth it's like what I was talking.

About uh who cares if you're the wealthiest person in the world if your family doesn't know you if your health is failing if uh you have no spiritual well-being uh so you know one of my mentors Charlie tremendous jnon said you're the same today as you will be in five years except for two things the people you meet and the books you read.

So I the first tip to wealth is uh be very careful and surround yourself with people that lift you up and make sure to fill your mind with lots of positive things that encourage you so uh reading is definitely essential to wealth in that framework uh second thing uh that I think would be uh really important for your wealth is uh exactly what your.

Entire podcast is about is you're never going to be wealthy if you're not healthy and so you need to take time for you uh you need to make sure you take a walk every single day uh you smell the flowers uh you you breathe uh you uh start and end your day uh reading something that lifts you up uh whether it's the Bible or something.

Inspirational but uh wealthy people truly wealthy people also have to be healthy people and then the third tip to wealth is again surrounding yourself with that support system where you have people that are encouraging you all the time and uh you know one of my mentors Zig Ziggler said you can accomplish anything you want in life by helping.

Others accomplish what they want in life and so really uh even with my little ones I always used to tell them the easiest way to make a lot of friends is to start by being a friend and finding that lonely person on the playground and uh inviting them over to your table and things like that so I think those are three keys uh it's not limited to those.

Three but those are three of my top keys to a wealthy life fantastic and our final standard question is around weight loss it's certainly part of my life a quest that I seem to always be on people often find that their weight journey is connected to high stress levels or not feeling right within themselves so have you ever battled your wait if so how did.

You win the battle and what can you offer the listeners who might be on this journey well this is one of the things that intrigued me about you magic I mean a lot of people don't know this about me I'm actually a wet I'm I'm a weight loss expert I have lost over 1,000 pound the problem is I've gained over 1230 pounds for a net gain of 230 PBS but my latest.

Fad diet has been working wonders may I share it with you magic oh please do okay so so for breakfast I'll have half a grapefruit a slice of whole wheat toast and 8 ounz of skim milk whole milk will kill you then for lunch I'll typically have 4 ounces of lean chicken breast I'll have it with either steam zucchini or maybe steamed broccoli hold.

Down it with a cup of herbal tea because Studies have shown that that actually speeds up your weight loss and then just to reward myself for doing so well I like to treat myself to an Oreo cookie then for my Mida afternoon snack I typically eat the rest of the package of Oreo cookies I'll have a quart of Rocky Road ice cream and a jar of hot fud.

Sometimes I pour it on the ice cream usually I just drink it directly from the jar and for dinner I'll typically have two loaves of banana bread a large pepperoni pizza Pi your beer five milky ways an entire Frozen cheesecake eaten directly out of the freezer I've got a bad habit magic two actually I overeat and I like to eat.

Junk and I always ask audiences raise your hand if you have a bad habit and those of you that aren't raising your hands your bad habit is you're a liar I'm actually so blessed to have a really bad habit because I learned it's a whole lot easier to create a good habit than to break a bad habit you can name any diet on the planet and I've probably.

Done it magic and it's been such a blessing for me because I have true empathy for anybody going through a weight loss journey I mean I've gone through every yo-yo diet possible as a matter of fact right now I I've been doing intermittent fasting which seems to be doing uh a pretty good job for now but it's all about how do I establish.

This as a long-term habit for those people out there that are uh trying to lose weight and they're feeling discouraged I just want you to know that you can never fail if you never quit and uh you need to surround yourself with people that will uh encourage you you need to educate yourself listening to this podcast is a great start reading.

About different ways to eat healthier become fitter you don't have to run a marathon to become fitter uh if you just walk half hour a day that's wonderful so I have a lot of empathy for uh the people of your audience magic because I'm I'm one of those people I I've gone through that my entire life and I actually consider it a blessing because.

It makes me empathize with people that have drug addiction or or uh some other type of addiction that I don't have because my my bad habit is I've had poor eating habits uh that I've established throughout my life and I I continue that journey to try and break those habits and replace them with better habits I love it and I was going to say once you.

Went through what you eaten a day but at least you started with half a grapefruit oh it's tough it's tough I think so many people try and make a diet in inverted commas work for them but you know if my listeners have learned any through this podcast it's know who you are and why you want to be a certain weight and go with the flow because your.

Body is doing amazing things for you and maybe being skinny isn't in your best interests at the moment yeah that's that's true indeed I mean God made us all unique you know just because I want to weigh 181 pounds doesn't mean I am supposed to weigh 181 love it okay he tell us more about the reading tell us more about.

Dr Danny tell us more well that that's really one of the things I wanted to give to your audience magic is a thank you for having to endure me I want to give everybody a couple of free gifts so if you go to free gift fromd again freeg gift from I'm going to give you two freebies first of all I'm going to give everybody a.

Complimentary ecopy of my book read lead and succeed this is a book I wrote for a school principal who was trying to keep his faculty and staff positively engaged so I said okay I'll write you a book so every week I give you a concept an inspirational quote an inspirational story a book recommendation on a book you should read but you're probably too.

Lazy because you're an adult so I also give you a children's picture book recommendation that demonstrates the same concept you can read that in five minutes I'm also going to give everybody access to a five-day reading challenge I did online last summer for about 700 parents around the world where every day for an hour for five consecutive days I.

Will give you all kinds of tips to get your kid excited about reading at home because the more excited we get kids to read the more likely they are to read and the more they read the better they get uh it's basically a preview into my program the reading habit program uh is actually very similar to what you're talking about with your uh listeners.

About dieting it's based on the premise a lot of people will tell you it takes 21 days to change a habit and to those people I say show me the research it's a completely fabricated number I know exactly where it comes from it comes from a wonderful book written in 1960 by Dr Maxwell maltz called psycho cybernetics and uh in the preface of the.

Book Dr maltz was a plastic surgeon and he noted that uh it took most of his patients about 21 days to get adjusted to their new face well a lot of personal development self-help gurus a lot of people I respect by the way they started telling people takes 21 days to change a habit and that's completely false it's based on no research well researchers at.

The University of London in 2009 did a habit formation study and they learned it took anywhere from 18 to 254 days to change a habit and the average was 66 days well I don't like the number 66 so my program takes 67 days I throw in a bonus day um and here's why this number is very important for everybody in the audience let's say you go on a diet and.

You follow it religiously for 21 days but then you fall off the wagon on day 22 well you blame yourself well that's that's false because research shows it takes on average three times longer and it depends on the type of habit by the way that you're trying to change the researchers found that like for example if you're trying to drink a glass of.

Water before breakfast every morning that might take 18 days to make that into a habit but if you're trying to quit smoking that's going to take 254 days and I think it's really dangerous to get people thinking they can transform a lifetime of bad habits in under a month you know even my program what's awesome with the reading program.

Is in just over two months in the 67 days we're going to you know kids typically boost their reading ability by two to three grade levels which is all fine and good but what's near and dear to me what's important in my heart is that kids love reading and that's a lifetime skill that's not something that's going to be condensed in um in.

The classroom the other number that's important in my program is the number 20 so researchers were trying to figure out what helps what are the successful habits of of successful students around the world and they stumbled upon one that just blew them away it was the number of minutes spent reading outside of school so they looked at the low kids.

The average kids and the High kids the kids at the bottom of the class in the 20th percentile fing students they average less than a minute a day of reading outside of school that didn't surprise anybody that's probably why those kids are at the bottom of the class but this did surprise the researchers the kids in the middle of.

The class the 70th per F the C students your average students they average 9.6 minutes a day reading outside of school and so when I'm doing a live training with parents this is usually when the room gets real quiet and the first hand raises and a parent ask wait a sec are you telling me if I can get my kid to read 10 minutes a day at home I can take.

Him from an F to a c that's exactly what I'm saying there's a lot of research to support this but this really blew away the researchers the kids near the top of the class in the 90th percentile your a students do they spend three hours a day reading outside of school no do they spend an hour a day reading outside of school no the average was just over 20.

Minutes a day my entire goal for my program is to teach you habits so that you can get get your kid reading 20 minutes a day outside of school and there's two things that are awesome first of all those 20 minutes don't have to be consecutive so you can do three minutes here five minutes there whatever and then secondly being read aloud to is.

Just as impactful as reading on your own a lot of people don't know this over half of the Fortune 500 CEOs are dyslexic and a lot of people don't understand that you know dyslexia is a reading disability all reading disabilities are curable and I actually I don't really like that term disability it's just a different ability and uh the.

Thing that's interesting about dyslexics is they they process things very well auditory through their ears and so for those people listening to books audible books books on tape that's a great way to improve their reading and again if you're on your weight loss Journey you need to be listening to things that are going to lift you up every day to.

Encourage you I mean um you know one of the diets I did was this great program called Michael Thurman six we body makeover and I did that program because my wife is from Singapore and every time we fly to Singapore her family will make me eat like 15 whole chickens or else that's insulting the culture I mean I just gain so much weight every time I go.

To Singapore and so um on Michael Thurman six we body makeover he guarantees that you'll lose 30 pounds in six weeks or less or your money back so it cost $154 I think and I said okay I'm going to do it just so I can get my money back and in um in five weeks I lost 35 PBS and it was the easiest diet I ever did.

It was actually some of the best lifestyle changes I ever made it's fantastic but he was a great teacher because great teachers they they they paint pictures in your head and he said something which I'll never forget first of all I knew he knew what he was talking about because he said you don't have to work out to lose weight and I.

Knew he knew exactly what he was talking about because I used to play sports and all my coaches said no no you should work out it's important it's important to build up your muscles but that's not where weight loss comes from most of your weight loss comes from your diet which is exactly correct but Michael Thurman said something which always.

Stuck with me he said think of their metabolism like a bonfire if you throw a log on it it puts it out but if you throw kindling on it it keeps it burning all the time and so the whole premise of his diet is you should be uh grazing throughout the day eating every two to three hours and I I I still am amazed that was the easiest diet I ever did I.

Didn't stick to it because uh I'm a human being and I'm flawed and I have a tough time sticking to positive habits but I will tell you that that worked and it's worked for everybody I've ever seen do that program I love that so I mentioned earlier that I had a child reading before he was one independently I'm very interested to.

Find out and this is probably very off topic and tangent like I guess very interested to find out why some kids take to reading so easily like no one ever taught him he taught himself and then others struggle I know his younger brother had to go through Reading recovery programs and things like that so what is it with our kids that gives.

Them that innate ability to read or that produces the struggle yeah I I mean that's the million-dollar question magic it's kind of like your metabolism why is it that my wife weighs 115 pounds and she eats like an offens of linan and I I I'm overweight and I'm like eating lettuce like I'm a rabbit it drives me nuts it's.

Not fair but that's what makes us all different everybody's a little bit different and as a teacher I just always encourage kids I'm like you know when you're applying to Oxford or to Harvard or sarbone it doesn't ask you on the application when you learned how to read you know you know how to read some people you know they learn before age.

One that's incredible some people they're not learning how to read until you know General patent is one of the most well- read people in history and he didn't learn how to read until he was sixth grade 12 years old so uh everybody blossoms at different times I used to tell my kindergarteners I said I hope to God.

This isn't the best year of your life I hope it's next year and the year after that I mean the the windshield's a lot bigger than the rearview mirror I mean I played High School football with guys that still talk about how we played High School football together I mean that's a loser attitude you know let's look let's think about the present and the future.

Not the past so everybody everybody blossoms at different time periods and you'll notice that once you start teaching magic I mean when I when I started teaching I realized that the male species is lucky to be alive because girls are so much smarter than little boys I mean the boys eventually catch up around middle school but the.

Little girls at the beginning are years above the little boys and that's fine you know everybody blossoms at different time periods and it's it's a really good parallel to this podcast with with weight loss is you know some people they try this and it doesn't work at all and some people try this and it works wonderfully well there's It's Different.

Strokes for different folks very much so now we've covered a lot here is there something we haven't discussed that you feel the listeners might need to hear well I think that everybody needs to hear that you were put here for a purpose there's a lot of people hurting right now the pandemic just kind of changed everything and a lot of people.

Are looking at it as one of the worst things ever to happen and I think well you can look at it that way or you can look at is one of the best things ever to happen I mean for me you know as a speaker all of my speaking engagements were wiped out overnight but it allowed me all kinds of time with my family it allowed me to uh I actually was fitter.

During the pandemic than I am after the pandemic I didn't require all the things that I need it seems out in the real world today but there's a lot of people out there hurting and you know I want everybody out there listening knowing that God Made You for a purpose and and you know no matter what you do you're always a teacher and a role model and no.

Matter how your book has begun you know you're in charge of the ending and let's have a strong finish and so if you're feeling a little bit of helpless out there I mean there's people out there that are feeling like there's there's no tomorrow I me but the brightest light comes after the darkest Darkness every morning uh and so I want people to keep.

Hope and you know one of my tips is turn off the TV news and read something very inspiring like a funny children's book every single day I love that that is fantastic so the website is www.the reading thank you so much for joining us and 16 books two more on the way what's the number you think you might reach oh I I don't even.

Have a number in my head I just enjoy doing it the last book I wrote I used to listen to Paul Harvey on the radio Paul Harvey passed away a couple of years ago at the age of 325 years old and he used to come on the radio every day 12:15 he'd say I'm Paul Harvey with the rest of the story he tell you these cool stories and the entire time you're.

Trying to figure out who's he talking about what company's he talking about well I read these to kids and they love them but you know Paul Harvey's stories were about like Sears and robu and you know kids today like they don't know what Sears and robu is what is that company and so I wrote my leadership begins with motivation books is is an.

Updated kind of homage to Paul Harvey so it's about people like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos and the reason I'm writing two books right now is after I wrote the leadership begins with motivation book magic completely unintentionally as I read it over I'm like oh my gosh almost all of my examples in this book are of white male.

Americans and so the book I'm writing right now is primarily females and minorities and women actually you'll like it I have a great art you you would know it Americans don't know the guy have you ever heard of Cliff young the potato farmer yes there you go cliff young I I it's one of the most inspiration I want all of your listeners.

To read about Cliff young if they don't know they can uh email me and I'll send the story I just wrote about Cliff young but uh he's a great example of a person that it's amazing what you can accomplish when you don't know you're not supposed to so for the listeners Cliff young back in the 80s was an old guy and uh he was a potato farmer and he.

Decided that he could run even though everyone around him was saying you're too old you can't you've never done this before and he actually did very very well and represented Australia and was a complete unknown celebrity he was fantastic yeah so in 1983 there's an ultramarathon between two malls I think in Melbourne and um and Sydney 500 38.

Miles is the distance I believe and all these ultramarathoners got ready at the start of the race and all of a sudden Cliff young 61y old farmer shows up in gashes and Boots ready to run everybody looks at him like he's crazy and they all start the race and like everybody figured Cliff young was behind everybody else well then that night all the other.

Racers they stopped to uh rest alongside the road but nobody ever told Cliff that you're supposed to rest at night and so he kept on running through the night he did it the next day and the day after that and not only did he win the race he won by 10 hours over his closest competitor and he broke the record by uh like two days and then the best part of.

The story that your listeners have to hear magic is that he was awarded prize money and he felt bad about winning the prize money and so he distributed it to all the other competitors and so you know Australians love the guy that created like a medal in his honor and everything but it's just one of the most inspiring stories I've ever heard and I.

I think there might be a movie about him I gotta I got to track it down but maybe they need a new movie Hugh Jackman would be a perfect Cliff young get Hugh Jack I guess we can't have Russell Crow he's too large he has to die at first but uh Hugh Jackman would be a good Cliff young so for the listeners Cliff was 61 but he looked about 85 he was skinny and weedy.

And very well weathered from farming and as you said he turned up in what we call gum boots you guys call gashes so incorrect Footwear and this guy just he looked like there's no way he'd even make it to the outskirts of Melbourne let alone to Sydney and for the listeners I live on the road to Sydney and it's quite a.

Harsh Road it you know you go through all the uh the months of the year on one road it can be boiling hot in one section 10 minutes down the road it's snowing you know another 10 minutes down the road you're underwater pretty much from the rain this guy just ran all that way he didn't even run he shuffled it was the Cliffy.

Shuffle and these young fit Runners were left in his wake it was just amazing yeah it's wonderful it's wonderful story I those are the types of things uh when a person's feeling down that's why I write more than anything magic is I want to write books that when you're feeling down you can you can read one of my books on the toilet for five.

Minutes and you'll you'll leave with a smile on your face I love it all right listeners this was your episode 242 please leave us reviews get in touch with us on our Facebook page at a magical Life podcast definitely reach out to Dr Denny and that is at ww w. theing Danny thanks for joining us thanks R you.

Do thank you so much for your time go forth and create your magical life thanks for listening today please subscribe to hear future episodes leave a review and share this podcast you can follow us on Facebook at a magical Life podcast or at holistic Natural Health Australia that's holistic with a W you can find us on Instagram at holistic.

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